Top 11 iOS App Development Companies in India

What if I said that India has the biggest and growing market for the mobile applications with a growth at 41 percent? I know what you must be thinking. Getting your mobile application done by one of the leading mobile app development companies in India would be a fantastic idea.

So that is why here’s a detailed run down of the best mobile app development companies in India, carefully evaluated on the various parameters depending on the proven track record, technical expertise, diversified portfolio, project development strategy, turnaround time, budget, and a lot of other performance indicators.





Located in Pune, India, Redbytes has nearly a decade of experience in developing a mobile app and especially iOS ones including the trending technologies such as wearables, IoT, Beacons, etc. The iOS mobile app development team of Redbytes has rendered application development services for industries like entertainment, healthcare, automotive, education, and logistics. With veteran developers and a competent team including strategists, designers, QAs, etc. Redbytes has served for some of the big names in the industry.

2. Apphitect

One of the top-rated mobile app development companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Apphitect is more than known for their unmatched iOS app development services. The company covers the bilateral path of building tech products and rendering impeccable IT services.  Serving some of the world’s most known entities such as The World Bank and Mahindra Motors, this company has bagged some of the serious technical force behind it. Along with mobile app development, they as well as offer emerging technologies services which has been the company’s strength for a long time now.

3. Konstant Infosolutions

Being in the industry for more than 15 years, Konstant Infosolutions has some of the world’s best lateral thinkers that are driving the company toward the success of iOS mobile app development. Especially known for their custom IT solutions depending on the needs and objectives of the startups and enterprises, this innovative IT company serves industries including travel, social media, restaurant, transportation, gaming, education, on-demand, etc.

4. Hidden Brains

Established in 2003 with a vision to provide next-gen customized IT solutions, Hidden Brains is one of the global pioneers in the mobile app industry. By serving more than 2318 clients in a span of 15 years, the company has spread its wings across 107 countries including Germany, and Norway. Hidden Brains is certified by several industry quality standards such as ISO 9001 and NASSCOM.

Not only mobile app development, but Hidden Brains has been building secure and scalable IT solutions by ingenious methodologies and global delivery model which so far delivered 3500 web projects across the globe.

5. VironIT

Focusing on iOS and iPad app development, VironIt is one of the trusted USA mobile application development companies that provides a complete range of IT services and solutions. Right from of the idea of app creation to testing and deployment, VironIT has certainly mastered the art of mobile app development along with latest cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Being in the industry for more than 14 years and serving some big names, VironIT has able to put itself in the international market.

6. Contus

Located in Chennai, India, Cotus is an expert mobile app development company on various trending technologies such as Beacons, Wearables, IoT, AR/VR, etc. This company has so far served various industries including healthcare, ecommerce, automobile, and many others. Contus makes it possible for ecommerce industry to instantly develop iOS and Android mobile applications for online business through readymade solutions.

7. LetsNurture

Mobile application development company from offshore Ahmedabad, India, LetsNurture is one of a kind IT outsourcing company which has a proven track record of serving a wide array of industries. With a mission to compete against the best in the industry, LetsNurture has gained more than enough experience in developing innovative mobile apps, Wearable apps, AR/VR, IoT, and a lot more. With a team of 150+ veteran app developers and designers, LetsNurture provides the best IT services and solutions so that their clients get excellent ROI.

8. Appster

Founded in 2011, Appster is a highly experienced mobile app development company that believes in serving its clients with creation, freshness, and modernization. This ultra-experienced company provides startups and enterprises with their strategical fire that will ultimately help them expand their services and solutions. With protecting your app idea to funding startups, Appster helps their companies grow by providing innovative services.

9. Appinventiv



One of the most known and preferred mobile app development companies, Appinventiv has its presence across India, Dubai, and the USA. With a team of more than 300 developers, designers, and QA testers, Appinventiv has successfully delivered 500+ mobile and web applications. Having worked with a global client base (The Economic Times, Merck, PWC) across industries including real-estate, hospitality, education, and ecommerce, this mobile app development company offers various innovative and effective app development and deployment services.

10. Sourcebits


Established in 2006, Sourcebits consists of a team of powerful leaders and innovative developers who can drive the company toward the upward trajectory. Their next-gen mobile applications and agile app development methodologies let them provide their clients a unique and effective online identity. Their team of 150+ expert developers, designers, and testers have years of experience in iOS app development, cross-platform app development, and Android app development. Their work is called as”Achingly beautiful” by one of the biggest online publications.

11. Space-O Technologies

For making your company at the front of technological developments, Space-O Technologies is the right and final destination. By taking the command of iOS app development, Android app development, iOS wearable app development, Space-O is one of the top mobile app development companies on the list.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, so far Space-O has delivered 2500+ mobile applications for clients across the globe. Their experienced app development teams are extremely dedicated and committed to providing the best and next-gen technological support.

Closing Thoughts:

The above list is prepared based on goodfirms and clutch ratings. If you ask me one right mobile app development company for your business requirements then I would definitely say it can be a mammoth task. For a better and personal judgment, you can discuss your mobile app requirements with them in detail so that you and the company can both understand the expectations from each other. Needless to say, the aforementioned companies have made some serious growing mobile apps that you should certainly consider before finalizing your app development partner.

Top 7 Reasons to Invest in IoT Automotive Apps

We are officially in the digital transformation era and the IoT devices have become one of the hottest in the industry. The automotive sector is the perfect fit for the IoT because this helps vehicles turn smarter.  The speed with which development of vehicles are unfolding is partly due to the demand and the number of competitors in the IoT app development market. The sector is now looking at enhanced convenience, comfort, maintenance and transport safety.

Here are seven of the top reasons that justify investments in IoT automotive apps.

  • Natural partner to the concept of connected machines

One of the very recent and popular developments has been the Tesla automobile supported by the IoT. Way back in 2014 Tesla announced the rollout of a car that was supported by many IoT features. An app framework permitted developers to build apps that would work with the car. The car was loaded with features that offered information about the performance and the utilization of energy, braking effectiveness, Geolocation and a host of other useful information.

  • Cars have transformed into machines that work with advanced software

Cars are not more the typical mean machines that get tuned at a garage or workshop. They are advanced machines with latest software and automotive technology. As a result, modern day cars possess the capability to update the service center about a problem in the car, which will receive a response from the service center. Depending upon the need, the service center may call in the vehicle for servicing or may dispatch a team to carry out repairs or replacement of defective components.

  • Self-driving vehicles

In Europe, a convoy of self-driving trucks moved across borders as part of a challenge, though the trucks did have drivers onboard the vehicles. Computers and connectivity between the six trucks ensured that the trucks moved smoothly in a convoy across Europe to their destination safely, with drivers only taking over the driving at times. One of the advantages that were seen in this demonstration was the ability to conserve fuel and prevent accidents. The trucks were able to communicate to each other at high speed and maintain a very short distance with each other. This helped the driverless trucks to react quickly to the turns and obstacles on the road. With a smooth movement, the trucks were able to collectively cut down on fuel emission by as much as 10%.

  • Fixing problems remotely

Another famous example is also that of Tesla, where car owners received a fix over the air. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued two recall announcements. The problem related to a safety aspect that had a high risk of a fire breaking out. Here, Tesla’s cars were fixed over the air, with owners not having to drive them to a service center. The fixes happened without interrupting the routine of owners. The problem was resolved ‘over the air’ while the cars were parked in the garage at home or at a parking lot in the office.

  • Vehicle to Infrastructure technology will improve road safety

With a large number of cars, especially high-speed models on the road, it is necessary to have systems that help in preventing accidents with an advanced warning for preventing collisions. The Vehicle to Infrastructure technology that has been demonstrated in many vehicles is a case in point. This will help drivers with an early warning to prevent accidents. More often than not, the lack of reflexes or a split second delay is all that it takes for things to go wrong on the road.  With V2I technology this is all set to change.

  • Telematics to prevent car thefts

While engine immobilizers have been around for quite some time, car thieves have found a way to beat the technology, indulging in sensational car thefts of high-end vehicles. Telematics and IoT working together are expected to offer solutions to prevent car theft by pinpointing the locations of vehicles and controlling access to the vehicles. The advanced apps that are finding their way to the market will make it nearly impossible to steal a car in the near future.

  • A Better connected world

The world and all the devices are slowly getting connected into an intelligent grid to improve performance and cut down on time spent for individual actions. This massive integration is slowly happening and it will not be very long before intelligent cities will have a vast grid of integrated and interconnected devices, from street lights to appliances, to wearable devices and diagnostic tools. And in this connected world, automotive apps will find an important place. This will make it easier for technology to transmit an occupant’s expected time of arrival. This will find greater use among the hospitality industry and also among individuals who can then plan accordingly.  Route changes for vehicles involved in medical emergencies will become a lot easier depending on the information collected from all connected vehicles in moving traffic.

Final Thoughts

The speed of developments in IoT automotive apps makes the future exciting. Cars have transformed from simple vehicles of transportation to infotainment packed vehicles that are a lot smarter and connected. It would have been hard to imagine a few decades back that a navigation app can help drivers to smoothly find their way to any place in the world, without having to know the local language.

The turn by turn instruction has transformed the way people reach a destination. Similarly, the future is exciting in IoT automotive apps and it certainly makes a lot of sense to invest in the apps. The performance of vehicles can improve up to a point, but beyond a point, it would not be possible to make it any better. But the experience inside the vehicle and the various aspects of safety and convenience can be improved as technology moves into the next generation.  Investing in IoT automotive apps will prove to be a wise decision, considering the demand and the shape of the future.

Tips To Design The Best UI For Mobile Apps

What glitters is not gold. But in case of mobile app design, the look speaks a lot to the eyes of beholders. Although design style and aesthetics are not everything, having a visually delightful and appealing UI is as important as the main substance and helps drive conversion. Combine the eye-catching look with amazing features and you have the recipe for delivering incredible user experience.

It is important, however, to understand the target market so that you can implement best UI design practices for your mobile app to enhance users’ interest and credibility. Based on our experience and research, we have put together a few essential tips to help you create highly engaging UI for your mobile app.

1. Users-centric approach

You must first prioritize user requirements and accommodate current market trends to create a wave for your mobile app. Gather all the details of target demographics using power analytics. based on the data, you can discern what they always needed and obstacles they face. You must think beyond the basic stats and discover the actual users of your app. The better design practice is to start with an MVP and watch users as they interact with it and encourage them to share their views. This will not only help you tune your app to their needs, but will help you make right decisions and minimize frequency of design iterations.

2. Technical details of design

a) Round cornered controls

There is no thumb rule of just sticking to rectangle pixels for UI elements. You can alternatively opt for roundish edges for the corners of buttons or other controls. Having pointy corners is an old custom in the world of mobile app interface. Round-shaped cornered action buttons and controls subdue the intensity of the interface and make it softer, more appealing and comfy for users.

b) Contrast for view

You don’t want to make it a painful experience for users as they navigate inside your application. The app content should be easy on eyes and effortlessly legible. To avoid awkward effects, it is good to include high-contrast colour schemes that create fine, clear content-friendly design. You can even go beyond system default colours and experiment with different variations.

 c) Size-optimized graphics

In order to optimize the available resources, developers often reduce their efforts by keeping one size for many devices. This approach can turn abysmal nemesis to your app’s overall appeal. To make it spectacular, make unique graphics to suit each target device screen. Device-specific graphics tend to load in time and results in stunning user experience.

d) Picture format suitability

The chosen picture format in app graphic may become inimical to the loading speed of the page. The size is often blamed, but the real fault is inappropriate format. The Android-compatible media formats include PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc. While PNG suits lossless images, JPEG is a good choice for editing. Each format has its own qualities and designer should know which goes where.

3. Finger-compatible interface

Make sure your app’s UI is finger-friendly. Mobile developers sometimes skip the consideration of keeping finger-compatible buttons with space enough to enable convenient typing for users. You must understand that human fingers are thick and may cause trouble while selecting options with a tap of fingertip. If app buttons are tiny or are placed too close, users will feel frustrated and may quit your app. Hence, your UI design strategy should emphasize optimizing the interface for finger-based interaction.

4. Smooth transitions

Trying variations in colours is a tricky job for mobile app designers. When the user is navigating, they should experience pleasant transition between the screens or and experience comfort while changing UI control states in the application. The approach of this sort maintains consistency and smoothness while switching from one state to another. Use eye-friendly animations and suitable colour combinations. This way, users will feel connected while making transitions. Also, with a change in button control colours, users can confirm their action after clicking on it.

5. Maintaining Simplicity

Simplicity of design helps ensure new users can onboard easily and start using the app without groping for detailed guide or tutorials. This does not necessarily mean adopting minimalist design style. The simple UI allows users to execute the action and reach their goals in minimal steps. Certain variations in colours, buttons, spacing pattern, fonts and navigation path are all critical factors that go into making easy-to-understand interface, enticing more traffic to your mobile app.

6. Back button and Fonts

Back button is meant to shepherd users back to the previous page consistently. Being an app designer, you can either leverage the native OS back button (the default choice on the device) or develop a back button at the top-left corner of UI as often seen in iOS apps. This approach helps you incorporate users’ impulsive tendencies for quick navigation.

As for fonts, it is wise to stay away from using anomalous or bizarre fonts that often drive users away. Such practice discourages the real motive of UX and drains users. Instead, include fonts that are both spectacular and readable. Keep the font size optimized (usually 12pt and above) to both screen as well as users’ viewing experience.

7. Emphasis on clutter-free interaction

If you have powerful data analytics to monitor user journey through your app, you can effectively judge what features are most welcome by 80% of users. The task becomes easy especially when your mobile app is the direct extension of an online website. This fundamental is based on 80-20 principle that defines the 20% of app frequently explored by 80% of users. Apply this 80-20 rule so that you can easily identify the features that are redundant from users’ perspective and retain those that are compelling to ensure clutter-free interaction.

8. Relatable icons

In the last 5 years, there has been a tremendous advancement in the way mobile app UI icons are presented to users. A whole new range of icons have risen to enable more comfort and luxury to users who are always curious to try something novel, unique and relatable. Hence, UI designers looking to score better should develop relatable icons that create intuitive appeal and effortless user experience.

9. High resolution

Modern smartphones usually offer in-built support for high resolution that creates impressive picture view and enhances user’s interactive experience with interface. If you wish to acquire and engage more users, make sure your interface design is perfect for high resolution images and shows vivid picture quality to the audience. You can opt for images with 264 ppi or better to bring out stunning interface and amplify the clarity especially if the target devices have large screens.

10. Effortless error notifications

A phenomenal mobile app UI is the one that minimizes user’s side of efforts while identifying the errors. In the event that the error strikes, the UI design must reduce users’ guesswork and clearly notify them of what went wrong while performing an action. Users will be delighted to have clear guidance about how to rectify faults and things gone wrong while interacting with the app interface.


To build an attractive UI for mobile app to user’s tastes, mobile app designers must delve into the target market and scoop up the essentials. The second important aspect of brilliant app architecture is following the guidelines for user-friendly, business-specific interface.

To ensure massive usability, your product should be easy on eyes and create positive appeal on minds. Hopefully this post will help you develop deeper insight and excellence required to construct an outstanding user interface for a competitive mobile app.

8 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS and Android

Smartphone apps are a part and parcel of everyone’s daily lives. Be it a simple calculator app or a complicated audio mixing app, there is an app for every use.

AI has managed to penetrate into the iOS app development and android app development industry.

Every iOS app development company is looking for something more innovative and new to bring to the market.

So far, there have been some amazing AI-powered app releases for both the Android as well as the IOS smartphone segment.

Though using AI may seem a little daunting at first, but the possibilities are endless, and the large range of solutions offered by the technology is growing by the day.

In this article, we have included 8 of the best Artificial Intelligence apps of this year.

1. Fyle

Ever felt the need that business requires an expense system which is automated? With Fyle you can do just that. If you ask any major iOS app development company, they consider Fyle as one of the best AI apps in the market, Fyle helps an employee track, scan, and upload company expense related documents.

It is a smart app which automatically extracts the important information from the documents uploaded. The basic principle behind this app’s working is called as intelligent expense management.

It is a great business utility app which uses the best of Artificial Intelligence technology to increase your company’s overall productivity.

2. Acquisio

Ever heard of digital technology powered by machine learning technology? Acquisio is an AI-powered app which uses certain predictive algorithms to successfully bring about and augment bids.

It churns out expressions such as unimaginable and self-improving to prospective clients and hence manages to achieve results beyond human capabilities.

It allows us to enjoy the best of the digital ad world and hence, is a great way to sell stuff much faster and easier.

It is available for download on both the Apple App store and Android’s Play Store.

3. Answer Rocket

Answer Rocket is another AI-powered app which performs an operation called “data discovery which is search based”. All you have to do is ask the app a question in simple English and it will return you an answer which is filled with reports and charts related to the question posed to it.

The use of artificial intelligence in this app allows it to turn normal human language into a much business intelligence detailed answer. In simple terms, it does the job of a simple business analyst.

This app is available for download on both play store as well as on the App Store.

8 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS and Android-ad banner


The abbreviation for ELSA is English Smart Speech Assistant. This is a unique and first of its kind application which helps in improving the pronunciation of its users.

All you have to do is input the word, and you can know the pronunciation of it, which helps you learn easily. It is free of cost and is available in the Play store and App Store as well.

5. Apptus

Apptus is an AI-powered mobile application which is able to achieve e-commerce optimization by the integration of certain key platforms.

This app is able to enhance the afore-mentioned platforms with the help of streamlined searches, merchandising and finally, providing seamless site navigation.

The main value gained out of this app is enhanced operational efficiency which is not only a daunting task but gets even tougher when teams are tax leaned.

This amazing AI app is available for both iOS and Android-powered smart devices.

6. Polyword

Polyword is a unique app which is used to recognize objects around us. It is a great way to entertain yourself when you’re bored by identifying objects around you.

That’s not all, it’s also able to translate the object identified into 30 different languages. This app is able to support translation in real time as well.

All you have to do is face your phone camera towards the object and also specify the target language in which you want the object to be interpreted in.

This AI-powered app has been lauded by major IOS app development companies and is available for download on the IOS and the Android platform as well.

7. Clara

The first entry on our list is called Clara. It is nothing but an AI-powered app which helps in scheduling, providing conformations as well as provide follow-ups with prospective clients.

It is a great business utility app which can even help you reserve a conference room if required. With the help of this app, you can integrate with calendars to schedule appointments depending on the availability of your time.

You can also interact with the participants in case there is a change of schedule. It is a great utility app which has made strides in the business world. It is available for download on both iOS and Android-powered devices.

8. Google Assistant

It’s always best to save the best for the last. The Google Assistant is nothing short of an AI revelation. With the help of this app, you can easily use your very own smart assistant powered by voice control.

By simply pressing down on your home button or by just saying “OK Google”, you can activate this app on your phone. You can send texts, listen to music, set appointments and reminders, make calls, and write texts, etc.

without even pressing a button. You can now open apps, search for images online, schedule your favorite Netflix movie, etc. all with just one app.

8 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS and Android- ad banner

This unique app is available on both Android and iOS powered devices.


The above-listed apps certainly represent the best of AI technology in use today. The latest updates to the Google Assistant app were an indicator of the marvels of this technology.

It’s only going to get better with time as all of the major iOS app development companies have made it a point to include Machine learning and Artificial intelligence as part of their iOS app development projects.

2018 promises to be an interesting year for Apps as some of the major iOS app development companies have made huge upgrades to their existing apps. The sky’s the limit and only time will tell how further Artificial Intelligence technology is going to develop.

Top 8 Apps For Latest Updates of FIFA World Cup 2018

It is time for soccer mania to grip the whole world, as the quadrennial FIFA World Cup is about to kick off in Russia literally. For fans around the world, nothing can be more thrilling and exciting than watching their favourite stars in the play. Yes, we are officially in the planet of the apps and we use apps to follow our most loved game.

Follow the most critical moments of the game without missing a single signature move of your favourite stars –that keeps you in the game, even if you are not near a television screen.

For those of you who may not be fortunate enough to be up and awake to watch the games, here are seven of the top apps that you can consider to have on your phones to catch the action.

1) Official FIFA App:

Obviously, this could be your first choice, because of the official tag. This app comes with a load of features with a classic image gallery that will reproduce the action in breathtaking images.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, the app lists out all details exhaustively, including the team composition, the match schedule, a professional minute by minute update of all the action and one of the best video libraries that will enthrall you.

Download : Android, iOS

2) One football App:

If you are looking for a lightweight version, an app that is easy to navigate and offers you the information that you need, then Onefootball is a good option. Available for both Android and iOS platforms the app allows you to pick the team you love to watch and follow them all the way through their FIFA world cup journey.

With crisp updates about fixtures and scores, the recap section will undoubtedly keep you abreast of all the action that unfolds in Russia.

Download : Android, iOS

3) Goal Live Score:

If you are the nerdy type and would like to follow the game through figures and scores, then Goal Live Score would be the most suitable app for you. As with most of the apps that are developed for football crazy fans, this app is available in both Android and iOS versions.

It keeps you updated with the happenings on the field in real time. The only catch is that you get to see the scores on the app and no other action or feeds as offered by other apps. However, it serves its purpose efficiently and is a lightweight app.

Download : Android, iOS

4) Goal Fantasy Football:

This is one app which is intended to meet the needs of soccer fans who like to have a slice of the action. Made available for soccer lovers in both Android and iOS versions, this app permits users to get their own team and try their hand at a fantasy session of soccer with their own pick of team members. This is an exciting way to take your interests forward and be more involved in the game rather than being a spectator. Get the adrenaline to rush as you get your own team into play in the mini-leagues.

5) Stats Zone App:

Another app that is targeted more at the nerdy soccer lovers, it offers exciting tidbits of information and vital statistics. Football has a lot to do with statistics, and the game would never be entertaining without the knowledge of knowing how goals were scored by a team or by your favorite star. The manner in which maneuvers resulted in successful goals will be of interest not just to a nerd but also to individuals who are looking at taking to the sport. The only downside to this app is that it only works with iOS.

Download : iOS

6) BBC Sport App:

Can BBC be far behind where football is involved? Yes, this app available for Android as well as iOS is from the reputed British broadcaster. True to their inimitable style, the app is packed with loads of information about the game with a lot of interesting background information that adds to the spice of soccer. The analysis is in-depth and will throw great insights into each game and will keep you riveted to your seat. Moreover, unlike most of the other apps on this list, you get the benefit of podcasts with this app.

Download : Android, iOS

7) Sony LIV App:

If you would love to get streaming videos of the action in Russia, then this is the app for you. It supports Android and iOS devices and offers users the options of going in for a paid subscription or a free service. The difference between both the options are ads and deferred streaming of the games. With the paid subscription, you will not get to see ads and you can watch the action live. With the free download, you will get to see the action deferred by five minutes with ads playing out in between to support the free streaming.

Download : Android, iOS

8) ESPN App:

ESPN being one of the biggest American sport media has made their mark on the digital space with their app that provides users with constant coverage of all major sports, including football. As its the FIFA world cup time, ESPN app has a dedicated section where you can view the games updates, get the schedules of upcoming games and even read articles from ESPN writers about the game.

Download : Android, iOS

Closing Thoughts:

The four year wait is nearly over as the world cup is just around the corner s. As media and entertainment industry is grown so much at the touch of smartphone screen, all major mobile companies and platforms have come up with apps for their customers. According to a recent Google survey, 30% of sports fans now rely on live streaming on their smart phones or tablets. As the upcoming 31 days starting from June 14th 2018 will be dominated by football with the FIFA World Cup 2018 kicking off, take your right pick from the apps listed above and download to catch all the actions in real-time.

iOS App Development Trends To Follow in 2018

It is an interesting piece of trivia to note that the globally renowned Apple has marketed over 130 million iPhones globally in 2017. This whopping figure speaks volumes of the rising popularity of iPhone lovers from across the globe. Hence, it comes as a wise move for all the iOS app developers to be in the know of the latest trends that they can expect to emerge by the end of 2018. You as a part of an iOS app development company can look into the below-described trend-setting elements that are poised to create ripples in iOS app development through the promising and state-of-the-art iOS apps.

1. AR and VR – The Promising Buzzwords in the iOS Space

As a well-established iOS app developer, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality seem to be the order of the day. A host of cool AR apps are currently exciting the visual senses of iPhone lovers with the introduction of iOS 11 and its version. Opening up a plethora of opportunities in the sphere of VR and AR, Apple products have been the talk of the town with their AR Kit.

Powered by an Augmented Reality viewer, the latest versions of Apple phones support VR capabilities, allowing you to step into any simulative environment with utmost ease. You can either use your phone or a VR headset to enjoy the real-life experience of a dreamy world that you always wanted to be a part of.

2. Internet of Things

The launch of Apple’s iOS 11 in 2017 opened up newer avenues for IoT and this trend is expected to continue way into 2018 as well. Addressing the much-needed security issues concerning the connectivity of IoT devices to smart phones, iPhones have steadily become the future-ready devices. Given the prominence of security-centric systems in our day-to-day transactions, the day is not far when iOS app development will unleash the potential of connected solutions that have become a part and parcel of our normal day routines. It is hence the need of the hour for iOS app developers to stay abreast with this trend that will smooth-en a number of rough edges concerning IoT system security.

3. The Popularity of Cloud-Based Technologies

When your apps are integrated with cloud-based technologies, you will be added to new flavors . Given the fact that cloud-based apps on iPhones demand less of storage space, you will be in a favorable position to improve the storage of your smart phone without draining your internal memory. This naturally comes as a blessing to smart phone users who will bank upon Cloud-centric technologies to install and use apps. iPhone lovers in 2018 can make the most of free Cloud Storage apps that are available on Apple iCloud which stores backed up your pictures and photos for 1 month.

4. The Innovative Features of iOS Apps Meant For Enterprises

As per statistics, more than 50% of American companies were expected to invest in over 10 dedicated applications by the start of 2018. This trend opens up umpteen doors to iOS app developers who need to grab every opportunity that comes their way. The rising popularity of Enterprise app development will unleash the potential of iOS app development companies to pull up their socks.

By 2018, iOS app developers are expected to lend a helping hand to an enterprise to take control over CRM functions, incorporating the guidelines of Agile management. You can also expect managers of enterprises to employ decision-driven enterprise apps that will seamlessly manage a plethora of tasks and processes. Data analytics is the tool with which these managers will be able to show up substantial results stemming obtained by keying in real-time intelligent data points.

5. The Multi-Disciplinary Scope for iOS App Developers

In view of the numerous benefits associated with iOS app development, iOS app developers will be in a favorable spot to make the most of the principles driving Big Data, Enterprise App Development and IoT. This multi-disciplinary scope for iOS app developers bring into effect a host of innovative features that will attract users in more ways than you can imagine.

6. The Unwritten Promise of Security

All the bigwigs in the technological sphere, including Apple, have been striving hard to secure their mobile data from security threats. In view of this pressing concern that impacts the performance of global companies, Apple stepped in to offer an application development platform that is in sync with the latest data security requirements. The year 2018 will hence see the implementation of innovative and cutting-edge data encryption practices. This trend will hence make iOS app developers to make security the core element of their mobile applications.

7. GPS-Centric Services Will Rule The Roost

It will be an overstatement to quote that you haven’t heard about the innovative AR technology teamed with GPS that drove the popularity of the Pokémon Go game. iOS app developers have, through this game perfectly blended the features of AR and GPS, creating room for many more innovations to emerge. By 2018, you will witness laudable results that will surface in the form of navigational functionalities and location tracking features that make mobile handsets the omnipotent devices to help companies operating in automation and retail spheres to make the most of GPS-powered iPhone applications.

8. Swift 3.0 Ranks The Undisputed and Indigenous Programming Language of Apple

It was in December 2015 that Apple launched its proprietary Swift open source to the technology specialists. Since then, there was no looking back for Swift which came up with an updated version named Swift 3.0 in 2016. The ease with which iOS app developers can employ this programming language makes it possible to churn out apps meant for iOS, watchOS and tvOS. This can be regarded as a significant step towards the use of an advanced programming language in developing iPhone apps

9. The Positives in Favor of Mobile Transactions and Payments

E-commerce portals have steadily the replaced the mundane brick and mortar stores with an air of convenience and easy payment terms. Bidding adieu to the conventional card and cash payments, mobile payments have gained popularity as the safest and fastest means for successful transactions. Apple which has come up with Apple Pay as its efficient mobile payment gateway is poised to attract the attention of all the iPhone lovers in the year 2018 as well.

10. A Perfect Remedy for Lazy Load Pages

Many a times, websites experience high bouncing rates on account of pages which take longer to load. Keeping the visitor waiting for a page to load for a second more is enough to mar your online reputation. In an attempt to steer clear of all such lazy load pages, iOS app developers have come up with a viable and unique technique which enables images to load only when they are to be viewed.

This feature is expected to make a mark in 2018 also, allowing users to enjoy the thrill of websites loading swiftly. Taking a cue from this web-based feature, iOS app developers are working extensively to blend this technology into the existing apps. This inclusion will thus serve as a performance booster to smartphone users who can enjoy better browsing experiences on their iPhones.

Closing Thoughts

With an immense potential to unlock the future of ios apps, the above situations will become trend-setters for the ensuing 2018. These highly-impactful trends will eventually pave the way for a better tomorrow for all the ardent lovers of iPhones to further simplify their lives in more ways than you can imagine. On the flipside, these technological advancements will also fuel the profitability of an ios app development company which relies on the technical expertise of its ios app development team. This team of professionals will hence become the heart and soul of every iOS app that you download and install from Apple’s iStore.

12 Best Personal Assistant AI Apps For Android 2018 [Infographic]

With the era of mobile app development and taking into account the growth of opportunities technology is to provide, every individual aspires to save time as much as they can. Whether its for communication with family or friends, for personal or professional life, gadgets have become a primary part of life.

To provide users with more features and options, most of the platforms are now bringing up personal assistant apps. And as Android has flourished to one of the top rated mobile platform with highest number of users, there are a number of AI apps that can perform creative functions to the simplest tasks.

As more things are coming up, let’s wait and see what’s more to come in the future with technology as everyone loves to work smart!

After doing research on this, we have compiled the top 12 personal assistant AI aap for Android this year in this info graphic.

personal assistant ai apps info

Everything You Need To Know About the All New iOS 12

Apple has unveiled an all new iOS 12 at Apple’s annual developer conference at San Francisco. iOS 12 is the latest version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad. The announcement revealed all new features for users. The most attractive of them are related to device performance and speed, notifications, privacy standards and emojis.

With the introduction of the latest iOS 12, every model from 5S will be getting performance boost. This means, users can happily upgrade their older devices OS to iOS 12 to avail latest features. The bug fixes for the problems reported by iPhone and iPad users for previous iOS version are fixed in this iOS 12 version.

The main focus of iOS 12 is not cosmetic look so much as improving the user experience through brilliant software upgrade splashed with unprecedented surprises.

To satiate your curiosity, here is everything you ought to know about the latest iOS 12.

What Devices Does it Support?

iOS 12 will be easily available for devices that currently run on iOS 11 at present. Apple users who are using any iPhone model from 5S or newer, or an iPad from iPad mini 2 and iPad Air 2, or sixth generation iPod touch can expect iOS 12 features on their respective device.

Compelling Features of the all New Clever iOS 12:

1) Speed

Apple promised to boost the speed of iPhone devices with iOS 12. Since this new version is optimized for better performance standard, users will experience noticeable speed improvements for smartphones starting from iPhone 5S in 2013.

Due to this new upgrade, apps on Apple devices will launch 40% faster, which is twice as fast as before.

Apart from the app launches, the camera is also optimized for speed and should load about 70% faster from lock screen.

The keyboard is also expected to appear 50% faster and Share Sheet is displayed 2x times faster, too. iOS 12 also allows multitasking with lots of apps.

Thanks to Apple’s promise to improve performance all over iOS, everything you do with your device will receive speed you’ve never seen before.

2) Notifications

Notifications that appear on iOS lock screen often bog users down, consuming a lot of their time while handling each of them. Apple has addressed this issue and liberated users from tackling overloaded lock screen.

Apple has enabled Grouped Notifications for iOS 12 users so that they don’t have to waste their time swiping away multiple push messages from the same app one by one.

As a result, notifications can be grouped together or delivered without interrupting users with a sound or vibration and shown in the notification centre instead of lock screen.

3) Addiction Controlling Features

Like Google, Apple is also making active efforts to wean users off their digital addiction. For people who can’t resist their iPhone devices, the new tool ScreenTime is here to assist. The feature is set to generate weekly Activity Reports that suggest the app usage occurred for the week.

It contains the details about the how frequently you receive notification or interact with the device during the day. It enables to set up App Limits that work as restrictive timers for specific apps.

4) Parental Controls

One of the main parental controls in iOS 12 is addiction control as described above which monitors and limits children’s apps usage on their iPhones. Parents can stay updated of their child’s activity on their iOS devices and set App Limit for them.

In case a child wants to increase the device usage time, the parents can decide whether or not to approve the request.

Downtime is another feature that helps parents set up when notifications shouldn’t be displayed on their kid’s phone and block access to certain apps.

5) Conference FaceTime

FaceTime allows users having iOS 12 on their iPhone and iPad to perform video and audio calls with as many as 32 users simultaneously. Call participants can have soundless notification without any ring and tap it to instigate conversation. FaceTime also enables you to add text effect to your photos and videos.

Apple’s FaceTime also comes with end-to-end encryption to make your conversation private and exclusive. FaceTime messages are integrated into conversation and can be operated by users.

6) More Animated Expressions with ‘Animoji’

To unleash the world of creative expressions and lively messages, Apple has introduced Memoji using which users can create custom Animoji. With Animoji, iOS 12 users can express their personality, mood and more.

You have a range of Animoji including ghost, Koala, tiger, etc. You can also record 30 second clips of Animoji. Moreover, Memoji will recognize your expressions using Tongue and Wink to make suitable animoji.

iOS 12 also has new built-in camera effects and third-party sticker packs to allow users to enhance their pictures.

7) Privacy and Security

Apple has increased the level of privacy control and security of user data in iOS 12 update. It has Safari to put a stop to Facebook’s ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons, and also prevents other intrusive widgets and ads from tracking and infiltrating the device without permission.

There is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ during Bedtime feature created to and hide notification prompts until the next morning so that users can unwind in the evenings without worrying.

The new updated USB time out feature which is available in Beta iOS 11.4.1 will help protect user data from hackers or at the time your device is confiscated by law enforcement. The feature will limit activities via the Lightning port after an hour of inactivity. With USB timeout, hackers will not be able to unlock the phone and access user data by connecting them to a system or a hacking box.

8) Photos

Probably to emulate Google photo app, iOS 12 offers its own built-in Photos app in the new “For You” tab. The app will also surprisingly suggest sharing group photos from events with the people present in them.

Additionally, Apple has also improved searching photos within the app with personalized suggestions to locate photos based on recent events, places and people.

9) Siri Shortcuts

Seemingly competing with Alexa and Google Assistant apps, Apple’s Siri is now improved with a new feature called Siri Shortcuts. It allows users to utter a set of specific custom commands to perform a certain action like opening an app or making a call. Siri Shortcuts is one of the most phenomenal updates for iOS 12 that fits close to a popular automation system IFTTT.

10) Google Maps on Apple’s Car Play

Car Play, Apple’s in-car connectivity system has been limited to Apple Maps for navigation purpose. With iOS 12, Apple has gone generous to support the third-party navigation apps like Google Maps to enhance user delight.

11) Automatic two-factor pass code copying

For users making online transactions, two-factor or one-time password (OTP) might be a tedious, nagging data-security process. But iOS 12 removes the need to switch to Messages to copy and paste the code into respective app or website. Instead, two-factor code appears with an AutoFill option as soon as the text message with OTP pops on your device, and you can simply paste it in the field.

Additional Features:

  • The voice memos has been updated and made simpler so that you can now access it via iCloud and use the voice memos across multiple device
  • In case of students there is an add on feature which allows them to add their student ID card to the Wallet so as they can use it at various places like libraries, school or college functions etc.
  • iOS 12 has launched a new file format know as the Universal Scene Description which can be used by 3D developers to created animations that specially needs to work on mobile devices.
  • Apple news now has a browser feature which makes it easier for user to search for more interesting and related contents
  • People dealing with share market and related businesses, they have a good news as the Stock app is revamped and now they can get updated stock charts, quotes, contextual reports etc directly from the Google News

When is it Available to Users?

While the developer version of iOS 12 is already available, the first public beta version of the OS is available now for download. If you are an iPhone SE user or above, then you can download the version from the Apple’s Official Public Beta Website.

To download the beta version, first you need to become a member of Apple’s Beta Software Program and after that you will have to enroll the device to start using the program. But we recommend you to not rely on such beta versions as it can cause errors or bug issues to your device. Based on the announcement, the final full version is expected to be released in September most probably for everyone.


Introducing iOS 12, Apple has stimulated immense interest of iOS users and has instigated a ripple of excitement in the market. The rare features of the novel iOS 12 described above will definitely capture a lot of attention and is likely to open doors of fresh opportunities for iPhone app developers. The final version is to hit the market in September as Apple has signified. Until then, users can take a test-ride of its magnetic features in awe.

11 Blockchain Applications That Are Shaping Your Future

Conventional systems and processes of existing social and business economies are riddled with a lot of challenges including cumbersome operations, inaccurate results and sluggish standards.

To avoid errors and control the process, they constantly need intermediaries, causing increase in stress and costs. Blockchain Technology is economical, honest, simplified and more effective solution especially for financial services.

You might have heard of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Blockchain is another innovation that ensures digital transactions are acceptably conducted and maintained.

There are more applications of Blockchain than monetary transactions, and more are being developed. So what exactly is Blockchain and how it will be applied to different industries? Here is the entire gist:

What is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain is a promising distributed ledger technology that works hand-in-hand with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It creates organized, safe and transparent financial layers between business network and customers, establishing a unique method of transferring and recording huge data.

The data is kept auditable, decentralized and transparent to ensure organizations using the technology remain democratic, efficient, secure and decentralized.

Though Blockchain is still having work-in-progress appearance, it is expected by global tech community and market experts that it may disrupt numerous industries in the next 5 years.

Let’s take a glance at top 11 Block chain applications likely to shape your future business.

1. Insurance Claims Processing


Insurance Claims Processing


For insurance companies, claim processing can be a tedious and tiring business that may frustrate the investigator teams since it involves assessment of fraudulent claims, complicated data discovery, fragmented sources, past policy records and much more.

Moreover, manual processing can encourage the room for error. The block chain alleviates traditional workloads and establishes a solid system for transparent processes devoid of risks.

It has encryption qualities that allow insurance firms to claim the ownership of the assets being insured.

2. Honest Trade Processes

Traditional nature of trading and managing assets will require working parties to take certain risks and bear more expenses. This gets more risky when it comes to cross-border transactions and deals.

Because brokers and settlement managers involved in the process keep their own records, inefficiencies and inaccuracies are likely to arise.

The block chain ledger technology uses encryption for records and minimizes errors, simplifying the trade and asset management and eliminating the redundant intermediaries.

3. Blockchain-Powered Cloud Storage

Blockchain-Powered Cloud Storage

Blockchain is likely to disrupt cloud storage in coming years. Since cloud storage services at present are centralized, users are compelled to trust their storage provider who controls their online assets.

Blockchain can tweak the way data is stored and make it all decentralized. Currently, Storj is beta-testing cloud storage that leverages the power of Blockchain to lighten their dependency and enhance security.

With Blockchain, users are allowed to even rent out excessive storage capacity.

4. Cross-Border Payments

The mode of global payments is subject to error, risky and expensive. It is also quite time consuming; you may have to go days until the payment reaches you crossing the border.

Cross-Border Payments

The block chain has innovative solution to offer end-to-end remittance services. It has collaborated with remittance companies such as Abra, Align Commerce and Bitspark blockchain-powered payment services.

Santander has successfully integrated blockchain to a payment app to allow customers to make smooth and faster international payments 24 hours a day.

5. Identity Made Simple, Secure and Seamless

For the purpose of paid advertising, online companies share our identity details to advertisers.

The blockchain helps protect your identity by encrypting it and blocks this by creating a secure and protected data point free from spammers and schemers.

Since you can encrypt only less private information, you need to worry less about your digital security.

Blockchain also makes record-keeping seamless, solid and reliable by encrypting your birth and death details. You can track and manage information securely, which keeps you protected from frauds.

Blockchain gives you a digital form of ID that replaces a range of physical identifications like driver’s license, digital passwords, identity cards, keys, passports, social security ID.

6. Smart Contracts

Blockchain is prepared to generate smart contracts in form of obligatory programmable smart contracts presented in a digitized format.

The smart contract system powered by Blockchain technology relieves you from single central authority and avail legal contracts as variable statements that rely on Bitcoin network as a third party executor to release funds.

Effectively revolutionizing traditional lending system, even people with poor credits can invoke unconventional money lenders to receive loan and put their smart blockchain-encoded property as collateral.

They can extricate themselves from showing the history of credits and work or even processing documents manually.

7. Retail

As of today, your joy of shopping is directly attributed to the store or marketplace where products are hosted, which is more of a centralized retail system.

Blockchain-enabled decentralized retail utilities have unique approach and style as it connects buyers and sellers directly eliminating the need for keeping a host marketplace and their associated charges.

This dynamic system will gain from having smart contract systems in place and security of deals and trustworthy reputation.

8. Blockchain Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Using IoT technology, almost any material object can be controlled and treated as a part of Internet of Things when connected with internet or to similar network of objects.

Such interconnected objects or devices are likely to rule the world in future since according to Gartner analysis there will be over 26 billion IoT connected devices by 2020.

Blockchain-powered IoT devices can be automated securely to function independently and take actions based cognitive knowledge.

For instance, your coffee will be brewed by the machine at your suitable time and your oven will automatically cook Turkey for Thanksgiving.

This idea can be adopted by governments for building smart cities on a larger scale and improve our general living.

9. Secure & Sophisticated Healthcare

Your personal health information and updates can be encoded and stored on Blockchain system using a private digital key. You can keep it accessible to specified individuals.

Similarly, healthcare research can be conducted securely and confidential data can be stored on Blockchain.

Apart from this, surgery receipts could also be stored on blockchain and sent automatically to insurers for further claim approval process.

Blockchain ledger can help with supervising drugs, regulation compliance, healthcare supplies and lab test results, enabling secure personal healthcare management.

10. Blockchain Government

Electronic voting system can be manipulated by clever hackers and raise the questions of integrity and security. Blockchain ledger can prevent this incident and act as a barrier to such vulnerabilities with its encrypting capability.

With blockchain embedded in the voting system, individuals could confirm that their votes were successfully transmitted and counted and can nothing is tempered with during the process.

Blockchain Government

The blockchain approach for electoral voting maintains anonymity of voters through encryption while also saving money for government.

The real-time example of blockchain election process is Liberal Alliance, a political party in Denmark, who was the first to implement blockchain for voting in 2014 – which was the one of the greatest triumph for the technology.

11. Energy Management

Energy marker is going through a tremendous shift when it comes to decentralizing the management and distribution of energy. In a traditional setting, energy producers and users rely on public grid to buy or sell energy.

To transform the centralized energy market, blockchain-powered microgrids can be leveraged to implement peer-to-peer solution for trading energy.

LO3 Energy has developed a system in association with Siemens that allows trading of solar energy locally in peer-to-peer fashion, with its first 50 physical units already tested in Brooklyn.

The project has smart meters for tracking energy production and consumption and smart contracts for transactions.

TransactiveGrid is another start-up in this industry that uses Ethereum to allow customers to trade energy with each other.


For blockchain to work and function as a powerful solution, it is essential that there is a solid agreement from node-to-node network to comply with ethical standards.

Currently, many of these blockchain applications are still in developing phase and will be applied to society and economy experimentally in next couple of years.

The bottom line is that Blockchain is growing fierce and ferocious in its ability to transform businesses, establish fair trading systems, decentralize store and democratize social and economic system.