Math Be Nimble – Brain Training

You can stay strong , no matter what age or level of math you are – be agile with Math ! It is a great brain exercise and helps you learn how to math.Choose your color and solve problems quickly to win prizes and achieve goals while improving your mathematical skills .

Math Be Nimble app makes math a fun activity that allows, players of all levels of practice basic math skills – play a few rounds a day to think faster with math and increase the ability to solve your problem.

This game is difficult, but you can do it!

So what are you waiting for? Download Math be agile today and start improving your math one color at a time!
Ideal for children and adults – it is for everyone ! Playing together and help each other excel in mathematics


How to Pray Salat: Quran Stories for Little Hearts

How to pray Salat application is specially developed for the iPhone and iPad, and is ideal for children , age five and above , Who love to learn about Salat . This beautifully illustrated and interactive app Will capture the interest of children Both at home and in the classroom .

How to Pray Salat app is the first app in the series of bestselling Quran Stories for Little Hearts , and This Will help your children Understand more about the stories of the Quran in a fun filled and natural way . With a clean design , subtle background music and captivating voice-over , How to Pray Salat app Will teach all children the basics of Salat in an interesting and communicative way . This app comes in Apple universal format can be downloaded onto your iPhone and iPad and makes a perfect gift for yourself or for someone who love to learn .

KPMG India

KPMG India app is free to download and provides an overview of the world to build on the business issues of today.

Easy to use features such as custom playlists and powerful search, you can customize the content to your preferences. Available in over 25 languages.

Best business ideas
The app provides a global perspective on business issues of today. Gaining instant access to articles, industry surveys thought-provoking and in-depth studies to help your organization respond to the dynamic business environment in which you do business.

Thought Leadership With the application, you can:
– Search and sort interactive library of KPMG publications around the world: articles, reports and surveys.
– Best practices and ideas access auditing, tax and consulting in a wide range of industries.
– Select publications in your language.
– Download publications to customized playlists for easy access.
– Save your thoughts and comments through interactive bookmarks by and annotation functions.
– Contact the experts of member firms around the world.


This is a discharge accelerator app that can be used in the hospital to make the process of discharging easier for patients. The app guides you through completing the discharge process in very few steps.


  • It mainly covers areas like diagnosis details, lab reports, admission dates, discharge condition, treatment details, medications, follow-ups, billing details etc.
  • With real-time data at your fingertips, you can get all these processes easily done at bedside and get rid of the hectic hospital discharge processes.
  • You can fill out the form quickly, dispatch on the fly and get your data done in a short time.
  • It also includes different user profiles for patients, doctors, and other users associated with the hospital discharge process.


Altogether this app has incorporated simple tools to help patients manage their care using easy discharge plan.


HR is the infinite recruitment company and a ladder ITES job that brings employees and the employer Closer.With New Mobile App , endless attempts to explore reasons to give a better network , better access , better connections for jobs law.

Download the new Infinites app and be part of the growing network for your job search. You can also download it from Infinite HR website and Google Play store and share this app with your friends network and become a part of our reference network system.

The App works for you 24×7 Infinite so you do not miss out on any opportunity for employment , even on the move . It is currently available in India.

Job Search is now easier than ever with the new app – Infinites


Gobzer is a free application that allows earning rewards on everyday happening. It contributes to the discovery of stores or places you love or your friends have liked. It also helps to find places to your preferences of exciting events and rewards.

gobzer makes it convenient for you to promote your local favorite places to help them grow. You can sign in with your store or places on gobzer favorite for custom & amp service; rewarding experience.

Your favorite shops and places to reward you for referring them to friends and family. gobzer is as easy sharing for you.

With gobzer, you can be a part of various privileges offered by local businesses programs without transport disadvantage physical cards in your wallet.


Study.Net app for Android provides easy and convenient access to Study.Net course materials.


– Download and save your important files during Study.Net to the iPad
– Annotate PDF materials and materials play audio / video from the app
– Recorded materials can be access for reading and annotation, even when the device is offline
– Lists show all courses and materials available , clearly identify those who have already downloaded
– Easily Upload multiple materials for several courses
– Print materials downloaded using AirPrint
– Use Other iPad apps to view downloaded Study.Net course material files