New Mobile App Launched for Medical Services!

Nashik citizens will not have to wait for an ambulance under any circumstances. Now, they can call the state-run 108 ambulance with a mobile app.

Officials of the Bharat Vikas Group, which operates the 108 ambulance service, said “the application is available for download on android mobile platforms. Once the application is installed, the user can register with 108 ambulance control room.”

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With this app, location and details of the user can be tracked. User will get this facility only after providing details about the situation and number of patients.

Bharat Vikas Group spreading awareness about this in the rural areas also.

With this app, ambulance services can reach even in remote areas within a short span of time.

10 Popular Apps iOS App Development Companies can Learn From [2016]

iOS app development companies often face scarcity of app ideas. In such cases there is a genius method that you can try out viz., going through the popular apps in the app store. This will give you an idea of what’s trending in the iOS app development industry and helps you to generate more innovative ideas.

A major advantage of having a study of these apps is that you can understand what good apps look like. You can even have a look at the bad apps to get an idea of what doesn’t sell.

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Here is a list of the most popular apps that iOS app development companies can learn from and be inspired.

1. Tinder Social

Tinder is originally a dating app. Tinder Social introduces a new way to plan your night. It helps to make new connections. Then, you can invite your friends to go out, learn about what other crews are up to, and meet with these new groups.

2. Big Oven

Big Oven just makes cooking a lot simpler. There are more than 3,50,000 plus recipes to get inspired from. The app will allow home cooks to get organized in the kitchen, as it comes with a menu planner and gives a grocery list based on each recipe.

3. Yelp

Look up for locations and get local reviews of restaurants to hardware stores on your iPhone with Yelp. There are in-depth reviews and photos contributed by expert community members. You can compare deals based on price, distance, or popularity.

4. Shazam

Shazam makes identifying music and getting song lyrics as simple as a tap. You can follow and see what your favorite artists are shazaming. Stay up-to-date with new releases from the artists that you follow. The app also connects to Spotify.

5. Splitwise

Designed originally for college students, Splitwise helps you to keep track of debts owed and view due dates. This tool helps roommates to split their bill payments like apartment rents or group trip costs. You can settle your bills any time with PayPal and Venmo.

6. Audible

This app is the right one for book lovers, who are not very good at reading them. Audible lets you listen to more than 180,000 titles covering audiobooks, short stories, dramas, non-fiction and even the Bible. The books can be downloaded for offline play, while you are on a commute or waiting in queue. Audible has features that promote optimal listening.

7. Genius Scan

Genius Scan can become your pocket document scanner and it will convert your photographs into PDF or JPEG files. Features including smart page detection, perspective correction, and image enhancement makes Genius Scan the perfect tool for close-up text scanning.

8. ScanLife

ScanLife, get information that you want about almost any product available in the market. You can scan the barcode or QR code of a product with your iPhone’s camera, and the app will give you product reviews and price comparisons, along with special offers available for you. Using the app will give mPoint rewards with every scan that you make, which can be redeemed for actual gift cards.

9. Etsy

It is a place where sellers and shoppers meet to deal with handmade and vintage goods. Millions of people visit Etsy for unique goods; from stylish handmade jewellery to one of a kind furnitures. You can use Apple Pay or PayPal for safe and swift transactions.

10. Hulu

You can watch TV shows and stream movies with this useful app. Unlike cable channels, Hulu will connect you to your favorite programs at any time that you prefer. Hulu offers both limited commercial and commercial free plans.

5 Tips to Find the Best Kids Educational Apps

We know that it is practically hard to achieve the right mix between entertainment and kids educational apps. It is needless to say that companies developing educational apps for kids have their own characteristic preferences and dislikes for the apps that they develop. So, it is necessary for a parent to understand what marks the best kids educational apps out from the rest and which ones would deliver the purpose well.

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Remember, there’s no greater harm you could do than putting your kids in front of a terrible app.

1. Plenty of Research

Almost all educational apps for kids available as a download comes with that bewitching tag “educational” glued into them. As a parent searching for the right kid’s app, you could instantly get bewildered when you land on an app store’s page. Well, you are not alone and there is no need to get panicked. Who would not get perplexed when you find hundreds of titles making even more claims to you?

Inorder to get out of this dilemma, parents could do a lot of research before taking their final decision. Go through a lot of app store reviews and check the rating of an app. There are even useful sites that rate popular apps or you could visit and get tips from field experts on how you could pick one that is right for your child.

2. Talk with your Child’s Teacher

Apart from online resources, there is another great resource from where you could learn what makes your kids interested and what makes them bored – your kid’s teacher. They are in a better position to know if an app you are confused about is truly educational or not. You can also get a list of recommended apps that will fit well with the curriculum and lessons that your kids learn at school.

3.Download and Test

The best thing you could do to check the worth of an app is by downloading and using it yourself; or better, give it to your kids and watch how they play with it. Even though you are not a 5 year old yourself and wouldn’t be able to accurately understand what appeals to a toddler, you can talk with them and understand if they are interested or not. There are several other benefits too in following this method.

You will be able to know if the app is trying to sell anything to your kid or whether the app gives ample security. But, this method is limited when it comes to testing apps that are d as everyone wouldn’t be willing to an app until they are convinced.

education app development

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4. Make Faults

Well, you are testing an app and that obviously means testing their behaviour while you are wrong too. It is important to check if the app makes your kid feel regretful when they make a mistake. This is dangerous and will even lead to an aversion for the subject as a whole.

The app shouldn’t make your kids feel freaked out when they fail to choose the right answers. Instead, it should incorporate mature ways of dealing with such situations by motivating them to try again. Including hints and praising them for partially correct answers are excellent ways of encouraging children.

5. Did Your Child have Fun?

You should honestly answer this question. Even though you just want to get your kids to learn things, they won’t be going hand in hand with the same idea as yours. A well designed app will only be effective when they have the right amount of fun. Otherwise, it will be just another crappy app.

You should definitely visit Edsys’s extensively researched Educational app directory, where you can find all the educationally relevant apps that are currently available for iOS and Android devices in one place, so you don’t have to go looking for them at various places. All the students, teachers, and parents can get the perfect app that fulfills their needs in the Educational App directory.

New Mobile App from YouTube for Smart TV Viewers

Recently, YouTube launched its new Smart TV app.

With this app, users can easily find the videos which they would like to watch.

“We are investing to deliver a lean back experience through recommendations,” the company told Fortune via email. “This will be available today in the YouTube app in smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming boxes in the US, but we plan to roll out to more countries in the future.”

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FBI Introduces New Mobile App to Find Bank Robbers

More than half of the users in U.S. said that they have watched YouTube videos on their TV.

This new app is focusing more on shorter-form content instead of promoting its original content to audience.

FBI Introduces New Mobile App to Find Bank Robbers

In December 2012, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched a new website showing a gallery of unknown bank robbery suspects.

Now, they have launched a mobile app that can help in catching bank robbers.

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With this app, you can share all the information including photos about bank robberies all over the country and can sort out the robberies by its date and category.

The Bureau’s announcement makes it clear that the app isn’t a toy or novelty:

“Because the FBI, in its own bank robbery investigations, focuses on the most violent and/or the most prolific serial offenders who often cross jurisdictions, the suspects included on are a dangerous lot and public assistance in identifying them plays a crucial role in our efforts to apprehend them.”

Users can contact them immediately as this app provides quick access to the online tips page of FBI.

New Mobile App to Remotely Manage Children’s Mobile App & Web Use

Yesterday WebWatcher, a #1 rated parental monitoring software introduced a new mobile app – “Screen Time Manager”.

This mobile app allows parents to monitor their children’s usage of smartphones.

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“In today’s digital age, parents are challenged with helping their kids find a healthy balance between ‘real’ and ‘digital’ life,” remarked Erika Miller, Director of Online Safety for WebWatcher.”

“We understand parents have several concerns with their kids’ online activities,” said Ms. Miller. “Our main goal is to offer options to help parents keep kids safe online while also creating a healthy balance between real life and screen time.”

With this, parents can control their children’s internet and app usage.

“The majority of kids don’t have the maturity or self-discipline to know when they’ve had too much screen time. Our app allows parents to proactively help their children put the phone down and engage in real life activities,” added Ms. Miller.

This can keep your children secure online as you can manage a maximum of 5 devices from one centralized account.

New Google App Makes Video Calling Easier Between Operating Systems

Now you can easily do video calls cross platform with just your mobile number with a new Google app.

The search giant has introduced “Duo”, a video calling app for Mobiles.

This is a one-to-one video calling app which can be seen as an alternative to Apple’s FaceTime and is exclusively for smartphones.

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Amit Fulay, Google’s group manager for communications, said: “Users are reluctant to video call because they don’t know if the other person is on the right network, the right device or it’s a good time to call. We’ve tried to remove all that friction and make it feel like an invitation, not an interruption when someone call’s you.”

“The chances of you having your close friends and family’s phone number is much higher than having a specific account, so using the phone number makes it easier.” , he said, making it clear that you can use Google Duo’s video calling without having a Google account. Although the initial release is restricted to selected markets, the app is all set to launch worldwide in the near future.

World’s Biggest Government Hospital to Introduce Mobile App

Asia’s biggest government hospital, Balrampur hospital is going to launch a mobile app soon.

With this app, patients will not have the stress of waiting in long queues for consultation and testing.

Addressing reporters, Hospital Director Dr EU Siddiqui said, “The mobile app to help patients download test reports online. It will also apprise them about facilities being provided by the hospital.”

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Dr Siddiqui stated that the app was one of the many patient-friendly initiatives proposed by the hospital. “Patients would also have access to free wi-fi in the campus. They will also be saved from unnecessary running to the hospital as they may opt for planned visits by using a helpline facility being started,” he said.

Citing another example he said, “The facility for dialysis is being augmented through public private partnership.”

Mobile App to Help you Connect to your Inner Chef

3 students from the Brandeis University in the United States has developed a mobile app to provide users with step by step recipe guidance.

“Chef’s Assistant”, conceived and created by Gerriana Cohen ’18, Demi Zhang ’19 and Fatima Hussaini ’17 during the nine-week Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) class Voice, Web, and Mobile Apps, is a hands-free application that features 330,000 recipes with voice-activated, step-by-step instructions on how to produce them.

“We wanted this app to be simple and easy while also giving the user more inspiration to try things in the kitchen,” said Cohen, who presented the app to her peers at a presentation on Aug. 5, the course’s final day.

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The app can even handle the most important instructions including a shopping list feature keeping up-to-date with simple voice commands.

“I want a recipe that doesn’t have peanuts but has carrots, curry, is vegan and contains less than 500 calories,” said Zhang as she demonstrated the product to the audience.

“Our competition doesn’t feature nutritional information of calorie counts and, most importantly, don’t have voice functions,” added Hussaini. “Our app is able to talk you through steps and keep your inventory up to date in a way that others can’t.”

In the first five weeks of course itself, students learned to build mobile apps that use voice commands.

“I am very pleased with quality of these apps,” said professor Tim Hickey, who has taught this course for three years. “All of them are very creative, original and well designed.
“All of the students pushed far beyond what we taught them in the first five weeks. I was very impressed.”

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Mobile Application Development Company

The online market is one place that businesses couldn’t ignore anymore. There are a lot of mobile app development companies in India currently. But before finalizing one, be sure to ask them several questions like the ones given below, so that you could make the right choice. A Good mobile app development company will provide you with sincere and satisfactory replies.

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1. Where Can you Find Examples of Previously Developed Applications?

You can analyse the quality of an app only by having to get a look at it directly. So, do not wait to ask them the links (Apple’s App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Play etc.) to a few of their previously developed apps. Also, try to get apps that have maximum similarity with the functionalities you prefer for your app. You should check how the app works in different environments and conditions. This way, you can determine if the company is capable of developing the type of app that you need.

2. Who are Your Current and Past Clients?

This information is required for you to verify that the mobile app development company that you’ve approached is the real creator of the apps that you found in the digital stores. Fake companies can claim that they have worked on popular apps. When you contact a company’s past clients, you are also getting a chance to enquire other details before working with them, such as reliability and work culture.

3. How do you Communicate with Your Clients?

It is necessary that there is ample communication between you and the company’s executives, so that there is no compromise on the quality of your app and there is no delay or serious issues in the project due to insufficient supervision. You should also ask whether you will be allowed to directly communicate with your developers and designers, and how often you would get the status updates.

4. Who will Own the App?

The popular rule is that a thing should be owned by the person who buys it or invests money in it. However, in order to avoid any future complications, it is necessary that you and the company should sign an agreement declaring the ownership of the finished product. The copyright assignment that you sign should ensure that you have complete freedom to use the product as per your wish.

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5. How is the Testing Done?

You should ask about the testing procedures that the company follows. It is common that a lot of development companies avoid this step all together or give it less importance. Make sure that the company does manual testing where it is important and have a wide range of devices that include new models also. You should make sure that the company can quickly fix bugs that are found during the beta phase.

6. What about Deployment of the App?

After the initial rounds of testing the fully functional app is over, you may submit it on the app store. You should confirm whether the company includes deployment as part of the entire process or not.

7. What do you Charge and How can it be Paid?

You should request for a budget estimate to the company and ask if it needs to be a one-time fee upfront or can be a down payment & several installments. Total payment can be based on an hourly rate or a flat fee. After you agree on the fees and payment terms, you should draft a written agreement detailing the aforementioned.

8. Do you have Expertise in Building Exceptional Features?

If you want to make apps that sell, you need to include attractive features. So, you should get an idea about the expertise the company have in making innovative and remarkable features that grab the user’s attention.