15 Best On Demand Service Apps For Android and iOS

Recently, the fresh wave of on demand service mobile apps for iOS and Android has revolutionized the way businesses offer their services.

At the moment, over years of innovations, mobile technology has evolved and advanced beyond our imagination, affording live conversations, virtual socializing and fulfilling other desired lifestyle goals.

These incredible mobile apps aim to target people who need faster and easier access to products and services, creating perfect environment of convenience, quality and trust.

This blog focuses on those 15 on demand service mobile apps for iOS and Android.

BloomThat Drizly Fiverr
My Medicash App Rinse Urban Clap
Soothe Uber Doordash
Task Rabbit Rover Ola Cabs
Postmates Wag Handy


1. BloomThat

bloom and wild - on demand service apps

This is a unique on-demand service app that offers services for giving someone a pleasant surprise or expressing your love or care for someone or even congratulating them. Having a simple and intuitive interface, Bloom that lets you pick from the range of fresh seasonal items of gifts.

App Features

  • Send flowers and gifts in moments.
  • Records and send reminders on your special occasions.
  • Seamless merging with your phone calendar
  • Exclusive app-only offers and benefits.

Ratings: 4.9

Installs: 100,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

2. Drizly

drizly - on demand service apps

Drizly is a cool on-demand booze delivery app for ordering booze especially when you have arranged a party and needs bottles of chilled beer. You can demand a big delivery or just a few bottles of drink with pizza.

Drizly supplies it all.The app also has amazing pre-arranged sets of booze to go with variety of dishes and occasions for an instant order.

App Features

  • Largest selection of spirits, beers and wines
  • Delivery in 1 hr
  • Compares prices in your area
  • Credit card payment available

Ratings: 4.7

Installs: 500,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

3. Fiverr

fiverr - on demand service apps

Fiverr is more like a marketplace on-demand service where users can invest creativity to earn money and add to their experience. Fiverr can showcase your writing, tech, editing, photography or translation skills and much more.

App Features

  • Streamlined searching capability.
  • Discover new talents and creates inter-global partnerships.
  • Availability of push notifications
  • 24×7 communication between buyers and sellers

Ratings: 4.5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

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4. My Medicash App

my medicash - on demand service apps

Medicash is the user-friendly best on demand service app in the healthcare industry at the moment. This feature-rich app, though not being completely pocket-friendly for its per-visit charges, offers good value of money.

You can use Medicash to send a request with a few taps and you will connect with a qualified specialist discuss the case in 15 minutes.

App Features

  • Quickly make a claim directly through the app
  • Add your bank details and sign-up for email updates
  • Quickly access the other benefits of your health plan
  • Ability to add dependent children

Ratings: 4.4

Installs: 10,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

5. Rinse

rinse - on demand service apps

Are you sick of doing your own laundry? The difficult and time-consuming job washing your clothes of can be made less painful with Rinse.

To make the laundry a lighter job, top on demand service app Rinse comes to your rescue to make the scheduling simple. The service is 7 days a week and allows you to pick date and time for a pickup.

App Features

  • High quality guaranteed cleaning
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Customized cleaning preferences
  • Convenient, cashless payment

Ratings: 4.3

Installs: 10,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

react native app developer

6. Urban Clap


Urban clap or Urban Company is India’s largest at-home services app. You are able to book at home services from beauty to maintenance. This app has over 50+ services and you can book home services on pre-approved cost.

App Features

  • Able to access yoga trainers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters
  • Services include home cleaning, painting, repairing
  • Help center section available for support
  • Services based on pre-approved prices

Ratings: 4.1

Installs: 10,000,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

7. Soothe

soothe - on demand service apps

On demand service apps are not just meant for food or taxi requests, it can also serve many daily-life purposes like Soothe. Soothe is actually designed to soothe your stress with an on-demand massage service.

It offers its services in a handful of cities n U.S. and enables mobile users to order a great-quality massage session right at their home, office or hotel.

The app employs professional certified masseurs who carry the whole massage kit including table, oil, music, linen and more to make your session worthwhile. The app has 6 kinds of messages to serve different choices of users.

App Features

  • Create your personal and customized spa
  • Hiring the most experienced and skilled massage therapists
  • 24X7 customer service team
  • Review the feedback to improve better massaging experience

Ratings: 4.1

Installs: 100,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

8. Uber

uber - on demand service apps

Uber is a famous terms people nowadays use as a verb: ‘Lets Uber’.  Uber app is so famous among travelers and commuters, even those who have not used its services know what it means to order a taxi using Uber app.

Uber’s envious success mainly stems from affordability, Originality, Speed, Convenience. Uber offers economical services that exclude any additional fee you think you might pay.

It liberates you from overspending for a ride. The service is so fast that the users can quickly avail the nearest car and track its progress as it approaches you.

App Features

  • Easy an secured payment mode
  • Reliable rides in minutes
  • Ability to see drivers’s image and car details
  • Enables to provide feedback for better customer experience

Ratings: 4.0

Installs: 500,000,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

9. DoorDash

doordash - on demand service apps

Satisfy your cravings anytime and experience the world of food with your favourite restaurants at the fingertip. With daily updates on new restaurants, there are almost 110,000+ menus and 600+ cities that the app has access to.

App Features

  • Easy ordering
  • Advance ordering options
  • Real-time tracking
  • No minimum quantity for ordering, order whatever is required

Ratings: 4.0

Installs: 10,000,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

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10. TaskRabbit

task rabbit

TaskRabbit is a remarkable on demand service app inspiration if you are the one who wants to build such app. Like Handy, TaskRabbit is also there to help you with household services like cleaning, furniture, repair and maintenance.

It will connect you to people in neighborhood to do the job for you. You can check your to-do-list in the app as you finish each task. It also has cashless payment feature to order any service you desire. You can be sure that all services are of good quality and marked with utmost safety.

App Features

  • Connect you to neighborhood to do jobs for you
  • Check your to-do-list as the task is finished
  • Cashless feature to order any service
  • Quality service and marked safety

Ratings: 4.0

Installs: 500,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS


11. Rover


Rover is another well-known doggy day care app with house-sitting facilities. Similar to Wag, features given in the app are dedicated to increasing the convenience and reducing the household stress by helping you take care of your pet.

The app offers great ease in processing requests and works better than Wag in many ways.

App Features

  • 24/7 support on every bookings
  • Hassle-free and secure payments
  • Push notifications to respond faster
  • Seamless share information

Ratings: 3.9

Installs: 1,000,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

12. Ola Cabs


This app offers fastest and easiest way to book the ride over 100+ cities. It is the most popular cab booking service in India. All the registered vehicles come equipped with onboard GPS for route navigation.

App Features

  • View all the cabs available on your nearby location
  • Multiple payment options including cash and card
  • Track cab on real time
  • Instant confirmation with trip details

Ratings: 3.8

Installs: 100,000,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

13. Postmates


Launched in 2011, Postmates was initially built to help deliver various household goods and furniture. The app later became a food delivery solution. Postmates is the reason why market for food delivery apps development rose.

The app has some great features that let you order food from restaurants as well as stores at an affordable cost. This facility is an immense relief to those who lack time enough to visit a store or restaurant to place the order.

App Features

  • Anything delivered anywhere faster
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Brands are only available
  • Various payment options available

Ratings: 3.8

Installs: 10,000,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

14. Wag


Wag is your typical on-demand dog sitting app praised and appreciated by many dog owners. The app is great in finding a suitable person who can look after your pet.

If you are one those who need help at the moment, try Wag. It will connect you to local dog lovers for walking, playing, sitting with your furry friend for 7 days a week.

App Features

  • Live GPS tracking
  • One-on-one personalized in-home dog training
  • 24/7 support and care available
  • Chat live with board certified veterinary professionals

Ratings: 3.8

Installs: 1,000,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

15. Handy


Handy is an app that connects you with handymen, cleaners and mover and furniture makers. It is ideal for those who need help with household activities like cleaning or moving things or doing furniture.

You can book an appointment with a handyman or woman provided that you supply cleaning apparatus or equipment to them.

App Features

  • Quickly find work in neighborhood
  • Professionals for home cleaning and office cleaning
  • Next day availability
  • Affordable pricing that includes tax & tip

Ratings: 3.5

Installs: 100,000+

Downloads: Android, iOS

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By offering unique ways to make a living, these on-demand apps are riding a new wave in the market, bringing something distinguished from 5-days working system. For users, these on demand service apps make a huge difference to their life.

app cost calculator

The 15 best on demand service apps described above especially stand out in its merits with flexible work schedule and no brick-and-mortar company.

The fluid economy contributed by these brilliant apps could be the reason why on demand service apps are becoming a huge current in today’s rapidly transforming social economy.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an e Learning App like Udemy?

Udemy that rhymes with Academy is an e-learning and training mobile app where students can subscribe to various career-focused or Academic courses.

Providing a comprehensive learning model, Udemy helps you achieve future goals by opening a virtual library of library of over 40,000 Udemy courses conducted by expert instructors.

Udemy is a brilliant e-learning platform to foster a new talent, master the subject of your interest and seek opportunities for developing skills.

E-learning App Cost

Udemy learning gives access to all its course across multiple devices including iOS and Android, laptop/desktop and even Apple TV. Due to its dazzling success and prevalent popularity, hundreds of entrepreneurs and developers feel inspired to build an e-learning app like Udemy.

However, cost and budget is one of the primary concerns for app developers to create an Udemy app.

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Being an active mobile app development company, we have discussed in this blog the estimated cost to create a features-packed e-learning app like Udemy and factors affecting it.

The Success Story of Udemy

E-learning apps is when academic institutes and organizations run out of adequate resources for building infrastructural space. Also, as companies and their workforce grow, the need for knowledge enhancement and learning skills becomes more pressing, eventually establishing the idea of online education model.

Udemy -cost to create an app like udemy

To inspire flexible way of knowledge sharing and career training, it is important to build a tool for continuous education system that remains available and accessible 24/7.

Udemy was born amid this challenges and chaos to encourage interactive e-learning sessions and online courses.

Founded by Eren Bali in 2010, Udemy app initially offered free courses, but soon its owner realized the potential and future capabilities of this business model and introduced monetization.

Active in 190 countries around the world, the app now contains nearly 80000 courses and is used by 35k real-world instructors and 24 million students .

Udemy For Business

Apart from targeting young students still pursuing their education, Udemy launched its professional version of the app Udemy for business.

This one is available on iOS and Android and aims to be the essential learning program for professional adults. Udemy thus built for professional skills and training provides learning platform where experts can publish and share various courses as tutors.

udemy for business -cost to create an app like udemy

Udemy for business allows teachers and tutors to build and promote a course as a chargeable tuition for learners who are not college students.

People who are willing to add more skillset to their resume engage with them and earn profession-specific technical certification. Here even corporate trainers have started creating courses for their company’s employees.

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Features of UDEMY App

When it comes to estimating overall cost to create an e-learning app like Udemy, it is crucial to first consider the following essential features that Udemy focused on to generate immense value for users.

1) Rich Variety of Online Courses

Udemy offers many different course categories spanning from design, software development to creativity and music.

udemy course collection -cost to create an app like udemy

Each category has almost 15 subcategories which makes it specific for a person to choose their area of interest.

For instance, its music category has more than 20 courses to offer for piano, guitar, drums or other instruments.

2) No strict prerequisites for course subscription

Students and professional can pick any course they like based on their interests without needing any specific prequalification.

3) Accessibility across Devices

The app supports almost every device including desktop, smartphones and tablets. The courses are accessible across multiple connected devices.

4) Discounted courses/Low-price Tuition

Usually, users don’t pay for nearly 10% of Udemy courses and others are priced not more than $200. The low-price courses and tuition services are what Udemy is known for. However, there might be exceptions where certain rare courses costs more than $500 and up to $1000.

5) 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This feature makes Udemy an authentic name in online education. It offers 100% refund of the tuition fees in case students prefer to quit the course for some reason.

udemy money back guarentee -cost to create an app like udemy

6) Instant Access in desired format

Courses students choose are made easily accessible to them. All prerecorded courses including PDFs reading material, financial templates and guide are all made electronically available for students to download instantly on any digital device.

7) Forum

To create a sharing feature among students, Udemy enables subscribers to discuss courses and updates with other fellow students at any moment through Forum.

8) Course Description & Transcript

Before taking up any course, students can glimpse at each individual course available in the app to know what it contains so that they can ensure it is exactly what they are looking for academically.

educational app development

9) Unlimited Lifetime Course Subscription

There can be the feature that allows students to learn and review the course material unlimited times without any additional fee. This helps them grab the opportunity to freely master specific subject area independent of their normal schedules.

10) Video control

Joining a course means getting enough video lectures of 5 to 10 minutes in length. This is similar to watching YouTube videos as you can also stop, pause and replay the lectures without any limit constraints.

Videos are focused on presenting a series of interim quiz that students can comfortably watch to learn and memorize the content.

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11) Student Reviews and Ratings

Before purchasing any course, interested Students can first read the reviews and ratings from other students who took the course in the past.

udemy review -cost to create an app like udemy

This can help potential subscribers to make decisions based on general opinions from previous users.

12) Course Instructors and Subject Experts

Instructors who deliver the course material are experienced in their subjects and contain thorough domain knowledge.

Due to their previous history of teaching students, they are capable of imparting expertise along with examples and applications in a way that is highly effective, simple and easily grasped by learners.

Also, lesson previews of the specific course will help them understand how instructors deliver the content.

13) Certificate of Validation

Udemy promotes and establishes an online academic education system where many courses end with certificates of knowledge for students upon completion.

udemy certificate -cost to create an app like udemy

However, since Udemy is still unfamiliar to people not so digitally sound, verification of subject expertise and certificate value might seem questionable. It is important for students to check the status of professional value of a course.

So how Much does Developing an e-Learning App like Udemy cost?

Considering that you expect mobile app development partner to build a mature, feature-rich yet simple and intuitive e-learning App like Udemy, you will need to keep the budget based on the estimated per hour cost of $70 – $150.

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To make the app more competitive in the learning and education market and add the factor of scalability, you will need to design the app in a way that adds value to the students and professionals alike.

Taking the all-round requirements into account, total cost to create an app like Udemy would fall in the bracket $35000 to $120,000.

Build a Successful e-Learning App

It is the ripe time for educationist entrepreneurs and institutes to build their e-learning app that is as successful and famous as Udemy.

An e-learning brand that promotes virtual education and skill development model will help instructors enlighten students and train them while allowing active learners to absorb the course content at convenience.

Redbytes, with its extensive experience in mobile app development and thorough insight, can help you build innovative, user-friendly apps for delivering educational content in a dynamic style.

Built by our team of mobile app developers with design creativity and latest technologies, the e-Learning app will contain all formats of educational material and will be highly interactive and functional across different user devices.

Exclusive Bonus: Download as PDF

Top Features You Need to Know about Android Q

Google, the dominant search engine giant, has surprised the world of mobile technology by introducing the very first developer preview after its Nougat, Pie and Oreo versions.

With the grand arrival of Android Q Beta 1, Google seemed to break its archaic tradition and launched its very first preview which is available for Pixels.

Making people anxious and excited, the Beta version for developers gives an early glimpse into novel features and tweaks to be released later this year.

The reason why people are thrilled to try new features of Android Q version is that it contains a slew of unique features, granular changes and improvements.

With newer capabilities and experiences, Google’s new Android Beta Program can add a lot of frisson and joy for users in terms of hardware and software.

Check out these top features about the latest Android Q.

Big Remarkable Features of Android Q

1) Better controls over privacy

With a lot of privacy issues questioning the operational integrity of leading tech giants, it comes as a great relief that Android Q focuses on privacy assurance as a pivotal element.

As Google offers different app permissions, users get better control over what they share with downloaded apps.

android q features

With a feature of runtime permissions in place, apps need clear permission from you if they want to track your location in the background.

You can allow location access when an app is running so you can limit the data an app collects.

2) Colors and themes

Even without a dark mode, users will be able to change the accent colors in Android Q by enabling developer settings. It might not appear like a detailed and elaborate theming engine, but it looks decent nonetheless.

The accent color settings offer three options: black, purple and green with default blue. Users can also change the icons from the system to options like teardrop, squircle or rounded rectangle, or switch the font to Noto Serif.android q features


To enable the option for accent colors, go to Settings -> About phone, and hit the Build number seven times followed by PIN or password.

Then go to Settings -> System -> Developer options and scroll down to see the theming options, where you can change accent colors, body font, and icons.

3) Native Screen recording

This is the feature long awaited by Android users and Android Q finally brought it in. To test the feature, navigate to developer options and it works just as expected. You can easily record the screen with a voiceover.

Go to Settings -> System -> Developer options and scroll down to the Debugging setting to see Feature flags.

Turn on settings_screenrecord_long_press to start recording the screen.

android q features

If you need to launch the feature, hold the power button to pull up the menu, and long press the screenshot button. You will see a dialog box with options for recording audio such as a button Start Recording with on-screen taps.

Select it and you are all set. Like other settings, the Google may introduce an easier, faster way to enable the feature in future builds.

4) Native desktop mode

Surprisingly enough, Android Q is able to automatically switch to desktop mode as your phone is connected to an external monitor. You will get to see the interface that mirrors a scaled version of what you experience with Pixel.

Here you are free to explore multi-windows and open or move apps around on the screen. Though, as Android makers would say, desktop mode of Android Q may not be as good as Samsung Dex offerings, as a first Beta version it still looks pleasant. Hopefully, this one will also get better in upcoming versions.

5) Foldable Screen Support

To enable better innovative experience with Android Q, Android app developers could manage the way apps appear on the large foldable screens.

Users can get the best out of available large-screen devices as upgraded Android Q now facilitates improvements like onPlus and onResume for multi-resume support.

android q features

Further, to manage the app appearance and display on a large and foldable screen, Android Q has also worked on the way the resizable Activity manifests different attribute works.

For supporting the multiple-display type switching, Android Emulator has also been updated.

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6) Shortcuts sharing

This is another noticeable feature of Android Q. The option now makes shortcuts sharing easier than experienced before. With Shortcuts sharing, Android users can switch directly to another app for sharing content.

Developers can publish shared targets, which triggers an activity displayed the in the share UI.

Sharing Shortcut functionality is similar to the way the App Shortcuts works. Google is on its way to expand the Shortcutinfo API for streamlining integration process.

The API will also support the Direct Share functionality on pre-Android Q devices.

7) Enhanced photo bokeh effect with third-party apps

Android Q now supports a new file format for third-party apps to offer better dynamic depth effects in photos. This Dynamic Depth format in its single file contains a JPEG file, XMP metadata (for depth-related elements) and a depth and confidence map.

android app development

The additional details let the apps provide specialized blur and broken effects with possibilities of 3D images and AR use cases in future.

Google is trying to make Dynamic Depth an open format and working to make the feature more accessible across diverse Android devices.

8) Smart priority-based notification provision

Google realized how overwhelming it gets to handle notifications and latest alerts. To relax you, Android Q now adds a small bell icon (think of YouTube) next to the recent notification to visually indicate what needs your urgent attention.

What is interesting, the bell icon is there for only 30 seconds, but still it looks like handy solution if you are inundated by bursts of notifications.

android q features

Similarly, Android Q is also changing how you usually dismiss notifications and allows you to dismiss them with a swipe to the right.

Earlier, users could swipe notifications to either side of the screen to dismiss them. Now a swipe to the left initiates the notification actions.

Small but upgraded features

1) Detailed App page

So far, users were kept unaware of the how many notifications an app sends. Now the new Android Q has redesigned the app info page that lets you see the amount of notifications a particular app gets.

Moreover, the page also gives exact view of data consumed by an app on Wi-Fi and Cellular connection. Plus, users can open the app with new icon which is different from the icon for force-stop and uninstall.

2) Precise and proactive Wi-Fi settings

You might have been through instances where your Wi-Fi disastrously fades off while browsing. Android Q just got the solution for this; it enables you to see a floating UI settings pane that apps trigger in such instances.

android q features

So if you are using Chrome as a browser and it detects the loose Wi-Fi network connectivity, it will display settings window for you to view options for Wi-Fi, airplane mode and mobile data.

This feature gives you all the ease you need to change data settings without quitting the app.

3) Better AOD

Android’s On Display view has also received a tweak and changed for good features with Android Q. Now users can see what music it is playing and the battery indicator at the top right of the display instead of the bottom.

4) Revamped Screenshot shapes

This might be small, but Google has applied some twist to screenshot shapes, too. In this implementation, the screenshot will also show rounded curves and notches instead of sharp edges.

The multitasking window also shows app tiles with rounded corners. We can’t even imagine what is next and will be sick if Google would stop at this.

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Bottom line: Expect more surprises from Google

What we saw is just a brief highlight of the new features from Android Q. This is still a fairly stable Beta for a first development build release.

mobile app development

As Google suggests, there will be six Android Q betas down the line and the stable build is likely to appear somewhere in Q3. It seems Google is going to add more devices to Android Q accessibility list though there is no firm confirmation on exactly when.

So people who are eager to try and access its early build better hold on for the next beta roll out. Hopefully, I/O 2019 becomes the occasion for this glorious announcement.