10 Best Services Used to Create Android Apps without Coding

Many amateur developers are ready with their app designs and creating without tough technical coding stages. Android is one of the most accepted mobile platforms in the world of mobile apps. This is because Android provides a free, open-source operating environment where developers can conduct hassle-free app development with supreme features.

Earlier, Android app development was the business of only the most learned programmer. However, with the rise of hybrid application development, non-mobile developers felt powerful enough to create Android apps without coding. No more hiring of costly software companies or learning difficult coding systems is needed.

This blog post will take you through the 10 best available resources online that help you create android apps without coding.

#1. AppyPie

appy pie - create android apps without coding

Appy Pie is one of the best & easy-to-use online app creation tools, that makes you to create android apps simple and fast without much coding. This app maker supports both iOS and Android app development. It is quite a popular choice for numerous Android developers in the world.

It offers free plans for people who are beginners in the mobile app domain. One needs to pay higher fees for the advanced feature. You can add push notifications, in-apps, connect databases, or just simply integrate other important features for your business app.


  • Competitive analytical capabilities.
  • Real-time updates or revisions
  • Easy integration of monetization tools.
  • Premium Features are available.

#2. Andromo

andromo - create android apps without coding

Andromo helps you in creating excellent Android apps at ease. It allows you to build the very first app for free, for which you are required to sign up with Andromo.

It offers flexible plans including a monthly and yearly basis, with a premium professional plan giving more benefits.

Reputed to be a smarter and better app builder, Andromo enables real Java code. Without any compromises, you can make a full-fledged, stand-alone native Android app even through scratch codes. Andromo accelerates the app making process in real-time.


  • Professional plan showcase Andromo logo.
  • Time and Money saving stages.
  • Build multi-lingual Apps.
  • Wide range of diverse features.

#3. AppsGeyser


apps geyser - create android apps without coding

An amazing app creator platform founded by Vasily Salomatov and Oleg Grebenuyk in January 2011. This tool is considered to be one of the best Android apps makers without a tiring coding process.

Being an online platform, helps developers create, publish, and even monetize apps using a simple procedure.

While creating the app, first you need to do is add the model and then follow up with customized specifications. Once you’re done with the app, you can publish and monetize it. Within the app you also get additional features like social sharing tabs, adding messages, etc.


  • Multiple-customization facility
  • Simple App Distribution Tools
  • Free App Templates
  • Step-by-step manuals on App Creation.

#4. MobileRoadie

mobile roadie - create android apps without coding

Mobile Roadie has achieved tremendous success in the domain of mobile app development to date. It has many big names in its list of clients including Disney, TED.org, and Universal.

It offers versatile design options, impressive templates along with a great chance to customizing things in your app.

This online service tool comprises a core to pro-level where the latter includes excellent premium features for App development.

The advanced features of Mobile roadie are geo-targeting content, elegant templates, and design capabilities which make it the most desirable app development tool.


  • Community features like chat and fan wall.
  • Strong Customer Base via Mail listings
  • Supports all media types.
  • Real-time connectivity.


#5. App Machine

appmachine - create android apps without coding

Appmachine lets you play and enjoy creating productive apps with your publisher. This fun-filled app maker has created more than 200, 000 apps.

This tool offers many different tools with customization possibilities. The app you create is generally showcased in legos and with supreme features, you wish to add.

This App maker tool includes several tutorials making things easy for both new and professional creators. It has a few block features for the ‘Pro’ users such as Java integration and excel and also has the feature to check analytics during the trial period.


  • Real-time Previewing
  • Direct extraction of website Content.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy publishing and promotion.

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#6. Makeme Droid

makemedroid - create android apps without coding

Makeme Droid is a successful app maker that has high global traffic. The tool is perfect for making Android and iPhone mobile apps for new and professional App creators.

The free mobile app has preset templates and customizable features to add to your app. A blog or descriptive type app is very easy to start with MakemeDroid with its applauding tools.

The app supports free app creation and also licensed pro versions at your fingertips. The comfort it provides to developers during the Android app development is unparalleled, and therefore Makemedroid is a reliable solution for many Android app developers till time.


  • Auto-update systems
  • Easy RSS and instant messenger integration.
  • Pro-formula unlocks more features
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

#7. App makr


Creating sustainable app solutions at lesser cost is now possible with App makr like tools. Users can integrate any number of features in the app and without any cost. One striking feature is that the credit of app development is fully yours and not for the App makr.

You can create free Android, iOS, and Windows apps using easy modules of AppMakr without coding. Hiring a premium plan facilitates creating more professional, smart, and intuitive apps.


  • Includes advertisement facility
  • Affordable pricing per month.
  • Simple and exciting interface
  • Numerous Additional features

#8. Good Barber

good barber

Users can engage in creating amazing multi-platforms with a step-by-step guide offered by Good Barber. Creators can determine the factors that can gauge the target audience and add unique features simply using this tool. Once after creating the app, you can try it out in the Goodbarber mobile app itself.

In the case of designing, there are many preset design templates and customizable options for icons, tooglebars, navigations, etc. A fresher without any coding knowledge base can create errorless android apps on Goodbarber in simple steps.


  • Impressive interface & customizable features
  • Easy content & social media integration.
  • 30 day free Trial period.
  • Easy to use and flexible.

#9. BuzzTouch


buzz touch

Boosting up online presence via successful app solutions is now trending. You can now experiment with excellent app creation with credible service tools like BuzzTouch. There are many default templates which you can change according to your brand.

The tool is so simple that it follows a control panel mechanism where you instantly download Android or iOS projects. Changing colors, replacing names, integrating advanced features, etc is so easy on BuzzTouch’s intuitive interface.


  • Comprises interactive in-app features to add.
  • Manage dynamic content.
  • Free Trial Period.
  • Paid Subscription unlocks advanced features.

#10. AppYourself

app yourself

To expand your marketing challenges for the future, it’s important to have an Android program. AppYourself envisages supreme tools starting from app creation and novel marketing strategies.

To make this job easy, the AppYourself tool can guide you all way to create a custom app nearly for all Android platforms quickly and inexpensively.

While using this tool, you don’t need to be a trained Android developer. Appyourself realizes the importance of progressive web apps in marketing and helps you create an ideal one. The whole tool revolves around 3 main steps- Choosing the necessary design, adding the necessary content, and finally the publishing part.


  • Easy Automation of Marketing tools
  • Effortless integration of in-app/push notifications.
  • Improved Customer service.
  • Standard and modern app modules.

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In this evolving digital world, it is relevant to build successful app solutions with amazing designs. Without expert coding knowledge, you can create android and iOS apps solutions for your firm.


The above 10 services are great choices and still, there are many similar helpful solutions today. It is better to choose the best handy service for your dream app.

10 Latest eCommerce Trends to Boost Up Online Shopping

Walking with the latest eCommerce trends will let you gain incredible benefits. Ecommerce and its trends are something that is evolving bigger and bigger each day. Companies now have realized the relevance of including the latest trends in their app platform.

The number of customers relying on online shopping apps is very high than before. Even during the pandemic time, most people are engaged in shopping from leading eCommerce platforms.

Online shopping platforms help people in getting a better lifestyle with products reaching their doorsteps. Undoubtedly, the eCommerce market will be rising their bars for so long utilizing the novel trends amid and after the pandemic.

Let’s look at the latest eCommerce trends that Boost up online shopping.

#1. mCommerce

It is visible that the majority of the content we read or view is via mobile screens. So how online shopping has treated these changing viewers and media?

Smartphones have become the first convenient medium for people today for shopping and almost all utilities. As a result, more than 70 percent of online shoppers prefer using their smartphone for locating nearby stores, comparing prices, etc.

Mobile screens act as an intimate touchpoint to the product and people love to view newer and latest products right at their fingertips.

These wireless devices enable people to feel free to review products and order them when they wish to. People receive instant notifications and pop-ups while using a mobile phone.

Other scopes of mcommerce include retailers who can integrate tools and responsive design to their portals enticing more potential customers. Companies without a responsive mobile commerce platform are missing their opportunities for growth and success.

#2. Logistic Trends & Diverse Shipping Options

The major development concerning the shipping options is that products now reach wider destinations.  Once you order a product, it indicates the exact locations of each stage of your product journey.

Novel shipping strategies help companies in fulfilling global dispatches quicker than before. Amazon has started drone delivery systems in the USA that can find the shortest route to deliver products.

Organizing an effective end-to-end tracking will gauge more customers into your app. Another strategy that is widely used today is offering free shipping.

Some may feel it as a loss, but you can use this strategy well by saving your profits. Such free shippings will grab more users in action. Thus, it is foreseen as a long-term trend to provide seamless shipping options for the customers.

#3. Voice Search is Dominating

Today, People are reluctant to type lengthy descriptions about products they wish to buy. Voice searching is a boon for customers. Voice search is all set to experience explosive growth due to the increased conversions of Google Assistant and Alexa.

It is suggested that people type about 30-35 words in a minute. But saying about voice search, it can go up to 100 words. Using a voice search for shopping is like saying the list to your friend who will reply in no time. These devices are so intelligent that it can even remind you about essential items necessary for you.

Users can get quick results for their queries even while they are driving, engaged in house chores, etc. It is important that brands must focus on ears rather than eyes.

Studies suggest that in 2020, about 30% of customers wouldn’t even use their mobile screens to shop online. However, optimizing the online store for a voice search will be a must-have facility in the coming years.

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#4. Enhanced Images and Videos

Customers cannot touch the fabric of their desired cloth. But images help them visualize the product and like really wearing it. So, it is necessary that eCommerce platforms have to stay away from poor stock images that can instantly bring down your brand. Original photos of the products make it more credible among users.

Videos of products, especially electronic gadgets entice more customers to order and try out the product. Images give a clear picture of the product and the videos can portray the intent and usage of the products directly to the users.

Both images and videos act as decisive factors in a confident buying practice. It must be of optimum quality with appropriate voice-overs and subtitles if needed.

#5. Marketing Automation

Automation is ruling every sector today. The same is happening in ecommerce trends. About 49% of companies now use automation in their marketing procedures.

Starting from email marketing to win-back campaigns, automation tools are helping well in boosting up online stores. Such tools automatically showcase newer products relevant to the customer’s purchase history, pop-ups regarding their preferred brands or previous orders, special offers, etc.

Automation has widened the company’s capability to strengthen its presence starting from the order, tracking, and till delivery. Once a customer visits the website, he/she will be offered tailored emails of the products they likely to buy. Such automation tools are unstoppable in marketing concerns and many companies have foreseen it successfully.


#6. Increased Subscription Models

Subscription is now an effective way to gauge more customers into your app platform. Organizing a monthly or yearly subscription is very common today on eCommerce platforms. Such strategies not only attract customers but also increase their retention rate.

Customers with a subscription can engage in a long-term relationship with the brands and the eCommerce platform they use. They get converted into a recurring purchaser rather than one-time purchases or yearly ones.

Models like Flipkart plus for Flipkart users, Prime membership for Amazon users, etc are taking an unexplainable leap of success today.

Ecommerce platforms use these by giving discounts and even free shipping to the subscribed members. Sellers acquire a good amount as subscription charges and customers get exclusive benefits and privileges in return. Subscription strategies strengthen an ongoing smooth relationship between sellers and customers.

#7. Chatbots

Don’t you receive pop-ups in the sites you visit that are awaiting your click? Yes, chatbots are those dedicated computer programs that fulfill user needs and demands. They sometimes

  • Collect basic details of the User
  • Provide product recommendations to the buyers
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

There are many more functions that are now replaced by these exciting chatbots. Customers will feel like they are directly chatting with the seller, record their needs, and complete their purchases.

Customers love to chat with a chatbot expert offering useful tips and advice for their better living. Chatbots even suggest outfits based on the customer’s likes and previous orders.

So setting an active messaging chatbot is not at all a bad idea but will make your brand more visible and retain in customer minds.

 #8. Influencer Marketing is so Relevant

Influencer marketing is now inevitable in a successful eCommerce strategy. Your brands become more credible among users through dedicated endorsements by influencers.

Finding the best influencer for your brand is not that painful. You can even choose a popular person loving your brand to post genuine reviews on your products.

Most companies now choose celebrities or social media influencers as their brand ambassadors that will gauge an organic audience for your brand.

Leading platforms select people who have a strong and valuable online social search for representing their brands. The famous cricketer Virat Kohli, with the highest number of followers on Instagram and even, in reality, appearing in Flipkart ads are enticing countless customers today.

#9. Social Commerce

Programmatic advertising is so successful via social media today. Users receive abundant ads with attractive photographs and even animated GIFs on social media sites now. Companies have recognized the importance of social media among buyers and started using it wisely.

Apart from likes, shares, and comments, these social media platforms are themselves transforming into an online shopping portal. About 55% of people purchase products based on social media posts themselves.

Companies like Facebook have organized a dedicated place for entrepreneurs to sell and display their products to users. Instagram shopping is also considered as one of the latest ecommerce trends and giving focuses on direct purchase from the social media posts itself.

Social commerce avoids the lengthy steps in the purchase and smartly envisages the purpose of buying things directly. Companies can receive greater ROI and visibility among potential and new customers.

This process is also further optimized by active chatbots and autofill options so far. Social media is creating giant leaps each day and likewise, social commerce too can.

#10. Augmented Reality is very much Closer to the Mainstream

Augmented Reality is driving transformation and innovation to greater heights. With many retailers refining their AR offerings, we are witnessing Augmented Reality tech taking a huge stride towards eCommerce platforms.

Product visualization is something very appealing today with the advent of AR in the same. The latest feature of visualizing furniture in homes by the app developed by IKEA fulfills the customers with uncompromising confidence and desire in buying these pieces.

Likewise, some devoted apps enable customers to wear the selected fabric and check whether it is comfortable and beautiful. Adding AR features will increase customer engagement, retention, and WOW factor for making customers more sure about their pick.

Research suggests that customer engagement has increased by 66%. Introducing AR features in your eCommerce under proper professional guidance and reap amazing benefits.

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Surely, eCommerce will grow bigger and better in the upcoming years. Trends like Automation, AR tools will entice more users and add valuable customer experience.


The better the technology trends, the greater the sales, and credible customer base. Thus, embrace the best trends for your eCommerce platform and gain boundless benefits.

How to Create an App Like 1mg

Pharmacy apps are gaining importance. Considering how product delivery apps have revolutionised consumer goods industries, creating pharmacy apps has tremendous potential. The popular pharmacy app 1mg is undoubtedly proving this point, and makes a strong case to create similar apps.

If you are planning to create an app like 1mg, read on to know more about 1mg app features, app benefits, cost of app development, etc.

How does 1mg like apps benefit ?



  • Avoid constant travel to and from medical stores amid the pandemic situation.
  • Customers can engage in free shipping, discounts, and offers here.
  • Instantly upload pictures of prescriptions and get clear details of the medicines.
  • Timely reminders about the medicines.
  • Adults and senior citizens can select the right medicines on the app or website easily.
  • Easily find the right medical store to get your medicines.
  • Safe and secure consultations from home
  • One-stop solution for medicines, health, and wellness Products.
  • Book lab tests from home & get online reports.

Pharmacy Stores

  • Get a reliable long-term customer base with an effective online presence.
  • Widen the services to newer geographical locations.
  • Inventory Management(Add or Update new medicines, In Stock, and out of stock medicines).
  • Keep eyes on expiry dates and such inventory details digitally.
  • More flexible and superior level of marketing medicines.
  • Repeated and regular orders from potential customers.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends.

Typical Features to Create an Online Medicine Delivery app like 1mg

An online medicine delivery app is a solid substitute for the regular pharma purchase of the users. So, it must be composed of flexible and easy-to-use features for sure. 1mg like apps partner with local pharmacies and distribute medicines according to customer needs.

1mg app features

Online pharmacy apps serve convenient medicine delivery and consultation booking services for users. There are three app versions for such an app

  • User panel
  • Medicinal Service Provider Panel
  • Admin Panel

User Panel features

#1. Registration

Registration is the initial step to start every app. Here, users can register using a mobile number, email id, or via social media profiles. This is followed by an OTP confirmation send to the email or mobile number. 1mg offers corporate signup devoted to individual firms to use 1mg products.

#2. Quick search

Users can search for medicines and health products easily in the quick search bar. Any keyword or company name of the medicines gauge most related products for you.

#3. Trending products

Once you select the search button, you can find out the trending products that are frequently ordered by users. These trending products help you in easy navigations. Sometimes, you can find out your product in this trending scroll so far.

#4. Search Medicines

There are about thirty plus categories of medicines and many more subcategories too in 1mg. Users can go through each medicine with its elaborate descriptions of dosage, effects, and specifications.

#5. Catalogs and Filters

After selecting the category of medicine you need, there are filter options to make your orders easier and specific. The types of filters include:

  • Categories
  • Brands
  • Discount
  • Product Form
  • Uses

One can sort the product list according to their preference. Sorting options include

  • Relevance
  • Average Customer Rating
  • High to low/Low to high price.
  • Discount

Thus,1mg offers an effortless interface for users with multiple catalogs and filters.

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#6. Book Lab Tests

1mg replaces delayed lab tests with instant booking and online reports after your test. Here, users can search the required tests or labs so that they can get their tests done at the exact time and place. You can read the procedures, precautions, the test included, etc in each test package.

#7. Ask Doctor

An exclusive feature of 1mg is that users can consult India’s best doctors for free. The feature initiates with just a tap on ’Start Consultation’. The rest of the basic procedures are completed by a chatbot. It asks a few questions about the patient and makes the doctor’s diagnosis easier.

#8. Set Reminders

Setting reminders for the medicines is very helpful that you can never miss or skip medicine a day. Users can set the schedule and routine of the medicine so that the app reminds you of the right time. You can find upcoming and missed reminders too.

#9. Browse Health products

Apart from drugs or specific medicines, users can also browse numerous health products of popular brands. It includes electronic health devices, healthy snacks, masks, and other related products.1mg provide cashback offers and discounts on this category gauging more customers.

#10. View Articles

This section deals with the latest happenings in healthcare. Especially, it contains many videos concerning health, wellness, and safety. Amid the pandemic,1mg has produced several videos for public health protection against COVID. You can find many health experts and doctors advise us for a better living.

#11. Upload prescription

Government regulations require a proper prescription for ordering medicines. You can just click a picture of the prescription and upload it instantly.

Some pharmacists can help you in placing an order from hard to read prescriptions.1 mg provides appropriate security for your order and promise only pharmacists will review it.

#12. Cart facility

Users can preview medicines, check their availability, read their descriptions, dosages, side effects, etc. Once after reviewing the medicine, users can add the required medicines to the cart. They could buy medicines when they need to, after saving it in the cart.

#13. View offers

1mg app has a dedicated section to update new offers and discounts to the customers. It can be offered from the pharmacy, payment wallets, specific brands, etc. Customers get notified about the offers on time.

#14. My orders

Customers can view their active orders, past orders, etc here. A detailed order summary helps them in easy re-ordering of medicines.

#15. Manage payments

Here, you can manage various payment methods for medicine purchases. This includes UPI, debit/credit cards, or other linked wallets.

#16. Emergency

1mg includes an ‘emergency’ section where users can immediately call an ambulance or conduct emergency calls in simple taps. This section includes important first aid steps for emergencies.

#17. Refer & Earn

Users earn by referring 1mg to their friends. You invite your friend to 1mg, he gets fifty rupees on the sign up itself. You get fifty on your friend’s first order. Users can share referrals via Whatsapp, Gmail, etc.

#18. Fitness meals

Besides these services, 1mg is popular for advising healthy food habits for users. They prioritize increased health for users that lead to a decrease in the usage of medicines.

#19. Track order

Customers after ordering their medicines can track the order in real-time. Every stage including the packing, dispatching, and delivery is visible here.

#20. Push notifications

Apps deliver push notifications on the latest offers, trending products, or exclusive expert events in the app to the customers frequently.

#21. Rating & Reviews

Customers can check reviews and ratings for accurate product information. They can also add reviews after buying medicines and give ratings on delivery.


Medicinal Service Provider Panel

#1. PRN medications

Medicinal service provider panels list those  ‘pro re nata’ medicines that do not need to be consumed daily but occasionally. It is essential to take care of the user’s medication patterns.

#2. Real-time connection with customers

These service providers engage in frequent communication with patients to keep an eye on the patient’s health conditions. A 24*7 support system concerning pharmacies, patients, and virtual assistants is managed by medicinal service provider Panels.

#3. Tracking medicine stocks

Admins take care of the availability of medicines. Daily medicines need constant checks and re-filling. This is together managed by admins and medicinal service providers.

Patients can enter their remaining number of medicines and service providers have a constant check on this number and re-fill in accordance.

Admin Panel

#1. Register

Like customers, the pharmacists or store owners also need to register in the app. They can register using an email id or social media account.

#2. Customer Management

One of the important functions of admins is making errorless services for the customers. They must be able to manage customer needs and queries on time.

#3. Product Management

Admins are responsible for keeping accurate product details, add/delete products according to availability. They can also check newer products or substitutes for appropriate needs.

#4. Delivery Management

Admins manage product delivery and pharmacies schedule products & delivery per customer needs.

#5. Monitor Reviews & Ratings

Store owners can identify customer queries and feedbacks by frequent monitoring of reviews and ratings.

#6. Information Management

An Admin is responsible for updating details about every product on the website. This includes product details, lab details, store details, etc. Promo codes, offers, and every detail is updated timely. Discounts are also notified to the users and managed by admins.

#7. Prescription Management

It is mandatory to collect proper prescriptions from customers. Admins monitor these prescriptions and help users providing pharmacists to manage hard to read prescriptions.

#8. Payment Management

Users must be able to pay without any queries or doubts. Admins can monitor these payments ensuring that users do not have any issues regarding payment.

Development Team Required to Create 1mg App

Creating an on-demand medicine delivery app needs an effective planning and operational team. There are different types of medicine buyers and the app must be flexible to these diverse customer needs and demands.

Apart from this, the team members have to be aware of the trends and requisites of every age group who are expected to engage with the app.

The pharmacy app you create must comprise numerous features and benefits which is the result of a skillful team that worked on the app for many days. Let’s look at the various key personnel of a development team.

#1. Project Manager

A project manager foresees the success of the app solution and coordinate things accordingly. He/she has amazing management skills which they use in monitoring the project throughout. He must be knowing the developments in each stage and give proper guidance to the subordinates.

#2. App developers

There will be separate developers for Android and iOS apps. These developers are the backbone of the proper functioning of a healthcare app you dream of.

This team of coders works actively on back-end or front-end codes molding the whole app into a full-fledged app solution.

#3. Designers

Interactive User interface is an uncompromised factor in every app. They draw the app’s overall shape and visibility among users. Simple and elegant app design gauge more users into the app.

#4. Testers

Testing is a crucial stage for finalizing the application. Once the app is ready to go live, the testers conduct multiple tests and determine its long-run among customers. Testers can identify any sort of bugs or issues while app deployment.

#5. Doctors or Pharmacists for Timely Assistance

As it is a healthcare app, it is advised to have proper assistance from physicians or doctors to avoid any type of errors in the app.

There are some other team members engaged in medicine delivery app development like Marketing associates, Managers, etc.

Technology Stack to Create an  App like 1mg

For an on-demand medicine delivery app like 1 mg, some robust technologies give life to it. Let’s look at the different technologies applied to this applauding on-demand medicine delivery app solution.

DevOps: Amazon EC2, GitHub

Database: MongoDB

Language: VB.Net, C#

Platform and Storage: Amazon S3, Amazon EC2

Accounting: Crunch, Mint, Form.com

Cloud and Storage: Cloudinary, Google Docs, Slack

Business Analytics: Control, CleverTap, Apache Hadoop

Marketing: Google Adwords, Typeform, Ahrefs

Mobile App Metrics: Apptopia

Web Traffic: Semrush

Interest Signals: Bombora

Monetization Models of Medicine Delivery Apps

Commission based model

This is one of the most popular monetization strategies deployed by on-demand medicine delivery apps. The app will give a chance for healthcare providers and pharmaceuticals to establish their online presence via the app, where they can sell their medicines.

You can charge a commission on these companies. This commission could be based on the weekly or daily selling volume of medicines. App owners and physicians decide the commission in advance for the number of units sold daily or a sale basis fixed within themselves.


Advertising is an unavoidable monetization model in any app solution. You can sell your space for various advertisements possible from the app category. This can include ads from:-

  • Pharmacy stores
  • E-wallets
  • Health Insurance policies
  • Hospital chains or Brands
  • Diagnostic companies

Sponsored Listings

These are featured listings that occupy separate space on the search or home page. These are the sponsored product listings from medicine stores or pharmaceuticals. This is another great way to earn revenue from the app.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App Like 1mg ?

An online medicine delivery app has varying development costs according to the requirements. There will be considerable cost difference based on the complexity too.

The UI/UX of the app has to be simple and easy for users. Various parameters including the development hours, feature list by the clients, etc play a major part in development costs.

The location of the development team, their experience, the hourly charges, etc alters the development cost to a great extent. The precise of a medicine delivery app cost can be based primarily on client requirements.

The app platform, number of basic and advanced features, backend technologies, etc also contribute well to the development cost.

The table below shows the approximate cost of building an app on various platforms.

  • Android: 23000$
  • iOS: 28000$
  • Windows: 18000$
  • Hybrid: 25000$

It is recommended to determine the cost concerns in advance and create the 1mg app.

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Medicine delivery apps help patients to live a better life and doctors to interact with patients effortlessly. Such apps enable a smooth long-term connection of pharmacists with doctors and patients.

on demand app cost

The concept of online medicine delivery apps is getting pace and raising their bars amid the pandemic. If you are a medicine distributor or pharmacy owner, it is better to create your own app like 1mg.

How the Hiring Process has Changed: Then VS Now

Hiring new talents in your firm is an inevitable process. Successful recruitments are the results of great pre-planning stages. Recruiters identify the required job posts, create ads, and gauge maximum candidates for the vacancy. So, what changes have occurred in the hiring process?

Let’s explore the major changes in the hiring process, those from traditional hiring to modern recruitment strategies.

Technological advancements have transformed the whole stages of hiring more flexible and easier. Beyond this, the different processes of hiring stages have witnessed shifts overtime.

#1. Extensive Reach

There was a time when your job post gets filled with applicants after seeing ads in local dailies or magazines. It is the traditional advertising method that gauge candidates into your firm. But, today the number of applicants for a single post is huge.

The tedious task of expanding your team through a professional candidate via newspaper ads is now replaced. A natural pool of talents is possible in modern advertisement strategies.

Today, the reach of your job vacancy is determined by the Internet. Your talent requirement reaches every part of the world through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more networks.

Hiring managers too can get relieved from interviewing the same candidates again and again because of the limited reach of your job post.

The modern recruitment process indeed invites hundreds and thousands of applications for a post.

Novel technologies help in resolving this flood of resumes and find out perfect fir for your company’s needs. So, one of the major changes that happened in the initial phase of hiring is that your job posts gain wider reach through diverse technologies available now.

#2. More Focused on the Work Culture

There was a time when the same candidates appear for several job posts with a common resume. Hiring managers considered their educational qualifications, work experience, awards, etc.

So, are these considerations successful for every workforce? This system started changing by a few years, where recruiters focused on ‘candidates’ who can cooperate with their work culture rather than high qualifications.

People were running behind satisfying job opportunities that ensure the highest salary, health benefits, etc. They were not aware of the company culture, the volume of workers, or any such factors. But now, it is the easiest thing to apply online for preferred job posts.

And recruiters give importance to candidates to have collaborative skills, knowledge about the work type, and more practical things regarding the job.

Recruiters emphasize the concept of ‘candidate outlook’ rather than technical capabilities. You can notice many firms now refuse candidates with attitudes that never fit their job culture. Organizations expect personal traits in candidates so that it contributes as a whole for the company’s success.

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#3. The Interview Stage

The traditional interview process is relevant to date but the COVID protocols have restrained companies to conduct such direct interviews.

It is a truth that the pandemic period has forced recruiters to do things virtually. Interviewing candidates in different places around the globe is easier via Video interviewing.

Many firms have shifted their entire screening stages virtually. It is visible that the video interview phase is more timesaving and cost-efficient too.

The lengthy hiring stages are now replaced by hiring apps and tools. You can make use of handy app solutions to find required job posts and book interviews in advance. Or else, the job ads circulated through the internet gauge potential candidates to your firm.

Companies manually sort or use software to sort people and schedule interviews.

The scheduling process is also now easy.  In traditional hiring, recruiters have to do several calls on each change in the hiring process.

But there is innovative interview scheduling software today. Starting from the date, time, and venue of the interview, this scheduling software reduces your headache.

Recruiters can focus on preparing for the interview rather than calling candidates back and forth about the interview. Candidates can perform well through video calling software and recruiters can hear and see the candidate’s performance in real-time.

Even technology is evolving each day, many companies still prefer direct face-to-face interviews to find the best choice of job posts.


#4. Effective Online Presence

The Internet is ruling every sector now. It was hard for firms to establish their brand among people which was only possible through traditional advertising methods.

But today, recruiters and job seekers can access company information in diverse formats. Job seekers can fully enquire about the company he/she has applied for.

Companies work on their websites, blogs, pictures, and other content to be worthy & helpful for page visitors. Candidates get to know their job position, responsibilities, and the team they have to work with. Hiring managers must be constantly monitoring these contents which are significant in attracting or deterring candidates.

The recruiter has to make each person in your company aware of the work culture and values. If it is a creative firm, you can effectively design pieces of stuff, post them in your social media accounts, and grab job seekers naturally into it.

Business firms on the other hand can repurpose every topic to make their presence clear and recruit potential candidates at the earliest.

Many companies devote time to update their online presence and it is very essential in this digital era. A single job post reaches many people around the globe.

So, every online content you publish should be right and portraying your company’s stand. Dedicated personnel for managing your online presence is appreciable. Your messages must be well composed and attract the right fit for your job position.

#5. Greater Networking Possibilities

Before the advent of the internet, recruiters had to rush and take part in every networking event. It helps in creating promising business relationships related to your niche.

Business professionals exchange their business cards, discuss modern strategies, and many intangible gains. If the recruiters miss those events, they are missing out on many young candidates. Earlier, Post work events are the only means of reaching potential candidates from diverse networks.

Today, LinkedIn, Twitter-like social networks have taken up this role of mixing and mingling reliable candidates. Even now, there are dedicated networking events but not that enticing recruiter like before.

Because people are now able to access any type of niche market through the internet itself. Then why should recruiters fly to different events?

Facebook groups, LinkedIn posts, Twitter chats, etc are now effective means of hiring versatile and credible talents for your firm. There is no need for long-distance driving for networking events in your city. Hiring managers can efficiently meet people across the globe from different walks of life.

#6. Changing Employee Expectations

Recruiters earlier select candidates based on individual resume and their technical abilities. But, surprisingly, employee expectations have evolved. Most hiring managers now emphasize on

  • Skills & capabilities required for the job post.
  • Personality traits for a collaborative workforce.
  • Adaptable to changing work environment and technologies.

There are more such factors that recruiters look upon. The whole hiring stages are tailored towards candidate experience. Candidates are now able to have easy communication with the recruiters and never miss any updates regarding their recruitment.

Even interviews are scheduled at a convenient time for both hiring managers and potential candidates.

Video interviewing has evolved more helpful for candidates as they can manage various engagements other than the interview. In traditional hiring, candidates have to wait for long, and delayed interview sessions can make them more passive.

The recording feature today helps the hiring managers & co-workers assess the candidate again anytime.

In the pre-internet period, candidates have to wait for many days to get a reply about their further selection procedures. If the candidate gets disqualified, sometimes they will not be receiving any messages at all. These types of frustrating practices don’t exist today. Timely emails and messages reach each candidate with details.

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It is visible that the hiring process will keep on changing with technology. We can foresee a giant leap of modern hiring strategies in the digital era.


Recruiters are adapting to virtual practices and reaping successful benefits too. Undoubtedly, hiring practices will get more modernized and recruiters gain far-reaching advantages.

Feature Comparison Chart Of Top Health & Activity Tracking Apps

Wearables now enable people to monitor their health at their wrists. Many top brands are competing for composing more and more flexible features in their smart wear products. There are efficient mobile smart wear apps that track your daily activities and health.

These apps help you to follow a balanced lifestyle and keep you aware about your wellness throughout. During this pandemic time, many people shifted their exercise schedules indoors and these app solutions are a godsend for us.

The spectrum of such health tracker apps is evolving each day. Let’s dive into the feature list of six currently popular health and activity tracker apps.

User Panel features Syska GoogleFit iOSHealth VeryfitPro FundoWear Mifit
 Register Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Account Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Pairing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instant Notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
My Day Yes No No No No No
Sync Activities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Activity log Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sleep Pattern Log Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Count Steps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor Calories Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heart Rate Data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor Elliptical Workout Yes No No No No No
Monitor Breath Rate Yes Yes Yes No No No
Multi-sport modes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Set up Sedentary Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set up Alarms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMS notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call Alert Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Notifications Yes Yes Yes No No No
Customized watch faces Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Alarm Alert Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SNS Alert Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wrist Movement Sense Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Change Wallpaper Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Weekly reports Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Warm-up Training Yes Yes Yes No No No
Fat-burning Training Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Cardio Pulmonatory Exercise No No No Yes No No
Aerobic/Anaerobic Endurance Training Yes No No No No No
Extreme Training Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Scan QR code Yes No No No No No
Account and Security Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Check for Updates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warm Tips Yes No No No No No
Related User Agreement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Privacy Policy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-lost Alert No No No No Yes Yes
Set Daily Reminders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set Goals No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Goal Tracker No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Behaviour Tagging No No No No No Yes
Manage appearance No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Smart Analysis No No No No Yes Yes
Set Units(Distance,Weight) No No No No No Yes
Music Control No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Wireless sync Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discoverable  mode No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Multi-language support No Yes Yes No Yes No
Data Sharing No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote  Camera control No No No Yes Yes Yes
Social News Alerts No No No No Yes No
Calorie Graphs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weather Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Synchronization No Yes Yes No Yes No
Health History No Yes Yes No No No
Customised Coaching No Yes Yes No No No
Heart Points No Yes No No No No
Route Recording No Yes No No No No
Speed Recording No Yes No No No No
Instant Insights No Yes No No No No
Google Fit Journal No Yes No No No No
Third-party app support No Yes Yes No No No
Pre-Bedtime Routine No No Yes No No No
Hearing Health No No Yes No No No
Body Measurements No No Yes No No Yes
Nutrition No No Yes No No No
Mindfulness No No Yes No No No
Medical ID No No Yes No No No
Move Minutes No Yes No No No No
Ring Based UI No Yes No No No No
Dark Mode No Yes Yes No No No
Highlights No Yes Yes No No No
Do Not Disturb No No No No No Yes
Browse Tab No No Yes No No No
Menstrual Cycle Tracking No No Yes No No No
Noise Monitoring No No Yes No No No
ToothBrush Timing No No Yes No No No

10 Best Recruitment Automation Tools

The pandemic time has restrained every sector to limit its procedures. The same happens in the recruitment process too. The majority of the companies are now investing in recruitment automation tools that make the hiring process easier than before.

Virtual hiring methods are evolving each day. Many people are applying for as many jobs they are possible to work with. This sudden surge of application has to be managed efficiently. These tools help in the overall tasks associated with recruitment and especially reducing the turnovers and time-to-fill.

Below are the top 10 recruitment automation tools that are boons for recruiters and companies in smarter recruiting practices.

1. Application Tracking Systems

As we mentioned above, how can companies manage the surge of applicants? It is very important to have a transparent approach throughout the hiring procedure. Here, Application Tracking systems play a vital role.

These systems are capable of sorting thousands of resumes and CVs that appear for your job posts. Applying online is the easiest process though. The manual sorting of applications will be very hard.

ATSs effectively keep every application in one place once after an applicant has applied for the job vacancy. An ideal ATS has several collaborative tools that help recruiters to engage with candidates at any time. It can include video interviewing, career page builder, direct messaging, etc.

One of the striking features of ATSs are they gauge the aptest candidates according to your requisites. This can save you time and money.

Such structured systems narrow the talent pool but never can recruiters miss the top talents. ATS optimized application can be based on keywords, resume formats, etc and it will help you reach top candidates.

Some of the popular ATSs are Greenhouse, Taleo, SmartRecruiters, Zohorecruit, etc.

2. Talent Assessment Tools

It is a great thing that you filtered out apt candidates for the job position using ATSs. The next is a crucial stage to assess each candidate on all aspects. Assessment tests are organized for testing the relevant skill within each candidate that can decide his/her potential in doing things.

These tests can differ according to the job posts. A small task and a deadline for it will encourage candidates to make things on time.

After completing the tests, each candidate is given scores based on their performance. There are many types of pre-job assessment test done by companies to get the perfect fit for the company’s needs.

Some tests purely focus on cognitive skills and creative capabilities, on the other side, some can be mainly focusing on technical skills.

Talent pipelining tools too has a significant place in gauging efficient talents to your company. Collecting relevant details instead of asking for too much data will bring more responsive candidates and easily pave them into various segments of your workforce.

Much research proves that the large application volume can be minimized through top-quality automation tools. As many hundreds of candidates are now available, it is necessary to compose every element keenly so that recruiters can avoid any type of mishires or loss of cost.

Popular examples are Applied, eSkill, HireSelect etc

3. Programmatic Job Advertising

This is one of the most used recruitment automation tools of today. The flooding number of applications are the fruits of amazing ads on the internet.

Purchasing advertisements digitally will reduce the recruiting costs to a great extent. Studies have found that about 30% of the cost per applicant is reduced via digital advertisement strategies.

Recruitment automation tools mold a more branded exposure to your ads than that of normal job postings. It is easy to establish your company’s culture on a single canvas. Such job posting ads describe relevant employee experiences too.

These job ads appear in the most popular search engines, job boards, social channels, etc at a reduced cost when compared to traditional hiring. There will be hard-to-fill vacancies for which you can efficiently gauge candidates through programmatic job ads.

Top programmatic job advertising platforms are ClickIQ, Talentify, Recruitics, etc.

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4. Candidate Communication Tools

Maintaining constant interaction with the candidates is inevitable. A positive experience in every aspect makes the hiring process smooth and successful.

Qualified candidates are immediately given an immediate message that he/she is selected. Disqualified candidates too are notified on time.

Recruiters & employers trigger text messages and emails instantly after each stage of the hiring process. They shall get information on new hiring, other schedules regarding recruitment, etc.

Automating candidate reach is crucial and this is effectively done via communication tools.

You can easily engage with applicants & recruiters can spend time selling the job with modern strategies of communication. The whole process is hastened and given priority to communication management between the candidates. These recruitment automation tools enable completing hiring stages with utmost transparency.

Popular tools are HireSelect, AssessFirst.


5. Candidate Relationship Management Tools

Interaction with potential candidates is a must-have process throughout the hiring stages. The candidates must be aware of any changes regarding the recruiting sessions.

Email automation is the major process involved in the successful management of candidate relationships with recruiters.

Applicants show interest in a job post via emailing their resume, the company replies via emails. This email flow sustains every candidate to be up to date.

This CRM is a structured system that engages with previous, current, and potential candidates in a positive way complementing each of them.

Such CRM tools drive your business to the next level and gauge capable candidates for your position. This is the easiest method to fill positions sooner than the competitors, who are gauging candidates for similar job positions.

Such systems help in establishing a long-term relationship with candidates over time. A recruitment CRM not only brings applicants but also helps in knowing the effectiveness of your recruitment strategies too.

Best CRM Tools are TalentLyft, Beamery, Avature, etc.

6. AI Chatbots

Have you noticed those pop-ups when you open a website asking ‘how can I help you?’. These chatbots are a godsend for the recruiting process today. Applicant surge can be well controlled by these AI-powered chatbots.

Once an applicant shows his interest in the job position, the chatbot on the website will give an instant reply. This can follow the Q&A session leading to further selection procedures.

Applicants get timely information about the hiring process, ensures smooth communication of the changes in the company’s hiring process, etc.

The screening and scheduling process of each candidate is well managed by automatic chatbots. Such a dedicated chatbot builds a strong relationship between employers and candidates.

Using chatbots offer a very friendly yet seamless hiring experience for the candidates. This method of hiring increases transparency and helps in an efficient hiring process.

This AI agent will mimic hiring conversations with a human touch. It helps in gauging personal info and conduct basic administrative tasks in less time. Thus, a chatbot makes errorless pre-qualification stages and interview schedules.

The best examples of AI Chatbots are XOR, Olivia, Eightfold, etc.

7. Automated Text Messaging Tools

Text messaging is widely used by commercial firms to publish their latest offers, discounts, and add-ons. But what does automated text messages offer in the hiring process?

A recruiter’s workload is sometimes unexplainable. Some candidates irritate hiring managers and make the rest candidates into a black hole. These things are well avoided by automatic communication systems.

Simply, A text message addressing the applicant on the upcoming events or changes in the hiring process will help them in knowing their exact hiring status.

This avoids unnecessary interactions anywhere. Recruiters can focus on vital tasks and send them right to the candidate without any hurdles in between. Candidates get a chance to clear their queries directly via text messages about their application status.

The automated text messaging is very relevant and assure a smoother candidate experience during recruitment. This feature speeds up your recruiting and at the same time bring better candidates to reply for further hiring procedures.

The message facility also helps you in deciding which type of messages drives more people to engage in action and further to create such impactful hiring texts.

Examples include Mya, Olivia by Paradox, etc.

8. Talent Pre-screening Tools

Talent pre-screening is a significant part of the hiring process which now is replaced by awesome tools and software. Such tools filter candidates by giving ranks and grades paving them to further selection procedures. This pre-qualification test is something essential that too with a human touch.

These tools can indulge excellent resume screeners that assess the whole resume format, identify skills and requirements, etc. You get a qualified candidate that is automatically identified by the prescreening tools.

Virtual conversation agent or Chatbots too pave way for the utmost hiring experience for candidates in the pre-screening stage. These tools make recruiters more connected with every candidate with elaborate machine learning in advance.

Apart from lengthy interview stages, chatbots give out immediate questions and answers that instantly identify qualified and unqualified candidates for your company’s needs.

Top Talent pre-screening tools are VidCruiter, Xor, etc.

9. Talent Intelligence Tools

Think of a high executive job post where you cannot experiment with candidates. Many companies have identified talent intelligence tools useful here. The striking feature is that these tools are capable of reviewing previous employees, past applicants, recommendations, etc that are fit for your current job position.

This envisages an extensive talent pool for your job position rather than many numbers of applicants. Talent intelligence tools help in streamlining recruitment processes along with realizing the company’s needs.

These tools help in doing things focused on ‘capabilities’. This process enables you in studying the existing talent pool and retains some of them in hard-to-fill job positions successfully. Businesses can remain competitive and sense modern recruitment strategies in advance.

Talent intelligence leads to smarter recruitment methodologies, identify the ruling personnel and where they come from, foresee future talent requisites, etc.

Organizations can utilize talent intelligence very well for a more promising hiring process and sustainable candidates for your organization. Companies identify the winning trends of competitors, hiring strategies and knowing the required talents, etc.

Top Talent intelligence tools are LinkedIn Talent Insights, Seek out, ideal.

10. Interview Scheduling Tools

An interview is a mandatory hiring stage so far in both traditional or modern hiring. Planning and managing interview schedules for the different applicants for your job position is one of the tedious tasks in the recruiting process.

The interview is an initial touchpoint of the candidate to your company. The candidate expects a fair image of your company. Recruiters must try to fulfill their expectations and give considerable time for them to prepare and perform well.

So how can scheduling tools help here?

They act as a calendar system for scheduling the interview process efficiently. It helps in streamlining and syncing the entire interview process between recruiters and candidates. Hiring managers should be aware of dedicating their time and attention to the process.

Software and tools automate date, time, and messages to reach candidates on time. It can be synced with calendar tools so that both the applicants and recruiters review the schedules in between.

Recruiters can ensure the interview location through the app and inform changes too. Some companies even introduce the interviewers to the candidates to make the interview process more systematic.

Eg:- Calendly, Clara Labs, SparkHire, etc.

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Recruitment Automation tools enable a hassle-free hiring process. It is important to ensure that the tools you use must provide the said feature seamlessly.


Companies can gauge efficient candidates through such tools for sure. If you are still thinking about such recruitment automation tools, it’s time to search your apt tool for easy hiring.

Top 15 FaceApp Alternatives

Photo editing transformed itself after the development of FaceApp. Numerous apps were developed in competition to FaceApp. These alternatives when developed featured better photo editing capabilities than FaceApp.

The technology advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality have helped enormously in the development of the apps. The FaceApp alternatives allow the user to look old or young, look like their friends, check out fashion and styles all prior to the action actually happening.

Most of the alternatives of FaceApp we found out comes with great user comfort and ease of use features in addition to offering unlimited creativity.

Here you can check out some of the amazing alternatives for FaceApp that will definitely make your day.

Fotogenic Cupace Reface
Pixl Photo Lab Hotune
Photo Editor Fantastic Face Facetune2
Beauty Makeup Face Edit Magic Face
Face up Face Cam AgingBooth


1. Fotogenic : Face & Body tune and Retouch Editor

fotogenic - faceapp alternatives

This is a great photo editing app that can be a good addition to your mobile photography. It suits every level of photographers and comes with an innovative and easy to use interface.

Even beginners can make wonderful arts with this app as it features an interactive guide.

App Features

  • Lets you easily add text or cartoon style speech balloons to photos
  • Effortlessly add digital Signature to your photos
  • Add an artistic touch to your photos through light leaks
  • Highlight a part of your image in different shapes using mask
  • It offers hundreds of great photo filters in 5 different categories

Rating: 4.9

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

2. Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo

cupace - faceapp alternatives

This is a photo editor app that cuts and pastes face in photos. It is capable of extracting a face from an image and adding that face to inanimate objects.

The user can swap faces or create funny photos or memes. It comes with in-built stickers, emojis and text can be added on to the photos.

App Features

  • Cut a face by drawing a path on a face in photos with magnifying glass support
  • All the cropped faces are available in Face gallery for later use
  • It allows to add same face multiple times in a photo
  • Easily save your photo and share it to social media
  • You can effortlessly add text and stickers to photos

Rating: 4.7

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

3. REFACE: Face Swap Videos and Memes with your Photo

reface - faceapp alternatives

It is one of the best faceapp alternatives with over 10 million users across the globe. Be a wizard or a pop star in seconds as the app lets you switch your face with celebrities. Its mind blowing features helps you play with live face swaps and gender swaps.

App Features

  • Swap your face to celebrities or movie characters with deepfake technology
  • Have fun and replace your face with memes using face editor
  • Try face swaps with new videos and gifs posted every day
  • Share your face swapped clip or funny meme as a gif or video to social media

Rating: 4.6

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

4. Pixl – Face Retouch & Blemish Remover Photo Editor

pixl - faceapp alternatives

This innovative face photo editing app lets you look sweet and perfect like a model from the cover of a beauty magazine. Easily retouch and tune your photos and experience the best look on your profile pictures.

App Features

  • Retouch and tune your face portrait in a click and apply impressive filters
  • Instantly slim and change the shape of any part of your face with a couple of simple swipes
  • Make your teeth white in new or existing photos on your phone
  • Improve your skin’s appearance with Skin Smoother tool
  • Acne Remover tool give yourself acne and wrinkle-free skin

Rating: 4.5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

5. Photo Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames

photolab - faceapp alternatives

It is an amazing photo editing app that features vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects with more than 900 effects to date. Users can come across a handful of face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects, and photo filters to beautify the images.

Selected photos can be made more creative in seconds and easily send a signed virtual postcard to a friend.

App Features

  • Easily choose from over 50 pre-set styles
  • Give a final touch to your favorite picture through creative photo frames
  • Effortlessly place your image in an unlikely setting
  • Swap face easily and turn yourself into a favourite star or monster
  • Make use of photo filters and collages to turn your photos more creative

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android

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6. Hotune – Face & Body Editor & Body Enhancer & Face App

hotune - faceapp alternatives

This is a wonderful app that lets you swap your picture and make you look like your favourite hot models and celebrities. This is also an inspiration for you to shape up your body and transform your looks in real life to experience a better version of you.

App Features

  • Make your face slim and skinny and smooth your skin
  • Retouch and reshape face as you like
  • Make your face small, skinny and fit to look great
  • Adjust facial features like nudge your smile, plump up lips or grow a taller nose bridge

Rating: 4.3

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

7. Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

photo editor - faceapp alternatives

Install this brilliant app and do face makeover like a pro. You can do a magazine-level photo touch up and editing and go back to every change you ever made through unlimited undo & redo options.

It comes with more than 30 frames that add a pro look to any photo or portrait.

App Features

  • It offers a variety of over 100 stickers, tattoos, labels and emojis
  • Lets you make your face stand out by blurring the background
  • Easily add color to your lips and apply any shade of powder
  • Explore over 50 fonts and text effects
  • Effortlessly add lighting, enhance color and contrast

Rating: 4.2

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android

8. Fantastic Face – Aging Prediction, Face – Gender

fantastic face

Unlike similar faceapp alternatives, it can not only see what your face will look like in the future but even shows the lookalike picture of your future baby. The app scans your face and makes a professional report for you according to your facial features.

The app also lets you learn about which celebrity looks like you and compare who is the most beautiful among your friends.

App Features

  • Offers daily face analysis and aging prediction
  • Features smile competition and celebrity match
  • Explore aging together and love pairing options
  • Get beauty index, skin condition and expression score in face reports

Rating: 4

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android

9. Facetune2 – Selfie Editor, Beauty & Makeover App


This is an easy to use photo editor that lets you retouch your selfies and acts as your own personal makeover studio. You can effortlessly glam yourself up and use vibrant glowing filters to upgrade every photo for a fashionable look.

App Features

  • Edit your selfie in real-time right after you snap it
  • Offers Easy Compare tool to compare before & after
  • Use makeup brushes to retouch your features
  • Get rid of zits, pimples and blemishes within seconds
  • Use Smooth to airbrush your skin to get a softer look

Rating: 4

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

10. Beauty Makeup Editor: Selfie Camera, Photo Editor

beauty makeup

This best free app is an all in one photo editor and beauty camera to retouch your selfies by applying makeup. You can take beautiful selfies using the beauty camera filters and effects and face tune your sweet selfies.

App Features

  • Instantly apply virtual makeup to your selfies as you wish
  • Fine tune your lips and enlarge it to have a perfect face
  • Get rid of the yellow teeth and have the brightest smile with white teeth
  • Remove acne and get rid of all the skin problems like pimples
  • Explore the foundation effect and soften your skin in seconds

Rating: 3.8

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android


11. Face Edit

face edit

This fastest and multifaceted photo editing app lets you make your photos look fabulous by adding style and art. You can easily change your appearance with cool tattoo designs, fashionable hats, stylish sun glasses and hot hair styles.

App Features

  • It is fun and easy to use
  • Give yourself the look of a princess with beautiful flower crowns
  • Look like a fashion diva in vogue sunglasses
  • Get that gorgeous look by adding amazing hair colours
  • Easily resize, zoom, rotate your photos with simple touch gestures

Rating: 3.8

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

12. Magic Face: Face Aging, Young Camera, Fantastic App

magic face

This is in fact a magic app as the name suggests with a number of awesome features like past life, gender switch, aging prediction, expression change, ghost makeup, baby prediction and a lot more. Find out more secrets about your face with this cool app.

App Features

  • Young Camera takes you back to 18 anytime
  • Lets you have a look if you were the opposite gender
  • See how you look like when you get older
  • Change the photo to your favourite expression

Rating: 3.8

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android

13. Face up – Face Editor

face up

Improve your photo or just have fun with gender swap, hair styling and other free & funny features with this interesting photo editing app.

The app lets you make yourself skinnier, buff yourself up, gender swap, or enlarge any body parts that might need some improvement to have a better version of your image.

App Features

  • Make your face more beautiful, cute and funny with face morphing
  • Warp effects lets you switch your face or make it larger or smaller
  • Watch the result before even taking the picture
  • Take photos and add with Snap and selfie app filters & stickers
  • Personalize your image using stickers, emoticons and filters

Rating: 3.8

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

14. Face Cam | Face Emoji Avatar

face cam

A personal 3D avatar maker and facemoji & memoji camera is now available at your finger tips if you install this stunning app. Choose from a variety of expressions that fits your style and personality and give an overall new look to your image.

App Features

  • Create your own facemoji to express yourself
  • Lit and magical video filters are made available for you to shoot videos
  • Choose from numbers of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, hair colors, accessories for creating memoji
  • Create multiple memoji avatars for your friends & family
  • It is fast & easy to share your facemojis wherever you like

Rating: 3.8

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android

15. AgingBooth


This mind blowing app that was developed in 2010 gives you an idea of how you will look like when you age. It works similar to an amazing aging machine that instantly ages face photos.

The advantage of this app is that the face can be transformed instantly without internet.

App Features

  • It works best with people between the ages of 15 and 60
  • Shake device to see before and after views
  • Allows auto-cropping using face detection
  • Scroll results into the app gallery and save to photo gallery
  • Share with your friends via email, FaceBook or Twitter

Rating: 3

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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As we see the alternatives to Faceapp are many. The photo editing tools allow editing of images within seconds and with a few clicks.  The app edits each part of the picture effortlessly using artificial intelligence to give amazing results. There is no wonder why such apps are highly popular among people of all ages and gender.


These FaceApp alternatives are in fact an open ground for unlimited creativity and users can have great fun at their finger tips. Many of these photo editing apps even come up with direct social media sharing options to attract the youth. Go through all the apps listed above and see which one gives you the results you wished for.

15 Best Personal Assistant AI Apps For Android

Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri have already ruled the digital Voice Assistant space for quite a while, but now Android users will not have to feel dismayed and disappointed any more.

Android has done exceptionally well in the area of digital Personal Assistant, presenting you the best possible apps that also synchronize brilliantly with Native apps.

The experience provided by these personal assistant ai apps are so organic you may feel it is as real as a person next to you suggesting the most preferable solutions for you.

So here are some of the attention-worthy Personal Assistant AI Apps for android users in 2021.

ELSA Speak SoundHound Amazon Alexa
Sherpa Assistant Extreme Personal Friday: Smart
Lyra Personal Assistant Tolkie Google Assistant
Your Phone Companion Robin Voice Assistant HeadUp
Jarvis Virtual Assistant Voice Search Assistant


1. ELSA Speak

elsa speak - personal assistant ai apps

Do you get intimidated during the conversation in the English language? If yes, then worry no more, ELSA speak brings you the perfect companion to tackle the everyday issues of tackling with the English language as it helps you pronounce the words accurately.

It is one of a kind artificial intelligent technology that is trusted by millions across the world. Apart from the pronunciation, this app helps you clear IELTS, TOEFL, and other exams successfully and get good grades. It consists of all the practical aspects of English which will help you ace your career and enhance your personality.

App Features

  • It helps in learning the correct pronunciation of the words.
  • It can be used to prepare for IELTS and other exams.
  • It lets you take the speech test and get the reports.
  • It will help you speak like a native speaker.

Rating: 4.9/5

Downloads: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

2. SoundHound

soundhound - personal assistant ai apps

SoundHound is the perfect app for finding the song which is being played around you. Discovering the name of a song whose language is not known to you is not a big deal now, with the artificial intelligence technology SoundHound made the process easier all you got to do is open the app press the orange button and there you go! You find the song.

From the songs to their lyrics, everything will be stored in your history so no need to worry about losing the data. The best part is you can connect your Spotify account to build your own playlist and explore a plethora of music. From different genres.

App Features

  • It lets you find the song that is playing around you.
  • It will give you the details of the song name, album, and even the name of an artist.
  • You will be updated with the new music trends from across the globe.
  • It will help you access all discoveries that you did with the history option.
  • It will help you connect to your Spotify account.

Rating: 4.5/5

Downloads: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

3. Amazon Alexa

amazon alexa - personal assistant ai apps

Undoubtedly Amazon Alexa is one of the most trusted artificial intelligence speech recognition tools. It will help you listen to music, news, etc.

You can connect it to your amazon music account, Spotify, etc. through which you can create your own playlist and enjoy the music and stay updated with the latest trends.

With Amazon Alexa, you can manage your smart home by creating a routine for your smart home devices. It also lets you do the shopping and get weather reports.

App Features

  • It will keep you updated with the latest news.
  • You can operate your smart home through it.
  • You can stay updated with music.
  • It helps you get the weather reports.

Rating: 4.3/5

Downloads: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

4. Sherpa Assistant

sherpa assistant - personal assistant ai apps

Looking for a tool that completely understands you and serves you the content even before you ask for it? Then Sherpa Assistant is the one-stop-shop solution for you.

It uses artificial intelligence technology to serve you with the information which suits you the best. The best results could be seen if you interact more with this app.

With Sherpa Assistant you don’t have to go to information but the information will come running to you. If it’s raining outside it recommends you to grab an umbrella, hungry and looking for a restaurant? Sherpa Assistant has got you covered.

App Features

  • It will provide you with information about what’s happening around you from rainy weather to sunny days.
  • It will recommend restaurants based on your interest.
  • It will give you the results of your favorite match.
  • The app is simple and easy to use.

Rating: 4.3/5

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

5. Extreme Personal Voice Assistant 

extreme - personal assistant ai apps

Do you like to have personal voice assistance ai apps which help you in resolving your day-to-day activities? If so, then congrats you have landed on the right page, Extreme Personal Voice Assistant will help you be that companion. The coolest part is it can even take selfies!

From asking the meaning of the term you did not understand getting the updates of the football tournament, this app has got you covered for all.

App Features

  • It helps you send texts and emails.
  • It helps you play your favorite song.
  • It helps you find places on the map so that you never get lost.
  • You can even take selfies with it.

Rating: 4.3/5

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

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6. Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

friday smart - personal assistant ai apps

Having a personal assistant which is driven by artificial intelligence technology is the new trend and Friday: Smart Personal Assistant came up with an app that understands you completely and serves you exactly what you need the most.

From asking the queries to posting on Facebook, this app does it all. It works best when you interact more with it, as it recognizes your behavioral pattern and feeds you the things which suit your taste the best. It is your perfect companion during the travel as it helps find places on the google map.

App Features

  • The app is easy to use with a simple user interface.
  • It helps you in posting on Facebook.
  • It helps you in understanding the meaning of words.
  • It can help you with the notifications of skype, WhatsApp, etc.

Rating: 4.3/5

Downloads: 100,000+

Download: Android

7. Lyra Personal Assistant

lyra virtual - personal assistant ai apps

Searching for an app that will understand all your requirements, feed you with the daily dose, and keep you entertained? Then congrats we have a piece of good news for you, Lyra Personal Assistant is a perfect companion for you, as it understands your behavioral pattern and feeds you the information which you like and plus she gives her personal opinion.

With this app, you can be assured that the weather reports, news, etc. will be updated to you with the utmost accuracy. You can even set alarms, search the web, and much more.

App Features

  • You can play videos through it.
  • It will help you find local restaurants.
  • It will save reminders for you.
  • You can translate words with them instantly.

Rating: 4.2/5

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

8. Tolkie – Your Personal Assistant!


If you are searching for an app that runs on artificial intelligence technology then let me tell you “Tolkie- Your personal assistant” is much more than that, it is your perfect friend which helps you navigate through all your problems related to finding places, vocabulary, songs, etc.

Tolkie has been designed in such a way that, it is easy and simple to use. The user interface is such that even a rookie to this app can use it without any hassle. So wait no more be make tolkie your companion.

App Features

  • It helps you find answers on the web.
  • It will help you play songs.
  • It has several designs which are in-built you can choose anyone you want.
  • It also gives you the weather report.

Rating: 4.2/5

Downloads: 100,000+

Download: Android

9. Google Assistant

google assistant

Need an assistant who can help you anytime, fear not, google has solved your problem. Now with just by saying “Hey Google” you can get the news update, manage your schedule, control smart home devices and much more. With just your voice you can now play your favourite music, video or even a podcast.

It does not just take care of the entertainment part but also helps you keep in touch with your loved ones through texts, mails by just saying “read my emails”, etc. With Google Assistant you can now manage to reach early by getting the updates of the traffic.

App Features

  • It can help you find answers on the web.
  • It will help you play music and podcast.
  • It assists you on the road to take the shortest route.
  • It helps you find restaurants on the road.
  • You can mail or text by just directing it through voice.

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

10. Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows

your phone companion

This is one of the best personal assistant ai apps that allows you to access your phone through your PC. With this app, you can now manage to send messages and even manage notification on your phone through the PC.

This app is efficient when you want to transfer the files wirelessly where you just have to drag and drop and what’s even more amazing is that you can even receive the calls in it.

App Features

  • It helps you text through your PC.
  • You can manage notification of phone over PC and also access all of your favorite apps in it.
  • You can even make and receive calls on the PC.
  • You can now transfer the files and photos by just dragging and dropping it.

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 100,000,000+

Download: Android


11. Robin Voice Assistant 

robin ai

If there is an app that acts as perfect voice assistance and helps you with day to day routines then that has to be Robin Voice Assistance.

It doesn’t matter what you are interested in be it sports, weather, history, politics, etc. this app will help you build the playlist for you. All you have to do it is just tell Robin and the rest is taken care of her.

You can use it while driving and get route guidance from her to reach your destination faster or even tell her to play music, she will do it right away for you. You can now manage to text, set alarms, etc. through your voice.

App Features

  • You can know the weather reports and traffic reports through it.
  • It helps you play music from a plethora of genres.
  • You can now text through voice.
  • It will give information from the various fields right from history, politics, and sports, etc.

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

12. HeadUp


HeadUp is an amazing app which was developed keeping in mind the health of the people. This app helps you analyze and improve your health.

All you have got to do is connect Fitbit or Garmin to HeadUp and you will be able to see the dashboard where your heart rate, sleep, weight, and all other things can be monitored.

The interface is simple and easy to use where it shows your health status and it also recommends as to where your need to be in different sections. This is a perfect app to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

App Features

  • It helps you get insights into your real-time health condition.
  • It also recommends the health conditions that you should attain.
  • It easily integrates with Fitbit and Garmin.
  • This app will send the notification to do the mood check-ins.

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 100,000+

Download: Android, iOS

13. Jarvis Artificial Intelligence


It is a special voice recognition app that can assist you anywhere you want at any time. With this app as your companion you need not worry about missing the meetings, appointments, etc. this app helps you remind all the important events and you can also set alarm in it.

This app will help you play music, stay updated with the latest news, music, and trends across the world. Using this app will for sure benefit your way of living.

App Features

  • It helps you in playing music.
  • You can read messages.
  • It helps in hot-word detection.
  • You can even set alarms in it.

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 500,000+

Download: Android

14. Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence


Virtual Assistant was developed with an agenda to help you serve all your commands. You can now get answers you want for the questions, play songs you like by just listening to your voice.

This app works the best when you use it the most, as it understands your behavioral patterns and recommends you what suits you the best.

This app speaks the language like, English, Spanish, German, French, etc. The app consists of the chatbots where you can interact with it and help the bot learn about you more!

App Features

  • It speaks multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, etc.
  • It gives you news updates.
  • You can ask it to play music for you.
  • You can even chat with the chatbots.

Rating: 4.1/5

Downloads: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

15. Voice Search Assistant: Personal Assistant

voice search assistant

Searching on the web is made easier, now with the Voice Search Assistant you can easily voice search the news, facts, etc. that you are looking for. This app has been built with a simple and easy to navigate user interface.

Through this app, you can voice search the contact details and can even make a call. With this app, you can even send the text through voice.

App Features

  • It can help you find answers on the web.
  • You can use it for navigation.
  • You can voice search the contact and make a call.
  • It has a voice system where it translates the voice to text.

Rating: 3.9/5

Downloads: 100,000+

Download: Android

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Closing Remarks

These are some of the celebrated, and high-rated Android Personal Assistant AI apps you can be excited about at the moment. Of course, there are more options available for Android devices, but these are top on the list.


Which app appeals to you and is destined to stay longer on your mobile screen depends completely on users’ needs and specific tastes. Android developers across the globe are curiously occupied improving the AI based Personal Assistant apps.

So, as the technology evolves, we are likely to meet more phenomenal mobile apps in the world of digital Personal Assistant AI in future.

What is Virtual Recruiting ? A Complete Guide

Technology is establishing a vital role in every sector today. Is that visible in the hiring process too?  Undoubtedly, It’s yes. Amid the Covid days, many firms started taking new candidates effectively through Virtual Recruiting.

Through this blog, you can understand the relevance and scope of Virtual Recruiting in the now world.

What is Virtual Recruiting?

As the name suggests, Virtual Recruiting is the process by which recruiters reach out to the candidates virtually. Even before the pandemic period, many firms have familiarized virtual recruiting for remote candidates.

The basic aim of the process is getting the best candidates for your organizational needs but without any physical constraints.

Virtual hiring enables you to reach out to a large number of candidates and cut down excessive recruiting turnovers. Here, technology replaces the face-to-face interviews and make things happen faster than that of traditional hiring methods.

It is important to ensure that the software and tools you use will support seamless services throughout the recruiting process.

The various tools used in virtual recruiting are:

  • Video Calling software
  • Chat tools
  • Virtual event organizer
  • Video Resume software
  • Automated screening tools
  • Live chat
  • Chatbot solutions

The tools and strategies used for each job post can be different. Virtual recruiting has gained a place as a requirement than that of an option today. The Internet is a godsend that you can reach any corner of the world now.

Virtual recruiting helps you in getting skilled candidates from different parts of the world without any space or time constraints.

Importance of Virtual Recruiting in the present Scenario

In the current scenario, the major concern of every sector is the restrictions imposed on their workflow. That is, people are restrained to come out of their homes frequently, must follow strict health guidelines, and many more things.

These practices are really necessary to ensure the safety of every human being. Still, how can these restrictions affect managing work systems, productivity, and employees as a whole?

Technology is a boon for many firms and personnel that at least they can ensure functioning the same as in the office through virtual platforms.

Hiring new candidates via virtual platforms is widely used by organizations. Many interviews are postponed and can’t anticipate when they can conduct it. So, recruiters conduct video interviews or simply phonic interviews especially for urgent hiring of key positions.

  • Candidates can apply and attend interviews safely from their place.
  • Recruiters can stay connected with the candidates throughout the interview process and even conduct telephonic interviews.
  • Recruiters can organize online Assessment tests suitable for specific roles.
  • Personnel can have internal and external discussions about recruitments without physical travels.
  • Effectively review works done by freshers and gives feedback in real-time.
  • Cautious recruiting through dedicated apps like Skype, Whatsapp, etc.

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Effective Virtual Recruitment Strategies

There are certain factors to keep in mind while planning about virtual recruiting. You are not going to engage with any candidates directly and the initial hesitance of introduction/interaction is to be reduced to a great extent. Each candidate should feel the transparency of your firm and the job they apply for.

#1. Create Attractive Job Ads

Social media is one of the ideal means of reaching people. So, posting a job via diverse social networks can gauge a great number of candidates. The content and design you showcase must be enticing and the best candidate for your job need to reach you.

You want to give a clear picture of the job, skills, requirements, and other relevant details in this regard. Designers can compose ad copies in a personalized approach that reflects your firm’s stand and values. Nowadays, job posts with video are also increasing and result in the maximum number of applicants by time.

#2. Applicant Tracking Systems

There are many numbers of ATSs(Applicant Tracking Systems) that act as a logbook of each applicant. These solutions are very useful for the whole hiring stages and save the time of both the candidates and recruiters.

Your job posts get thousands or more resumes. It is hard to sort them manually. Here, ATS pave the way to sort them efficiently using keywords, titles and it even highlights top candidates apt for the job needs.

#3. Well Planned Video Interviews

It is necessary to check whether both the recruiter side and the candidate is ready to attend the interview. They must ensure connectivity and avoid technical issues between the call.

Virtual interviews help recruiters to understand the attitude of the candidate more from that of audio interviews. It saves time and both candidates and recruiters can feel free to ask their questions without any trouble. Recruiters can also assign tasks virtually.

#4. Personality Analysis Tests

So, you are attempting to select a new member of your work family. There are many factors to look upon so that the newcomers give out their best for increasing business values. It can include

  • Good communication skills
  • Work under Deadlines.
  • Highly collaborative.
  • Confident in managing things
  • Accountability
  • Flexibility

There are many other factors that recruiters expect from freshers. It is hard to assess all the above-mentioned things virtually. Conducting a personality test can help you recognize the traits of candidates to a good extent.

Many companies try to sustain their processes amid COVID especially the above-said recruitment procedures. Such a firm must have an expert talent acquisition team that can work with the latest technologies and the same happen with the candidates.

Still, many organizations prefer traditional recruiting methodologies and think of virtual recruiting as a challenging task.

Advantages of Virtual Recruiting

As we discussed above, virtual recruiting is a convenient method that helps to connect recruiters and candidates for a smooth recruiting process. It is an alternative for face-to-face interviews and helps in easy remote hiring stages. Various advantages of virtual recruiting include:

#1. Easy Recruiting

Virtual recruiting is easy to manage. Candidates have reached your firm attracted by your job ads. You can plan assessment tests, interview candidates on the go, mail their job offers, and ensure they are working from home.

The entire process sounds easy, right? This is what happens in virtual recruiting. Still, it is in your hands to plan errorless software and schedules for the same.

#2. Reduces Administrative Burdens

Some companies appoint separate teams for working with purchased recruiting software. While some plan their internal HR teams for working with the entire platform process.

One of the common practices of virtual recruiting includes the HR team working with dedicated recruiting agencies as they find, screen, and filter out the best candidates for you.

Here, the hiring turnovers are also easily managed by using recruitment costs for exemplary services from recruitment agencies themselves.

#3. Immediate & Cost-efficient

Traditional Recruitment stages are elaborate as they can take days or months to complete. But, in the case of virtual hiring, you save both money and time. The job ads you posted, replies from applicants, and many important services are done in real-time with the help of software and the Internet.

One significant advantage is that you can compose campaigns and ads according to the target audience and the medium. If you are planning a job ad on Facebook, you spend a small advertisement cost but gain more exposure. One can easily find the right fit for the job.

#4. Wider Audience

The major advantage of virtual hiring is that it can cross geographical barriers and reach out to remote candidates instantly.

More and more users access the internet each day and your job ads get reached to them very easily through the global network. Social media usage is a habit now. So, your job ads gain great exposure to many kinds of candidates at a time.

#5. Flexibility

The job ads you post can be used in different formats. Newspaper ads are so specific in their design and the same format doesn’t work on social media platforms.

Job posters or Recruiters can manage and control the applications they receive. Once they get the right candidate, they can stop receiving applications too.

It is a great thing that the same ad can be repurposed or convert into a very new ad. Posters can edit, add or delete the job post anytime. They are also durable as newspaper or magazine ads have limited life.

Readers just go through the ad once or when they wish to. But these online ads appear before them on their daily sites like Facebook and live until the poster removes it.

budget friendly hiring

Disadvantages of Virtual Recruiting

Virtual recruiting has numerous advantages as we saw above. But, there are some downsides which we should think about.

#1. Filtering Responses

We are posting a job on the internet and anyone can apply as they receive it. Many candidates are those passionate ones but some people just take time to blandly applying random job posts. So, your workload increases unexpectedly.

You must wade through each application and filter out the unqualified candidates. Here, your job post has to be very specific and describe qualifications accurately.

#2. Gauging a Work Culture

The candidate you recruited virtually, without coming to the office and introducing into your work culture is challenging. Without knowing the workplace or his specific job team, the chance of quitting the job is more.

Here, face to face interviews are so advantageous, both recruiters and candidates can open up their mind and understand the real personality. They can also decide whether they can work with the team once after the interview itself.

#3. Lacks Effectiveness

Every stage happens via software or online tools. It is not sure about every recruitment end up with in-depth analysis for you. The job ads you design must attract applicants.

One should be able to find out what is working and is not for job posts. The ads you post are to be the well optimized and to-the-point approach.

#4. Highly Competitive

The fact is that every company is doing the same thing. They design a job post on social media and gauge candidates. Using the same process makes your firm one among them but not unique.

So, many consider the process of virtual hiring as an ordinary practice. Also, recruiters are forced to pay more for job offers as there are thousands of similar ads published each day.

#5. It’s Informal

Do you know this, that many companies consider virtual recruiting as a very informal type of recruitment? They consider ad posts on social media to portray the wrong image of the company.

Many strong companies and personnel disagree with virtual hiring, especially for executive posts. They also dislike posting their jobs unofficially on social media sites. Some companies post their open positions in leading dailies.

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Virtual recruiting is an effective way to reach a large number of versatile candidates. It has also some downsides like the newly hired might feel less connection with the whole team.


Still, the company can reap reasonable benefits through well-planned virtual recruitments. It is a truth that virtual hiring has increased opportunities for both job seekers and recruiters.

Staffing Vs Recruiting Vs Hiring: Which One to Choose ?

Getting apt candidates for your company is very important. Once you have a vacancy for any position, you can start searching for a new candidate. So what is this process called? Staffing, Hiring, Recruiting? Yes, these three terms are used interchangeably.

Haven’t you noticed ad banners those focusing on the above-mentioned words? Nowadays, ads in the form of Social media posts for open positions in your firm attract more and more people towards the job post.

Let’s distinguish Staffing, Hiring and Recruiting and their key focus points through this blog.

What is Staffing?

The major concept of staffing is placing the most ideal candidate at the right job. This is crucial regarding a recruiter, as this stage can ultimately impact on the whole workforce. Staffing can happen on a temporary or permanent basis that fills job openings.

Small organizations themselves carry out the process in simple steps while larger organizations make it in multiple sessions and cycles. The basic goal of staffing is to make a job seeker get a job. Not simply a job, it includes evaluating one’s interest and skills in the preferred job position.

Staffing emphasizes on best human resources rather than other financial or material resources. Also, the truth is that no other resources in your firm can upgrow without a promising team of human talents. The timely addition of personnel in the workforce determines the success of your firm as a whole.

The staffing process can mainly go through

#1. Human Resource Planning

It is essential to decide the various number of staff required for your firm. Which positions do need an efficient workforce to sustain? The types and number of staff needed in your organization are selected in advance. The first and most important stage of staffing is this personnel planning.

#2. Recruitment and Selection

As you finalize the wanted job posts, it’s time to gauge the maximum number of applicants reaching out to your firm. You can identify the different sources regarding the availability of candidates for each post. This needs dedicated efforts to secure the most number of candidates for you.

Let’s discuss recruitment in detail in the upcoming section. Selection gains priority as you will be assessing each candidate whether they are right for the job position.

Whether they can offer benefits to the firm for a long-time. This can include phone calls, written tests, interviews, medical tests, portfolio analysis, and more.

#3. Placement and Orientation Sessions

This is the most important stage as you are giving the candidate a job. Let them work and you assess their performance. Well-planned staffing stages often result in the best performance of the best candidates.

 An unavoidable stage for both the organization and the fresher is the orientation session. This is also called an induction training period where you can introduce the new employee to the work structure, other personnel, nature of services, rules, and policies, etc.

This will make the employees work in a more firm-friendly manner by understanding the major facets of the company and his job.

#4. Training and Development Phase

Giving candidates a clear picture of their job is so important. An efficient employee learning can be fruitful for the success of the firm. Every employee should recognize the changes and new developments in his expertise. Senior employees can give timely guidance for the freshers so that they can gradually improve.

Organizing a systemic procedure for training the newcomers will help them work well. Also, ensure their suitable chances for development or promotions. Unless, it can lead them into unwanted disappointment or frustrations.

#5. Performance analysis

Some firms arrange special projects to monitor the performance of each candidate in different skills. It is not sure that every employee will perform well, some can end up in a passive performance on the job he is selected for. An analysis is done by the whole team and leads him into further training sessions.

You shall give feedbacks and make them realize the real accomplishment of their work. Your firm shall praise their works and at the same time point out their pitfalls.

Staffing also includes finding temporary employees fulfilling short-term roles for your organization. Choosing freelancers on a contract basis is also part of the staffing process.

In contract-based jobs, the primary focus falls upon the time for which the contract will last and most importantly, whether there is a chance to get a permanent job there, in the same organization.

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What is Recruiting?

Recruitment is an ongoing process of selecting the best candidate for your company. This term is also used parallel to that of staffing and hiring.

Still, we can differentiate the three where the ultimate aim is to gain efficient candidates into the workforce. The Recruiting Process is something unique and different from both staffing and hiring.

This is more a candidate-oriented approach where their skill sets and facets gain importance rather than the new roles to be filled. You can get to the candidates with the requisites of each role and ask them to be a part of the organization.

Some recruiting efforts for high positions result in an experienced candidate along with his unique style of managing things. This can impact the whole company and employees into a new working style for the overall growth of the firm.

The process needs to follow a very well-structured recruitment planning, through which you can filter out the best person from the candidate pool. These potential candidates must possess qualities to help you achieve company goals more effectively.

Let’s look at the major stages of recruiting

#1. Job Vacancy and Analysis

One of the most significant duties of the HR department is identifying the posts that need potential candidates. This can be formulated by collecting requisitions from different departments of the firm to the HR team. They can mention about the

  • Number of vacant posts
  • Duties and features of the job post.
  • Skills and Qualifications required.
  • Expected years of experience

This is what we mainly emphasize recruitment advertisements too. You are gauging the most promising candidate through a clear picture of what your firm expects. Recruiters could finalize things related to the specific job whether it is urgent hiring on board, part-time or full-time.

Job analysis is very important for recruiters to make out the most important tasks to be completed. You must give updates about the job post and job relatedness with that of other job procedures. This job analysis phase can give immediate end products like

#2. Job Description

Job Description is a detailed document implying the scopes, responsibilities, and all relevant information related to the job. Employees can read out and understand what they are going to do and recognize the conditions of employment.

An ideal job description allows candidates to identify what all things they must possess in the workforce to make things productive. The basic elements of a job description are

  • Job Title
  • Job summary
  • Requirements
  • Duties to be done
  • Working conditions

Some recruiters include job specification as a major document to inform employees about the list of all jobs in a firm. It can include some additional skills and specifications required, company size, Training, and development, etc that emphasize the importance of the job role.

#3. Recruitment Strategy

Planning and preparing an effective strategy for recruiting candidates to ensure a smooth recruitment process. Once you have completed drafting job descriptions and related documents, recruiters can adopt the best recruitment strategy.

The HR team considers many factors like the geographical area, sources, type of recruitment, etc.

a) Searching the candidates

It is essential to determine the recruitment sources according to the job requirements. Once the vacancy is confirmed, the search for candidates starts.

They can also select the media via which the search for prospective candidates begins. Recruitment can involve both active candidates or those who focus on higher job opportunities.

(i) Internal Sources

  • Internal Job postings
  • Employee referrals
  • Transfers or Promotions
  • Previous Employees/Candidates.

(ii) External Sources

  • Direct Recruitment
  • Recruiting Agencies
  • Campus Recruiting
  • Advertisements

b) Screening and Shortlisting Candidates

We get an ample number of candidates from different sources. So how about choosing the right candidates from it? This is where you can use the initial stages, that is picking out the best candidates relevant to your company needs. This is followed by

(i) Review Resumes

Resumes act as the candidate’s best chance to portray their talent, skills, and experience. While HRs can check these details and consider the candidate.

HRs can go through the firms where they have worked, employment gaps, tenure in each organization, etc. This detailed review can help recruiters to finalize the candidate whether to enter the next stage of screening.

(ii) Interview

An unavoidable stage in both the traditional or modern hiring process. This stage happens through Physical interviews, Telephonic, or video interviews.

Even during the pandemic time, recruiters conduct efficient hiring via video/phonic interview. Recruiters can study the attitude, responsiveness, and communication skill of candidates.

(iii) Shortlisting the top candidates

After multiple screening stages, HR managers or recruiters end up identifying top candidates. This is by reviewing their resumes, performance on the interview that makes hiring managers decide on candidates.

(iv) Evaluation

The last step of the recruitment process. Here, the whole recruiting process is analyzed and manages various costs incurred. Say it for advertisements, recruiters cost, Expenses for administration, etc.

It is in this stage where the top candidates are given calls on their joining date and other job details.

budget friendly hiring

What is Hiring?

Unlike recruiting, Hiring is more specific. That is, when the firm needs new candidates, it starts hiring procedures. Hiring involves seeking some fresher candidates for a specific role in your firm. Hiring is to be carried out in such a way that the right person is taken from a qualified pool of candidates.

Apart from the degree qualifications, you must ensure the candidate’s creative capabilities, communication skills, and other basic qualities needed for the job.

One of the main factors to consider in a smooth hiring process is the transparency of the compensation you give. Most applicants reach you based on the pay, so it is good if you try to be transparent here.

Hiring newer candidates with a well-planned strategy can help your firm outgrow. Hiring usually happens when an employee suddenly discontinues his job, hiring managers to start a quick hunt for talents to join their team. So, let’s look upon the steps that make up the hiring process easier:

#1. Creating job Ads

This is the first and foremost step of the hiring process where you design ads dedicated to the jobseekers. This could be of simple words describing the job post along with other relevant details like the years of experience required, email-id, last date of application, and such details.

These ads attract candidates to apply for the job quickly. Nowadays, social media plays a great role in advertising job content.

#2. Application & Screening Resumes

Many organization prepares an application which is to be filled by the candidate for easy recruitment. Like, “Do you have 3+ years of experience in designing?”

This sounds like a must-have feature for the job post. So, a candidate with a ‘no’ answer in this question gets disqualified instantly. While those with ‘yes’ can get into the next stage.

There is much such application type like to complete a relevant form of your firm, games regarding the skills you expect via recruitment software. After seeing the job ads, many freshers apply for the post.

One of the traditional methods to find out apt candidates is through resume viewing. Resumes make way to give an overview of the candidate’s skills, previous works, and experiences, etc.

Hiring managers consider diverse factors of candidates by their subject background, the way they have presented themselves in the resume, portfolio contents, etc. Without any bias for sure.

#3. Screening Call

You must ensure the candidates who are shortlisted know about their screening calls. Sending out an e-mail with the time and day of the screening call will give them time to prepare. You shall be planning the right questions for the candidates and consider each candidate throughout the call.

Candidates will be eager to know about the company, their job, and all. So, hiring managers can give considerable time for them, listen to them carefully. The mode and type of calls depend upon the job post likewise the questions too.

#4. Evaluation Test

After the screening call, it is the time to filter candidates into ‘promising’, ‘disqualified’ or some on ‘waiting list’. It can be conducted in several ways, be it a written test, an in-person audition, or assessing technical skills. This stage too depends upon the job type.

You need to give the necessary time for completing their task and a specific time for completion. They shall recognize the importance of the assessment test and why you are conducting it.

This evaluation test helps you identify their approach towards projects and communicate things smoothly. Every hiring manager shall consider their abilities and give them useful feedback.

#5. Interview

Don’t you have noticed people sweating profusely on the interview day? This is the last but not the least stage of hiring. Candidates try to give out their maximum with a single aim of really getting into the job.

The entire hiring team shall prepare many job-related questions for testing the candidates, culture-fit question whether they can work with the team, technical questions related to their technical abilities, and more according to the recruiters.

A successful interview session will make candidates confident and give you satisfaction on the fruitful hiring process.

#6. Job offer

This is the time to join a wonderful team. After a series of sessions, candidates become your employees. It is essential to collect necessary documents regarding their identity, payroll procedures mean of transport to reach office, and more.

As a whole, they are your family member from now. You can collect opinions from people they have worked with in the past too. A clear job offer indicating their working period and other relevant information is given beforehand to the candidates.

Which one?

Staffing Recruiting Hiring
Right Candidate for the right job. New members joining your team. New employees in a short period.
Temporary or Permanent job positions. Temporary or Permanent job positions Temporary or Permanent job positions
Retain people in an organization Attracts potential candidates. Attracts new candidates.
No detailed skillsets are needed. High-level talent from rivals or other industries. Higher skill requirements
No specific time Initial employment stages No specific time.
Long-term Short-term Long-term
Major management process. Stage within staffing Major management process.


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It is essential to choose the best method that suits your needs. It depends on the roles that need to be filled, the period allotted for the job position, and more.


Every process needs structured planning, an effective hiring team, and a creative team for boosting up the marketing side. So, enticing newer candidates for your firm is something significant and their working with your team provides some best results.