App Testing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

After mobile app development, mobile testing relishes the crown of being the fast-paced industry touched by brilliant innovations of modern times. As app market is booming with smart phone users, the demand for well-crafted, engaging and feature-rich apps is surging high. This requires mobile app testers to build perfect app testing strategies so that mobile users receive intelligent, flawless functionalities and frictionless user experience.

The application testing phase often puts certain challenges on app developers. Whether it is manual or automation, these challenges must be overcome with smart tactics and meticulous strategy.

Here you will learn key challenges and their solutions that software testers need to learn:

1. OS Fragmentation

With newly launched mobile devices, operating systems also observe frequent updates, which may create complications while using the apps. New updates means your mobile apps need to grow compatible with changes introduced in the platform. It is a big challenge to make mobile apps compatible while it is deployed across smart phones with different Operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.


Certain development practices preferred by mobile app development companies can help alleviate this challenge of OS fragmentation. You can adopt the following recommendations to address the issue:

  • Mobile app developers are expected to build apps that support the OS version that is in trend, easily available, and that smart phone lovers popularly use
  • It is a good practice for software testers to identify the issue using emulators and then test it across mobile devices of similar OS
  • Think of opting for modern testing methods like cloud-based solutions and internal mobile lab for effective and rapid mobile testing. It also helps address security and network issues
  • Know your target audience and most preferable devices in specific geography. This will further narrow down your focus to resolve small issues in time

2. Offline Functioning

Online connectivity of a mobile app depends on the network supplier. The performance of many apps revolves around how strong the mobile network is. While making transition from high to low coverage area, they are likely to face fluctuation in the network connectivity. This affects mobile app’s performance and functioning.


First of all, such issues should be addressed at the time of development phase. Developers should build a robust app that is resilient to such cases.

From the testing perspective, they should consider similar use cases and scenarios where app is tested for:

  • Offline performance and operations
  • Connection drop out events
  • Different Wi-Fi speeds
  • Offline support capabilities
  • Low signal strength

3. User Experience

Giving the most exemplary user experience to your app users is the heart of both app development process and mobile app testing phase. Too many features are not always the key to pleasing users. The best app is the one that appeals and befriends its users, offering them seamless, delightful and intuitive user experience.


  • Be creative and have a unique approach while designing UI for your app
  • Check the suitability of all the features
  • Measure the user engagement level through Beta testing
  • Test the app for ease of navigation inside the app
  • Make sure user feedback are properly implemented
  • Avoid unnecessary contents and extras

4. Performance & Security

Mobile app performance and security are crucial points of considerations without which app can never be launched. In interactive apps, there is a lot of data being shared across multiple devices which increases the possibility of security issues. Public cloud is more likely to impose such threats and can also affect app’s usability.


Developers and testers should see the issues of performance and security with utmost sincerity. To make sure the app is impeccable, they must conduct all the necessary tests.

  • Check the smallest of factors that may decelerate the app loading speed
  • Try to choose simplicity over complexity to improve app’s navigation
  • Find out about data encryption services and test its functionality.
  • If it is a private server, ensure all the interactions are secure and user’s privacy is not breached.

 5. Advanced Tools

With so many advanced app testing tools coming into the market, it often creates confusion as to which ones to use for efficient and accurate results. Testers are free to use many advanced tools available today to test the app. Also manual testing sometimes fail to test complicated mobile apps.


Opt for mobile automation testing since it is evolving a lot faster than expected.

Automation testing also boosts testers’ efficiency, consumes less time and minimizes human errors.

There are some considerable choices for mobile app testing tools that software testers can use. Some of them are:

  • Appium
  • Ranorex
  • Eggplant
  • Selenium
  • Espresso
  • Robotium
  • Jenkins


Since today users have more options than before to choose the app that satisfies all their expectations, it is cumbersome for apps to remain competitive in the market. They can show intolerance towards apps with issues of performance, compatibility, networks connectivity or poor user experience. On the other hand, businesses wish to launch apps of interactive nature to grab maximum customers. This is why app development firms should design a vast mobile app testing model that includes all the obstacles and solutions to overcome them.

Tips To Help You Raise A Successful Mobile App Development Company

Establishing oneself as a leader in mobile app development space involves a lot of hardcore challenges and ability to survive overpowering competition. Moreover, the horizon of mobile app creation is constantly evolving with demands for extraordinary innovations and is riddled with numerous companies striving to achieve remarkable success.

If you are a newly rising organization working extremely hard to succeed in your endeavours, you will need competitive market knowledge and intelligent resources to raise a successful mobile app development company. So what exactly can you do to set the stage for transforming your startup of a small group of employees into a mature and viable mobile app building firm?

Here are a few excellent tips to help you make a big name in the world of mobile app development:

1) Hire Highly Competent Domain Specialists

No business can rise to top without leveraging impressive skills and tools required to fulfilment of various projects. Working with clients itself needs a capable amount of workforce that knows all about how’s and what’s in the industry. A workspace that is redolent with immense potential and smart resourcefulness can help:

  • Save time and investment
  • Accelerate the project completion speed
  • Deliver the products on time
  • Maintain the integrity and reputation of the company
  • Represent the organization
  • Achieve fastest turnaround time
  • Avoid the scope of error
  • Keep up with the trending technologies and tools

With that said, you should always emphasize on hiring only veteran developers who have specialized in at least one specific technology. It is better to hire a Magento artist with experience of producing high-quality ecommerce portals than look for someone who has a vague mixture of knowledge across several technologies.

2) Synchronized Agility Of Workforce

Also, in order to match with the fast-paced, most dynamic environment of app development sphere, companies should organize designers and developers in line. Such approach creates a powerful agile system at work that promises significant results. This is why many productive companies with exceptional success rate and enviable reputation prefers agile working environment where software engineers are synchronized perfectly to accomplish project-specific goals. Benefits of having synchronized agility work flow are:

  • Accelerated task fulfilment
  • Fast resolution of faults
  • Streamlined work efforts
  • Frictionless deployment
  • Improved human efficiency
  • Ease of Product management
  • Enhanced client satisfaction

3) Dominate With Unrivalled Experience

This factor especially appeals to single entrepreneurial spirits, individuals who want to make fortune on their own. But before you ever attempt to pitch your story to app-craving enterprise companies, it is vital to first create a dominating impression as a veteran app development specialist. Novice start-ups usually lose it due to lack of ability to persuade interested clients with their innovative capabilities. Even if your experience touches somewhere at intermediate level, businesses should still take a glimpse of your ideas and discovery of solutions for relevant projects only if you possess exceptional talent.

Mobile app development is a trending space where experience and potential to make difference to B2B clients offer rewarding results. Hence, start working on your experience and dipping into how competitors have made their reputation in the market. To hit these goals…

  • Get employed: The best way to establish a name in the space of app development is to work and learn all about the development process by taking a job. Putting your ego aside, you should dedicate your time and efforts to a developer role even at remuneration lower than your contribution of services. Spend a couple of years, and do whatever it takes to emerge as a seasoned player able to stand singly and create your own firm.
  • Get certified: Nobody in today’s scenario will recommend your name nor you will be visible to the potential market until you have a proof of your master knowledge. It is advisable to be versed in at least one booming technology (say WordPress, Magento, Java, core PHP, Swift) and OS platform (Android, iOS or Windows). Getting certified means gaining new skilset, and people who add more skills to their portfolio are most likely to be noticed by international clients.

4) Make Your Offers Justifiable

Any business in its underdeveloped mode opts for certain compromises that pay off well in the end for your newly founded IT company. Such compromises help make your client offers much more reasonable, justifying your new-firm-experienced-colleagues state. Form an estimation of quote with pricing that looks less intimidating and more considerable to your first-time clients since the project cost is crucial to the hiring process.

Another flexible approach that helps fetch more business is to offer guaranteed services with payment security. You can ask clients to pay you after they are satisfied with your product. This instils trust in them, convincing the customers of your assurance if not experience.

If you attract more customers like this, you will gradually see your company grow.

5) Think Of Clients’ Satisfaction

Business toddlers must understand how important it is to earn clients’ trust and satisfaction. Do everything you can to provide full app development services with as many iterations as it would take to make them loyal customers. Convince them in one great attempt of your service quality and they will keep coming back to you.

Happy clients also mean you will receive best reviews and recommendations, which ultimately advertises and popularizes your company on a global scene.

6) Raise Patrons With Repeat Business

There are certain industry-grade practices that help make your app development company shine brighter and bring repeat business with regular flow of patrons. Some of them are:

  • Fast Turnaround Time

Entering the industry full of successful moguls means you will need fresh mindset and perseverance to stand close to them. Impress your new clients by completing the project before others can do. Find out how long it takes for your competitors to deploy the mobile app, and persuade your clients with a promise to touch faster turnaround time. Business customers tend to select the companies that save them time in the process of development.

  • Simplicity Of Design

The apps with simple design and seamless user interface have greater chance to attract more customers. Try to make navigation straightforward with clear icons and titles to each function. Users must find it easy to flow across its various pages and reach target content. Make its appearance visually stunning, intuitive and effortless in use.

  • Speed Of Page Loading

Fast responsive apps are everybody’s choice. Who likes to be left behind when the world is accelerating? Make sure your app loads super fast, possibly within 5 seconds. If it takes even more than 10 seconds, it will grace the list of abandoned mobile apps. Adjust the size of visual elements inside the app to optimize the loading speed.

7) Provide Bonus Perks: ASO and SEO

To emerge on top among the millions of apps in the online market, your app needs something more to become noticed and downloaded. Support your app development process with SEO (Search engine optimization) and ASO (App store optimization) services that boost the visibility of newer mobile apps.

Smart companies tend to select IT partners who have all-round versatile knowledge of SEO and ASO. SEO helps business app appear on Google page whereas ASO optimizes the app for its performance in available app stores.

8) Make Content Your Epic Growth Partner

One of the ways newcomers in IT market can trample the taut competition is to appear more frequently in the search results of Google listings. Businesses who are always short on time seek Google’s help in finding them reliable app development partners around the world. If you believe in content-driven approach, your on-site as well as off-site content with proper keywords and marketing vision can bring you on the list of top 10 leading app development companies on Google page.

9) Introduce Obsessive Elements In The App

It goes without saying that social media has changed the way things are shared and made the virtual events seem actual. Businesses can leverage this prevalent obsession with online media to tempt more customers. Users will enjoy gaining access to your app with their social media account, which not only makes sign in process easier, but also enables them to share their experience across different channels.

Thus, integration of social elements also opens the doors for businesses to market their services through word of mouth chatter.


It is all about risk and how much you are prepared to chase your dream. If you are aspiring for a successful mobile app development company, there is so much you can learn and implement. Once you integrate these tips into your business strategy, your goal to reach to the top of the industry will be achievable.

How To Improve Your Mobile App Ranking

In today’s mobile age, both established and emerging brands are busy enhancing their online presence through mobile apps in order to strategically connect and reach users on the go.

However, to retain business growth and get noticed by potential customers, your app must have better rankings. Since people’s opinions drive your app’s visibility in crowded app stores, you need more positive reviews.

But such good reviews don’t happen automatically. In fact, people tend to visit app stores often to share bad reviews. To expect people swarming in the app store for your app, you must optimize it for better rankings. Here are a few good tips to help you improve your mobile app ranking:

1)  Understand the App Stores Thoroughly

First things first, before you set off executing a strategy to increase your app’s visibility, you should know that there is certain difference between iTunes app store and Google Play.

Both have their own set of terms and elements that are vital to app store optimization. For instance, while Google Play puts massive emphasis on the description of the app, iTunes app store relies greatly on keywords to categorize and display your app.

Gaining full insight into how app stores actually work can help you pull off the app optimization.

2) Prefer a Reliable App Review Plug-in

Rankings are highly sensitive to reviews. One of the best ways to draw better rankings is to ask users to consider sharing their experience. For this, there are handy plug-ins that fit in your iOS and Android apps and simplify prompting the users for reviews.

  • Helpshift is one vital option for encouraging customers to drop reviews after they have explored the app for a while
  • Appirater is another popular plug-in that integrates quickly with your mobile app and prompts users to review the app after set time period. Once they choose to rate, users are redirected to the app store to share their views

Make sure you use these plugins wisely while setting prompt timing.

3) Incentives For Reviews

The fact is, even if you try app review popups, users will not appreciate the idea of writing it. You need more than popups to make them take the action. Here is where incentivized encouragement seems to work. You can think of having:

  • Free In-game rewards
  • Virtual gifts
  • Redeemable Bonus points
  • Coupons

Offer them the promise of such rewards as this is the easiest way to have them review your app. People love free stuff and like to be surprised.

You can wait for them to complete specific actions in your app and then prompt them gently for reviews. Remember that original and decent popups are more effective than generic ones.

4) High Density of Active Users and Traffic

Soon after you have launched the app, you will need to see good amount of downloads. As number of active users and traffic volume soars, your app goes towards increasing its rank in app stores.

Too fetch more traffic to your mobile app, you will need to leverage a thoughtful marketing strategy and online campaigns that are trending in the market.

Efforts like SEO, influencer marketing, email campaigns, PPC and social media create great awareness for your app, creating a substantial flow of traffic to your app.

5) Expressive Screenshots

As they rightly say, pictures roar louder than words. Your app screen shots can play epic role in attracting users and boos their curiosity around your mobile app.

Design images best sustains the description content and represents your app’s purpose. Make your images speak to the audience and explain what it actually contains for them.

You should be able to capture the entire essence of your app and its major inner functioning in at least 3 vivid images.

6) Establish an Exemplary Customer Support

Providing an easy, quick support is a key to retaining existing customers in any business. Exceptional customer service also helps earn good reviews for your app.

Instead of guiding users to email communications for customer support, it would be rewarding to have an in-built chat system inside the app.

There are many plug-ins that provide intuitive dashboard to control, manage and conduct two-way interactions with users. Such direct customer assistance via messages can create a huge array of happy customers.

You can ask them to review your app after they are satisfied with your support. This not only minimizes negative feedback but also improves app ranking.

7) Get More Social

Social media channels are the best modern way to interact and engage with your potential customers. Make a solid social media strategy to interest rich active online community. Such platforms play a momentous role as a part of:

  • Sophisticated online marketing
  • Business Presence and promotion
  • High-quality Brand engagement
  • Rich relationship and interactions

It is apparent that famous online platforms offer an undeniable ground and a mighty opportunity to build lasting relationships with users, influencers and stakeholders alike.

Such powered engagements eventually boost your app’s ranking. Some of effective online platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Google plus.

8) Create Impactful Content

Be it app description, social media marketing, video or email promotions, whatever you write should have single central purpose: explaining how your app can bring value and create significant difference in the life of customers.

Highlight major benefits and features your app includes. Make your content appear organic and convincing, and avoid pushing it to the extent of looking too promotional.

Your genuine effort will develop trust and consistency among users, contributing to the improved app ranking.

9) App Maintenance and Updates

App users expect newness and innovations as the time progresses and unforeseen trends roll in. To make user experience trendy and engaging, you must maintain your app to the most exceptional standard possible.

Update your apps regularly, which also helps improve its performance and security. Additionally, constant updates go to show your dedication and commitment towards app users and have undeniable part in pushing the ranking.

Remember that app stores prefer to feature those apps that are regularly maintained or frequently updated.

10) Aesthetic Design and Look

User’s idea of your app has much to do with its visual appeal, and it begins with the app icon. Today’s many top ranking apps have eye-catching look and feel.

The icon should represent your app’s real content and its core purpose. With that said, it should not appear too obscure or perplexing.

As user quickly build the perception from the first look at app visuals, it is important to focus on simplicity with convincing use of colours and shape. You can opt for:

  • Bold colours with convincing style
  • Less flashy icon
  • Simple yet attractive in-app visuals
  • Easy-to-use User Interface
  • Fluid navigation
  • Easy-to-understand functionality

11) Description

The first thing you need to incorporate while preparing the app description is the idea of whether or not users will connect with it.

Dig deep into popular trends and understand how your app will complement users before finalizing any description. Any ideal app description should have following attributes:

  • Primary features and core objectives
  • Concise length
  • Integration of most relevant keywords
  • Trendy style of writing
  • Simple, easy-to-understand words

Use precise keywords as used by your target audience when searching for similar apps. Do your thorough research to scoop up right keywords for your app.

Last words

In the world of mobile app development, there is a lot we can do. You can implement almost any idea with the help of strategic use of technology. As for mobile app ranking, you cannot rely on just one single approach.

Increasing the rank of any mobile app is a cohesive process that encompasses a range of efforts. Some of them are discussed here in this blog. Hopefully, it will lead you to push your brand new or existing app to a top spot in app stores.

15 Essential Apps For Your New iPhone 2021

A new mobile device looks incomplete without fancy apps that make user experience better, increasing the usability of the phone. If you have just opened the recently launched iPhone X or SE model, you must be curious to know how to make the most of it.

Along with new inbuilt features and functionality Apple has introduced in the native environment of the phone, you will require certain cool apps whose intuitive, interactive and immersive features will make your life even more organized and easier.

Here we have compiled a list of 15 essential apps based on their usability, importance and popularity for new iPhone devices in 2021.

Google Photos Facetune 2 JEFIT
Housecraft Kindle Google Trips
Quik Uber Dropbox
AccuWeather Waze Tweetbot
Venmo OpenTable Overcast


1. Google Photos

Apple already offers iCloud photo storage services, indeed. But Google Photos could be a considerable option for iPhone users since it also treats iPhoners with the benefit of unlimited photo storage.

With this app, users are allowed to store endless HQ photos in their Google account with as much as 15GB capacity for their Google drive space.

Google’s Smart search tool helps users find popular objects, places and event photos. Even iOS 10 version of the Apple’s app follows the similar approach.

2. Facetune 2

This is a new freemium version of a photo editor that will surely make your selfie experience much more fun. Facetune 2 has got all amazing features you need to make your look enhanced in your mobile snapshots. Some of its exciting features are-

  • Appearance adjustment
  • Common editing features
  • Compare tool
  • Magic camera

Through in-app s and subscription, users can redeem more tools within the app.


JEFIT app could be the best mature resource for people looking to increase their strength and build a mighty physique. Through its database of thousands of effective workout routines, users can hit their fitness goals: strength training and body building.

Some of the specialities of the app are:

  • Various routines categories based on target body part
  • Detailed instructions
  • A reliable workout planner
  • Detailed exercise videos
  • Progress tracker & Timers
  • Options to personalize your JEFIT profile

Supporting real-time exercise regimen, the app looks complete. Its free version supports ads, its pro offers more advanced features and ad-free experience.

4. Housecraft

Housecraft can fulfil your house redecorating dreams. Using iPhone’s augmented reality capabilities, the app gives you a neat view of how a new piece of furniture you are thinking to buy will look in your house.

The app lets you choose 3D models of couches, chairs, computer desks, coffee tables, vases and any other piece and place them virtually in your home.

5. Kindle

Being quite a celebrated app among readers, Amazon’s kindle helps users harness their digital library on their device. Kindle is a great marketplace for book lovers and the best ever e-book reader online.

Benefits of Kindle:

  • Its book viewer offers customizable features so that readers can configure different components of reading as per their taste.
  • You can adjust font size, background colour intensity and zoomed view as you desire.
  • The app also keeps you on the same page by automatically synchronizing your reading progress across devices in use.
  • It has reader-friendly features such as bookmarks and notes.

6. Google Trips

Google understands their users like no other app. Here is Google Trips that literally brings your Smartphone to its real use by transforming it into a handy travel companion. It organizes your travel itineraries and reservations from your emails into properly sorted trips.

How it works:

  • Seemingly cognitive, this app collects various details of your hotel booking, car and flight reservations and tour routes
  • Google Trips then learn about your interests and tastes to enrich your trip with considerable recommendations of outing plans, local sightseeing
  • Its offline support allows users to save the consolidated trips details locally to their iPhone, saving on Wi-Fi or other heavy roaming charges

7. Quik

GoPro’s Quik is an AI-based video assembly app that helps you edit your footage’s and intelligently transforms your video and photos into cool, snazzy montage video.

This smart app has intelligent ability to choose major highlights and moments from up-to 200 photos and video clips saved either in your internal memory or on cloud.

Users can:

  • Adjust visual effects, put texts and titles over the video
  • Select from free 80 songs to go with the video
  • Alternatively add your own music
  • Save the videos in two resolutions
  • Even share it across various social media channels

8. Uber

By 2018, Uber has made a household name for an on-demand taxi booking and sharing app. In the field of public transformation, Uber has almost dominated others and disrupted the market with its flexible services and powerful momentum.

Uber enables users to:

  • Easily set up their account
  • Book/share a cab within quick seconds
  • Avail premium black car service
  • Save time and waiting on fare bargaining

Uber calculates your cab fare automatically by credit card or PayPal.

With new iOS 10 device, you can use voice command for Siri to order an Uber ride for you.

9. Dropbox

Deemed as pioneer in cloud storage, Dropbox helps you with the online storage of various files and documents and you can easily access them across any device you use on the go.

  • With Dropbox, users can enjoy:
  • Minimum 2GB of storage capacity
  • Syncing their files and photos
  • Offline access feature for quick look
  • Sharing files with peers
  • Sending files to people without Dropbox account
  • Collaborating with fellow members for work

10. AccuWeather

Before you go out for the day, it is nice to be updated on weather conditions. This is what AccuWeather does. It keeps users informed of detailed weather forecasts in detailed fashion. It can give 15-day outlook and minute predictions of hyperlocal climate.

AccuWeather’s outstanding features:

  • Animated weather information
  • In-depth Forecast summaries
  • Radar maps
  • Customizable forecast details
  • Climate-related videos
  • Apple SmartWatch support for quick weather report

11. Waze

In a traffic-packed city, Waze could be a real time saver. It is a brilliant useful navigation app that comes handy when you are driving on your own inside the city.

Waze is your best navigation assistant that minimizes your traffic burden by finding you the fastest, frictionless and efficient driving routes to your destination.

This is what Waze does:

  • Provides Focused navigation assistance
  • Delivers Real-time traffic updates
  • Collects reports from other Waze users
  • Enables automatic rerouting
  • Provides cheap gas alerts
  • Makes you aware of time-consuming obstacles/situations

12. Tweetbot

No one can deny the power Tweeter as a social media platform gives its users. It drives people’s lives in so many incredible ways.

However, its official mobile app is not in its fully mature form, causing users a good amount trouble finding new posts.

The app is constantly updating and adding new features, which often results in inconvenience.

Tweetbot comes to your rescue as it is simple to use and allows for a chronological feed on Tweeter in a straightforward fashion.

13. Venmo

Tired of worrying about trying different payment methods for people you pay? Try Venmo, a person-to-person payment app powered by PayPal. With Venmo, you can make and share hassle-free payments to anyone you wish.

Offerings of the app:

  • Users can instantly pay anyone using your balance in Venmo account.
  • It also allows you to link your bank account or debit card, which makes it a great option for people who regularly exchange money with various sources.
  • Users can trust it with information security since the app has data encryption system that protects all your financial information.

14. OpenTable

Open Table is the app designed to save you from the last minute struggle for table reservations at your favourite restaurant.

The app is a reliable restaurant finder and reservation aid that users can use to search for restaurants by cuisine, speciality, rates, date and proximity.

With OpenTable, users can:

  • View the more than 43,000 restaurants worldwide
  • Spot the place on the map
  • Refer to their business details
  • Check its photos, reviews and menus
  • Book unoccupied tables
  • Invite guests
  • Use Siri to book a reservation

15. Overcast

If you are addicted to power audio quality, Overcase is a must-have iOS podcast app for 2019 generation. It offers flawless design standard and high-quality powerful audio and podcast management experience.

Feature-rich and clutter-free, Overcast seamlessly supports episode playbacks and downloads, offline play and online streaming and notifies you of new episodes.

Some of the sterral features of Overcast app are:

  • Deft performance
  • Online streaming
  • Voice boost for normal sound levels
  • Smart speed for gaps recovery in the podcast
  • Zero audio distortion

Words in conclusion:

These are just a few great apps among the pool of cool apps for new iPhone (2019). Of course, we have not included gaming, entertainment and other usable location finding apps since the list compiles the most essential apps for Apple’s new model.

The best aspect to notice about some of these apps is that Siri’s intelligence is seamlessly integrated to provide users with unforgettable experience and luxury of convenience. As the year proceeds on, we can expect to see much more powerful apps built with latest technological innovations.

Top 15 Movies That Explore The Real-World Technologies

Future promises and possibilities have always been an interesting subject for human kind. For filmmakers and fiction authors, concept of future human society and technology engendered creative portrayals which gives us the opportunity to explore extraordinary territories on and outside the Earth.

Earlier, technology in movies seemed unreal. But with advanced movie making special effects tool, it is no longer bizarre to portray futuristic vision of tomorrow’s society with detailed visuals.

Top 15 Movies That Explore The Real-World Technologies-ad banner

Many movies touch the theme of dangers of using new technology and question the difference between human and tech-based applications. Some of them are pure fantasies or criticize human greed and its severe consequences. But the best ones powerfully mirror our society by taking us into its future version.

Now, this is the best time to take a walk into history of top 15 brilliant movies that explore real-world technologies, directly or indirectly. Here is the list:


1. Metropolis (1927)

This film is believed to be the first ever classic on technology that explores the difference between classes set in dystopian future. The futuristic concept of Metropolis depicts the expanding gap that materializes between the rich and the poor as cities become overly civilized.

Directed by Fritz Lang, the film portrays the unpleasant impact of selfish industrialization on different grades of people and portrays a product of futuristic technology, instigates chaos etc.


2. Prometheus (2012)

Having distinction of being regarded as the remarkable sci-fi film, Prometheus unfolds from the mind of Ridley Scott who also directed the old classic Alien. The story jumps forward to 2093 when Weyland industries, using technologies of Google, Apple and Space X, harnesses a team of humans to fulfill the mission of finding the creator of humanity.

The intriguing attractions here from the technological viewpoint are:

  • Eighth generation humanoid android
  • Remotely controlled surgical robots
  • Automated medical procedure Pod

3. Inception (2010)

Emerging from the intelligent mind of Christopher Nolan, Inception cleverly plays with state of illusion and reality, creating an effect where both seem to blend into each other. The brilliant movie lives on the concept of vivid dreams that looks so real with the help of incredible special effects used by Nolan.

Know More : Top 20 Movie Apps Every Film Fan Needs On Their Smartphone

A dream within a dream – the kind of concept that goes overhead yet amazes viewers with its newness. With such technology, it becomes possible to deceive someone to the extent where they sometimes need a reminder to believe that events are real and not a dream.


4. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)

The film basically was a love story starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carry. To forget their past moments of romance, lovers Joel and Clementine resort to Lacuna Inc to erase their memories after the break-up.

In reality, such technology is tested on mice which resulted in the discovery of the memory-erasing gene. This breakthrough will benefit patients coping with post-traumatic disorder. The best part of the movie is its cinematic visuals on formation, deterioration and storage of memories was helpful for neuroscience.


5. Her (2013)

In Her, technology remains epic and significant, playing a vital yet unobtrusive role in Theodore’s life, creating a new technologically unruffled vision of the future. The lead character leverages keyboard-free version of life where everything is driven by voice-enabled services- powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Quiet and helpful, Samantha as a technology is still considered as a project in concept as it does not promise to come to reality as yet unlike Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Now.


6. WALL-E (2008)

It is a thought-provoking, haunting portrayal of the situation of Earth in 2805. Here humans have evacuated the planet and WALL-E cleans up their mess and interacts with a probe visitor robot EVE.

The movie takes a critical look at the consequences of consumerism, poor waste management and extreme pollution, showing a horrible stack of garbage on Earth that makes our eyes pop out.


7. Iron Man (2008)

Full of unforeseen gadgets and awe-inspiring weapons, Iron Man is another film based on futuristic technology that fascinated the audience in 2008. Robert Downey Jr plays Tony Stark who is a billionaire playboy, the engineer and the industrialist.

Tony Stark’s laboratory is packed with marvellous gadgets built with unbelievable technology, Iron Man suit and gesture-based computer for designing his exoskeleton suit.


8. Blade Runner (1982)

Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford is a Blade Runner of the title who tracks down human clones and replicas who have gone out of their way of their assigned missions. It is Los Angeles 2019 where flying cars is a common sight to behold. Imbued with Asian influence, Blade Runner creates a sci-fi world that fits close to reality.

On the whole, the movie gives a message of warning that humans need to be wary of such technology that has ability to reproduce us.


9. The Terminator (1984)

In this 1984 futuristic thriller action, Arnold Schwarzenegger played an iconic robotic cyborg assassin referred as The Terminator. It encompassed several elements such as human-faced machines, time travel phenomenon and the rise of the machines (prelude to Matrix, perhaps).

Know More : 15 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android and iOS

A legendary movie of its time, the story has Arnold as a machine (The Terminator) with a face of human, pursuing Kyle Reese who is going back in time to chase a woman named Sarah Connor.

The film’s concept of AI-enabled machines has come true though it still lacks ability to think and take actions like a human brain.


10. The Net (1995)

Based on real-time possibilities of cyber threats, The Net explores the sudden hazardous troubles of Angela Bennett (played by Sandra Bullock) who is professionally a computer-savvy analyst. This theme sounds too real if thought from today’s technological world where data security is under a constant fear of being violated.

Top 15 Movies That Explore The Real-World Technologies- ad banner

11. The Matrix (1999)

Creating a much frisson and stimulation among pop culture, The Matrix was the first of the three part trilogy about an uncanny alternate reality that exists beneath us. Focused on Wachowski brothers, The Matrix emphatically suggests that what we experience and perceive is just an illusion, a virtual computer simulation controlled by sentient machines that took over the human race.

The film conveyed the unique ideas of artificial reality, Wall running and Bullet time. Wildly imaginative and highly intricate, the movie influenced an array of video games, novels and similar themes of movies.


12. Minority Report (2002)

Set in 2050’s, Minority Report exhibits technology that supports precrime analysis to stop horrible crimes before they actually happen. Tom Cruise, hot favourite actor, plays precrime chief John Anderson, who gets close to the clues through transparent, screenless, gesture-operated holographic 3D computer technology. We can sense today’s Virtual and Augmented reality and the imaginative vision of technologically bleak that can happen in 2054.


13. Gravity (2013)

Gravity shows the possibilities of undesirable catastrophe in space and what to do when disaster strikes out of nowhere in a place where only pure human adroitness and experience can get you out of misery. Dr. Ryan Stone played by Sandra Bullock is a biomedical engineer who is stuck in space with her team mates fighting the crisis imposed by vandal Russian manoeuvres.


14. Avatar (2009)

The legendary director James Cameron’s Avatar was a massive success as it thrilled the audience whisking them away into an entirely different world. The story explores the unforeseen planet Pandora, where native inhabitants are called Na’vi, blue-skinned, 10-feet-tall creatures with a tail.

One can instantly feel impressed by Cameron’s use of high tech gadgets, helicopters, spectacular graphic visuals, and flying dragons of the Na’vi resisting the gunships of humans. Though we see the juggling and friction between traditionalism and imperialism, you can adore the world of Pandora and their people’s unusual rituals and notions.


15. WarGames (1983)

In this movie, David Lightman played by Mathew Broderick accidentally triggers an untoward calamity. Previously a hacker, David gains access to WOPR (War Operation Plan Response), a supercomputer for war simulation, which leads to dangerous crisis of nuclear war. His mistake can cost really big. WarGames was made in the midst of cold war and seemed to have adopted the theme of Nuclear war possibility shown in FailSafe. Today’s hacking attacks and server data damage are the real-world examples of WarGames.

8 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps For iOS and Android- ad banner


That was the compilation of top 15 Hollywood movies that fantastically visualized upcoming futuristic technology in that era. After watching them, we can surely confirm that these stories represent a simulation of next emerging world. Today’s tech creator companies can turn to such unusual cinema and the work of visionary Sci-fi writers to make the imagined landscape tangible. Thanks to digital filmmaking technology that made it possible to bring accuracy in tomorrow’s technologically sophisticated world. We hope to see more innovations coming our way.

How Augmented Reality is Changing the Future of Businesses [Infographics]

With the growing traction of technology, new techniques are coming up and disrupting industries like education, healthcare, real-estate, e-commerce, finance, social media etc. And one such technology is the Augmented Reality, which is the process of integrating digital technology with the user’s world in real time.  As it has gained momentum businesses (start-ups and companies) are trying to explore innovative approaches to harness its maximum potential.

AR which is close to the real world allows a wide range of professionals to offer a unique experience and perspective to sectors and also help them and their customers save time, and hence, speed up the buying process. According to IDC study, the revenues for AR market is expected to grow around USD 162 billion in 2020.

Curious to see how it has created a multitude of opportunities in different sectors? Take a look…

ar changing future of business

Tips To Find Out Best Outsourcing Company For Your Mobile App Development

Are you looking to outsource your app development job? An efficient outsource team can not only help you to finish the task on time but also enhances your overall productivity with on time interventions. However, finding the right team for your venture is not an easy task and needs a lot of effort to make the best selection. A lot of factors need to be analyzed before taking the final call.

It is not advisable to rush with your choice. It is good to spend ample time before reaching a decision which can be beneficial for you in the long run. It would be wise to give a smaller portion of work at first and then analyze how things are going before entrusting them with a bigger responsibility.

Here are a few tips that might help you to find out the best outsourcing company for your app development:

1. Proper research:  This is the foremost step before outsourcing your venture to a new team. Invest some time to do proper research on all important factors that can make an impact. Depending on your business size, you may also appoint a consultant to do the research job for you. Don’t stuck with the first choice but interview at least a few companies before finalizing the deal

2. Shortlist using additional sources: It is not advisable to depend on a single source to make the selection of the outsourcing company. The prime and easiest option is to go for a Google Search. Shortlist the most relevant companies by looking into their online reviews. For offshore outsourcing teams, online marketplaces can be a good choice. Rather than going for a plain search, seek referrals through colleagues or friends. Directory listings are another good option to seek a good freelancer that can handle the role.

3. Requirements Analysis: When it comes to effective project management, proper consultation and requirements analysis is the key. This phase includes getting a clear view of the project deliverables and defining the scope of work. This makes a good impact on the optimal use of time and money. Before outsourcing the job, make a clear statement on the requirement analysis. Talk with them about how they have handled emergency situations during their previous experiences

4. Measure developer skills: Make sure that the team of developers there have enough skills and expertise to handle the job. Have a detailed analysis regarding their industry experience and the success rates. Their familiarities regarding the type of task you are providing are really important and evaluate their development process. Their working model should be checked before hand and see that their rate of pricing the job is reasonable

5. Operations flexibility: The flexibility in carrying out the job is very crucial when it comes to handing over the job to outsourcing team. The organizations that are rich with multiple talents would be apt for the role. This would be an added advantage to handle the unexpected emergencies if any. Ask for a proper documentation regarding the credentials of the company and the qualifications of the team that are going to handle the task

6. Ask for references: One of the important areas you should not skip is to ask for references. The relevant testimonials and references can give you a proper idea regarding whether the team can efficiently handle the role. You may also have a look at the company’s previous completed projects to get a better understanding of the team’s efficiency.

7. Delivery time frame: Keep it straight regarding the delivery deadline and make proper communication regarding your expected delivery time frame. Choose the team that can deliver quality work in minimal time frame. Ask them about the expected deadlines of their previous ventures and how they managed to finish the job on time. Above all, trustworthiness is the key for any business deals and they should be able to communicate it well

8. Check out the tools: Have a check on the tools they are using for app development. You can talk freely on any suggestions and go forward with the team only if you are convinced with their tools. Talk with them about their policies of adopting new tools if situation demands in the business process.

9. Track records: Don’t miss out on checking their track records before signing the deal. This would give you enough confidence to hand over the task without any second thoughts. Their previous projects history should offer anything in particular to emphasize their expertise and professionalism in the area. In addition, also check how they efficiently manage staff training and note about their financial stability too.

10. Asses cost effectiveness: It is good to do a cost effectiveness study to know if the chosen company can satisfy the particular goals. Know in advance if their training and infrastructure can be in harmony with yours. Also check to see if the system in which they are working is compatible and have a proper understanding regarding the associated non-financial costs in advance. Know if their estimate is transparent and make sure that there are no loop holes

11. Security measures: See that the short listed outsourcing company is trustworthy and is dedicated to meet the follow ups. In addition to checking their reputation in the market, be sure about what all security measures they take to meet the stringent quality and privacy. Learn from them about how they manage data security on a legal and business perspective. Also have a clear idea regarding their disaster recovery mechanisms. See if you are fine with their contract policies and confidentiality levels before starting to working with them

12. Ask relevant questions: Don’t hesitate to ask relevant questions to the company officials before signing the final deal. Share your doubts and concerns regarding their policy, work quality, deadlines, cost factors and more. A good outsourcing company would be ready to answer any of your relevant concerns and will be transparent with their agreement. Ask them about their implementation plans and their scope of growing up with your increase in demand in future

13. Proper communication: Even after signing the contract with the outsourcing company, the communication channel must be open between you and the outsourcing team. Have a confirmation regarding the same beforehand to avoid further confusions. Written communication is the best way if in case there is no option for a face to face talk. They must be ready to offer a follow up as and whenever needed. Have a know-how regarding their service record, customer philosophy, current clients or if they have any cultural differences

14. Oversee the relationship: The best way to get the most out of your decision of outsourcing the business is to have an internal control of the business elements you have outsourced. It would be good if you can allot a specialist person to oversee the relationship. By doing so, the outsourced activity can be monitored well and a skilled professional can even contribute to promoting a better corporate vision.

15. Transparency is the key: As outsourcing works take place out of your sight, it is important to make things transparent in any alternative ways. For that they must be willing to take up periodical meetings where the progress of the work should be discussed. Proper documentation of the completed work, the portions to complete as well as their plans to meet the deadline should be properly conveyed without any hesitation. The contract should be a solid one that covers all key areas such as work quality, deadlines, pricing, date of renewal and other miscellaneous items to avoid any discrepancy.

An estimate price for the outsourcing role can rely on crucial factors such as their experience, education and work quality. Even when saving cost is a prime agenda when outsourcing the app development job, it is not recommended to go for a cheaper option by compromising the work quality. In such cases, you can save cost in the initial phase but end up spending more in the long run.

Whenever you have a plan to outsource your venture, go through these tips that will help you to take a better decision. You can have a pleasing experience with your business goals, if you choose the right outsourcing company for the job. A good outsourcing company can play a key role in enhancing the overall performance, and partnering with you in the business growth. They can always be a helping hand in offering contributions positively and sharing the vision to prosper your business.

How is AI Transforming Life?

When the word Artificial Intelligence was introduces in technological landscape, little did we know that it has power to dominate our routine interactions. AI was designed to assist human actions and choices through is robotic yet flexible learning system. Over years, leading AI software like Siri, Alexa, Cortana have shown us myriad ways our lives can be transformed.

Using its incredible sensing and machine learning abilities, AI can help you take informed financial decisions, book hotels and restaurants and even drive business productivity. AI can sense, process and act on information supplied to its system.

The technology even comprehends our habits, personal choices, work quality and behavioural pattern to transform our lives to a great extent. Here is how:

Service-level intelligence

AI can extend its reach to help people across various economies and industries. Using its predictive intelligence capabilities, AI system can learn about ongoing services and maintain its regular standards with reduced manpower.

For instance, aviation settings can leverage AI’s learning curve to make check-in process more comfortable and frictionless, and less time consuming. AI linked with scanning system can read your passports before boarding and manage airport security. Thus, airport terminals look much improved and automated and convenient for travellers.

Personal assistants

Technology of AI algorithm has fiercely pit many tech leaders against each other, making them create incredible AI-based personal assistants. Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa are some of the most familiar names in this zone. These digital assistants have been making our lives better for quite some time, giving us handy suggestions on:

  • Weather reports
  • Sports events
  • TV guide
  • New releases & updates
  • Work-life management
  • Personal events notifications
  • Choices and needs
  • Domestic device control
  • Business meetings

Many assistants remind you of upcoming tasks, calendar markings, to-do lists, fitness care and healthy living.

Predictive maintenance

For any public service industry, maintenance is a critical aspect of its healthy system. From power suppliers, manufacturers to transportation, AI can help predict the time for maintenance depending on the data captured by it. This greatly helps minimize sudden breakdowns and shutdowns. Aviation companies can thus prevent major accidents of plane crash using intelligent predictive maintenance powered by AI system.

Accelerated growth

People focus more on goal-oriented life to achieve better growth prospects and accomplish personal milestones. With too much data and competition rising in the surrounding, it will be cumbersome to manage and track individual progress. AI helps people define their goal and control their physical, psychological and spiritual growth needed to improve their day-to-day performance. Thus, AI will give rise to the development of much evolved and poised society full of better people in all areas possible – students, professionals, leaders, friends, community, etc.

AI engines for stock management

Supermarkets, malls and public stores are going to be impacted by AI’s cognitive intelligence. Powerful AI engines will keep sharp watch on product stocks and deep-learn its present status to forecast future demand and sales of different vegetables and merchandises. AI is adopted on a wide scale to observe the product consumption in relation with weather effects and trending events, offering well-timed solutions for accurate in-store stock and sales management.

Better choices of personal relationships

Lifestyle AI is not only set to change the way you select your wardrobe, meals, jobs and other workaday aspects, it will also bring revolution in choosing life partners. AI’s keen algorithm can assess and process immense amount of data from our daily communications, social media interactions, profiles, favourites and tendencies, personal interests and intellects, and history of previous engagements to find you the right match. It can even go to predict how long your marriage is to last and suggest fair recommendations.

Customized solutions

Gone are the days when personalized approach used to be unthinkably expensive. Industries could not afford customized solutions until AI was discovered. The new generation of manufacturing processes are much controlled, adaptive and smarter as it involves artificial intelligence software. AI can thus streamline the production and deliver the products without concerns of cost. Even Google uses special algorithms to find results that fit close to their online profile. Thus, AI can use its deep learning program to tailor-make solutions instead of general ones to align with individual requirements.

AI transforms travelling

The brain behind Artificial Intelligence can read your travel plans and historical preferences depending on your situations. Smart tools with AI can assess this data and compare them with suitable travel options. It can give you all the suggestions related to the questions of flight, transportations options, available connectivity, safe return options, eco-friendly measures and all other smallest details of your entire journey.

AI can make reservations, plan the travel route from pick up to destination, and fetch ambience information and guide you for safety and suitability, and a lot more.

Transportation gets automated

Concerned about where to park your car? AI is happy to assist. Already there is a lot of excitement in the world of automated cars enabled with driverless driving. Self-parking is another feature offered by AI technology to resolve your parking troubles. Not only that when it comes to trains, AI is now being considered for driverless, automatically controlled trains in capital cities around the world.

Improving environmental condition

AI also seems to be hopeful in environmental sciences. Environment on earth is much driven by the factual data where AI supplies powerful information in various areas: resources management, water pollutant level, causes of toxins, species conservation, CO2 level in the oceans, recycling activities and much more. This way, environmentalists have a lot to gain from using advanced AI technology.


The pace at which AI is getting integrated into human life across assorted economies is high. This implies that it is time to imagine a future where AI-enabled digital assistants will drive efficiency and productivity in our life. AI-powered tools are all prepared to take over our repeated tasks, personalizing solutions with intuitive intelligence and real-time learning. Above are just a few areas where AI is transforming lives with more and more increased capabilities. It has a long way to go.

13 Popular Redbytes Blogs of 2017

Mobile apps are undoubtedly becoming the fundamental part of our life and 2017 was a year with greater leaps. According to reports, the app download rate was increased to around 27 billion excluding the updates and reinstalls of both iOS & Android.

To keep the pace of this ever-changing app development scenario, its important to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends. And that’s where the Redbytes blog comes in, showcasing all relevant information and insightful articles that will help you stay updated in your career or business.

Now, lets take a look at the 13 popular blogs from our list in 2017:

1) How To Create A Chat Application Successfully: Today, there is a huge increase in the number of chat application introduced to mobile stores in which the majority is secured and rich in features for better user experience. This blog from redbytes has out-lined a step by step description on how you can create a chat app.

How To Create A Chat Application Successfully

2) The 15 Crucial Mobile App Development Process Steps: Mobile app development process comprises of multiple steps, sophisticated in its own way be it in professional app development or in a customized development process. This blog takes a close look at the major 15 crucial steps thats necessary for app development, making the job easier for you.

Mobile App Development Process Steps

3) Why Choose Mobile App Development Companies in Pune? For anyone who has a brilliant app idea, the best available option is to outsource your work so that you can save money to create a high quality product. India is one of the major outsource service providers in mobile app development where Pune is a top choice. In this blog, you can find the reasons why you should prefer app development companies from Pune.

Mobile App Development Companies in Pune

4) 9 Advantages of Custom Android App Development: Nowadays businesses prefer custom mobile app development as it can be personalized according to your needs rather than making it visible to a large group of audience. And this is the main reason why its gains more importance among businesses. This blog will portray the major advantages of custom Android app development.

Advantages of Custom Android App Development

5) How To Make Your App Attractive?: Every now and then there is an app being launched and this has increased the rate of saturation. So, if you have an app plan, first make strategies to make it attractive for the users. This blog will give you finer elements of how you can make an app attractive creatively and beautifully.                                  How To Make Your App Attractive

6) How to Increase App User Engagement? Just more than an interesting idea, it takes an extra effort to help drive better engagement with your app. In this blog, we have listed out a few tactics that can help our customers to improve their app user engagement.

How to Increase App User Engagement

) How to Hire an App Developer? To choose the right talents for app development, the main quality to look for is prior experience and the mindset to learn new things. Along the way, this blog will walk you through the general criteria that are to be followed to hire an app developer.

 How to Hire an App Developer

8) 5 Best Services Used to Create Android Apps Without Coding: In the evolution of coding, low coding or no coding is the latest trend followed, which makes developing an app much simpler in multiple ways. This blog lists the top 5 online services that can be used by inexperienced app developers to create Android apps.

Best Services Used to Create Android Apps without Coding

9) 16 Tips to Make Your Android & iOS Apps Beautiful: Making an app beautiful is one of the key element to compel users to use it. So, for this, you need to consider much more on the look and feel of the app. To make your work easier, we have compiled some tips in this blog on how you can make your mobile app (iOS or Android) beautiful.

Tips to Make Your Android & iOS Apps Beautiful

10) Best Personal Assistant AI Apps for Android 2017: Personal assistant apps are well versed these days that it provides real-time apps and solutions which can be more interactive and user-friendly. Here in this blog, we have listed the best personal assistant AI apps for Android.

Personal Assistant AI Apps for Android 2017

11) Xamarin Vs Native App Development. Which is the Better Choice?: There still exists an endless argument among companies and developers regarding Xamarin vs. Native apps as both platforms are equally important in their own ways. The purpose of this blog from our list is to show the advantages and disadvantages of Xamarin & Native apps.

Xamarin Vs Native App development

12) Top 13 Mobile Game Development Tools Preferred by Developers: Mobile gaming industry is likely to reach 128.5 billion by 2020. As the gaming industry has evolved rapidly due to the use of sophisticated mobile game development tools, here in this blog, we have evaluated the top 13 game development tools that you can use to start-up your game project.

Mobile Game Development Tools Preferred by Developers

13) 19 Must-follow iPhone App Development Blogs for Developers: iOS app development is considered to be a highly profitable market and its important for developers to stay updated with all technological trends thats happening around. Sometimes even blogs can be a life saver as it can provide appropriate and accurate information to developers. This blog lists the 19 essential blogs that every iOS developers need to look through.

iPhone App Development Blogs for Developers

As we have got an amazing team of creative strategists, designers, developers, writers, marketers etc. working on almost all aspects of mobile app development, our blogs cover everything you need to know about mobile apps, app development, app trends, marketing strategies etc.

Check back often as Redbytes will keep updating more details on technological aspects of mobile app development through our blogs…

Top 13 Android App Development Companies in India

The technological space is booming with a plethora of mobile app development companies that promise a host of functionalities in multiple spheres. However, it is a tough task to zero in on the right Android app development company in India. So, it is up to you to pick and choose from the listing of top app development companies.

But the question is: How can you make an apt selection?

You can check the goodwill that they have garnered with their existing clientele along with validating their track record of their Android mobile apps through customer testimonials that will be posted online on their sites.

If you are looking to associate yourself with an Indian company that will help you develop seamless and high-quality Android apps, here is the list of 13 such Indian companies that can serve as your reference guide. All these companies have one thing in common and that is their established presence in the industry of Android app development.

1. Redbytes Software

Driven by the “Appify Your Business” tagline, Redbytes Software is the topmost Android app development company in India that amazes its customers by transforming simple ideas into incredible mobile apps. Capable of handling any type of mobile application development project, the technical team of Redbytes offers world class services to its esteemed clientele.

With a track record of creating over 350+ mobile apps with over 60 million downloads, it is not an overstatement to say that Redbytes Software is the best in the league of Indian companies focusing on the development of Android apps.

With more than 8 years of experience in the app development scene, Redbytes Software, with its development center in Pune has the goodwill of more than 260+ customers as its intangible asset.

2. Hyperlink Infosystem

Supported by a team of professional designers, programmers, testers and team leads, Hyperlink Infosystem is another Android app development company, headquartered in the Indian state of Gujarat. This company is one of the top mobile app development companies that banks on the concept of teamwork as a driving force behind its success.

Making its presence in the arena of Android app development since the last 5 years, Hyperlink Infosystem relies on its skilled technical team to churn out iOS and Windows apps.

3. Lochbridge

With over a forty year old standing in the mobile app development sphere, Lochbridge is another noteworthy Detroit-based company that creates apps that are linked to health and automotive fields.

With over 500 mobile applications that were created on Android and iOS platforms, Lochbridge with its Indian development center in Gurgaon caters to the technological needs of both the private and Indian public sector undertakings.

4. Appster

With its mobile app development operations in Australia and the US, Appster is another company that has a strong presence in the Indian market, as well. Appster operates through a professional and highly-skilled workforce that can deliver seamless Android, iOS and Web technologies.

With its Indian headquarters located in Gurgaon, Haryana, Appster is a unique enterprise that picks and chooses startups that can challenge its development abilities and surpasses their expectations in more ways than one.

5. FuGenX

Proud of delivering scalable and interactive Android applications for global clients, FuGenX is a noteworthy Deloitte-based Android App Development company, operating through multiple offices in India.

With Indian development centers located in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, FuGenX serves a host of clients operating in the e-commerce, healthcare and travel businesses. If you are looking for a company that is a one-stop-shop for all your Android Application Development needs, you know whom to contact.

6. OpenXcell

Backed by the support of proficient and skilled Android app developers, OpenXcell has lots to cheer for. With over 8 years of strong experience in the mobile app development industry, the Indian wing of OpenXcell set up in Ahmedabad takes pride in its array of mobile apps.

These apps are the result of robust codes supported by seamless user-experience and user-friendly interface that is delivered by its app development team.

7. Cumulations Technologies

If you are scouting for a perfect partner to deliver Android apps to your business, you have come to the right place. Cumulations is an Indian company, headquartered in Bangalore offering simple yet user-centric mobile apps to its esteemed clientele.

Taking care of the entire mobile app development process from the start until it is deployed, Cumulations through its maintenance services offers the updated version of apps in line with the release of the latest Android OS version.

8. GoodWorkLabs

Delivering close to 50 business and enterprise Android apps to various clients across the globe, GoodWorkLabs, with its office in Bangalore stands by the promise of offering quality products tagged with an unparalleled user-experience.

Recognized as one of the certified Google Developer Agencies, you can bank on the expertise and technical know-how of this company to build Android apps for your business.

9. Prismetric Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

If you are looking to connect with a renowned Indian app development company that guarantees you the delivery of unique, user-friendly and engaging Android mobile apps, then look no further. Simply sign up with Prismetric and be at the receiving end of intuitive strategies that this company employs in the churning of performance-oriented and customer-centric mobile apps.

Tagged as an ISO 9001:2015 certified Amazon Web Services provider, you can bank on the Gujarat based Prismetric to avail mobile app marketing services that it provides to its esteemed clientele.

10. Octal IT Solution

Recognized as a prominent name in the industry of IT services, Octal IT Solution is one of the top Indian company that engage in the development of Android apps for businesses across the globe. Making its strong presence felt in more than 40 countries including the Indian state of Rajasthan, Octal IT Solution has garnered the goodwill of over 1200 clients.

Employing simple yet polished approaches to churn out mobile solutions, Octal IT Solution can help your business meet its technology-specific objectives; the smart and effortless way.

11. IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd

Check out the home page of IndiaNIC Infotech Limited and you will find that it is the sheer passion to build mobile apps that is the driving force behind the success of this company.

Making the most of the creative and professional team of mobile app developers, IndiaNIC Infotech Limited brings to the table a host of Android driven apps for smartphones, TVs and tablets. Android Wear Apps are the novel and creative offerings that this Indian company based out of the state of Gujarat is proud of.

12. Intuz

Intuz is another mobile app development company in  Gujarat which specializes in the creation of next-gen enterprise solutions offering Android apps to its clientele. Promising its partners higher levels of productivity teamed with competitive growth, you can bank on the technical expertise offered by its team of app developers.

Adept at churning out customized applications, Intuz also offers mobile app marketing services to its customer base.

13. Experion Technologies

With development centers in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi, Experion Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. is another Indian company that employs state-of-the-art technologies to build mobile apps for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows and Blackberry.

Experion Technologies takes pride in allowing its clients to choose from a variety of development platforms. This company also has the credit of hand-holding many companies right from their days of prototyping until the time they were able to come up with their app store submissions for the end users to download and use.


All these 13 Indian firms, some of which are multinational companies have established a strong foothold in the software industry as the top enterprises offering professional Android app development services to clients spread across the globe.