Shashikant Bhadke, Our iOS Developer Talks

“My interview?” The surprise in the question is quickly replaced by a pragmatic shrug and out come tumbling the life and times of Shashikant with disarming honesty.

Hailing from Nanded in Marathwada, Shashikant first worked as a Telecom Engineer for a few months before switching to Mobile Application Development. For someone who loves to play strategy video games, this was only a logical outcome.

He seems to be enjoying his stint at Redbytes since last year.

“The work culture here is far superior to any other place. The team is very supportive, they constantly push you to do better. There is a sense of healthy competition. Also, I feel a sense of ownership when I work on a project. If you know you are trusted, both ownership and initiative come naturally”. 

Shashikant firmly believes that whatever happens, happens for good. So even a few ups and downs in a project wouldn’t be considered setbacks, but rather as opportunities to create something better.

“Shashikant with Faceron app client and team members”

Besides, one cannot control everything in life. So, one must do one’s best and leave the rest to fate. Could things go wrong if you have done it right? Mostly not.

Shashikant says that he though he has his set of likes and dislikes, he is not finicky about it. Makes for an easier life.  He loves to spend his free time watching all sorts of fantasy/mindbender movies and series like the Harry Potter series, The Mentalist, The Witcher etc.

This brings us to an important question. How does his mind work?

What is his process like, especially when it comes to a project?

“I thoroughly study the documentation related to that project. Then each one in our team thinks individually; after which, we brainstorm together. Ideas are tossed around and weighed for their consequences before being finalized. Usually, doing a new project also means you can learn something new. Not just with a technology, but also with managing a project”.

Shashikant is currently working on Shride – an electric bike rental app.

When asked what advice he would like to pass on to budding developers, the maturity of his answer belied his experience of only 3 years.

“We all need to understand and learn the fundamentals first. Strengthen your fundamentals first, then build your skills on it. Look around and prefer a technology. Then be loyal to that technology. It is difficult to excel at anything, unless one shows loyalty”. 


Perhaps, this sagacity also reflects in his understanding of the future. “Mobile app development is a fast-paced, ever changing field. What was incredible yesterday, is possible today.

As you can see, the Swift 5+ version which we use for iOS app development is also available on various platforms like Windows, Linux etc. And we can use Swift on the server side as well as for Machine Learning too. Since technologies can adapt and grow, we should too.”

The Rise Of On-demand Apps During Coronavirus Outbreak

With the advent of the perfect virus, the locks on our doors are firmly in place with the keys in the hands of Mr. Covid-19. From the time that WHO reported Corona virus as a pandemic, the extent of fear among mankind has been growing manifold.

Since January 2020, Covid-19 has made its presence felt across the globe. The positive cases are on the rise at a breakneck speed more so as a preventive cure is not yet available.

Unquestionably, governments and research organizations are working round the clock to come up with a vaccination that will ensure people are safe from this contagious virus.

That said, people are co-operative and are doing their bit by staying indoors to protect themselves and the entire nation. Initially, it is going to be fine, but you cannot lock up a global population inside their homes indefinitely.

And that can be fully encapsulated in a quote by Jenova Chen, “Humans are lazy but not stupid.”

People are going to start looking into ways that can offer them comfort with convenience. And they also will start looking at how to reach out to essential services during these times of uncertainty.

Welcome on demand apps, your one-stop destination to access everything you need when you are compelled to stay home during corona virus outbreak.

#1. Why Are On-Demand Apps the Need Of The Hour?

on demand apps during corona virus

Covid-19 has attacked global citizens mercilessly and has crossed the 36 million mark in the total number of recorded cases and resulted in 2.5 million casualties worldwide.

Let’s see why on demand apps are the most used apps during corona virus outbreak:

  • People are simply afraid to venture out and on demand apps offer a way out in availing essential services.
  • People are avoiding contact as much as possible since Corona virus is known to spread as a result of physical contact.
  • People are maintaining social distancing by opting for contact less doorstep deliveries.
  • People are restricted in their movements as governments globally have imposed lock-downs.
  • People are able to order in from their favorite food joints as many on-demand apps have connected restaurants and their patrons via their platform turning them into home delivery outlets
  • People are unable to find all the essential items at grocery stores as panic buying as led to many shelves remaining empty for days.

Even in times like this, the business has been great for businesses that are into retail, pharma, groceries, and anything else related to essential services.

Having said that, the story has not been so great for other types of on demand apps like Uber and UrbanClap which have witnessed a severe downturn in the corona virus pandemic.

#2. Why  On-Demand Industry is Facing the Least Downfall in the Corona virus Situation?

The very essence of the idea of on demand is about delivering solutions to people at their doorstep. With the ease  of accessibility, it is what people have come to expect of service providers during the Corona virus outbreak.

Obviously, we will have to look at the overall positive impact that on demand apps have had as people are battling against Corana virus outbreak. But before that, let’s dig deeper into the reasons why so many on demand apps have seen rising success.

Lower Costs: Compared to traditional service providers, on demand apps offer lower prices which contribute to their rising popularity among new and existing customers.

Availability: On demand apps are available across devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops which makes the platform more accessible and one-click easy to get.


Adjustment to User Preferences: Analytics and insights allow on demand apps to assess user needs and preferences in a more in-depth manner. This enables them to understand what their users want and then ensure that the service is delivered to them.

Multiple Payment Options: The majority of on demand applications will offer the consumers multiple payment processing options. These payment gateways adhere to all security norms and are highly fast and reliable.

Minimum Effort: Customers who are frequent users of on demand apps can save their information such as payment info, delivery address, and so on. This means that they do not have to input these details every time they make a purchase.

Variety: On demand apps offer customers a one-stop-shop for multiple categories of services and products. This is not possible for any brick and mortar establishment to offer from a single destination or storefront.

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#3. How Are On-Demand Apps Developed?

Many businesses are considering venturing into developing on demand apps to extend their services to a larger user base.

App Development:

Take a look at the possible methods that can be used to develop  on demand apps.

  • Development From Scratch: An extensive market study is required to build an on demand service app from scratch. This is because the stakes for such an undertaking is quite high. You should have an expert development team at your disposal. The time frame required to take on such a highly complex project can range anywhere between 3 to 6 months.
  • Approaching For Clone Apps: A number of app development agencies are replicating popular applications so that launching news apps is a faster process. In fact, the cloning segment of mobile apps is a far more booming sector in comparison to developing apps from scratch. For new start-ups, cloning apps is a wiser investment to opt for.

Choose a Technology Stack:

Developing a complex app will require the integration of a number of technologies and platforms. The recommended technology stack for an on demand app includes:

  • Backend:
    • Programming languages: PHP, Go, NodeJS
    • Frameworks: Symfony, Phalcon
    • Caching system: Memcached, Redis
    • Queue server: German
    • DBMS: MySQL
    • NoSQL DB: MongoDB, RethinkDB
  • Frontend:
    • Programming languages: JavaScript, TypeScript
    • Markup Languages: HTML5/CSS3
    • Frameworks: Angular, EmberJS, Vue.JS
    • Preprocessors: SaSS
  • For Android:
    • Kotlin programming languages, Java,
    • Room databases, Realm
  • For iOS:
    • Swift
    • Realm database

hire android app developers

App Features:

It is best to go with an MVP model as it will allow the business to keep adding features and functionalities later on. That said, you should be working on with the list of following features:

  • Customer App:
    • Registration & profile management
    • Geolocation
    • Notifications
    • Payments
    • Feedback system
    • Help & support
  • Service Provider App:
    • Registration & profile management
    • Push notifications
    • Accept & reject buttons
    • ‘My earnings’ page
    • Online/offline button
  • Administrator Dashboard:
    • Admin dashboard
    • User management
    • Service provider management
    • Change prices and fees
    • Analytics & reporting

#4. Cost of On Demand App Development

Here is a cost estimate of developing a customer-facing on demand app:

Features Cost Estimate in USD
User Profile 3,000.00
Marketplace 11,000.00
Map 7,000.00
Chat 3,000.00
Cart 5,000.00
Order Details & History 6,000.00
Settings 2,000.00


The total estimate stands at roughly USD 37,000.

For a Service Provider Facing On-demand app, the cost is estimated to be:

Features Cost Estimate in USD
User Profile 2,000.00
Marketplace 13,000.00
Active Order & Orders History 12,000.00
Chat 1,500.00
Settings 1,500.00


According to the given figures, the cost estimate stands at USD 30,000.

For the Web Dashboard component of an on-demand app, the expenditures are estimated to be around USD 24,000.

Summarising all of these together, you should budget for around USD 91,000 to build an on-demand application with a good mobile app development company.

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#5. Strategies To Be Followed By On-Demand Delivery Apps In This Pandemonium Season

Looking to break into the space of on-demand delivery? Here are some strategies that you should keep in mind to ensure that your application functions efficiently.

Adopting ‘Contact less’ Delivery Options: The transmission chain of this contagious disease can be broken by preventing people from coming into contact with each other. Therefore, the focal point of your app’s strategy should be to adopt a ‘Contact less’ Delivery option.

Hiring Delivery Professionals: Delivery professionals will have to hire in order to meet rising consumer demand. The stalwarts of the industry have already taken to this strategy where even the likes of Amazon are contemplating employing at least 100,000 delivery executives during the outbreak.

Uniting With Local Business: There will be times when the supply chain will be affected. Hence, partnering with local businesses is the strategic move that you should consider. This will help in coping with the demands of your existing user base when restocking essential commodities may be an internal issue.

#6. Advantages of These On Demand Delivery Apps

On-demand apps come are accompanied with a number of advantages. Take a look.

Customer Satisfaction: During the Covid-19 outbreak, individuals are hesitant to go out into the streets. They are especially keen to avoid crowded marketplaces. With on demand apps, reaching out to purchase essential products have become extremely convenient. This instant gratification of availing services has added to increasing customer satisfaction.

Delivery Through Bots: Businesses are looking at different avenues of enabling services to ensure that the pandemic does not intensify further. Towards this, one step that is being considered is implementing delivery via bots. This essentially nullifies the involvement of human contact in any form whatsoever.

Increased Revenue To Business Owners: With a rise in demand for these on demand applications has translated into increasing revenues for businesses during this lock down season.

In fact, consumers are expecting more and more services to be offered from these platforms. With a rapidly growing user base is converting into generating greater revenues for these pockets of business owners.

#7. What Are The Popular On Demand Services During This Quarantine Season?

Let us look into the different on demand branches that are contributing to the fight against Corona virus.

On-Demand Food Delivery Services: On demand foods have always generated good business. But their popularity has in no way diminished during the Corona virus outbreak.

In fact, it has only increased further as individuals are confined to their homes. With limited things to keep their minds occupied with, people are inclined to ordering food of their choice with simply a few clicks.

On-Demand Grocery Apps Solutions: When going out is not an option, groceries have to be brought to your doorstep. Therefore, next in line is the on demand grocery apps that are assisting in the fight against Corona virus.

Rather than venturing out into crowded markets, getting your grocery essentials home delivered is the way a better method of adhering to social distancing.

On-Demand Laundry Apps Solutions: Laundry services via on-demand apps have also seen a rise in popularity as people are making a conscious effort to conserve water.

Online laundry services are operating on a home pick up and drop mechanism which is working out well for a number of people who do not have washing machines at home.

Doctor On-Demand Services: Since the majority of locality clinics are not operations, on demand doctor consultation services have been in high demand in the Corona virus season. Those with minor ailments are actively engaging in online consultations with medical practitioners of their preference to get their medical queries answered.

Hospitals too are proactively ensuring that OPD patients are able to consult with their long-term doctors via these on-demand medical services.

Pharmacy On-Demand Services: Just like groceries, you can get your medicines home delivered by using an on demand pharmacy apps. This ensures that there is less crowding in brick and mortar pharmacies, thus ensuring a lower transmission rate of this virus.

Video On-Demand Solutions: Sitting at home 24/7 can be boring. Even if you are a workaholic, getting your job done, you will not be working round the clock. And getting your entertainment outside is not a possibility at the moment.

Therefore, video on demand apps such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, etc. are a ray of hope for all those who are self-isolating.

#8. Why On-Demand app is essential for your business?

Corona virus has stopped people from going out. However, it has not stopped people from getting their supplies.

Times during this pandemic seem extremely uncertain and no one really knows when things are going to return to their normal state. The only way out for all businesses that work  in the space of essential services is to invest in developing on demand apps.

More importantly, on-demand apps can effectively be a replacement for physical storefronts where transactions are paperless. This also prevents people from making panic-driven purchases as they are assured that service providers will be frequently restocking essential items. Plus, it also adds to the overall customer experience.

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Final Thoughts

To deal with corona virus outbreak effectively, you need on demand apps so that you can ease your customers in such  times and restricted movements  to the best of your abilities. It also makes certain that you do not lag behind, as other  good providers succeed in reaching  customers with similar offerings.

app cost calculator

Other sectors that are also catching up include education, video conferencing, health and fitness, etc. as a result of this online shift caused due to the corona virus outbreak, bringing in more business opportunities for on demand apps. Whilst the future is unpredictable, a strong digital front is vital when planning to reach out to a wider audience base.

So, are you ready for the on-demand app development?

15 Best Free Live TV Streaming Apps For Android & iOS

Who doesn’t love binge watching? Whether it is a TV show or a movie, people love binge watching through live streaming apps. There are some very familiar independent services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix that took the online world by storm.

The services you choose are mostly based on the kind of live streaming apps they are available, movies and TV shows they provide, and the annual or monthly subscription fees.

With the high demand for unique and original content among millennials, more and more independent online live tv streaming apps are created.

The vast demand for such apps is due to the surge for independent content and also because of the popularity of YouTuber’s and bloggers.

In this post, we have listed the top 15 live tv streaming apps for 2021 based on their rating and features so that it becomes easy for you to choose the right one for yourself.

Twitch Tubi TV Netflix
Amazon Prime MX Player Plex
JioCinema Disney+Hotstar Hulu
YouTube TV SonyLIV MovieFlix
Periscope ZEE5 HBO Now


1. Twitch

twitch - free live tv streaming apps

Twitch, a massively popular live tv streaming app, is from Amazon and boasts of more than 100 million monthly viewers. Primarily focused on the live streaming of video games, it also allows you to watch creative content, music, sports competitions, etc.

On theatre or full-screen mode, you can view with minimum interruption.

App Features

  • Live and recorded videos of top players, games, and events
  • Full-featured chat
  • Ability to keep track of favorite channels and games
  • Push notifications even when channels are live
  • Notification Center widget allows you to see top/followed channels from the lock screen

Rating: 4.6

No. of Installs: 100,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

2. Tubi TV

tubi - free live tv streaming apps

Tubi, a live tv streaming app in the US, is owned and operated by Fox Corporation and Fox Entertainment division, respectively. Launched in 2014, Tubi is a free but ad-supported on-demand video service.

App Features

  • No need to provide credit card information and no need to subscribe
  • You can choose the content you want and watch it with fewer ads compared to regular TV
  • Tubi adds HD movies and shows for free every week.
  • Using Chromecast or Airplay, you can watch content on a big screen

Rating: 4.6

No. of Installs: 50,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

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3. Netflix

netflix - free live tv streaming apps

If you are looking for those most talked about movies and TV shows from different parts of the world, you should opt for the Netflix app. The collection on Netflix is quite large with award-winning web series, movies, documentaries, and even stand-up specials.

The American media-services provider that has its headquarters in California was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997.

App Features

  • The streaming service provider adds movies and TV shows regularly
  • Depending on what you watch, Netflix recommends movies and TV shows based on your preferences
  • Up to 5 profiles can be created for an account
  • Safe watching experience for kids
  • Get notifications when new episodes are released

Rating: 4.5

No. of Installs: 500,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

4. Amazon Prime

amazon prime - free live tv streaming apps

Amazon Prime is one of the leading movies and TV shows live streaming apps. Amazon Prime also launches Original shows like Mirzapur, The Family Man, Made in Heaven, and Inside Edge regularly.

Additionally, you get to enjoy a wide selection of content in regional languages. Amazon owns and operates the video-on-demand service.

App Features

  • It makes your daily commute to your workplace more fun
  • You can watch shows on-the-go or download and watch offline
  • Amazon Prime recommends shows depending on the shows you watch
  • You can add recommended titles to Watchlist for later viewing

Rating: 4.4

No. of Installs: 100,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

5. MX Player

mx player - free live tv streaming apps

The video streaming app offers more than 150,000 hours of content (premium) across different regional languages. The one-stop app helps you enjoy popular Movies, Web Series, TV Shows, Music Videos, etc.

Times Internet owns this Indian video on demand and OTT service providers.

App Features

  • Smooth video playback with gesture controls.
  • Download favorite videos and watch offline
  • Option to create a Watchlist for viewing later
  • You can play music in the background while going through the content
  • Watch TV channels live or programs of past 7 days

Rating: 4.4

No. of Installs: 500,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

6. Plex

plex movies - free live tv streaming apps

The thousands of movies offered by Plex include documentaries, musicals, and much more. You don’t need any special equipment or special tech skills to use the app. You just have to sign in to start watching, no subscription required.

App Features

  • Free movie content from around the world
  • Organize personal media (photos, music, shows, movies) and stream them to other devices through a simple interface
  • Enjoy music from TIDAL (more than 60 million high-quality tracks and 250,000 music videos)
  • Get trusted and customized video news from more than 190 global publishers

Rating: 4.2

No. of Installs: 10,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

7. JioCinema

jio cinemas - free live tv streaming apps

Jio Cinema is exclusively for users of Jio SIM. The on-demand video streaming service comes with more than 100,000+ hours of Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Clips, Trailers, Music videos, and more.

You get to enjoy content in Hindi, English, and various regional languages in India. JioCinema is owned and operated by the Indian telecommunications giant Reliance JioInfocomm Limited.

App Features

  • Chromecast support
  • Across compatible devices, you can resume watching from the point you left
  • Option to choose the video quality
  • No advertisement pop-ups
  • Multiple audio support

Rating: 4.2

No. of Installs: 50,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

8. Disney+Hotstar

hotstar - free live tv streaming apps

The go-to streaming service if you are looking for the best of movies, live sports, and TV shows is Disney+Hotstar. The app provides you with access to nearly 100,000 hours of movies and TV shows, and major sporting events from across the world.

Apart from free content, you can gain access to more content from around the world by subscribing to a VIP or Premium account. Novi Digital Entertainment, a Star India subsidiary, owns Disney+ Hotstar.

App Features

  • The updated platform comes with a Disney+ section
  • Navigation of content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic made easy
  • Kids-safe mode enables access to age-appropriate content for kids

Rating: 4.1

No. of Installs: 100,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

hire android app developers

9. Hulu

hulu - free live tv streaming apps

Hulu offers movies, shows, Hulu Originals, live news, sports, and much more. Choose a plan that works best for you – Hulu, Hulu (without ads), or Hulu + Live TV. Blackouts, regional restrictions, and additional terms may apply for Live TV content.

The American subscription video streaming service Hulu is owned by one of the business segments of The Walt Disney Company and Comcast’s NBCUniversal.

App Features

  • A personalized experience
  • Up to six personalized profiles allowed per account
  • My Stuff – for addingcontent for quick access later
  • Watch movies or TV shows on the go
  • No hidden fees, no equipment rentals

Rating: 4.1

No. of Installs: 50,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

10. YouTube TV

youtube tv

Youtube TV is a cable-free live TV service. This app has the potential to replace Cable TV service. The app allows users to watch content on smartphones, tablets, and other devices anytime and anywhere without any TV subscription. Registration is free.

App Features

  • No cable box needed; it is a cable-free service
  • You can watch most major cable and broadcast networks
  • Watch across all compatible devices
  • Up to six accounts per household
  • No commitment or contracts; the account can be canceled anytime

Rating: 3.8

No. of Installs: 5,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

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11. SonyLIV

sony live

SonyLIV, a pioneer in OTT service, ensures viewers have in real-time access to the best entertainment. It brings to you an endless opportunity to watch streaming content on the go. Live TV is also available on SonyLIV.

You can Like, Share, Add, Subscribe to favorites, or download and watch your favorite content anytime. Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. owns the Indian video streaming service SonyLIV.

App Features

  • Subscription monthly, six months, and yearly plans available
  • SonyLIV is a one-stop-shop for popular entertainment available on channels in Sony Entertainment Network

Rating: 3.7

No. of Installs: 100,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

12. MovieFlix


If you are looking for a daily entertainment blast, then you should download the MovieFlix app. You get to enjoy new movies in HD quality, short films, and web series. You can add your favorite content to the Favorites List and watch later.

App Features

  • No registration required
  • Smooth User Interface
  • Fast content loading
  • Subtitle available

Rating: 3.7

No. of Installs: 1,000,000+

Download : Android

13. Periscope


Periscope brought to you by Twitter, allows you to explore the world and broadcast via live video. It is also possible to interact with people by means of likes and comments. You can find out where news is breaking, meet people and/or share interests, and visit a new place in real-time.

App Features

  • Periscope can be used to discover popular live streaming videos from the world over or search for broadcasts based on location or topic
  • If you missed out on one of the live videos, you can watch highlights replay
  • Share live videos instantly to Twitter and other such networks
  • Broadcasting privately to specific friends/followers is also possible

Rating: 3.4

No. of Installs: 50,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

14. ZEE5


ZEE5 should be your destination if you are looking for exhilarating entertainment. You can do binge-watching of original shows, worldwide digital premieres of mega movies, TV shows, music videos, news, and more than 90 Live TV channels.

The Essel Group owns the Indian video streaming service ZEE5 through its subsidiary Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited.

App Features

  • Video content that is dubbed in multiple languages
  • Download and watch shows and movies for offline or on the go viewing
  • Smart content search option, including voice search
  • Personalized recommendation and seamless video playback

Rating: 3.3

No. of Installs: 100,000,000+

Download : AndroidIOS

15. HBO Now

hbo now

HBO Now, an on-demand video streaming app, is operated by the premium television network provider HBO in the US. Officially launched in April 2015, the service allows users to access content on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and digital media players.

HBO Now is a standalone service. Television subscription is not needed to use HBO Now.

App Features

  • Free trial available for new users
  • New movies are added every week; news, talk shows, comedy specials, etc., are also available
  • Currently, HBO Now is available in the US and some U.S. territories only

Rating: 3.2

No. of Installs: 10,000,000+

Download : AndroidiOS

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Wrapping up

app cost calculator

Independent online live tv streaming apps (iOS and Android) cut down the boredom while even if you are alone or travelling all alone.

Thanks to technology that lets us watch TV shows, movies, live events, etc. in our smart phones while we are on the move, as it completely eliminates the requirement of sitting in front of the screen or TV to watch our favorite shows and movies.

Chinar Bhandari, Our Android Team Lead Talks

Ever noticed how there is always one person more boisterous than everyone else at the office outing? His throat has gone hoarse from shouting and singing all day long, but he doesn’t care. His energy is infectious, so you can’t help but feel encouraged to sing songs that have nothing to do with their original lyrics.

Because, this is somehow more fun.

Now, reconcile to the fact that this guy is your team lead. Stumped?? Well, Chinar Bhandari seems adept at juggling these personas with ease. As for the spectators, it just takes some getting used to.

An alumnus of AISSMS College of Engineering, Chinar has been born and brought up in a diversely well-educated family in Pune. He has a Masters in Computer Engineering and a total industry experience spanning 5.8 years, out of which he has been with Redbytes for a commendable 3.6 years.

chinar bandari

When asked about the difference between working at Redbytes and elsewhere, Chinar is prompt with his answer.

“Challenging Projects”, he states.

“Before Redbytes, when working as a fresher, I mostly worked on POC. Simplistic as it sounds, this strengthened my base and understanding of processes. My first project at Redbytes was Aquasound, an IoT based App for a Home Audio system. I had no experience in hardwired projects, but I did this well.

Then, I went on to do several projects, memorable among them being Kids Express, Mediquick, and most importantly, GoClub, my first project as Lead. GoClub was a vast and complicated project. It involved multiple platforms like iOS, Android and a website too.

We had multiple teams in different physical locations, which required extensive collaboration and co-ordination. To add to this complexity, we had a time constraint. But, we successfully delivered the project in 6 weeks.”

Of course, it helps that he shares an easy rapport with the rest of the team leads. Their comfort with each other perhaps finds its roots in their shared passion for technology.

chinar bandari

At RedBytes, Chinar feels at home.

“In fact, when I come to office it is like going from one home to another. I love the work culture here. It is cool and laidback. The management is great. It doesn’t interfere with the developers or their process. It allows you the freedom to explore and be yourselves. And that freedom is so important when you work. Oh, and the events we hold at office. Quite enjoy those.” He says with a slight smile, “Though there has been a slight slump in that recently.”

So what is his process for development?

“I try to thoroughly understand the requirement first, as well as the product, while making a note of all the challenges involved, the research required, the probable time frames and several other aspects. Then I divide the project into modules. And for every module, I prepare a POC. Then I take it on phase by phase. And test all phases individually.” Sounds simple, but this takes a lot of discipline. And it certainly shows in the final output.

Being a team lead also means getting all team members to be on the same page, despite the weaknesses and strengths of each one of them. This takes more than leading from the front. It involves exploring new trends in technology and constantly updating one’s knowledge, while also teaching and training the team whenever possible or required.

Certainly, not a tall order for Chinar, who enjoys both learning and teaching equally. This is evident in his clarity of thought and process during project discussions with his team or other team leads. ”I believe in sportsmanship as I have been into sports since my schooling days. I have represented Maharashtra in handball”, Chinar reveals.

Possibly, it is this sportsmanship that helps him get through the toughest of professional situations through grit and teamwork; that and a never-give-up attitude. Robert the Bruce would have found a better teacher in Chinar than the famed spider.

chinar bandari

And is he all Mr. Nice Guy?

“I get angry very quickly at times, if something is not happening as per my plan. I am a bit lazy as well”, he admits. Though there is neither a trace of anger nor laziness when its crunch time. Deadlines are followed strictly to deliver efficient and uncompromised builds. “I am currently working on two projects – Shride, an electric bike rental app and an entertainment app”, Chinar informs.

On being quizzed about the future of Mobile App development, Chinar says in a matter-of fact manner, “Nowadays, if there is an idea, it becomes an App. Whether it ever goes on to become a website or not, is another matter. But first and foremost, there will be an app”. Now this is someone who knows the pulse of the market. “Besides, considering the ever increasing number of mobile users, Apps seem unlikely to go out of fashion in near future”, Chinar signs off.