India a World Leader in App Store Revenue: Survey

India is predicted to top app revenue charts by 2020, with 20.1 billion app downloads. The prediction has been done by popular app data and insights company AppAnnie. If it happens, it would be a 92% increase from 2016.

In the last 2 years, total app download rate and in-app time has doubled up compared to the first quarter of 2014. AppAnnie’s prediction also includes Brazil, Argentine, Mexico, and Indonesia in 2nd , 3nd , 4th and 5th positions respectively. At the same time, app revenues in more mature markets such as Japan, US and Western Europe will still comprise 2/3rd of the total app revenue.

According to the report, by 2020, the global app market will grow to $102million.

Pokémon Fever is Catching Up Again – Here’s What to Know about “Pokémon Go”

There’s been a huge buzz around this new gaming app called “Pokémon Go” for the past few weeks. You would hardly miss people roaming around the streets and playgrounds with their smartphones held up in their hands. If you’ve stumbled upon this new gaming app rather lately and has been curious to dive further into the topic, this article is the right one for you. Let’s get some awareness about this new massive hit.

So, What’s the big deal about Pokémon Go? Why the game is a big hit so suddenly?

Pokémons are pocket monsters, which resemble real world animals and other animate and inanimate things such as rats, birds, onion, eggs and more. They have exotic powers and are tamed by trainers who catch them.
Most of us were Pokémon fans as kids. Now, the 90’s favorite fantasy characters are back with a bang after Nintendo’s first entry into the mobile space.

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Pokémon Go, a gaming app developed by Niantic and Pokemon Company, is already more popular than the dating app Tinder, in the US. Reports say that it engages an average user for more than 43 minutes everyday. The game made Nintendo’s market value rose by $7.5 billion in just two days. Sources reveal that now the game is competing with Twitter in terms of its daily active users.

The trend never went away

The quick popularity and massive acceptance of Pokemon is not something that is bewildering. It all began with the release of the first Pokémon playing cards back in the 1990’s. The cards were followed by Nintendo GameBoy games and Pokémon cartoons. And when yesterday’s kids became adults with smartphones, they were served with the right game at the right time.

Where do I get it?

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game available as a free download for both the Android and iOS platforms. The game will let its players walk around their neighborhood to find and catch virtual Pokémon characters that appear on their phone’s screen– a scavenger hunt game by all its means. The app uses your phone’s GPS to access the location information and your clock to work in real time.

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Cool! So how do you begin to play it and what are the basic rules?

After downloading your game you will be asked to choose your avatar and username. You can then start collecting your wild Pokémons by throwing your Pokéball at them. The more you collect, the more powerful you become.

As noted earlier, the Pokémon characters like Rattatas and Pidgeys can be caught from your surroundings so that you can train them. You may find a Pokémon literally everywhere. There might be one waiting for you right outside your doorstep, or when you have coffee at a coffee shop, or even when you are working at your office desk.

Trainers can join teams, once they reach a certain level in the game. These trained Pokémon characters are then used by trainers while fighting against other teams. As obvious, the trainer team with the strongest Pokémons subsequently wins. This will give them control over areas known as Pokémon Gyms. Pokéstops are found in public places such as libraries and gardens, where you could restock your Pokéball and other game items.

The app encourages it’s players to travel around. There will be newer and more collections of Pokémon characters, if one could travel to various spots during different times. This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of the game. The use of real world environment in the game has made playing it, a much more rewarding experience for many.

Apps Overtake Desktop in Online Banking (BBA)

The everyday usage of banking apps have risen as never before. At the same time, usage of banking websites have gone down. This has been reported by the British Bankers Association (BBA).

In 2015, 4.3m website logins happened per day, as against 4.4m in 2014 while 11m users logged in using apps in 2015 as against 7m in 2014.

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BBA chief executive Anthony Browne said that the customers are loving the new tech as it allows them to bank round the clock.

Does the same remain true for online payments?

When it come to payments, users are still more inclined to use a desktop. 347m payments happened through mobiles in 2015 while 417m payments happened through desktops. But there was a significant change from last year. Payments through app increased by 54% while it was just 2% for website transactions.

There are numerous new app-based banks around the world which are making it easier for customers to pay on the go.

How Android Studio Makes Solar2D Enterprise Development Easier

With the release of Solar2D Daily Build 2016.2886, Android Studio app templates and samples were made available for Solar2D Enterprise. The IDE integration could bring useful tools to the aid of developers and it will allow quicker code iteration in the future.

Enterprise with the Ant build System will be a thing of the past very soon, as all new projects are required to use Android Studio templates. Existing Android Enterprise projects should be migrated to Android Studio, since Solar2D Enterprise will drop their support for Ant project model in September or October this year.

Here are several features coming with Android Studio that makes development easier.

Code completion

Android Studio has an exciting feature known as real-time code auto completion. If you can’t remember the complete code, auto completion can give you suggestions as you type in. The editor will continually refine the suggestions as you progress. Pressing the ‘enter’ key will select the highlighted item on the list shown. There is also a keyboard shortcut for manually invoking the feature by which you can edit existing codes after pressing Ctrl-Space.

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Static Code Analyzer

This is a Java code inspection tool. The main use is detecting bugs, styling issues in the code, typos, simplifying complex code snippets etc.

JAR decompilation

This tool will help to analyze performance issues such as crashing, if there is a jar file involved in any random library that you have no access to the source code. This way, there could be better understanding of the underlying problem.

Support for AVD testing

The great benefit about using Android Studio is its integrated support for Android virtual device (AVD) testing. For Solar2D Enterprise, there is better testing performance and IDE integration being offered now than earlier. But one should be aware of the few exceptions and limitations of testing with AVD, such as inability to test for several Google files, slow booting etc.

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Do away with shell scripts

There is no more need of using the command line as Android Studio for Solar2D is here. Instead, you can do everything from building through deployment via this interface.

Prevents runtime issue due to new API levels

Android Studio warns when you use any APIs that are above your existing minSdkVersion. Thus you can prevent your app built with prior SDKs from breaking, when it tries to call unexisting APIs.

Integrate common external libraries easier

Libraries such as the Android Support Libraries and Google Play Services can be added to your projects effortlessly with simple lines of codes as dependencies with Android Studio.

Prisma Photo Filter App Rolls out Android Beta Version

Beta version of Prisma, the photo filter app which has taken the Internet by storm was rolled out to Android for user feedback. But the app, which is just a month old in iOS, was taken down in a short while.

However, the company assures that this trending app would be available on Google Play Store this month itself. In its Facebook page, the company wrote “A big thanks goes to everyone who has managed to try our beta for Android. We have collected enough feedback and had to close it,”

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The app is at the yop of iOS app charts. It converts pictures into works of art. In fact, Prisma CEO & co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov gave hints that the app will be getting new features including filters for videos. The below video was posted by him on his facebook account.

The app’s working is pretty simple. You just take a photo or choose from your photo gallery, then apply Prisma filters. It takes a few seconds to load. But delivers some amazing pictures. Check out the iOS version here

Now, an App to Prevent Childhood Burns!

When there are kids, keeping hot water/coffee/tea or any hot beverages can be dangerous. You never know when a painful burn might occur. Such burms add up to around 20% of all burns that happen to children aged below 15 years.

Jacquii Burgess, a burns researcher along with a team of fellow researchers at the Centre for Children’s Burns and Trauma Research in Queensland have joined hands with iPug, a digital health company to develop Cool Runnings, a new app.

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Cool Runnings is an app that teaches parents and teachers about how to keep burn injuries at bay, and also to treat them with cool running water in case such situations arise. It offers messages and photos with educational purpose for mothers/parents/teachers.

A sample tip is to make your bookshelves more stable by keeping it close to the wall, as the chances for you keeping a cup of hot beverage on bookshelves is high.

Ms.Burgess told that while a cup of coffee might look like a small amount, but for a baby, its equivalent to a bucket for an adult-sized body. This can cause severe injuries.

Planet of the Apps – Apple’s New Reality Show Makes Open Casting Call

In March this year, technology giant Apple had announced it’s first TV reality show. The show, which will be unscripted, is about app developers. It has now been christened as “Planet of the Apps”.

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This week, a casting call has been made by Apple, asking for “100 of the world’s most talented app creators,”. Interested app developers should send details about the app under development, while also providing their (developer & team) 1 minute video profile. Applications can be sent in till August 26.

Filming of the first season would start from late 2016 to early 2017, and would be filmed at Los Angeles. Tech-lover and pop star is producing the show along with Howard Owens and Ben Silverman.

85 Million Android Devices Affected by HummingBad Malware

A malware named HummingBad has affected around 85 million android devices. It’s creators are generating around $300,000 per month by means of false ad revenue.

This malware was originally spotted in February and it’s suspected to have originated from a company in China. Android devices are infamous for not being secure due to irregular update patterns.

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HummingBad affects devices by implanting a persistant rootkit. This malware runs its campaign along with genuine campaigns. These details were revealed in a report by security specialist company Check Point. The report, which is 24 page long also said that any data inside the affected smartphones are also at risk. In fact, if the malware acquires root access of your device, then it gains full access.

5 Steps Towards a Paperless Office

The problem of working with and maintaining hard copies in any institutions are many. It is time for corporates and government to ease the burden and go for a paperless office. The technology is evolving and adapting to get imbibed into the office environment and function as a whole unit.

Adopting a paperless office ecosystem can also save space & money. You can survive your daily business need for information transfer by cutting down zero trees.

1. Internal Communication

How often do you get annoyed by a faulty printer or be exhausted with the countless trips to get xerox? Paperless Office has a better way for sharing documents – Apps similar to Google Docs.

Google Docs can help you share your work and important files securely without waiting or turn taking at the printer. The attracting thing is that the service is from a trusted source and is also free.

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Google Docs allows users to work with documents and spreadsheets simultaneously. As it is run through Gmail, colleagues can also use the chat feature, while editing the documents. All the changes are saved automatically from time to time, so that there is no need to worry about unintentional loss of your work. The files that are saved in Google Docs can be viewed and downloaded at any time.

Apart from Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Basecamp are other popular document editing and sharing systems in use today, however, much limited in its function.

2. Online payment and paperless statements

Remember how exactly you made your payments when being “paperless” was an idea which is strange to even the most advanced offices from around the world? You had to store bundles of papers that you dealt with while processing these payments for later use or future reference in your file cabinet – checks, invoices, letters.

But technology came with a better option, viz., online payments and paperless statements. Almost all banks offer this service nowadays and even provide special advantages for its online users. Thus, you will only need to spend lesser hours managing and tracking your expense and payment records.

Expensify, Square Register, Adobe Echosign etc. are top business apps in the industry that can make your office finance work a charm.

3. Storage and file transfer systems

There are many services that provides unlimited cloud storage capabilities to store end-users data away from their local systems. You can use various file sharing systems to sync large files safely from the source device and retrieve them once needed. Dropbox, ShareFile, YouSendIt etc. are well liked data storage services.

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4. Surveys

Every business have to conduct public surveys at one time or the other to ascertain the feasibility and significance of business plans and crucial decisions, before its actual implementation. For e.g. if a business need to make improvements to an existing service or a product, they have to collect public opinion, so that they could make better decisions. SurveyMonkey is a free survey platform, which allows you to conduct surveys and monitor results in real time.

5. Meeting Scheduler

There are several services available like TimeBridge, doodle schedule assistant, Meet-O-Matic etc. for scheduling meetings. More than that an app like LogMeIn or TeamViewer can eliminate the need for handing out printouts. They deliver remote access capability, so that one can access office systems from any other device. This feature can be used for screen sharing during meeting, presentations, teleconferencing etc.

6. Scanners

Turboscan is an in demand document and receipt scanner, which allows you to scan without the help of a stand-alone scanner. Images can be captured with a camera and converted into PDF or JPG files to be stored or send as emails.

12 Common Features of Good Learning Apps for Kids

There are more people in the world who own a mobile phone than there are people who own a toothbrush. A two year old knows how to hold an iPhone properly and how to lock/unlock it. Mobile apps became the most successful innovation in the field of mobile technology and creative minds found its implementation in the field of education as well.

As learning app are getting in demand, new ones are flooding all the major digital stores everyday. Any parent or concerned teacher could easily be confused about choosing one. Hence, there is much importance in acquiring the skill needed for selecting the proper learning app for your kid and this skill depends greatly on understanding the common features of good learning apps.

The most important thing that an educational app for kids should have is the fun factor. Kids should be able to accomplish tasks and learning activities without even realizing that they are learning a thing or two! Even when it seems that an app is engaging in nature and your kid wants to use it again, one cannot conclude that the app could be educative. Being attractive and being educative are two totally different concepts.

This infographic lists 12 features every good learning apps for kids should possess.

features of good learning apps

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