EPFO to Launch New Mobile App to Withdraw Pension

Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) will soon launch a mobile app to withdraw pension amount.

This app can make the EPF withdrawal and transfer an easy process. And also you can avail most of the EPF services with your smart phones.

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Mobile App to Serve like “Eyes and Ears” During Emergencies

“We are developing an app for pensioners and hope to roll it out by early next year,” V P Joy, central provident fund commissioner, told TOI.

It can cut the time taken and enormous quantity of paperwork to process the application.

This app might be available in the next two months.

Mobile App to Serve like “Eyes and Ears” During Emergencies

New mobile app launched in Singapore for emergencies! Publishers claim that it serves like “Eyes and Ears” during crises.

This app will also serve as a platform for the public to provide feedback to the authorities.

With this app, users can send photos and videos of crises to the police by using a “point-shoot-send function”. They can call or text the police and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) as well.

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Google Introduces an Smart Messaging App- Allo, for Android and iOS

It was noted by Nur Diyanah Anwar, a RSIS research analyst that the app would be rendered useless if mobile nteworks are disrupted during crises.

Associate Professor Kumar Ramakrishna, from the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), said that this app would be helpful for the concerned authorities to gather accurate information and provide the best solution.

A United States-based expert on public safety and homeland security, Russ Johnson, said concerned authorities must be in place to process and follow up with crowd-sourced information.

“For example, providing directions to stay indoors or head to a nearby evacuation centre… because during an emergency, people in the vicinity will be upset, nervous and will need clear directions,” said Johnson.

This app has public alert facilities like the warning siren network while the ministry is finding new methods to spread the emergency messages.

Google Introduces an Smart Messaging App- Allo, for Android and iOS

Google has launched an instant messaging app named “Allo”.

This app has started rolling out to Android and iOS.

Messaging has come a long way for Google starting from GTalk to G-chat to Hangouts via Google Wave and Buzz. But it’s not like the other messaging apps such as Watsapp, Facebook Messenger and many more.

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Google Introduces New App “Google Trips”, a Perfect Vacation Planner

And Google “Allo” joined this world but with Google Assistant- one clear USP.

To use this, all you need is a phone number and if you are going to make use of “Google Assistant” feature, you must sync your Google Account with this.

This app is now available free in the iOS app store.

Google Introduces New Mobile App “Google Trips”, a Perfect Vacation Planner

Google has launched a new app named “Google Trips” which is a perfect vacation planner for you.

This app helps you to craft the perfect plan for vacation. One of the best feature of this app is that your trip reservations are gathered automatically from your Gmail account and stored offline.

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Apple launches Swift Playground App that Teaches Kids to Code

“Google Trips makes exploring the world easier by organizing your essential info in one place and making it available even offline. Get activity suggestions based on what’s nearby, customizable day plans, and your travel reservations from Gmail.”

The app also helps you to know when you reach near any popular attractions, and also helps to make suggestions for things you might want to do.

The app now is available at free of cost on the Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Can a Mobile App Development Company in India Produce Quality Apps?

Outsourcing is an option considered by most companies these days. Before outsourcing mobile app ideas there are a lot of things that every client considers. Crucial decisions are being made around the timeline, quality required, and budget, so that there will not be a demanding situation later on.

One of the first things considered includes the abundant availability of talent in the country that they are planning to outsource the project. India is one of the top countries that undertake outsourced mobile app development.

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So, Is Outsourcing to a Mobile App Development Company in India a wise Choice?

Well, Yes! In fact, India is a good place to reach out for mobile app development. More and more companies are looking forward to the Indian mobile app development industry for their development needs. In India, mobile app development not only comes with quality, creativity, and personalized services but also with a low cost. There are newer startups cropping up everywhere and every year in the current scenario.

Let us understand why development in India is a wise choice from the points that are mentioned below.

Top Class Universities and Eminent Faculties

The first step towards the delivery of quality excellence starts from recruiting well educated employees. In India, there are a lot of world class universities and colleges that groom out talented students. Devoted and expert faculties teach in these institutions and mentor future designers, software engineers and other technical experts.

Top Companies with a Quality Moto

The interview conducted by many standard companies are tough in India. Also, the tight screening procedure help to comb out the best ones from among the candidates. Apart from that after recruitment, employees are given world class training, a great work environment, ample recognition, sustained career growth, attractive salary package and access to the latest resources. Companies like Qburst and TCS are examples for this.

Find Development Companies Experienced in particular Domains

As the companies progress forward through the years, most of them will mature to become specialized in several major domains. In India, you can find reputed mobile app development companies based on the particular domain that you are focusing on. These companies will have a greater experience dealing with the complexities faced while development and will have better insights about the trends in the market related with the project.

Cheap yet No Compromise on Quality

The complete project development, it’s testing, post-release maintenance, and additional gadgets that you may need can be obtained in India with an amount lesser than one might have to pay in the home country. But this does not signify that the quality of the project is that of second grade. The reduction of cost mainly comes from the currency value of each country, and not because of it’s poor quality or outdated tools used.


Scalability is one of the most useful advantages of outsourcing app development. You can develop a single project over many different platforms in India for the same budget needed for single platform mobile app development in your home country. This will let you concentrate on simultaneous release in multiple markets, focusing a much larger crowd. Also, in India you can get an intricate app architecture and heavy designs done at a much cheaper price.

The Time-Zone Advantage

Most companies in India nowadays have a 24 hour service schedule that will assure you operational and technical support round the clock. This means that you can save a lot of time and meet your goals within the strict timeline that you provide. Also, due to the differences in time zones, you can get to your team members at their most cheerful and productive time of the day.

Highest Number of English Speaking Population

One of the most common hurdles that is experienced by the project outsourcing companies is the communication barrier. India is a country where you can find one of the largest English speaking population. This will allow a more risk free, efficient, transparent, and decision oriented approach towards project completion.

Stable Government

Even though there are a number of outsourcing destinations out there, India is one of the friendliest countries that you will find. With a democracy that is 69 years old, there is a very stable government in the country. An efficient legal structure, reliable law enforcement, genial policies, and exceptional support are some of the factors that attract outsourcing companies to India.

How to Start an Android/iOS App Business

Bringing in millions in profit by selling apps can seem hype, but we are not talking about admiring anything by its face value. Being a start-up or being an established Android or iOS app development company is not something that will invariably determine the success of an app.

Yet, at an earlier point, it is important to learn how to create what you want to create. Here are the most important things that you need to know before starting Android or iOS app development as a business.

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Get an Understanding about the Abundant Opportunities

It is essential that the entrepreneurs stepping into the app development industry recognize the abundant opportunities that are accessible by them. They shouldn’t falter in being aware of the growing mobile app market and the latest tools and trends. Otherwise, it is possible that they might encounter difficulties later, that will prevent steady growth.

Apart from that, you must check if you are starting a business that is right for your area of expertise. You should also check if you have enough resources available in your area. If not, you should be willing to consider outsourcing the work. For instance, imagine that you suddenly get a requirement for hiring a new skilled personnel, who seems to be not available in your area. Here, the only option seems to be outsourcing.

Understand the Marketplace and the New Form of Business Happening there

Many of us have seen different world markets and has got some basic idea about what sells and what does not. But, when we talk about market in the mobile app development space, we do not mean the ordinary markets or even a physical market of some sort. We are talking about the app store here.

Everyone should keep a watch on the market quite earlier than venturing into the business. Download the most successful apps and the failed ones. Try to figure out the common traits in them. This will help to develop a sense of the existing demand and allows one to explore into the world of innovative and promising ideas further ahead. For those targeting iOS app development, Apple’s cheat sheet will help a great deal.

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Starting an Android/ iOS App Development Company

Once you have decided to carry on with this business, you need to register yourself as a developer, so that you can publish your apps in the respective app stores with a developer account. You can opt the platform of your choice and fulfill the requirements to complete registration, which includes an annual fee and acceptance of the terms of service. For starters, it is always better to begin with iOS app development than Android, as iPhone users are more likely to try new apps from new developers.

Hire the Workforce

Hiring is often a laborsome and lengthy process. First of all, you need to prepare a rough document of expected employee duties and desired qualifications to post the job on various job sites. Then you need to interview them and filter them out through multiple screening episodes. Apart from programmers, a mobile app development company need designers, marketing team, project managers etc.

You should get all your employees to sign a non disclosure agreement before hiring, to protect your various data and intellectual properties. From there, you can begin setting up timelines and goals for each of your employees and teams to move forward with mobile app development. Developing and finalizing your app idea, designing prototype, building the back and front-ends, coding, testing, deployment, marketing, and maintenance are the next steps to be followed.

Apple launches Swift Playground Mobile App that Teaches Kids How to Code

Apple has officially announced Swift playground for iPads.

Swift Playground is an app that teaches kids to code. When you open this app for the first time, you can see a number of basic coding lessons and challenges.

Apple is making use of a special keyboard having number of shortcuts and many features that help kids to enter the code easily on the iPad.

This app is not for experienced programmers. It is for kids who want to learn the basics of coding.

The developer preview of Swift Playgrounds has been launched today, and the final version will ship with iOS 10 in the fall.

The app will be available for free.

Apple Unveils iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus – Launch in India to be Held Next Month

After much anticipation, Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, was unveiled yesterday in a special event held at San Francisco.

Both iPhones will be officially launched for the Indian market on October 7th. As for now, the pricing details are yet to be made clear, but the company announced that it will start from Rs 60,000 onwards for the base model.

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Reliance Jio Apps- Most Downloaded Apps on Apple & Google Stores (Last Week)

The iPhones will come in all the four colors (gold, silver, rose gold, and black) as previously seen, except black now comes in two variants; matte black and jet glossy black. The device will hold any of the three memory options – 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

A new force-sensitive home button, an A10 Fusion 64-bit quad core SoC, wireless AirPods, IP67 water and dust resistance, camera improvements, 25% brighter display, improved colour management etc. are featured in the latest set of iPhones.

14 Excellent Apps on iPad to Improve Students’ Creativity

Educational apps can be used to develop a variety of skills in the students. There are educational apps that help in boosting student creativity. Here are the top 14 apps in this category.

1. Educreations

Educreations is an interactive whiteboard, where the iPad will record what you scribble on it. This app allows to create short video tutorials. It includes features like adding animation and text, video editing, online storage etc.

2. Popplet

Popplet is a simple app to show your ideas visually. It is a very quick tool, which will help you in generating ideas, sorting them visually, and finding relationships between them to create new ideas. This app is widely used by professionals as well.

3. Ideament

This app helps you to instantly draw diagrams such as a flow chart and change them in text outlines and vice versa. Ideament helps you to illustrate concepts, plan presentations, share ideas etc. with ease.

4. Draw Free for iPad

Draw free app helps you to paint stunning pictures without being an artist. It’s simple interface is equally useful for professional as well as amateur painters. This app allows you to use any tool – pencil, brush, crayon, or bucket – to complete your artwork.

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5. Animation Creator HD

With Animation Creator you can be a director super easy. This app helps you to bring your ideas into life like animations with powerful drawing tools, brilliant color options, and simple frame management.

6. I Tell A Story

I Tell A Storyeducational app can be used for story narration and recording. You can edit and save the narrated stories in the files. There are also a collection of funny sounds like the bark of a dog and cricket sounds to make the story more interesting.

7. Storybuddy

Storybuddy is an app that can create story books, page by page, complete with paintings, photos, and texts. You can then share it with family and friends. The app comes with the option for multi-touch.

8. Explain Everything

Explain Everythingapp is an interactive whiteboard like Educreations, but more advanced and slightly different in its use and functions. It is extremely helpful in creating videos and classroom projects. It comes with real time collaboration and great drawing features.

9. ShowMe

ShowMe is a tool to add voice-records to whiteboard tutorials. It is very simple to use and comes with features such as pause and erase.

10. Strip Designer

Strip Designer, take photos and make it into your own personalized comic strip with the help of this app. There are a lot of comic page templates and balloon shapes to choose from. Add effects with a collection of comic symbols like “Boommm” “Powww” etc.

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11. Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HD allows you to create animated shows in real time. You can create your actor from a photo or choose from the available characters in your app. You can also set the photo as a backdrop for your story. Zoom, rotate, flip, audio record etc. are some of the main features of this app.

12. Skitch

Skitch comes to your aid when you suddenly see something inspiring that sparks you with a new idea. You can take a photo, mark it up using stamps, shapes, texts etc. and instantly share it via social networks, email, or SMS.

13. PicCollage

PicCollage is an easy to use collage maker that lets you create grid collages within seconds. You can add stickers, backgrounds, texts, borders, cutouts and GIF images.

14. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a presentation and slideshow app. The final presentation can be exported to PowerPoint & Keynote.

Reliance Jio Apps- Most Downloaded Apps on Apple & Google Stores (Last Week)

MyJio, an app from Reliance Jio was the top draw on Google and Apple stores in India during the previous week.

Almost 6 Reliance Jio apps raced up the popularity charts a day after Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani offered them for free for more than a year.

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“Jio app subscriptions worth Rs 15,000 annually would be free for customers till end of 2017, alongside free voice calls for life”, Ambani had said.

Reliance Jio launched its 4G data based service commercially yesterday.

With these apps, Jio can become the largest over-the-top player in India and it has the potential to make inroads into the elite league of Indian app developers with the largest number of users, Cyber Media Research said in a note. Jio will be there along with Hike and Flipkart, which each have about 100 million users, the research firm said.

Jio, through its bouquet of apps and disruptive pricing, has addressed use cases and affordability, Faisal Kawoosa, Principal Analyst Telecoms at CMR, said in a statement.

It also provides a messaging app and a cloud storage service through JioDrive.