How To Create a Marketplace Mobile App?

Building and launching a successful marketplace mobile app is a tough challenge that involves a lot of brainstorming and proactive thinking. The process of creating a marketplace app goes though several segments like market research, trending elements, customer development, target niche, MVP, marketing and scalability of product.

The ultimate success of such app depends on how customers respond to your offerings and whether or not your app has unique value proposition for users to connect with.

Being an avid mobile app development company in India, we keep a constant vigil on how marketplace app landscape is shifting and what is that you need to achieve the competitive edge.

Follow these steps to create a marketplace mobile app that can outshine others:

1) Analyze Your Requirements

Before starting any project, the key is to establish clarity around idea you are working on and expanding into a full-fledged product. It all begins with analyzing your exact requirements and see through them to determine your goals.

You can run a market check and ask people in your group who might have constructive and thoughtful opinions on general expectations from marketplace app. Collect the suggestions on app vision, user types, features and interactive elements, etc. based on these, build a wire frame and specifications.

For all this, you need to collaborate with a mobile app development partner for meticulous guidance and implementation of ideas.

2) Find a Talented Marketplace App Specialist

Performing every single task on your own would be way too overwhelming and exhausting. You need reliable assistance from someone who has extensive reach in the market and proven experience of creating a marketplace app.

There are many online platforms where you can access suitable app development partners and easily collaborate with them. However, make sure you are able to feel compatible with their business model along with their communication practices, pricing structure and project approach.

Take an honest look at their references and past record of relevant projects before shaking hands with them. The marketplace app specialist you hire should guarantee access to the source code and delivery of all the features and design you have proposed.

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3) Define a Strong Value Proposition

Having a unique value proposition is what sets you apart from others in the similar market. Define your goals and create a value proposition that makes your ecommerce marketplace special and considerable. You can build your own niche and invent a space even in the market where such apps exist comfortably. During the phase of proposition development and ideation, you can approach your prospects with a request to share their opinions on how they would like the current marketplace apps to be and improve to deliver more value.

4) Learn From Your Competitors

The journey of building a marketplace app is incomplete, if it does not incorporate achievement of nearest competitors. Keeping a sharp eye on your competition is the best way to determine strength and weaknesses to surpass them.

The following things needs to be kept in track:

  • Star features
  • Market position
  • Target audience
  • Influential content elements
  • Customer acquisition and retention tactics
  • Marketing and engagement activities
  • Business proposition

5) Defining The Business Model

Like every other business, you need to weave a solid business model for building a marketplace mobile app. It is the most crucial aspect based on which your business follows the path to successful customer acquisition and revenue generation.

Devised strategically, marketplace app business model serves as a foundation for company’s performance and drives a momentum you need for consistent profitability.

The central part of this business model is formed by customers who will rely on your marketplace for specific purpose. A clear business model is the one that understands every group of customers and segment them based on their varied requirements.

6) Divide The Audience into Smart Segments

The best way to approach your audience with your marketplace app is to divide them into convenient segments based on:

  • Special tastes and preferences
  • Offers and discounts in demand
  • Seasonal changes
  • Gender-specific or age-specific group
  • Location-specific requirements

If it is related to fashion marketplace then, Men, Women and Kids

  • Budget shopping lovers
  • Young buyers
  • Mature Professionals
  • Senior citizens
  • Frequent and casual shoppers

You can create the best personalized offers and propositions for every segment of customers and serve them the products in the way they want.

7) Building an Impactful MVP

After you have finished working on customer segmentation and market analysis, you can venture into developing an MVP (minimum viable product) for your marketplace app. For this, make the best attempt to build and integrate the most relevant features and functionalities essential to test your idea in the market.

Follow the wireframe you have prepared in the earlier phase for designing the best features. Make sure that  your development partner stays up-to-date with customer feedback and frequent iterations.

To minimize the cost-driven disasters and pitfalls, it is important to take care of iterations during the development of MVP and coding process.

After the success and market fitness of your marketplace MVP, you can think of expansion and scale your original product at a sensible pace.

8) Monitor The App Performance

After you have launched an MVP and before starting to focus on expansion, the vital area of concern is to check the impact of the product on the target market through analytics.

You can track the data metrics for:

  • Numbers of visitors per day/month
  • Conversion rate during the season pick
  • Location-specific engagement and sales
  • Most visited pages
  • Repeat customer
  • Hot/most d items
  • Behavior of customer segments
  • Total sales of products/services on marketplace

9) Monetization and Revenue Streams

Look around for how competitors charge their clients and users for availing the marketplace services and then try to mull over what you can do differently to establish an original monetization system.

Start small by approaching specific customer segments and then make changes as it grows and introduce several revenue channels without compromising service commitments. Usually, a small percentage of earning is charged from both buyers and sellers for creating comprehensive and un-objectionable monetization.

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10) Scale and Expand Your Marketplace

After you are confident that your marketplace app is doing well and has achieved enough crowd of users, you can move towards growth.

a) Target Multiple Platforms: If you have not released the product on most accessible and popular platforms (iOS, Android or Windows), now is the time. To reach more users who use diverse mobile platforms, you should launch the app on those most preferred platforms.

b) Enhance the Functionality: It is a good idea to improve or revamp existing functionality or add new features to give users even more engaging experience and luxury. Interact with users and extract their needs to develop innovative features to their taste.

c) Build a Community: Add elements of storytelling and blogging to let the audience share their opinions and ideas. Such idea is mainly focused on building a larger community and creating more engagement.

You can be more imaginative and organize events that capture further more attention from users.

d) Third-Party Integrations: This tactic always comes handy for any successful online commerce and marketplace app that thrives as users thrive.

Leverage third party integrations such as payment system, GPS services, chat messages or personalized email facility are a few to consider.


By giving an eye to the insight on how to build a successful marketplace mobile app, I hope you are all equipped with the enough knowledge to start and embark on working on the project. In the light of this knowledge, be thorough about market research and details you gather for the development of the online commerce app.

In order to craft scalable app, find a veteran marketplace app development company that has a clean track record, powerful testimonials and ability to offer mature customer-centric capability to your platform.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Game App in India?

Android and iOS devices have come a long way ever since their inception. Due to unbelievable advancements in mobile game development technologies, the number of Android and iPhone game developers feeling encouraged to build mobile games is increasing exponentially. Both Google Play and Apple store are inundated with exhilarating mobile apps that users would indulge in.

Since mobile games get heavy audience, the profession tends to produce many rewarding opportunities for certified game developers. However, if you are one of them who are  curious to know how much the process of game development costs, then you are not the only one.

The cost of mobile game development relies on myriad factors and it is difficult to judge the precise cost to build mobile games in India.

This blog is an attempt to get close to the answer and offers you the approximate estimate.

Leading Factors influencing the Cost of Mobile Game Development

The process of calculating a mobile game begins with the type and size of the project. Before we progress in our discussion, let’s take a brief look at the following factors likely to influence mobile game development cost in India.

a) Choice of OS

Usually most lucrative platforms for mobile games are iOS, Android and Windows, where Android and iOS covers the biggest chunk of game development market. The platform you pick affects the development expenses mainly because, building payment structure and admin panel for iPhone devices is costlier than Android.

The total expense depends on what version your game is compatible with. Hybrid model of development may appear a little expensive though hybrid mobile game, capture larger market and gain  more revenue.

b) Design Layout

During the planning phase, the important aspects like game levels, characters, gameplay and target users are discussed and finalized. This stage is crucial as without clear determination of design output and expected structure, things will get more than challenging and complicated while actually developing the game art.

The overall picture of total cost becomes clear in this stage.

c) Depth of Game Play and Characters

The story and characters give depth and inspire engagement for users. Character development includes elements of personality, language polish, tone, behavior and attitude of different game characters.

This stage involves a close communication and intense brainstorming to bring precision to final product. Seasoned game developers usually charge $40 to $70 per hour for technical work and resource planning.

d) Complexities

After the conception of game plan, comes the most formidable phase, the  development. This phase is a cost-driver and involves a lot of complexities depending on the expectations of the project.

Based on how rich game elements are and what technical challenges it brings, the game development complexities are determined.

From our experience and cognitive expertise, we have prepared a general estimate of what each type of mobile game costs. It will give you a rough idea of your final budget for mobile game development in India.

Here is the classification:

1) Mini Games – $5K to $20K

If your idea is to build from scratch mini games like Ping-Pong, it will put your budget within the bracket mentioned above. This price is for decent mini mobile games that people tend to play to kill time and boredom.

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Even with a minimalist visuals and endless chase, such games can be made interesting and fun. If your budget touches the lower end of the price range, it is possible to build an engaging game experience that can amaze users. Infectonator, Mini Warriors, Alien Creeps, Happy Street, Tap Titans are a few names that belong to Mini Games.

2) Simple 2D Games – $20K to $40K

This is categorized as small budget games that don’t put excessive weight on your shoulder when it comes to investment.

Simple 2D games with decent architecture and simple plot can be easily developed in the mentioned price range. Such games have enough power to attract users, drive engagement and build the constant stream of revenue.

Modern games such as Red Ball, Hop, MapleStory, Zenonia, fall in this category.

3) App with Moderate Complexity – $40K to $100K

This kind of apps is neither too complex nor too simple and plain. With medium-level complexity and challenges, mobile game of this range includes all the key essentials for exciting gameplay with additional unique features like brilliant UI/UX, multidevice support, Map navigation, Social integration, multiplayer and more.

Mobile games can be made more detailed and personalized with features that interact with device environment and depth of content. Games like Doom & Destiny, this category.

4) App with High Complexity – $80K to $200K

Any highly advanced games that include all the features of medium complexity game apps with complete user engagement elements come under this category. Highly complex games leverage mature technologies to offer many incredible features such as 3rd party services, access to device environment, advanced filters and levels, personalization and custom themes, rewards and payment system, chat and social sharing and more.

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The cost of development is naturally high for these games due to its detailed design and planning work, and timeframe often ranges from 8 months to 2 years. A few examples of popular high complexity mobile games are Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Candy Crush Saga, Grand Theft Auto, etc.


Mobile game development cost is an intricate project where a lot of brainstorming and analysis go to form a firm decision. As for economy and cost, it is hard to neglect the realistic perspective of development team, technical resources, project size, story depth, modern trends and mobile platform.

All these elements are crucial for consideration of overall mobile game development expenses. Find and collaborate witha professional mobile game creation company in India to build successful mobile games.

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Latest Devices

Apple has just announced the introduction of its latest iPhone series and new Apple Watch series at this year’s launch event on 12th September, 2018. The event unveiled, three new innovative iPhone devices iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. These devices are expected to rule Apple market, replacing the previous iPhone X version.

People who are fond of using more sophisticated, elegant and more improved Apple devices will be able to grab one of these three devices.

Apple Watch series 4 announced along with iPhone devices has more incredible features that old ones giving you a great control on health monitoring with built-in ECG and more.

We are going to take a brief glace at everything you need to know about these new, amazing Apple devices.

Economy and Pricing

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have almost similar features and capabilities with the only difference in screen sizes. iPhone XR is a little cheaper and has colorful choices available compared to other iPhone devices and has all mainstream qualities of superior iPhone devices launched earlier.

Though Apple produces iPhone SE and iPhone 5C as affordable range, their design did not elicit great response from users and failed to appeal to mass users.

iPhone XR is a premium device that contains many features and specifications experienced in top-tier iPhones and comes in vibrant colours. Due to attractive pricing, people who are iPhone-loyal may be smitten by and pick the relatively affordable XR.

New Competitive Strategy

Two of new iPhone devices, XS and XS Max, start at $1000 which means Apple has strategically desired to nudge people’s willingness to spend on high-quality phone upgrades. Apple has decided to opt for X family to make buying latest phones an economical business.

By making iPhone XR available to iPhone seekers, the company has looked to capture the interest of budget-conscious buyers as well, crafting an all-new strategy to survive the market with competitive elements.

Looking at the pace at which Chinese Brand Huawei has captured a considerable market this year, it is believed that the new range of iPhones will hopefully impress buyers.

Here is some of the powerful new features and specification of these three iPhones and the Apple watch 4 series that has be announced:

1) iPhone XS and XS Max:

Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max have spurred a lot of speculation among Apple fans. To satiate their curiosity, here are the main features and specs of the most eagerly awaited iPhone series XS and XS Max:

  • The iPhone XS Max is visibly bigger in size than the XS and Note 9
  • iPhone XS has impressive makeover and design elements
  • For game fanatics to experience better speed, the devices support the new Core ML engine for game speed
  • New cameras with AI-powered capabilities that include Smart HDR and facial detection features
  • Much improved, reliable battery life
  • The all-new processor A12 Bionic with 7nm CPU
  • Support for dual SIMs: eSIM and a physical nanoSIM
  • Economic models: iPhone XS starts at $999, iPhone XS Max at $1099

2) iPhone XR:

To make new Apple device more accessible and affordable, there is an iPhone XR equipped with not less remarkable features.

It has an LCD-based, 6.1-inch “Liquid Retina” display.

  • The model with bigger screen and cheaper price than last year’s iPhone X
  • Comes with LCD-based 6.1 inch display (Liquid Retina)
  • Contains the same A12 Bionic CPU as in XS and XS Max
  • Wide-angle camera similar to XS model with the same AI-enabled camera system
  • Perfect and more capable than old iPhone SE, 6S and 6S plus
  • The price starts at $749

3) Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is an innovation within. Its new unique zero-bezel design and haptic touch regions are quintessential hallmarks that make this new Watch series a substantial choice.

  • Intelligent health monitoring software for more enhanced health progress tracking
  • More advanced than Apple Watch 3 series
  • Improved face size, increased to 40 mm and 44 mm
  • Unique, more polished design
  • An incredible FDA-approved built-in electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Fall detection and emergency call features
  • Prices for new models start at $400

Preorder Booking and Shipment

Good news for iPhone-curious folks. The pre-order for iPhone XS and XS Max devices start from the Friday, Sept 14. The phones will be on sale and shipping Sept 21.

For iPhone XR, the pre-order begins on Oct 19 with its sale being available from Oct 26.

For Apple Watch series 4, Pre-orders begin on Friday, Sept 14 and ships on Sept 21

Top Apps For Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, the celebrations, happiness, festiveness, fervor, and excitement one can see during this festival in India is unmatched with any other celebrations. People from all walks of the country come together, stay with their family and friends to dedicate themselves to Lord Ganesha, the god of art, science and also known as the deva of wisdom.

Even though the festival is celebrated across the country, its mainly celebrated in the parts of Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka for as long as one week to 10 days. But now things have changed, as technology has taken over, almost every process in the day to day life, the same has happened to festivals in India also.

Although the importance of festivals is still not gone, with the advent of technology things have changed and now people celebrating Ganesh Utsav all over India has definitely metamorphosed the high tech applications.

With revolutionized tech mantras, Ganesh Chaturthi is now celebrated at ease with just a click away with user’s fingertips on their smartphone. From live wallpapers to ringtones, Ganesha games, we have apps to Ganesha idols, to book pandit, pandals and all necessary pooja materials online in the form of mobile applications.

Many e-commerce sites like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart etc. have dedicated offers for their customers during this season and sell all items related to the festival.

Now, we are here with this amazing list of Apps for Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. Let’s start

1) Find Panditji

In today’s world, the Internet is the bare necessity for everyone and as the name indicated, this app focuses on helping people across India to find Pandits online through the application and contact them easily.

Download : Android

2) Book A Pandit

This mobile app serves to be your exact and customized partner for all religious needs during Ganesh Utsav. Right from Pandit to pooja samagri anything and everything you get within this app at reasonable prices and hassle-free service.

This service is not just applicable during festivals but can be also used by people during functions like Naming Ceremony, Mundan Ceremony, Birthday Ceremony, Satyanarayana Puja, Griha Pravesh, New Business Puja, Marriage Ceremony, Laxmi,

Engagement Ceremony, Ganesha & Durga Puja, Mata Ki Chowki & Jaagran, Maha Mritunjya Jap, Havans, Shraadh Puja, Etc.

3) Chhota Ganesh Battle – GANESHA

chotta ganesh

This is a fun game for kids where you can play with Ganesha as he takes on the roads of haven on his mouse to destroy demons those attack heaven.

The games starts over as the demons start attacking heaven and Lord Shiva decides to send Ganesha for the battle and designs a special power gun to destroy them. Further, the game continues as Ganesha accepts the mission and starts his battle by destroying all the demons who took over the heaven.

Download : Android

4) Find Ganesha

And that’s the perfect app for Ganesh Utsav which will show you all the important locations of Ganpati Mandal in Pune city along with correct live locations of dhol Tasha Pathak teams.

The app also has a fun feature called “moment of the day” where people can upload their favorite pictures and the top winning pictures will be featured on this app. It will also show food joints and also has an emergency section which includes details of Police stations, hospitals, fire brigade etc.

Download : Android

Top Apps For Ganesh Chaturthi Festival-ad banner

5) Lalbaugcha Raja app

When it comes to Ganesh Chaturthi, no one can beat the way Mumbaikars celebrate the festival. Out of the lakh of Ganpati Pandals set up across the city, Lalbaugcha Raja is the oldest and around 1.5 lakh devotees visit the pandal during this festive season daily.

To cater to the needs of the devotees, the organizers have gone a bit technical by introducing an app and a related website that features the live telecast of the poojas and pandal details.

Download : Android

6) Shree Ganesha

Through this mobile application, Shree Ganesha, they offer the most divine Ganesha mantras and songs that could, in turn, purify your mind and senses during this festive season.

Download : Android

7) Khetwadicha Ganraj

The first app launched by Ganeshotsav Mandal which has won The Times of India “Utsav Murti Sanman” Award for 5 consecutive years since 2008. The app includes features like live darshan for 10 days, watch Ganapati aartis, includes wallpapers, images, has an online donation facility and also has social awareness activities.

Download : Android

8) Ganesh Songs

An app with a beautiful collection of Ganesha songs, Aarti audios, Chalisa and also contains images and wallpapers. Users can also set the songs they listen to as current ringtones or an alarm by just clicking on the image.

Other features include smooth transitions, beautiful animations, and automatic song stop and cam continue music during a phone call as well.

Download : Android

9) Ganesh Chaturthi GIF

This app is specially designed for Ganapathi devotees who would love to decorate their phone with nice, realistic and beautiful animated background GIF. The app consists of a huge collection of Lord Ganesha GIF, which you can easily share with friends, family and relatives via the social media.

Top Apps For Ganesh Chaturthi Festival-ad banner

On this eve of Ganesha Chathurthi time period, festivals bridges with the world of technology to transform the way people celebrate. However, advance in mechanization is multi-functional and personalized in its own ways,  the pride, joy, togetherness, and emotions one feels for Lord Ganesha still remains untouched when they pray “Ganpathi Bappa Morya”.

11 Famous Apps That Started From MVP

A Minimum Viable Product is an excellent way for companies (especially start-ups) to understand and learn about their target audiences before developing the final, fully-functional product. It tries to prove the concept for a single-sided product, which focuses on nailing down the viability of the platform.

MVP, a business model with the minimum amount of custom coding and complex features, lets you test your assumptions and learn from the outcomes.

Today, in this post, we have compiled the top 11 famous services that were born from MVP which you tend to use every day:

1. Uber

Before launching the final version of the app, through UberCab, Uber first tried and tested to just connect their riders with drivers and accept payments. Uber’s MVP was accepted across the globe by both customers and drivers as they exactly found a relevant and prevalent headache, which has booking cabs.

As a simple concept, Uber Cab had let them enter the market in a short time, receive real user feedback, and expand to the brand they are today.

Essential Features:

  • Live-tracking of drivers
  • Fare estimations
  • Fare splitting
  • Instant credit and debit card payments

2. Dropbox

The famous Dropbox, instead of releasing a product as their Minimum Viable Product, they launched a short video that demoed their product’s first ever development, explained their core values and showed how simple it is for everyone to share all sorts of files across their devices. After they released this 3-minute video, the beta sign-up increased from just 5,000 to 75,000 instantly.

Essential Features:

  • Integration with MS Office
  • Dropbox for businesses
  • Collaboration
  • Upload images and videos from tablets, smartphones, etc.

3. Instagram

The very first version of the very famous and preferred social media platform, Instagram, lets photo sharing with just a few filters. They had entered the market which was soaked with other photo editing apps and tools that were common and gave tough competition to Instagram. However, the company offered a Unique Selling point (USP) that was a combination of both image sharing and editing.

Essential Features

  • Direct messaging
  • Boomerang videos and videos
  • Added new filters

4. Airbnb

Without having to involve the middlemen, to be able to provide short-term renting is the primary mission of the Airbnb. In order to test their idea of renting a loft for short-term trips, the founders of Airbnb offered accommodation for people who came to town for tentative periods. Soon, they launched a simple website that explained, how tourists can take advantage of Airbnb.

Essential Features

  • Selection of high-quality and well-equipped homes
  • Service hospitality included
  • Hosts provide daily essentials

5. Facebook

Facebook’s minimum viable product was pretty much similar to what LinkedIn had introduced. No applications, no news feed, no sort of status updates, and a lot of things were absent. Back when it started, all Facebook did was let students at Harvard university access to utilize within the university. The application was also made available to a tiny group of people to test and gather user feedback.


Essential Features

  • News feed
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Live video streaming
  • Sending messages

6. LinkedIn

The very first version of LinkedIn had got out with not too many features. For example, back then, users couldn’t endorse their connections for skills, write a recommendation, or even get a list of recommended connections. Everything on LinkedIn today is  created after the initial assumption was thoroughly tried and tested.

Essential Features

  • Incorporating keywords to enhance the profile
  • Recommendations and endorsements
  • Adding work examples, images, videos, etc.
  • Advanced people finder

7. Foursquare

When it was first launched, Foursquare had only had famous check-ins and badges for finishing particular activities. With their initial findings of the MVP which had only one main feature, Foursquare incredibly increased the market of apps with their location-based services.

Essential Features:

  • Check in at business places or attractions
  • Write reviews
  • Finding attractions

8. Pinterest

Just like the above ones, even Pinterest had a Minimal Viable Product. The platform offered enough utility for users who wanted to visually bookmark their interests. They made the pin one aspect of the Minimum Viable Product as it enabled the functionality. The early users of this product validated it as the product-market fit and made one of the best platforms for bookmarking recipes and fashion.

Essential Features

  • Collect photos as visual bookmarks
  • Share lists with anyone
  • Follow pins and lists from your connections

9. Zynga

Games and social media easily go hand-in-hand now. Back then, there were two extreme ends. When it originally introduced, Zynga was a poker game which let users go live on Facebook. This made a lot of difference and helped them to venture capital to fund titles such as Farmville.

Essential Features

  • Competitive tournaments
  • Casual Texas Holdem poker
  • Play across devices

10. Zappos

When Zappos was first established, they literally went into shoe retailing without keeping any sort of inventory. They started providing the photos of a variety of shoes they wanted to sell and if any customer placed the order then they would the particular shoes. This greatly helped them to study their target market.

Essential Features

  • Free shipping
  • 365-day return policy
  • Personalized product recommendations

11. Spotify

Spotify is another fantastic example of an MVP. As they wanted to develop a music streaming service, they specifically targeted music streaming for their MVP. Spotify built an application for desktop and run a closed beta for testing purposes on their target audiences. When they figured that their MVP was exactly what users wanted, they started signing with more number of artists.

Essential Features

  • Syncs smartphones with desktop
    Intuitive search by genre
    Undelete playlists erased by mistake

Wrapping up

While there are numerous ways to accomplish goals in businesses, Minimum Viable Product is the go-to solution especially for start-ups because of the scarcity of the funds in their backpacks.

Small and medium-sized companies are also becoming the frontier of innovation as they would have fewer limitations when compared to the enterprises and corporations. That is why it is important to test your ideas before you make them big.

Best Apps Every Sales Reps Needs On Their Smartphone

Well, in today’s fast pacing world, salespeople will always be on the go whether they are meeting new potential clients, giving a presentation, or even leading a group of professionals. With situations like these, mobile access is honestly a necessity.

While the hustle remains constant in the sales world, a few handy apps go a long way in making their daily struggle a little less. Now, as a sales rep, it is pretty common to be running around from one meeting to another and that is why it is important to have access to sorts of sale systems 24X7.

Apart from the company’s software, sales reps can also install some good productivity, educational sales tools that simplify their time away while they are away from their desks.

Here are our best apps that all sales reps should definitely download:

1. Slack

With Slack, sales reps can bring team communication and collaboration together to get their work done quickly. Available in iOS and Android users, sales reps can easily find and access their team and work wherever they are.


Essential Features:

  • Communicate with your sales team and simplify your work priorities
  • Text or call any team member of your group
  • Edit and share documents and organize the projects

Download : Android, iOS

2. 30/30

If you are one of the sales reps who constantly procrastinate too much, then this is the app for you. 30/30 schedule, lets you get more work done simply by timing them better. Utilizing this app to time your activities will help you quickly get through projects.

30-30 app

Essential Features

  • Break your activities into 30-minute chunks
  • Organize tasks according to priority
  • Keep a track of your work productivity

Download : Android

3. HubSpot Sales

Right from managing your full HubSpot stack to accessing your sales team performance, HubSpot lets you manage everything in one place. In addition, you get notified whenever your emails are being opened by your recipients.


Essential Features

  • View, edit, and complete your CRM activities
  • Access all your deals board
  • Get real-time notifications about your sales activities

Download : Android, iOS

4. Close the Sale

This app helps sales rep a whole new confidence to let them know that they can absolutely handle any client in any sort of situation and close the deal. Unlike any scheduling app, Close the Deal lists the greatest sales objections that sales reps usually come across while closing the deal.

close the sale app

Essential Features

  • Quick access to common sales objections that most buyers find
  • Train anytime anywhere
  • Get appropriate close for your custom situation

Download : iOS

5. Keynote

Now, you can seamlessly create presentations with Keynote. The appconsists of Dynamic yet simple-to-use tools and impeccable effects, that will take your presentations to a whole new level. With more than 30 eye-catching designed themes, you can easily ace the presentation of yours to close the deal.


Essential Features

  • Engage your viewers by including chart animations
  • See live on-canvas previews whenever you are trying to animate slides
  • Choose your presentation style from over 600 editable shapes

Download : iOS

6. Dropbox

Reduce your busy work, bring all your important documents, safely sync them all across your devices, and access them anytime anywhere with Dropbox. Also, you don’t ever have to face that error problem again when you try to send or receive a too large file. All you need to do is just enter the Dropbox’s mobile app and send as many files as you want.


Essential Features

  • Comment on documents and share the feedback with your team
  • Easily work on documents with your team via shared folders
  • Turn all your whiteboards, important notes, etc. into PDFs instantly

Download : Android, iOS

7. Wunderlist

This is one of the helpful apps for sales reps who do a lot of multitasking activities. Whether it is a usual grocery list, working on a task, or planning a holiday, Wunderlist instantly syncs all the important data you need come across your devices so that you can access it from anywhere.

wunderlist app

Essential Features

  • Create and share your lists with team members
  • Send PDFs, presentations etc.
  • Sync all your files and documents across devices

8. Feedly

Organizing all your publications, YouTube channels, blogs, etc. will be easier than ever with Feedly. Let all your content come to you with an easy-to-read format. You can also track keywords, brands, companies, and many more.


Essential Features

  • Social integrations like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. makes it easier to share files
  • Free reader available for both iOS and Android users
  • Easily search top topics for blog, magazine, or newspaper

Download : Android, iOS

9. Pulse Auto Dealer

Reaching your clients 24X7 would be easy now with Pulse Auto Dealer. After you install the app, it immediately automates and personalizes all your communications with your prospective clients.

pulse auto dealer app

Essential Features

  • Schedule service appointments
  • Access to dealership information including product inventory
  • Connect with clients and communicate on a daily basis

10. Expensify

Expensify is the number one tool for tracking your receipts, expense report management, and many more. Sales reps don’t need to sit back and waste their time on spreadsheets, as this app will streamline all your travel and tax compliance with expense report effortlessly.

expensify app

Essential Features

  • Corporate card reconciliation
  • Global currency compatibility
  • Automatic credit card import

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Wrapping up

There are endless sales enablement and enhancement tools out there for all sorts of sales reps, but the real question is how many of them actually enhance your sales work life? With handling deadlines, data, impressions, etc. there is a hell of a lot for you to keep eye on. However, no matter how busy you are, having the appropriate tools can truly make all the difference in the world.

The aforementioned sales apps will certainly help you with most of the things that are eating up your time. Try these apps and you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

How Much Does an MVP Mobile App Cost in India

With a world full of Android apps and iOS apps, it would be pivotal to make your app stand out from your competitors. And for that to happen, it is important to choose the right strategy for developing an app and not to spend your entire funds just on a single aspect. Well, there’s a way and that is MVP — Minimum Viable Product.

Of course, now you might be thinking that you all are familiar with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how it is helpful for start-ups and SMBs in reducing the unwanted costs and gives a chance to market test your product-related risks. But nobody knows how much it costs for mobile app development in India.

Let’s dig a little into the details.

But do we need an MVP at all?

Well, the app stores are heavily loaded with numerous apps and typically, 8 out of 10 apps fail to impress their users. Whenever you are planning to implement your concept or idea into an app, you need to be a more little careful than usual when it comes to mobile app design, the whole development process, costs, customers, etc. as these elements consume a lot of time.


This is where an MVP comes into the picture. A MVP mobile app helps your business to take a look at the future reflection of your concept and to learn the customer market significance of the app with minimum development costs and time.

How to build an MVP?

Usually, when you are developing a mobile app, you would start the process with selecting the right and flawless design and then work all your way up to the usability, reliability, features, and then functionalities. But, this way, there would be no end to the development costs.

Instead what you need to do is start with choosing the essential functionalities and features that you think would make difference and help your customers in solving their problems and then finally, choose a design that fits with the present app.

Now, coming to the main question. How much does it cost to build an MVP mobile app in India?

Honestly, an MVP costs nothing provided you do it yourself. But then again, it might not be as efficient as it could be if got it done by a professional and when it is not efficient, it would miserably fail to impress your target audiences.

When you try to find the cost of an MVP mobile app on Google or other search engines, you would mostly find vague answers and numbers. That is why we thought of providing a lengthy, actually a bit lengthy answer to your question.

It is no surprise that the cost of an app development is the primary factor in deciding whether you would continue building the app or not. However, when compared to the cost of actual, complete mobile application, an MVP app costs much lesser.

But what is the exact cost of an MVP?

Coming to the options of building an MVP mobile app, there are typically 2 ways (Excluding DIY).

  • Hire a freelance developer
  • Outsource it an IT company

Just like any other usual mobile app, an MVP cost also depends on the type of method you pick. The cost of hiring a freelance developer varies from country to country.

But India is certainly one of the most cost-affordable countries for IT solutions. However, freelancers would charge you anywhere between from $10/hr to $200/hr and mid-sized IT companies charges range somewhere around $2500 – $11,000.

For a better understanding, let’s dig a little deeper. Even if you consider the shortest possible timeline for your MVP development which is 30 days —

40 hours*$30 = $1,200/week

$1,200*4 = $4,800 — The total cost of your MVP mobile app

So this total cost could be ok or fine for some people and it may not for others. Also, this would be the cost of your MVP considering it only takes 30 days to build. But there are cases where it would take months, maybe 2 or 3 depending on the features and functionalities just like a mobile app.

Nevertheless, there are some common issues that could prolong your MVP development process a little more than you anticipated.

Keep the MVP design costs to minimal

Even before checking out what kind of features and functionalities your app has, first your customers will judge your MVP mobile app based on the design and how it looks. The design of your MVP is just as important as any other aspect because this is what the final output of the mobile app is going to look like. Anything other than the outline cannot be considered in this process. Additional changes are only done, once the app is launched.

The UI of your MVP should be simple and easy to navigate so that your users won’t find it difficult to search for anything. Depending on the number of screens of your MVP app, you can get a fair idea of how much it is going to cost you.

Also, what you need to understand is that the initial design is altogether a different and separate expense.

The Total Cost of MVP App:

As I already said, to figure out the final value of your MVP app cost, you just need to multiply the number of hours required to build it by the price of the hour freelance developer charges you.

The below table will give an outline of how much your MVP is going to cost.

There are certain elements beyond the development process of MVP such as:

Elements Beyond MVP Development

  • Initial release
  • Taking reviews and feedback
  • Data analysis

Once you launch your MVP, continue for a brief time as MVP is. If your customers love your app, then they will ask you to release a full-featured and functional app. By making the required changes and tweaks, you can release the final version of your app.

But, if your customers have mixed feelings about your MVP, then ask them which features they like and which they don’t so that you can improve their user experience.

In any case, you get totally negative feedback, and then stop the project for a while. Learn what your customers are expecting from your app. Otherwise, you would just be wasting a lot of money that would give you absolutely zero ROI.

Wrapping up

Now that you have understood how to proceed with your MVP mobile app development, this will surely give you an edge in negotiating with developers and IT companies. In addition to that, you know what to expect from your MVP, you can plan it in a better way on how to improve it and present it to your investors to raise more funds.