Did the Corona Virus Outbreak Boost the Delivery Business Worldwide ?

More than a million people affected, tens of thousands of people dead, thousands of companies in lockdown – The Coronavirus has completely turned the world upside down. From huge tech giants like Apple to small retail stores in the villages – every business is greatly affected by this pandemic.

Social distancing and quarantining seem to be the only ways to control the superfast spread of this viral disease. This has led governments to order lockdowns and force people to stay at home and not go out.

So, people have no other option but to rely on businesses that offer home delivery services. While this deadly disease has shaken many businesses to their roots, the delivery business is on the upswing.

Let’s see how this corona pandemic impact the online delivery business.

#1. Online Food Delivery

As it is unsafe to even go outside, sitting and eating in restaurants is completely out of the question at this point of the time. Also, in many nations, the government has forbidden people from gathering outside.

So, many restaurants have started offering take-aways and home deliveries. South Korean food delivery service provider, Yogiyo saw nearly 3 to 4% increase in orders every week, starting January.

food delivery app industry insights

As for Asia’s top food delivery company, Food Panda, the orders for online food delivery increased by nearly 80%. Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub are a few of the other food delivery service providers that saw a huge increase in online food orders.

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#2. Online Grocery Delivery

online grocery delivery - impact of corona in delivery business

French retailer Carrefour says that their vegetable deliveries have increased by nearly 600% in the last few months.JD.com, a Chinese online retailer saw a nearly 215% increase in online grocery orders from the end of January to the start of February.

Walmart Grocery has reported an increase of 160% of orders in the last few months. Other top retailers in the US like the Shipt and Instacart have also seen a phenomenal rise in online grocery delivery orders in February and March 2020.

Not only are these companies seeing a huge rise in online orders, but they are also seeing a large number of food delivery app downloads during the same period.

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#3. Mail and Delivery Services

mail delivery - impact of corona in delivery business

The mail and delivery services have been going on as usual in most countries. The government postal services are operational in most countries. UPS and FedEx continue to provide their services.

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#4. Ecommerce Deliveries

online shopping - impact of corona in delivery business

While home delivery of food and grocery is seeing an increase across the globe, e-commerce stores that traditionally offered home delivery services are seeing a huge slack in the business.

Ecommerce retailers are finding it difficult in both procurement and delivery. As governments are tightening the strings on free movement, e-commerce retailers are forced to cancel orders.

With more people working from home, there is an increase in orders of laptops, power banks, chargers, and other electronics. However, due to many constraints,  e-commerce stores are not able to deliver the products on time.

Though there are no restrictions on the delivery of essential products such as groceries and medicines, online stores are not able to deliver products because of local transportation problems. The other problem is that of manpower.

With increased restrictions and self-quarantine, many employees are not able to come for work. As the vendors are understaffed, deliveries are often delayed. Flipkart and Amazon in India have almost come to a standstill because of the lockdown situation.

Risks Involved in the Delivery Business

The steep increase in home delivery services can be attributed to the fact that people are advised not to go outside. Also, many governments have imposed lockdowns, which have brought down shutters on the retail outlets.

So, the people now rely on home delivery service providers for food, groceries, medicines, and other essentials. Though these companies have stepped up their services in this time of need, there is a huge risk for the people at the last mile of the delivery.

Companies are insisting that they are continually sanitizing the products and place of production. Also, delivery persons are insisted to use safety precautions while going out for the delivery.

Many home delivery companies have come up with a solution to reducing the risk for both the delivery persons and the customers. This new approach is called zero contact delivery or contact-less delivery.

The delivery person will place the food or grocery package on the doorstep of the customer and inform the customer. The delivery person will then move back to a safe distance. The customer can come outside and collect the order. This method ensures that there are minimal contact and less risk of infection.

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The economic condition is grim across the world because of the havoc caused by the COVID19 virus. Currently, the home delivery service providers are seeing a rise in their business when compared to all other sectors and businesses.

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However, the risks involved in this service industry are also very high. So, it is important to ensure safety standards are followed at every step.

Mobile Apps for Charity – A Good Idea?

You would’ve noticed that the charity sector has slowly started embracing mobile app technology for encouraging social welfare and donations. However, it is true that non-profit organization have been sluggish to welcome digital innovations.

One survey suggests that nearly 25% of UK’s renowned NPOs still lack responsive mobile websites. The small charities face even more trouble keeping up with the digital pace.

This is not pleasant knowing that half of mobile users abruptly leave a mobile site if they can’t access it properly. So should charity organizations consider investing in mobile apps? Let’s dive into the main reasons why charity organizations need mobile apps.

1) Addresses diverse demographical requirements

demographics - mobile apps for charity

Usually contemporary millennials who seldom spend on random brands often prefer to spend on brands that are sincerely committed to social charities and philanthropy.

This demographic expect brands to integrate digital technology that makes it easy for them to interact, share and pay online instead of cash.

Moneymailme survey supports this as it suggests that 72% of young people from 18 to 25 age group opt for a mobile app option for donation and charity. On the contrary, 62% of them would find it unpleasant to donate through cash or any other means.

One of the charity apps addressing this demographical appeal is SharetheMeal by United Nations. They have successfully built a mobile system of sharing meals to millions of hungry children out there. Under the World Food Program (WFP), the app enables mobile payments to combat against child hunger issue.

The idea of the app is letting users donate as little as 50 cents to someone in need just by tapping it whenever they eat their meal. This is a great, on-the-go and viable way to help feed a child with daily nutrition.

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2) Creates a comfortable environment for all

comfortable environment - mobile apps for charity

Another reason why charity app would be a considerable idea is the presence of generation gap which can be controlled by implementing additional features.

Apparently young generation readily assimilates digital payment technology, but it is not that obvious for previous generations. Some may not like to download an app for making charities and donations.

It is therefore essential for mobile charities to ensure that the option for making payments and tracking donation inquiries is made available on multiple channels.

While a mobile app can be a source of charity information for such people, website or charity collection center is where they can initiate the payment action.

In this case, the app serves certain additional and complementary features related to easy donation methods, tracking and transparency.

3) Going beyond the basics

beyond basics - mobile apps for charity

Mobile apps for charities aren’t typically meant to facilitate ease of payment for donors. In fact, the purpose of developing charity apps transcends the obvious basics and incorporates more benefits.

For instance, while building one, you may think about leaving a memorable brand experience for users as well as increasing their awareness about the cause.

The app could be a great way to engage users with interesting, rich content for education and amusement.

Features like quiz, general awareness trivia or other educational bits can not only capture their attention but also instill positive picture of brand in their mind.

On the other hand, you can also attain business-to-business goals while creating charities. For example, apart from focusing on helping needy people, it can provide values to those who turn to charity apps to seek ways on fundraising solutions.

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Others might be users struggling to get substantial help for their personal life crisis.

4) Displays a picture of credibility and value

credibility - mobile apps for charity

People often have trouble giving quick donations to charity trusts since they are cynical as to whether or not money is going to the right place.

Winning the trust of donators is therefore a great challenge, a significant barrier for app owners. Also, it is important to make them feel assured that they don’t need to give out regular payments or make such stringent commitments.

To make charities credible and instill positivity in donators, it is good to emphasize value and boost their confidence. Users need to be certain that their money is going to make difference in somebody’s life.

The key to effective marketing for charity apps is promoting value and making people feel good about what they contribute by showing how their contributions impact many.

5) Being specific fulfills the purpose

specific fulfill

Before developing the structure of charity apps, it is important to determine what it is that the app is going to majorly target. Figuring out the most urgent, primary and auxiliary needs helps achieve the desired outcome.

Being specific about what response or objective you expect is key to successful charities. For example, if it is going to be a safety and awareness theme with rich media content and information material, building straightforward features that meet the goal is important.

The app of this kind strictly aims to educate and provides practical guides to remain alert and informed in critical situations.

6) Long-term fundraising initiatives


Adding the element of news and events along with social engagement can go a long way for charity apps. Charity supporters who wouldn’t otherwise show interest in long-term fundraising initiatives will be inspired to do more than just one-time donation.

For example, you can build an app that allows app users to boost their fundraising activities by sharing posts and updates on their page.

This kind of charity builds a strong network among both donors and fundraisers with user receiving more as they share fresh updates on events such as marathon or welfare dinners.

To make it last, incentives come handy especially when expecting more downloads. NSPCC is an excellent example of social collaboration and helping people discover other friends and charities via the app.

The app seems to focus on London marathon runners and also provides chat with other runners while giving you enough advice and ideas on online and offline fundraising activities.

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Conclusion – achieving success with charities

Mobile apps have already entered our lives at a pace we never imagined. Now due to great acceptance and resonance among modern users, mobile apps for charity have become a great way to engage, share and raise funds.

However, for charities to be successful, it is wise to build them around user needs instead of just donations.

app development

Mobile apps for charity needs to be easy to use and simple with great storytelling power. The app should feed most relevant tips and help on fundraising ideas and advices.

Additionally, features like chat and incentives make way for success. Above all, build an app that encourages ongoing journey and not one-time donation followed by indifference.

Impact of Corona Virus on App Installs & Marketing

The Corona virus is creating ripples of fear and uncertainty across the globe, irrespective of whether a nation is developed or developing. The entire world is now battling an invisible enemy, which has even brought down the strongest of nations.

The disastrous effects of this deadly virus are more than the death of thousands and in capacitation of millions of people across the globe. It is also badly affecting the global economy. Thousands of people are being treated for this disease and millions of people are quarantined inside their homes.

Social distancing has been enforced in most countries that are affected or could be affected by the COVID19. IT professionals have been asked to work from home while schools, colleges, malls, and non-essential stores have been closed.

So, now millions of people are stuck inside their homes with only televisions, streaming apps and mobile apps for entertainment and information.

Let’s explore the impact of the corona virus on app installs and marketing in this blog.

Impact of Corona Virus on App Installs

When you look at the performance of individual apps, downloads of news apps like Newsbreak and SmartNews were very high in the first week of the self-isolation.

A lot of people are already on social media and this month, there was a marginal increase in the downloads of social media apps. A large chunk of the downloads was for the Houseparty app that allows people to stay in touch with their families and friends.

The download of education apps saw an increase of nearly 17%. This increase can be attributed to the fact that students are now at home and parents are looking for ways to keep children busy and not miss their studies.

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Most of the food delivery apps took a huge hit this month. Postmates, UberEATS, and Grubhub had a steep decline in the downloads. However, Doordash and Instacart continue to do well. In fact, the downloads of Instacart were  more than that of the other food delivery apps.

Even though travel has been prohibited in many places, a lot of people did download apps of airlines. However, downloads of Yelp and Lyft saw a decline over the month.

In the shopping apps category, Amazon continues to hold the top position. Target did see a 40% increase in downloads over the month. As many people are housebound, they need to use online shopping apps to buy groceries and other essentials.

Downloads of ride-hailing apps also saw a sharp decline through the month of March as most people preferred to stay indoors and safe. The most hit apps are Chinese-based apps – Didi, Dida, and Hello.

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Country-wise Breakup of Top Downloaded Apps

The chart below gives you an overview of the top downloaded apps across 12 countries.

impact of corona virus in app installs and marketing impact of corona virus in app installs and marketing

Source : Appsflyer.com

Impact of Corona Virus on App Marketing

With the Corona pandemic locking people up in their homes, customer behavior and user experiences have drastically changed. GWI conducted a global survey of nearly 13,000 customers between 16th to 20th of March 2020.

The survey found that nearly 95% of people are spending more time watching television and videos and movies online. There has also been a marked increase in the number of people watching the news. The survey also reported that

  • 45% of people spend most of their time on messaging apps
  • 50% of people spend most of their time on streaming apps
  • 45% of people spend most of their time on social media
  • 10% of people spend time on creating and uploading videos

The entertainment media has changed over the last few months because of lockdown and self-isolation imposed due to the corona pandemic. So, to keep pace with  changing customer behavior, businesses are also looking for more digital marketing methods.

Traditional modes of marketing and advertisement like billboards, pamphlets, events, and more are now being placed on the back burner and digital media is being used for marketing.

The survey also found that 35% of firms are planning device-targeted marketing campaigns while 38% of organizations are working on audience targeting campaigns.

It’s not just the mode of marketing and advertising that has changed. Businesses are also looking at ways to integrate the current pandemic situation into the theme of their marketing campaigns to create a connection with the customer.

In fact, 63% of the businesses are planning to change the message and the tone of the message so it stays relevant to the current situation.

As for the theme of the marketing campaigns, 42% of businesses are planning to use mission-based marketing campaigns while 41% of organizations are moving towards cause-based marketing.

Many of the businesses are also using purpose-driven marketing campaigns to create a connection between their brand and the customer, in the current situation.

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Necessity is the mother of invention. As the world is battling a microbe, app developers and marketers are looking for innovative ways to stay in the competition.

With most people across the globe practicing social distancing, digital media is the only possible solution for communication, education, entertainment, and economic development.

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It is important to stay positive in these turbulent times and find the best way to keep the hope up. At this stage, we can say that corona has a huge impact on mobile app installs and marketing.

The current situation and the global crisis have spurred developers and marketers to come up with innovative and relevant solutions.

10 Best Charity Apps for Nonprofit Organizations

Giving charity is now a very easy task. Unlike a few years ago, you don’t need to fill in cheques or visit banks anymore. You can simply download an app from playstore/appstore for the purpose. But how do you know which are the best and authentic ones? Well, here are 10 of the best charity apps for nonprofit organizations.

1. Charity Monk

charitymonk - best charity apps

This is a new way to donate to your favorite charity. Everytime you shop, make a donation to the charity at no extra cost.

Charity monk is an all-in-one shopping app with 400+ stores and can raise free funds for the charity of your choice. You can get exclusive coupons and discounts which can be used for shopping and that amount goes to the charity through the Charity Monk app.

Ratings : 5

Installs : 1,000+

Download : Android

2. eCharity

echarity - best charity apps

eCharity connects you with various international and local charity opportunities, which enables you to calculate your early zakath, set your donation target and invite your friends/relatives to join your cause. You can donate directly towards UNWO’s project and also sponsor destitute, orphans, etc.

Ratings : 4.9

Installs : 1,000+

Download : Android, iOS

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3. ShareTheMeal

sharethemeal - best charity apps

Probably the most illustrious one for ending world hunger, ShareTheMeal works on a simple  idea, which is to feed a hungry child for one day. To do that, you have to tap the screen which lets you donate $0.50.

The app has certain engaging and fun features like joining a team, participating in fundraising challenges and Table. It helps you learn more about those needy families and help them. You can also spread the word with its Camera Giving feature that lets you take a snapshot of your meal where you can use its #ShareTheMeal filter.

Thus, the app effectively helps resolve one of world’s biggest concern at the moment.

Ratings : 4.8

Installs : 500,000+

Download : Android, iOS

4. Roundup App

roundup - best charity apps

The Roundup App, as the name goes, allows charity contributors to round up the change of purchases made every month with a credit card. They can give this roundup away to a charity of choice.

You can register your nonprofit at no cost and start getting donation of as much as $20 for app cause supporters. This is a smooth and fun way of making donations.

Ratings : 4.7

Installs : 1,000+

Download : Android, iOS


bemyeyes - best charity apps

Be My Eyes is one of the wonderful international charity apps available in 150 countries and more than 180 languages. This innovative app is designed as an initiative to help visually impaired people with their everyday tasks and uses your smartphone camera to do so.

It makes smartphone usage truly meaningful. When someone needs help, the app notifies you and you will connect with them through video. You can assist them in checking an expiration date or suggest good outfit choices.

Ratings : 4.6

Installs : 1,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS

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6. Go Donate

godonate - best charity apps

This app helps to participate in the social drive to solve the hunger problems of the community, one at a time. It enables you to connect with a donor to save the life of your loved ones and donate blood to the one who need.

Ratings : 4.4

Installs : 1,000+

Download : Android, iOS



Coin up is another fascinating app working on the straightforward concept of collecting change from credit card transactions. As it rounds up the transactions to the next dollar, the additional money as change is donated to the charity organization you select. This is as seamless as it should be.

Just like you have the swell of coins in your wallet, you can think of them going in a digital form to someone who needs it most. This transparent way of giving also lets you set a monthly donation limit and also comes with tax deduction benefits.

Ratings : 3.8

Installs : 100,000+

Download : Android, iOS

8. Donate A Photo


Donate A Photo incorporates your most beloved modern habit: taking snapshots of your daily moments.It is a spontaneous act to take pictures with your smartphone and capture the special moments. The app adds to it and lets you share your most cherished memories with the world and give back.

For every picture you upload to the app, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a charity you follow. Your photos will also encourage others to share their best moments with the world without any cost.

Ratings : 3.7

Installs : 100,000+

Download : Android, iOS

9. Charity Miles


Charity Miles can also be regarded as an innovative charity approach for raising funds. It addresses your fitness goals and motivates you to get into action, whether running, walking, cycling or other athletic feats.

Every bit of your fitness activity is turned into some rewards. The amount is donated directly a charity of your choice. Bikers donate 10 cents/mile while walkers and runners give 25 cents/mile.

While it may not sound much at times, other participants doing their bit will further motivate you to push more. So, amp up your fitness regimen and increase the chance of donating more with Charity Miles.

Ratings : 3.4

Installs : 100,000+

Download : Android, iOS

10.  WoofTrax – Walk for a Dog


Walk for a Dog is a creative idea of giving back for dog lovers and dog walkers.

It takes the simple act of dog walking and gives it an exciting form. Here you can enter all the basic information about your dog and start tracking your daily walking activities. It lets you create fitness goals and share the daily progress on social media.

To activate the app, you will have to choose local animal organization. Spreading the word helps you get more givers on the app to add more donation. In a way, Walk for a Dog is a fantastic way to spend time with your dog.

Ratings : 3.4

Installs : 100,000+

Download : Android, iOS

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Last words

app cost calculator

We hope this list of 10 best charity apps for nonprofit organization helps you get an overall idea about charity apps. Each of them offer value and variety in terms of social initiatives and campaigns. Some of these are truly unique, seamless and simple to use. All of these charity apps are designed to be straightforward and transparent to promote the act of donation.