Cost Calculator

Someone planning to build a mobile app and wish to get a detailed quotation before sharing the actual legal documents, then you are at the right place. Redbytes Cost Calculator app provides you a detailed high-level estimate for your mobile app requirements.

Features of Cost Calculator

  • Easy sign-in via social media profile or email id.
  • Helps new entrepreneurs to know the estimate while planning to develop an app.
  • Customized option available even after getting the quote.
  • Allows users to select the platform for the app development.
  • Provides approximate cost along with the timeline for application development


mobile app cost calculator


It is a new and easy way to solve your business networking woes. It’s the easiest way to create, exchange and manage your business cards and unleash the power of your own network. This makes SwiBic a go-to tool for salespeople, entrepreneurs, marketers and everyone who know how vital every contact in your network is.


SwiBic offers 

  • Easy card and profile creation in less than 30 seconds.
  • “The Document Briefcase” – With SwiBic, your card is not just your identity tag, it is much more.
  • Transfer all your necessary marketing tools – images, documents, and videos.
  • Forget all the never-ending emails and repeated printing because SwiBic takes care of your information exchange.
  • A secure card wallet. Easily access your wallet based on location or date of exchange, name of the organization or whatever else you remember about your contact.
  • Update your entire network at the click of a button. Hard to find time to keep your network aware of your advancements? Not anymore

SWF iLinx

SWF iLinx is an IoT based app which is designed in such a way that a very large number of networked devices are integrated as a single coordinated system. The integrator does not need to know about the complexity because SWF iLinx handles it all.

Scope of project

SWF iLinx app: iOS


All the linked devices connected through LAN

Connection of devices is done across using the WiFi

Users can manage the sound system with the help of an iPhone device

Every device has a separate IP address

Media link has two IP address

Provides multi-room facility

Dedicated to audio only

Automatic discovery of rooms and sources in your system


4 Months




The deployment of IoT systems has made way to better sensors, computing capabilities and more of wireless networks making apps work more seamlessly across various sectors. With SWF iLinx, an IoT based app, you get all of the advantages of an IP based system without any complexity.

The third-party control device only needs have a single IP address and through this, one can control an unlimited number of SWF iLinx devices. Instead of IP addresses, the controller can address commands to friendly, human-readable names such as “TV” or “DVD Player” etc.

The SWF iLinX app turns your iPad into a connected wireless controller for your multi-room control systems and controls all aspects of the system from the convenience of a wireless device. By utilizing the innovative features of Apple’s iPad user interface, it brings control of a system to an exciting new level and provides control using a wireless device.

PSC Golf App

This United States Golf Association (USGA) Handicap App lets PSC members record every round of golf played to accurately maintain their official USGA Handicap.


Scope of Project

Member appPSC Golf (Android + iOS)                Timeline2.5 Months

Technologies/ Framework UsedSwift, Java, Python, MySQL

Web panelAdmin and Captains



This simple and intuitive Golf Handicap App allows the members to record his /her scores hole by hole. It also lets the player record their gross score and stableford points.

The user can select date and time, course as well as the score type i.e., stablefold, gross or hole by hole and submit scores. The app displays and maintains the handicap of the player.

It also predicts the handicap of the player on the basis of scores submitted by the player.This app will regularly update your Index on a weekly basis. It will also show your Forecast Index between updates.


Feature List:

  • Free to all PSC members
  • Check handicap and courses
  • View profile, favorite golf courses, and last 50 scores
  • Add an away score
  • Request any course to be added
  • Upload or add any image to your profile
  • Verify your score by entering the PSC ID Number of your marker or the name of your marker, handicap group or visitor
  • Enter hole by hole scores
  • Enter your score either as Stableford Points or Adjusted Gross
  • View your teeing H’Cap(Handicap) from any tee on any course in the database
  • View any other member’s H’cap Index
  • Share information on Social Media


It’s an Android & iOS app, used mainly to reviewing things. Users can Rate & Review product or services. Basically there are totally 15 Categories and sub categories as well. User can rate from 5, 4,3,2,1 use stars or thumbs down accordingly. Also he/she can give comments which can be replied using sub comments.

User can review the things by searching the product or services or even without searching it too. Categories include Airlines. Entertainment, Book, People, Sports, Furniture, Technology, TV shows, others etc. User can post review by selecting appropriate categories from the list or without the list.

Features of RVU:

1. Create/ Edit Profile:
– User can login through Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail

2. Create Review:
– Add 5, 4,3,2,1 starts or thumbs down, like etc.
– Add comment
– Select location (Optional)
– Select categories (Optional)

3. Preferences/ Categories:
– Select categories with location
– Totally 15 categories and subcategories
– User can post review without category also
– Search a review
– Search a user

4. Notification:
– People comment on your Review
– Likes, Dislike, Review etc
– Notification from followers

5. Profile:
– Set Bio and basic information
– Reviewers, Review
– People who follows
– People who following
– Media files (Images, Videos)

6. Timeline:
– Collection of Reviews
– Reviews created by Me
– Reviews posted by Followers
– Reviews posted by Following
– Reviews as Categories
– Popular Reviews around me
– Notification ON/ OFF

7. Other:
– Block User
– Report Review
– Privacy
– Security

Platform: Android, iOS
Backend: PHP


Mespizza is an app dedicated to pizza delivery specifically. Users can select pizza store near by or from specific location and also order pizza from their location.
While booking the pizza user can select delivery option as Pick up or home delivery and pay as cash on delivery.
Pizza store can manage the delivery up to certain km from the shop furthermore it gets charge. Some pizza store has facility like pre-booking.


  • Location wise search
  • Shop list with details like Time. Cost, Pre-order etc.
  • Track the order
  • Push Notification
  • Reviews, ratings, & feedback
  • User can suggest new restaurant by their choice
  • Add favorites
  • Time management

Platforms: Android, iOS

Web: PHP

Wi-Fi Attendance

Wi-Fi Attendance helps an user to punch-in and punch-out attendance, get insights to latest news and blogs and also notify you about latest events going around your working Environment.

User can view weekly as well as monthly attendance records. If the User logins from outside the office then, notification is sent to the manager that a particular device has login from a particular location. Even the user can apply for leaves in the Wi-Fi app.


  • Live location tracking
  • Overtime management
  • Time saving results
  • Enhanced attendance evaluation
  • Attendance information can be accessed 24*7
  • More secure than conventional mode of attendance
  • Management of Absenteeism
  • Payroll Management

Wi-fi Manager:

  • Dashboard: This basically includes Total Leaves, Approved & amp; Reject Leaves, punching details like late punch in/out or early punch in/out. Within this, the Manager can categorize the employee on the basis of the punch in location like if employee punch in from out side can be have work from home today.
  • Absent people list
  • Team list contains, employee details like profile, attendance, rewards, leaves etc.
  • Notification: Leaves related notification, late punch details etc.
  • List of an announcement: Add an announcement, assign rewards, news etc.

Go Club

Go Club is a complete sports team management software that makes managing any sport a much easier task. In fact, we help teams in over 10 sports including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, football, lacrosse and more.
The main aim of this app is – Any sport, anytime, anywhere!

It basically includes gathers essential information with team roster management at your fingertips. It syncs personal and team calendars for easy team scheduling. Track who’s coming to each game or practice with team member availability.

Set who’s playing in each game, arrange players in any order, and assign positions with lineups. Send messages to the whole team or just select groups.

Receive real-time game updates, team messaging and chat. You manage easily the meetings, the training, the convocations, you communicate between players and educators.

GO CLUB adapts to all such practices whether professional, amateur, leisure, university, 5 or 15, club, whatever, GO CLUB will become your ally in your sport and will quickly be indispensable.


  • This serves to be a platform for creating, managing and communication between different stakeholders involved in various aspects of different sports.
  • Users can create teams, events for different teams for different teams
  • Create as well as manage club article
  • Manage a team player from a team or a club 5. Get statistics of the club
  • Share results on social media
  • Single as well as group communication is possible
  • Multi-language support
  • Real-time score update 10. Fee management
  • Check player availability
  • Manage composition for team or club
  • The coach can keep track of each player’s performance by filling up individual form and balance competence to measure player skills

Platform: Android, iOS, Web app
Backend: PHP