4 Misconceptions about Video Game Localization Testing

It is common knowledge that testing is required for every phase of a mobile game development process, be it for design or for coding. Similarly, testing is an unavoidable step after mobile game localization. It should be remembered that translation and localization are related, but they are not one and the same thing. Check out the most common video game misconceptions in localization testing.

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1. A localization tester re-writes the entire game: The most important thing that mobile game development companies notice in the tested games are whether the brand names and anything related to the company’s intellectual properties are misspelled or not. As a matter of fact, the possibility of finding an entirely re-written game from the market is very rare.

One reason that this is not practical is the infinite number of alterations made to the original script given, by the time you reach the deadline. Apart from that, most game owners won’t be so sure about the terminology guidelines initially.

So, translation testers would naturally be required to put more effort in finding contradictions to company’s identity from the text rather than using conjunctions and prepositions of the language correctly. This does not mean that translation of other components are not important, but the priority rests with the aforementioned ones.

2. A localization tester can shorten anything at will: Translators often face this issue where you need to place a relatively longer sentence inside a severely finite space. We all know that overflowing and overlapping texts are gross to look at. It will destroy the beauty of a well designed game.

It is a popular misconception that a localization tester is allowed to shorten a string of text at will. Testers need to get through a long and tiresome procedure, if they want to get even a single line of text changed. Yet, most often they are not allowed to shorten them just like that. The only option that seems to be available in most of the cases will be to abbreviate those long text strings, which would make an otherwise stunning UI, ruined.

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3. A localization tester knows everything about censoring for particular markets: Every country has different rules regulating the circulation of contents, for example the usage of curse words or the extent of vulgarity or gore shown. In a country like Italy, there are specific rules to prevent the use of blasphemies, Vatican being very near. In some countries, there is a culture wise difference in the permissibilities, though they might not be legally enforced.

Something that is legally lawful to be sold in one country could be found offensive and spread against the law in other countries. Also, the openness of the contents that users of different age groups can be exposed to is well defined by the legal systems in all countries.

Many publishers and mobile game development companies think that it is entirely a tester’s job to know everything about the permissibilities and prohibitions prevalent in the countries of the targeted markets. It is important to understand that a tester is not a law person after all and needs to be properly directed about any such requirements.

4. A localization tester knows their native language better than the translators: It is mandatory that tester’s need expertise and good knowledge in using the local language, preferably greater than translators, but this is not definitely the case a lot of times. If testers have lesser competence and language skills than the translators, they will find it difficult to comprehend what the translator meant, while trying to edit the script.

Air India Launches New Mobile App to Enhance Customer Experience

Air India has introduced a new mobile app with which passengers can easily book tickets, check-in and can also manage their whole journey.

With this app, passengers can collect their boarding pass on their smart phone or smartwatch. Also, passengers will be getting regular updates on flights through the app.

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Passengers can access the details of points they earned and other updates to their accounts as this app also has been integrated with Air India’s Flying Returns loyalty program.

Air India Launches New Mobile App to Enhance Customer Experience

Air India will implement this mobile platform iTravel by SITA, global technology provider.

The app will be available on Android, iOS and Windows.

Mobile App Saves Seattle Cardiac Patient Life!

Sudden cardiac attack is a serious issue around the globe. Every 90 seconds, there is someone who loses their life to sudden cardiac attack.

If you are facing this issue outside the hospital, don’t worry. “PulsePoint” app can help you!

This app was developed by Richard Price, former chief of the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District in Northern California.

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Last week, DeMont, aged 60, collapsed in front of a bus stop at the University of Washington Medical Center.

A medical student arrived at the spot quickly to help and a nurse helped him to stabilize until the ambulance arrived.

Mobile App Saved Seattle Cardiac Patient Life!

The nurse got an alert through this app. With this app, you can also get to know about the location of the ambulance and monitor emergency radio traffic.

This app is available now for Android and iOS devices.

7 Things Smart Schools will Do Better

Every young parent is excited about sending their kids to smart schools. We all wish to provide our kids with better education regardless of our financial status. But how many of us know enough about what kind of education systems and what kind of education environments are prevalent today? After a comprehensive comparison, there are 7 things that smart schools are found to be doing better than ordinary schools. But, before going into that let’s consider three fundamental shifts, which transformed learning environments brought about.

The three types of learners in modern learning environments

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Social Learner: Learning is more of a social activity now.

Autonomic Learner: The dependency of students on teachers have decreased to a great extent, especially with the advent of education app development, to become more or less self-directed.

Inquisitive Learner: Students are more curious to explore into the unknown than just cramming and passing examinations.

Things smart schools will do better

1. Goal Oriented Development: Just like during education app development, modern classrooms work their way up based on previously set goals. They are always on some mission that could aid development of various skills in students. Smart schools conduct community conversations that helps them in setting various goals that are to be achieved. Some examples include creating great learning experiences, community involvement, overall growth etc.

2. Powerful Learning Experiences: When we all learned back during the old days using the traditional approach, the only time that we had to be involved in any learning activities was once when we were in our classrooms or when we had to do homework. The focus of education has now shifted to anytime learning and anywhere learning.

Technology can create powerful and amazing learning experiences for students. Technologies such as the internet, learning apps, and other innovative resources create better learning opportunities for students. For e.g., now education app development companies create apps that enable students to communicate, collaborate and share learning materials and assignments 24/7 year round.

3. Introduction to Productive Learning Environments: With the aid of new technologies, teachers can now plan and allocate resources in better ways. For e.g., if students need some lessons or resources for a longer time period the teachers can include rotation and flex models, which delivers a part of the active time via online. This will in turn increase productivity.

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4. Better Student Profiles: With the use of smart technologies, it is possible to save each students’ academic history for future reference. No matter whether you need a progress report from a year ago or a remark made one month ago, all are accessible at the tip of your fingers.

Teachers, parents, and the students themselves can compare the progress that has been made and decide where they need to put an extra effort. Also, a student-centric and personalized approach can be formulated based on the capabilities and interest areas of individual students.

5. Aid Growth: Next gen schools will provide knowledge map for each student, where their mastery of skills are portrayed. They can be awarded with badges, tags and other recognition signs for their respective accomplishments. The progress to each level can be based on acquisition of the required recognition signs.

6. Leverage Teacher Talent: Like a student profile, every teacher will have a teacher’s profile too. The strengths and weaknesses of the teachers will become trasnparent through these comprehensive profiles. Apart from that the roles of teachers have shown a massive shift from being a dictator to a facilitator in the modern classrooms. Online classes allow schools to take advantage of the services of renowned lecturers and specialists in various fields from anywhere in the world.

7. Social Connections: Until recently, parents did not have a direct role in their kid’s education. New gen schools promote active community participation. They involve parents and even family members apart from peers for encouraging community based learning.

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5 Awesome Optimization Tips for iOS App Development Companies

App store ranking is something that is crucial for driving more download rates. A clear understanding of app store ranking algorithms, continuous follow up of analytics, and implementation of proper ASO strategies will help your app to hit the app store top charts easily.

Here are five great app store optimization tips that will hold your app on top amidst the competitors’ ones.

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1. Get to know those around you: Having a good understanding of your customers and your market saturation is one of the first steps towards ASO success. It is imperative that you know what attracts your customers, what can keep them addicted, and what will make them ignore you. Apart from that, you should devise strategies that would be effective in your targeted market. Given below are some questions for which you should have wise answers, if you want to formulate great strategies.

  • Do you speak your customers’ language?
  • Why should someone download and use your app?
  • How saturated is the market you are targeting?
  • What competitive advantage are you having?
  • How unique are you?
  • Which keywords can be best used to target your customer base?
  • Does your competitor focus on the same set of keywords as yours? If so, how can you deliver
  • your offers in a better way than them?
  • Out of the highly trafficked keywords and the less obvious ones, which ones should you choose for achieving top results?
  • Did you think from your customers shoes?

2. To stand unique with your brand name: To name an app is certainly the easiest, yet the hardest part of the game. It’s easy to choose a name. But it’s difficult to find one that’s catchy. You need your app name to give the best chances for your app to be ranked high. Hence, including keywords in app titles is a popular strategy adopted by iOS app development companies. Studies reveal that apps that follow this strategy, leads from those that does not by several times in the app store search results.

But this does not mean that you should stuff your title with multiple keywords and make it look odd. This will do more harm than good. Focus on one or two keywords that are close to your business and that could describe you effectively. Include them in an attractive way inside the title text and ensure that it is set inside the character limit (total of 255 characters) , so that it shows on the search results(shows between 11 to 30 characters depending on the place of display).

3. Different app stores, different approaches: It is crucial that you know what practice your app stores have, with respect to taking the keywords that you use.

Apple’s App Store gives prime importance to the keywords that it finds in the keyword field, which can contain up to 100 characters. Based on those keywords in the title, your app appears in the search results. So, when you target the Apple market, do not forget to give the keyword field its due importance.

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On the other hand, Google Play Sore totally avoids the above keyword tags and scans relevant keywords from the description. You can have a more relaxed approach towards utilizing the total allotted characters, since you can enter up to 4000 characters in the app description field. This is a very friendly approach for an iOS app development company, as they are at the freedom to expose their app on the market in a means that is aligned with the product’s core value, by making it more natural and customer targeted.

Apps in the Google market should use five keywords ideally, scattered all over the description as the best step to promote ranking. Keywords should naturally fuse into the whole content and should be logically placed, so that it is customer-focused.

4. A compelling app icon: An app’s icon is the first thing that catches your customer’s eyes and so should stand unique. That is why most iOS app development companies invest a handsome amount in designing the app’s icon. On an SEO viewpoint, the icon should be more than something that hints about the purpose of the app.

Both App Store and Google Play have its own set of standards for designing great icons based on a number of different factors like the dimension, pixel density, geometry, color choices etc. For example, App Store prioritize icon resolution 1024×1024 as the standard size, so that they can be scaled down easily to be used as navigation or tab bar icons. On the other hand, Google’s primary choice goes with 512×512 icons. It is imperative that you go through the design guidelines and references before jumping into designing, so that you may create icons that are simple and at the same time delighting customers.

Similar to icons, screenshots and videos also occupy an important position when it comes to contributing to your app’s total download volumes. This is because, customers are always interested in getting a peep into the features, benefits, disposition of components, and specialities of your app before finalizing to download them.

5. Ratings, Feedback, and Updating: Your customers would always like to be heard. That is why you would have to be serious about showing interest in knowing the user’s concerns. Infact, positive reviews will serve as a testimony of your app’s quality and it will help you to be ranked high. Encouraging customer feedback will not only help you to know about your app’s performance in real environments, but also will leave a good impression in the user’s mind.

You should also show that you value customer satisfaction with frequent updates that rectify common flaws apprised in the review sections. This will develop trust and helps you to improve your brand recognition. However, for iOS apps, it is not advisable to practice continuous updates, as an update triggers rating resets after which, you have to bring back your rating volume for the updated version.

Jalandhar Police Introduces New Mobile App to Control Violence During Polls

Jalandhar police has come up with a new mobile app to tackle the issue of violence during polls.

This app will be mainly used in Punjab and all the other states which are going to the poll.

Jalandhar Police Introduces New Mobile App to Control Violence During Polls

All the police stations in the city are mapped in this app. So, if any complaint comes, then it will be directed directly to the police within a minute.

With this app, you can even make calls as the application will have all the contacts.

Jalandhar Police Introduces New Mobile App to Control Violence During Polls

Police Commissioner Arpit Shukla said that the copies of this app will be provided to all political leaders and voters of the respective area before the elections.

Guess What! Farmers Get Uber-like App for Hiring Tractors

You might have heard or even used the services of Ola, Uber and Lyft. It was smart thinking that made lives of people easier, especially in urban areas.

Now, Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra is gunning for success with Trringo. It is an app aimed at helping farmers hire tractors during the harvest season.

Tractors are priced too high for small scale farmers to buy. So, they usually have to rent tractors from owners who can be harsh and unreasonable. Mahindra & Mahindra aims at changing this with the Trringo app. The tag line of the app is – “Ab Tractor Call Karo”

The company provides tractors for rent at 400-700 rs an hour. They rent their own vehicles as well as from a pool of tractor owners who have signed up for the service.

The app was launched in Karnataka last month and is set to roll out in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Finally EA Launches FIFA Mobile App for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Finally FIFA has launched a mobile app! And, it’s available for iOS, Android and Windows phone users as well.

With this app, players can control the game with an on-screen joystick with buttons for passing, sprinting and shooting.

Finally EA Launches FIFA Mobile App for Android, iOS and windows Phone

The main aim of this app is to provide an exciting gaming experience to FIFA fans. In this app, players can create customized leagues consisting of 32 players competing each other. And this will give gamers a daily challenge to take on.

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FIFA Mobile also has multiple levels of attractive s for players.

Watch the launch trailer for FIFA mobile here.

Medina City Schools Launches New Mobile App and Website!

Medina City Schools launched mobile app, website for students and parents.

If you want to check your child’s homework or trying to reach any teacher, then this app can help you. This app is available for both Android and Apple users.


Soon, they will come out with a user-friendly website and an email or phone call system which can keep the parents updated about the activities in the school.

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Parents and students can avail school district information through this app. This is nothing but increase the communication level with the community.

This website up-gradation will also give district a new look.

9 Best Back-to-School Kids Educational Apps

School re-openings are a sense of relief phase for every parent. After the long days of relentless turmoil, yelling, and edification classes with your kids, you could finally recline into your favorite happinesses and necessities in life or just relax and enjoy your peaceful moments.

But, there is another set of concern that might fret some of you and will destroy your state of inner peace on the go – the concern of getting your kids back on track when the holidays are over. Fortunately, a fairly designed app can put them back into mainstream learning more easily.

Do try out from our list of the 9 best back to school kids educational apps.

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1. Endless Worldplay

Endless Worldplay is a very popular brand among kids, who developed a series of kids educational apps for learning language before Endless Worldplay. This app from the series deals with teaching kids spelling patterns and word building through rhyming puzzles and animated sequences. In this app a friendly Alphabot and delightful monsters help your kids learn word meanings along with its contexts, and also teach them how to count.

2. The Everything Machine

Make Everything Machine your child’s first introduction to the digital world and they will surprise you with excellent working micro-electronics models in no time. The app permits your kid to control and use a lot of your phone’s features including camera, torch, microphone, and gyroscope using a simple programming language. They can build anything from a simple electronic switch to a complex thief catcher. If you want your imagination to fly high, you can pay a visit to the maker’s YouTube channel and become inspired. They also provide a free PDF guide that explains the basic concepts along with a number of good examples.

3. Tynker

Tynker is a coding learning platform suitable for your kids to start learning programming. Tinker helps your kids to create apps, games, Minecraft mods, control external hardwares and much more. There are coding lessons that children can learn online at their own pace. They need to place blocks of codes in the right places and then run the results to understand what they perform.

4. Toca Lab

Toca Lab introduces science as magic. Children can meet and learn about all the 118 elements of the periodic table in a fun-filled way. There are interesting tools to learn cause and effect relationships and chemical experiments such as heat, wheel, freeze, waves, and blend. There is also the added advantage of safety in using this app.

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5. Hopster

Hopster exploits the educational potential of popular kid’s shows, songs, and games. There are 800 plus TV show episodes (Sesame Street, Bob the builder, Teletubbies, etc.), and 100 plus rhymes and songs that will entertain your kids even while they are offline. All contents are carefully chosen by curriculum experts.

6. Safari Tales

With Safari Tales your children can explore the African wildlife. There are five cute baby animals to play with – a leopard, a lion, an elephant, a rhino, and a crocodile. Animal orchestra, personalized adventure storybook, Berry blaster, Word wheel, etc. are activities included in this wonderful kids educational app.

7. DragonBox Algebra

DragonBox Algebra is a fun and exciting way to learn everything in algebra including solving linear equations. There are two versions; one suitable for children above the age of five and the other for those who are above twelve. DragonBox Algebra 5+ gives your child basic lessons of junior level algebra, while DragonBox Algebra 12+ includes more levels and complicated equations.
Puzzles and games

8. Cursive Writing Wizard

Cursive Writing Wizard would become your child’s best mate to work on handwriting. It covers tracing practice, Montessori based crosswords, and other related activities that would suit to your child’s early literacy education needs in the appropriate way. The app also has a customising option that will allow you to update additional words into the database. Additionally, you will be able to evaluate your child’s writing and understand if there needs to be any corrections or improvements by replaying the tracing.

9. Teach Your Monster To Read

Kids would love to use Teach Your Monster To Read app because learning to read is fun here. For children, this is an app where monsters are taught to read and not themselves. The app starts right from letter sounds and progress towards full sentences.