‘Invasion of the Alien Zombies’, an E-comic to Educate Kids About the Immune System

A new e-comic called the Invasion of the Alien Zombies launched to educate students about the immune system and the role of immunization against illness.

'Invasion of the Alien Zombies', an E-comic to Educate Kids About the Immune System

Along with Dr. Kumanan Wilson, four senior students from Algonquin College’s Health and Wellness Research Center worked on the project of the digital comic.

'Invasion of the Alien Zombies', an E-comic to Educate Kids About the Immune System

Dr. Wilson is the founder of the Ottawa Hospital mHealth Research Team and creator of CANImmunize. This is a mobile immunization tracking system that allows people across Canada track their family’s immunizations through their smart phones.

The new e-comic will be available online and through CANImmunize funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Almost 170,000 Canadians have already downloaded the app available on iTunes and Google Play.

The e-comic approaches in immunization education from a child’s perspective and is the best way to engage and educate students about science.

The Immunity Warriors: Invasion of the Alien Zombies is now available in English through CANImmunize on Android and iOS and the French version will be available in the coming months.

Are Mobile Apps a Necessity Rather than a Luxury for SMEs?

With increase in smartphone usage in the last few years, people seem to rely on mobile apps for anything from placing queries to purchasing things. However, most SMEs think of adding mobile app development as an extension to their business as a luxury, not realising the opportunities they offer.

Here are few reasons why a mobile app is a “must have” for SMEs:

Connect with your customers

SMEs are always in search of a way to develop their business and the best way to do that is through customer engagement. Increased customer engagement means growth in orders and sales. It is the digital era and most of your customers may be online. Therefore, through a mobile application, you can inform your customers about your latest business offerings. You can also combine your marketing and social marketing strategies to stay connected with your customers through mobile app development.

Improve brand recognition

A mobile app development is the best way to build brand awareness and recognition. A well- developed mobile app devoid of bugs and other defects and loaded with engaging features will surely catch the attention of customers leading to increased brand recognition.

Helps you to adapt to new trends

Mobile app builders are coming up with new trends almost every day. Therefore, if you don’t keep yourselves updated about the new app trends, you may lose customers. This in turn compels you to adapt to the new trends and build an outstanding app with the best features to attract customer’s attention.

Turn first time users to regular customers

With a mobile app it is easy to provide better customer service. If the people using your app are happy with your service, they will surely turn into your regular customers. Also, there are chances of good word-of-mouth referrals attracting more customers to your business.

Focused marketing

With mobile apps, it is easy to market and communicate to the particular group of people your business aims at. With new products, services, features and privileges available at their fingertips, customer engagement will definitely increase.

Generate new leads

A well designed mobile app can be used as a tool to develop your business and generate new leads. The aesthetically pleasing, defect-free and engaging app with offers and promotions can attract new prospective customers.

As a SME business owner, you may not have a mobile app builder in your team. If you do not plan to hire any in the near future, you can just connect with an app development company or a mobile app development agency to help you build a mobile app for your business.

Mobile App Launched to Digitally Report Crimes in Kenya

A new mobile app is launched by the National Crime Research Centre on Tuesday for digitally reporting crimes in Kenya.

The new app is introduced to ensure incidents that usually go unreported are documented and acted upon on time. To report a crime, all one needs is a smartphone with iOS, Android or Windows operating system.

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According to the NCRC Chief Executive Officer, Gerald Wandera, about 70% of crimes happening in Kenya are never reported because citizens fear visiting police stations.

Mobile App Launched to Digitally Report Crimes in Kenya
Once active on the app, the user can click to identify him/her as a ‘victim’ or a ‘witness’ of the crime. The pop-ups within the app guide the user to give details of the incident in a simple format. The data entered is received on time at the NCRC’s data center, which is then monitored.

The app even provides options where the user can upload photographs, audio’s, video and PDF files as evidence of the crime.

App development in India is 10x cheaper than the US

According to the Business Insider Premium Research Service, it is reported that India is 10X cheaper than the US in app development.

On an average across both the Android and the iOS, for the development of an app, it takes almost eight weeks and the cost would be around $48000 in the US. But studies show that the same app is 10X less expensive in India.

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Businesses based in other countries like Europe, New Zealand, Australia etc. could also save costs if the apps are developed in India.

According to Google VP of Product Management, Caesar Sengupta, India’s developer community is set to reach around 4 million by 2018, making it the largest in the world.

In July 2016, Google launched Android Skilling in India to train Android developers and Apple has announced plans to open up a new iOS app Design and Development Accelerator in Bengaluru for local iOS developers.

According to reports, global gross app revenue will double to reach $102 billion by 2020. App monetization strategies need to be quickly shifted in order for developers to capture a piece of this growing market.

The Open Secrets of Mobile App Success in Travel and Tourism Industry

Mobile applications have given a boost to the travel and tourism sector. The existence of apps in present days has transformed the experience of travelling completely. You can get quick online travel arrangements done at your fingertips with mobile apps – MakeMyTrip, Yatra, etc. They provide options for planning travel, finding agents, booking tickets, reservation of hotels and route mapping.

The Open Secrets of Mobile App Success in Travel & Tourism Industry-ad banner

What Surveys Say

According to a recent survey by eMarketer, travel-based mobile apps are the seventh most downloaded app category and almost 60% smart phone users, including iPhone and Android users regularly use travel apps to plan trips.

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People explore their destinations all alone at times at their own kind of pace Gone are the days when travellers relied on agents for making travel arrangements. Guidebooks, compasses, maps and other printed stuff have been replaced by travel apps that come loaded with different functions.

1. Easy To Attract Customers

Travel biggie’s such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra.com, Expedia, Gobibo.com etc. succeed consistently in drawing customers by offering attractive deals, coupons and vouchers on their apps. A mobile app will help you reach your customers 24/7 to provide them the best facilities.

Another app introduced by iOS, known as “TripScout” gives you the flexibility to explore destinations all alone and at your own particular pace. This application allows you to discover and investigate new neighbourhoods, eateries, social sights etc. The best part is that you don’t need a guide or a manual, which spares you a considerable measure of time.

2. People Rarely Forget Their Smart phones

You might forget a map, ticket, or a lot of other things. But, a smart phone doesn’t get forgotten easily. This makes a smart phone the best thing to have on a trip. The Google Play Store and Apple Store are flooded with travel apps to make your tours simple and stress-free.

3. Large Variety of Businesses Involved

The tourism industry is comprised of more than just accommodation or sightseeing companies; it also includes transportation businesses, night-life directories, and more like:

Transportation: The way you get to your destination is the most basic thing in planing a travel but, the important part is planing. It is imperative that any company providing transportation (flight, bus company, train etc.) has a highly functioning app in order to indicate all essential information to the customers about the directions, stops, prices, regulatory facts, etc.

Destination Apps: Cities, Regions and Countries, can take advantage of travel apps to show potential visitors that what makes them so special by showcasing aspects such as sceneries, unique traditions, and general culture.

Convenience: An app features the best hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc. that can be used by tourists searching for accommodation, entertainment recommendations, as well as by locals hoping to discover new restaurants in their area.

Events: Apps can keep users updated with all information regarding upcoming events and simplify their lives by allowing them to register and buy tickets from their mobile phones, if necessary.

Hotels & restaurants: Hospitality industry use various methods to develop and maintain an effective marketing plan. From the location to facilities and perks, companies should be sure that they’re providing what buyers are looking for.

Entertainment: Entertainment and leisure activities are always top of the list when people plan their tour. Casinos, pubs, bars, discos, clubs, cinemas, concerts are often reasons for travelling. Most hotel accommodations these days have also inculcated entertainment shows as a part of their programs to spice up and entertain hotel guests.

4. Better Communication

1) Provision Of Customized Services

Gone are the days where tourists take the first deal they find. Social media and apps has seeped its way we look to travel, enticing online users make trips more personalised experience. Certain brands have options where you can work together with the travel experts on how to get the maximum out of the destination you prefer. Either you can choose packages provided or can add extra optional services.

2) Improved Customer Understanding

Every travel brand works hard to please its customers. Identify the key customer needs for product and communication. Brands must tailor their offers to customer interests with content and pricing that is specific to the customer’s travel need at hand.

3) Reduced Paperwork

With travel apps you get soft copies of travel brochures, invoices and receipts, tickets, book hotels and even do passport works. It can save your time, reduces labour and resource cost and guide you 24/7.

4) Streamlines Transactions

Travel companies can use apps as a way to streamline transactions and provide customers with quick and easier e-commerce experience. This can make the company’s work easy and also provide peace of mind to the traveller knowing their accommodation information- confirmations, itineraries, boarding passes, etc. and will be housed electronically for easy access in the future.

5) 24/7 Connectivity

Being available 24/7 show high responsiveness. You can provide these services through different methods like live chat through your website and real time online support. This will indicate that your business is receptive to their needs and is well available to help them out.

6) Improved User Experience

Mobile applications can give an improved user experience easily as they can have all the things a person needs in one packet. Ranging from booking tickets, hotels and finding food destinations there, everything could avail in a single app.

7) New Channel to increase User base

Apps increase the user base, as a whole new stream of people enters into the pool of customers. This in turn raises revenue and people added prove to be more loyal to the business.

8) Integration of other services

Integration of services like banking payments, hotel bookings, information about shopping streets and food corners can help a travel website expand and grow well in the market. This is possible when these services are combined and packed in a single app which is easy to download and use.

9) Easy access to deals and offers

Using such mobile apps, businesses are open to pushing notifications about the new deals and offers. This can excite a user and involve them more into the mobile apps. Every business nowadays has an application for it and not having one for your business may lag you behind. On the other hand, if you have a well-developed mobile app that functions superb, you can get a leading edge and create your monopoly in the tourism market.

10) Convenient and Portable

Travel apps can be linked to geo location-enabled services like Google Maps and GPS to provide maps, directions and even last minute route diversions to unfamiliar locations. To facilitate easy navigation a new app called Triposo, which connects to your Smart phone via Wifi/Blue tooth and helps you to locate tourist attractions. Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation booking website allows people to review rentals and home stays anywhere on the globe through videos and pictures.

11) Weather or Climate forecasting

To make your trips more planned, travel apps now provide information on weather forecasts and t the traveller on upcoming climate changes. An app called WeatherPro, offers high-quality, detailed information on weather conditions.

The Open Secrets of Mobile App Success in Travel & Tourism Industry-ad banner

Travel and tourism sector have immeasurable opportunities, with the advancement of technology, particularly the mobile app development, it is reaching for new horizons each day. Mobile apps are proving vital for all sorts of businesses and so would work well in this industry too. No matter how sophisticated technology is, it can never replace the human factor and interactions.

Technologies can be a critical component in tourism business for obtaining a competitive advantage. A well planned, user friendly travel app can definitely help boost your travel business.

India beats the US in Mobile App Market Growth of Google Play Downloads in 2016

According to the annual Retrospective Report of App Annie, India is ranked number one in terms of Google Play downloads, outpacing the US.

India’s app market grew from around 3.5 billion downloads in 2015 to over 6 billion downloads in 2016. India’s growth was 71% than the overall 15% growth in app downloads all over the globe.

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Mobile app downloads increased by more than 13 billion, reaching 90 billion, across iOS and Google Play.

India beats the US in Mobile App Market Growth of Google Play Downloads in 2016

Regarding the number of downloads Facebook, WhatsApp along with the UC Browser were the three most popular apps. Facebook and WhatsApp maintained their dominance in the terms of usage and Google Map was ranked number three.

In the terms of revenue, Netflix topped the list, followed by the online dating app Tinder and the professional networking app Linkedin.

The phenomenal success of Pokemon Go was one of the biggest headlines in 2016. Games still lead revenue by generating the most app store revenue across iOS (75 percent) and Google Play (90 percent).

India beats the US in Mobile App Market Growth of Google Play Downloads in 2016

Storytelling Mobile App ‘Toontastic 3D’ Lets Kids Create Their Own Cartoons

Google to launch a new storytelling app called ‘Toonastic 3D‘ that will help kids create their own cartoons.

The new app allows kids draw, animate and narrate 3D cartoons which they can use to tell stories or use for school reports. Kids can make animations using a set of built-in characters or create their own, using app’s editor and camera.

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Children can choose things like ‘idea lab’ or ‘science project’ to get inspired and this can help them with their school projects.

Google compares Toonastic 3D to a ‘digital puppet theater’ for kids can get into the interactive 3D world, choose among the dozens of customizable characters available or draw their own and even set the mood with music.

Children between 8 and 10 years are considered to be apt for using this app, but, since there is no age limit on creativity, adult kids can also join and have fun.

Toontastic 3D aims to inspire kids to be improvisational and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Government of Kerala to Take a New Leap to Digitization

The Government of Kerala has almost completed developing a new mobile app to facilitate digital payments .

The app is developed by the state IT department with the technical assistance of the National Payments Corporation of India. It would enable the citizens to carry out cash transactions with government, irrespective of where they maintain accounts.

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After rigorous security checks, the Android and iPhone versions of the app would be ready for launch by April.

Even though Kerala has made major progress in the e-governance sector, payment through credit/debit cards to departments is possible only if the payee holds the debit card of less than 10 banks.

According to the government authorities, nine banks mostly nationalized or those with lesser branches in the state have agreed to receive payments without service charges.

Government of Kerala to Take a New Leap to Digitization

The cooperative bank is interested in the app solution to ensure more resources between government treasury and cooperative sectors. By the development of this app, the government is all set to explore the benefits of core banking.

Smartphone Mini-Apps can help Deal with Depression, Anxiety

The researchers from Northwestern University in the United States found that 13 speedy ‘Mini-Apps’ called ‘Intellicare’ reduced depression and anxiety.

Changes were seen on those who used the apps on their smart phones up to four times a day along with psychotherapy or antidepressant medication.

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The Journal of Medical Internet Research published the study which says that the applications offer exercises for de-stress, reduce self-criticism, methods to make your life more meaningful, mantras to en-light your strengths, strategies for better sleep and more.

Smart phone Mini-Apps can help Deal with Depression, Anxiety

Around 105 participants were enrolled in the study and out of this 96 completed the study. They used the app as many as four times daily, or an average of 195 times for eight weeks.

The coaching for the use of intellicare apps held for 8 weeks included an initial phone call, 2 or more text messages for a week at the observation period. The participants use an initial time of one minute to use each app with longer time for apps with relaxation videos.

The reports show that participants experienced 50% decrease in the extremity of depressive and anxiety symptoms as digital tools are emerging as an important remedy for mental health.

The app aims to help millions of people who want support but can’t get to the therapist’s office.

First Five Minutes App: Aids in Children’s Health Emergencies

The First Five Minutes App launched by the University of Wisconsin, U.S helps the emergency department physicians and paramedics save their time while resuscitating a child.

By using the app on a smart phone or tablet, emergency medical personnel can enter the child’s age or weight, then click to confirm it and immediately get an easy to read chart with correct, standardized medication dose.

If only the child’s age is known, the medical practitioner can make a small adjustment if the child is smaller or larger than the average.

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The chart in the app includes five categories of information that are key to pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation: CPR drugs, Dysrhythmia drugs, Neurobiological drugs, RSI drugs and Equipment sizes.

First Five Minutes App: Aids in Children's Health Emergencies

The team of pediatricians for the app included Amy Dendral, Danny Thomas, Michael Meyer and Robin Saxe. Since the app is still in a limited trial, it will be only available to public later this year through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The Medical College of Wisconsin owns the intellectual property of the app, and at this time the app is free though limited in availability.

First Five Minutes App: Aids in Children's Health Emergencies