Shift Swapping App – Encourage Productivity and Engagement at Work

Engagement and productivity are two biggest drivers of growth for any company and what could be the more effective way than employee recognition and scheduling management. While timely recognition and appreciation for work boosts workforce morale and productivity, employee shift scheduling management solutions on the other hand helps keep the maximum employee productivity

When employees know that they are working with the employer that has best interest for their team, it directly impacts their self-esteem and makes them feel special and driven.

Rewards and recognition is also marked as a best opportunity to engage and connect with contributors on a deeper, personal level. Mobile app for shift swapping and scheduling gives you a power to enable staff productivity management solution.

Not only can you show care and empathy for working millennials through frequent kudos and feedback, but you also gain the advantage of creating a productive environment with high performance and less turnover rate as Deloitte report suggests.

We have narrated ways to leverage shift swapping and scheduling app along with its features and benefits to keep your working squad dynamic, encouraged and informed all the time.

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The Basics of Shift Swapping app

Usually, shift swapping app is built keeping the managerial activities and employee engagement in mind. Project managers and leaders can leverage the technology regularly for the following team-oriented goals:

  • Workforce Management/Optimization – expect the best returns on the investment for workforce management as you minimize employee absenteeism.
  • Employee Engagement – engage employees and create dynamic work drive with a neat and user-friendly mobile app
  • Activity Monitoring – centralize the entire internal employee collaboration and engagements done via app in a secure, personalized dashboard
  • Appreciation Posts – Ability to show appreciation and value (positive comments, kudos, claps etc.) through dedicated posts
  • Frequent Feedback System – managers share feedback and responses in front of teams to let employees know how good they are at their job
  • Special Inspirational Video Content – Keep the motivation up and high by sharing inspiring videos with success stories, quotes or messages on company’s channel
  • Social Sharing Capabilities – allow employees to share their achievements on story boards as they hit some milestones or knock out goals

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The Sophisticated System of Recognition, Appreciation and Rewards

rewards - shift swapping app

The best way to engage employees within an organizational structure is with frequent rewards and recognition for even the smallest of milestones. Through incredible Shift swapping app, it is possible for you to celebrate small achievements by employees – the key factor to  encourage them to contribute more to the company’s growth.

This app helps acknowledge and appreciate the progress your sales team has made, leads the marketing team has secured or when someone walks an extra mile to help his colleagues.

As Managers leverage the mobile app to offer gestures of applause for the outstanding efforts in a personalized fashion, employees tend to feel massively appreciated and valued and stay longer with the company. It creates positive environment for employees, making them proud and motivated.

Workplace becomes Dream Workspace

workspace - shift swapping app

When a team achieves a target or hits the milestone, it shows an opportunity for managers to appreciate their success. Having in-app applause or shout-outs could fuel the team’s positive energy and motivation, adding massive value to their teamwork and corporate culture.

Shift swapping mobile app can also spark a team-focused platform where it is easy to announce employee of the month – which takes the shape of significant virtual R&R event.

The story about Employee of the month along with their special contribution and tenure can be sensationally broadcast in a way that cheers up the winner and motivates others. All of this recognition can be executed using a single shift swapping app.

In the same way, respective team managers can also announce promotions to congratulate and encourage team members. They can share information about the new roles, responsibilities and their overall journey.

This sort of in-premise activities enhances the team’s morale and self-esteem while boosting their career path and creating a viable connection with a company.

Most Vital Features and Goals of Staff Scheduling App

scheduling software - shift swapping app

Usually classified as a communication and staff management app, corporate-specific scheduling app comes equipped with tools to communicate and engage with the team and resolve daily workflow challenges. The typical staff scheduling app targets the following aspects:

  • Harnessing potential
  • Work gap management
  • Organizing and assigning tasks
  • Staff level maintenance
  • Employee-to-employee and employee-to-company connection
  • Time-off and Time-on monitoring
  • 100% customer attendance

Based on the company’s specific and high-priority essentials, you can enjoy features like:

  • Manage/edit users
  • Assign tasks
  • Schedule shifts
  • Manage shift swapping
  • Control different employee access levels
  • Flexible shifts
  • Change/modify last-minute schedules
  • Count hours
  • Monitor Overtime
  • Direct messages
  • Push notifications

Eventually the shift scheduling app becomes the host of smart features for employees to manage and control the way shifts are scheduled.

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Employees are also able to receive timely reminders for schedule and reschedule on their personal devices via push notifications. Additionally, combined with engagement approach, the app can enhance team communication and create community vibes among employees.

Tailored Industry-specific Apps

tailored industry - shift swapping app

The scope of usability for Shift swapping and scheduling apps infuses multiple industries. Apart from smartphone device, these apps can also be accessed on desktop or mobile browsers with great convenience.

For instance, hospital staff members put on hourly shifts will be able to manage and access all the features related to their shift duties, schedules, time on and time off on their side of mobile app.

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From retail to hospitality, here are a few industries that can use the shift swap/schedule mobile app tailored to meet their specific needs:

  • Retail – Keep the sales floor fully staffed to provide uninterrupted customer service
  • Inventory and Supply chain – adjust staffing level in real time to meet changing business needs
  • Food Service – Keep wait time minimum, serve and retain more customers with consistent staffing
  • Hospitality – Maintain the best hygiene and service standard for privilege customers by keeping the attending staff impeccably organized
  • Grocery – Ensure all departments are perfectly staffed to best serve customers
  • Aviation staff – Hassle-free allotment of staff members and service teams in tightest conditions without any inconsistency or muddle
  • Manufacturing plants – Ensure all the plant operations stay functional and productive by keeping the staff on the foot
  • Hospital – Ensure all patients receive the best care by keeping nursing department available round the clock

The Most Preferable Approach for Developing a Shift swapping and scheduling app

mobile app development - shift swapping app

If your corporate structure demands for the management of both engagement and productivity at the same time, it is great to consider building an app that targets scheduling and appreciation simultaneously.

For this to materialize, you can ask a capable mobile app development firm to leverage emerging technologies and latest innovations coupled with modern mindset.

The result should essentially be the app that helps employee establish seamless collaboration while strengthening their connection with the company as they feel great satisfaction from mutual appreciation, recognition and motivation.

Since your company’s team members rely on diverse set of personal devices, it is inevitable to shift focus on creating apps for both iOS and Android platforms at times. For estimated cost, development process, methods other factors, you should consult directly with a qualified development team.

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Driving performance and productivity while engaging employees is a challenge best met with a mobile app. Companies leveraging shift swapping and staff scheduling mobile app has a lot to gain.

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While managers waste no time in quickly showing praise and recognition for the excellence and employee dedication, they can also monitor and effortlessly manage shifts schedules for everyday job. Consequently, they satisfy the purpose of both engagement and productivity simultaneously.

If you wish to create a corporate culture with maximum employee satisfaction and work harmony, go ahead and consult with our expert mobile app development team today. We make sure you will be getting the best output with exceptional returns.

10 Tips for Starting an Online Food Delivery Business

Nowadays people are on an endless race, just to meet deadlines, complete exams, get a better job, etc. They hardly get time to cook and eat. This situation presented an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industries to kick start home delivery services.

However, the evolution of online food delivery industry did not stop there. More people began to venture into food delivery businesses. “Why leave to get food available nearby when you can receive the food of your choice at your desk?” attitude of people was one of the major reasons for the success of food delivery businesses.

To make things easier, entrepreneurs began to develop online services where you don’t have to wait for someone to answer your calls. Ordering your meals became as simple as watching television.

So, here are some tips which you need to keep in mind before you begin your online food delivery business:

1) Identifying Your Niche

finding your niche - online food delivery business tips

Identifying your business niche or target audience helps to plan your business strategies. It helps to understand their needs and requirements better. For instance, if you are targeting a particular group of working people, understanding their working conditions help to design better meal plans.

If it is an IT zone, you need to concentrate more on lunch and dinner plans. If you target a university, you need more snacks and beverages. Incorporate more cuisines according to the demands of the target audience.

2) Market Research

market research - online food delivery business tips

Without proper market understanding, your business may end up as a failure. The main objective of market research is to gain insight into user requirements. Conducting surveys to identify the requirements of different users can give you valuable insights that can help avoid failure or launch yourself successfully.

Making use of a barebones app (MVP) in the beta testing model to know the pulse of a market can be a good idea. It can help improve your strategic planning for developing your business. It becomes a valuable tool for market research.

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3) Strategic Planning and Branding

strategic planning - online food delivery business tips

Once you have identified your niche and done your market research, it’s time to strategize. For your online food delivery business to be successful, your business should stand out from the ones that are currently available. For example, you can have the strategy of delivering food within a specific time. If not delivered within the said time, the user can be reimbursed.

Devising unique selling points (USPs) such as delivering good food within a minimum timeframe, or offering tasty dishes at most affordable rates with discount coupons, etc, will help grab the attention of users and improve your food delivery business.

food app development

While planning, branding your food delivery business should be of great consideration. You should have a name that is appealing, and catchy to your target audience. Names related to food and cutlery is an obvious idea.

Be sure that it is not similar to some other popular brands as it can either turn out to be a boon or bane. Designing a logo in an eye-catching color can make the brand more noticeable and easily identifiable.

4) Develop Online Food Delivery Business Website and App

food app - online food delivery business tips

With the increasing usage of smartphones, developing a user-friendly mobile app increases the accessibility of your online food delivery business among users. Add menu cards from the restaurants you tie-up with. Incorporating mouth-watering images of food on the menu will tempt users to order more frequently.

Have a homepage for the app where you gather the required details. List your food products according to categories such as meals, veg/non-veg, offer plans, etc.

Highlight the specials/bestsellers. Including a section to view previously ordered items is useful. The homepage gives the users the first impression of your business, so keep that in mind while you design your app or website homepage.

While the app is important, don’t forget to create a website for your business. Make sure that the signup is an easy procedure so that a new user can register quickly and get on to ordering their meals.

Try to include offers and coupons to attract more users. Try to incorporate “how to use” the app or website feature for new or inexperienced users.

A delivery boy app should be made to notify the delivery boy about an order placed by the customer as well as to notify when the order is ready at the restaurant. It should be GPS tracking enabled for the customer to receive real-time tracking details.

A restaurant app should be made to place the order at the food joint and for them to alert the delivery boy. In short, you will have to make a website, customer app, delivery boy app, as well as a restaurant app.

5) Marketing

marketing - online food delivery business tips

For the success of any business, it needs to be popular. To gain popularity, you need to market your business. Social media marketing plays a key role in online marketing, as it is very famous among the new generation users.

Create a catchy quote for your online food delivery business, it serves as your business reminder. Publishing your food delivery business advertisements on other popular online sites is one of the key tips.

Post your flyers in restaurants which are collaborated with your business. Providing discounts and offers on special occasions will help increase your sales.

Marketing is in fact, one of the most important factors for start-up success that is often ignored by new entrepreneurs at their own peril.

6) Registration and Legal Formalities

registration and legal formalities - online food delivery business tips

You need to make sure that you have all the essential permits required, especially permits and licenses from

  • FSSAI registration
  • Fire and safety department
  • Tax department
  • NOC from municipality
  • Sanitary permits
  • Clearance from the pollution department
  • Business permits
  • Shops & Establishments Acts License
  • Health or Trade License
  • E-commerce agreement
  • Trademark Registration
  • GST registration etc.

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Functioning without proper permits and licenses can lead to penalties and imprisonment or shutting down your business. So, don’t forget to keep them handy.

7) Physical Resources

physical resource

Even if you plan to start an online food delivery business, you require physical resources like an office building, human resources, vehicles, etc. Human resources include office staff as well as delivery boys.

You can either hire delivery boys with own vehicle for delivery and provide a fuel allowance, which will be more practical as they have to collect the ordered food from different restaurants. Or else provide a vehicle for the delivery.

Always remember to train all your staff according to the positions they hold. Make sure that the delivery boys have their driving license with them when they are out for delivery.

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8) Collaboration with Food Joints & Restaurants


For an online food delivery business, collaboration with food joints is one of the major tips achieve to success. Meet up with managers of major restaurants, food joints, snack bars, etc, and discuss the delivery partnership.

Fix a commission rate that suits both the people and tie-up with them. They should know that you are not simply taking their money but increasing their sales and taking a commission for that. Ensure that the ordered food will be made within the time specified so it can be out for delivery on time.

9) Budget, Finance and Fixed Delivery Charges

food delivery charges

Have a budget planned according to the magnitude you wish to develop your business initially. If the budget is low, try with a small-scale start-up. If required, arrange for financial support or find investors.

Fix a price for delivery, it can be based on the distance or for the amount the user orders. You can provide free delivery for nearby deliveries or huge orders.

After your business is launched and starts reaching users, you can gain revenue via online advertisements. Tie up with Google ads to enable this feature.

10) Payment Gateways

payment gateway

Enable different payment gateways like debit cards, credit cards, online banking, mobile wallets, cash on delivery, etc. which makes your business more popular among the users. Limiting it to one or two gateways will make it difficult for the user, making it less appealing to them.

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With the increasing opportunities in online food delivery business, if you deliver good quality, budget-friendly food, your business is sure to be a guaranteed success. Streamlining orders from the same restaurant out for delivery to the same locality can reduce your expenses. Tipping the delivery boys will encourage them to work more enthusiastically. Hope these tips will help you to start your own online food delivery business.