Google App for iOS gets Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google app users in the iOS app platform has a reason to rejoice. Accelerated Mobile Pages, the Google feature to load websites instantly with a click rather than loading after a click, is coming to Google’s iOS app.

With the introduction of this feature to Google’s iOS app, we’ll be able to experience the same instant loading feature that has been implemented for the web within the app itself.

As per Google, “Starting today, AMP will be available in the Google app for iOS. So now news articles from a vast array of publishers will load instantly for your reading pleasure. Just look out for the lightning bolt and “AMP” next to articles in the “Top Stories” section of your search results and enjoy blazing-fast news.”

All the websites will obviously not be compatible with AMP. But there are a number of websites which are AMP compatible. In case you haven’t updated your google app yet,

8 Best Gaming Apps for Apple Watch !

Apple Watch has got a miserly screen frame when compared to other Apple devices. Well! You can’t expect more from a watch.. Right?! But that doesn’t restrict developers from building gaming apps for Apple Watch and players from playing them.

Here is a list of the most popular gaming apps for Apple Watch that’s worth a try.

1. Lifeline

Lifeline is one unique gaming app that is really designed to play from the Apple watch. The main attraction is that the game happens in real time.

In this game, you receive push notifications from time to time, sent by Taylor, an astronaut whose spaceship has crash-landed on an alien moon.

He is looking for help and the only person that he seems to be able to contact is the game player. The player has to take crucial decisions so as to keep him alive.

Download : Apple Watch

2. Runeblade

Developers claim that it is “the first award winning fantasy adventure game for the Apple Watch”. The game story is about the order of the War Mages faced with a serious threat, as the angry Arai is determined to destroy the world.

In this adventure game with mighty spells and magical artefacts, you are the armored heroine who fight against the rising darkness; grabbing your Runeblade and slashing away at mystical creatures & bosses.

3. Spy_Watch

Spy_Watch is a text based adventure game with a bewitching storyline. Your father, head of a spy agency, has been put to death by unknown enemies. Now you are at charge and your missions include enemy assassinations to rebuilding the organisation.

You have to complete operations by taking crucial decisions and giving directions to your fellow spy agent. The game notifies you of updates and action progresses in actual time.

4. Rules!

This cute and colorful puzzle game is a bite-sized mini-version of the same iPhone game with 10 different stages. As a simple picture sorting game with multiple sorting rules getting added on each turn until you lose, this app can provide you brain exercise on a daily basis.

Download : Apple Watch

5. Trivia Crack 

This game tests your general knowledge whenever you can have a few minutes to spare. All you have to do is just spin the colorful category wheel – “Willy”.

You can start growing your knowledge by answering the hundreds of thousands of fun and exciting questions, touching topics from geography to entertainment.

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The game also allows you to pair up with random opponents that keep up the challenge.

Download : Apple Watch

6. LCD Games – Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion is a simple game that runs harmonious with one of those classic LCD handheld games in the 1980’s which are made popular by Tiger and Nintendo.

In this game, the goal is to collect/save all the little transparent aliens escaping from the earth’s atmosphere before they explode in the vacuum of space. You should use the digital crown to move your ship left or right.

There are also two optional modes A and B, by which you can increase/decrease the level of complexity by increasing/decreasing the speed.

Download : Apple Watch

7. Tamagotchi Classic

The handheld game toy you obsessed in the 90’s is back with its digital pet game, the Tamagotchi Classic. In this game, you’ll get notification when your Tamagotchi needs anything like feeding, flushing their droppings or playing with them. You should give them more time if you want to raise them well.

8. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Although not available by itself as a game, SEGA’s Sonic runner has this sonic-themed pedometer companion app for the Apple watch.

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It uses Apple watch’s fitness tracking to unlock additions like rings and sidekick sprites in the Sonic Dash 2 game for iPhone based on how far you have walked.

Download : Apple Watch

6 Ways Kids Education Games Make Them Smarter

We often face difficulty in making children learn even the basic lessons. Video games can motivate kids to learn faster.

Kid’s education games are designed to make them more amenable to learning. It can channel their enthusiasm and vigour into productive ways by providing an environment that is conducive to learning. Here are some of the ways that kids education games make them smarter.

App cost calculator

1. Games offer fun ways to learn and make kids happier

Today’s children are already familiar with mobile games. One way or other they spend a significant amount of their time playing games on a number of digital devices. This time can be effectively utilized for learning things by using kids education games. Games will let kids involuntarily learn memory-related and practice-related learning of concepts through challenging, engaging and fun ways.

2. Games provide ideal learning environments

Video games provide better learning environments than traditional learning environments. They can seize childrens’ interest and concentration for a longer time by rendering the activities as challenging and pertinent.

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Kids put more effort into learning things unknowingly when provided with an engaging game. Games also allow kids to socially interact, compete and collaborate with each other to perform the tasks given. It is also easy to track their progress and give them feedback instantly.

3. Games route the focus to the challenge

Through kids education games, complex topics can be taught easily, especially if the lesson requires a lot of practice or memorization. Games can incorporate different adaptive methods and approaches based on individual abilities of each student. The pupil will feel that the topic is much more less dense than learning through any other methods. For e.g. the game slice fractions, helps your kids to learn all about fractions through cool games of slicing through ice and lava to clear the mammoth’s path.

4. Games and encouragement

The challenges in games are designed to be encouraging and motivating in nature. Students will feel confident when they advance through each level of the game.

While learning, failure is one thing that will be encountered too many times. But in order to accomplish something, there should be persistence and the will to try again and again until the goal is finally achieved.

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Games are entertaining in itself and so they naturally instigate the necessary stimulus to continue further. Rewards, scores, and advanced levels in the game will force kids to move forward trying different types of techniques and strategies to reach the target.

Also multiple attempts and continuous failure while playing games affect kids lesser than failing in other learning methods. This is because regardless of the results, players get enjoyment from playing the game.

5. Games can simulate processes and phenomenons

A lot of things are learnt better when they are seen. Game simulations can help to re-create processes and phenomenons in the real world that are too costly to build. A lot of abstract and difficult concepts are effortlessly learnt this way.

Students can experience and interact with things more closely while learning a lot of rules and procedures. For e.g., they can safely understand the reaction between chemicals, see what happens in a nuclear reaction, or go on missions to the moon & Mars.

A certain category called epistemic games allow role playing, where the students are required to play specific roles or complete tasks imitating real-world situations. The roles can range from being police officers to businessmen and what not. These games assist in acquiring real life skills and helps to understand various value systems.

6. Global reach

Several games allow the students to socially interact with players from around the world. While building a foundation of skills and interests, these games can give kids exposure to other cultures.

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New Mobile App Launched by Soldiers Mothers to Protect Draftees’ Rights

Draftee Online, an app founded by the mothers of young men was launched by “Soldiers’ Mothers of Saint Petersburg” (a non-profit organization that acts against rights violation and abuse faced byyoung men recruited by the Russian Army).

The app provides essential details regarding the most pressing issues of the military draft, and helps them to independently defend their rights.

Draftee Online App has a special feature allowing user to send urgent messages to their beloved ones if they are detained illegally and drafted forcefully into the army.

Draftees can also use the app to get in touch with the organization’s own lawyers through a special contact form.

Currently the app is available on Google Play for Android devices.

A Smartphone for Rs 99 Namotel Acche Din claims to be the ‘World’s Cheapest’

After the news-making Freedom 251, another smartphone has now claims to be the world’s cheapest smartphone at just Rs 99/-. This phone is named ‘Acche Din’ and is launched by Namotel.

The company is obviously something we have not heard of before. Is this another fake news? We cannot be sure. But it’d be clever not to spend your money on this.

The phone claims the following specs

  • 4-inch Display
  • 1GB RAM
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 1.3GHz quadcore processor
  • 1325 mAh battery
  • Camera – 2MP REAR + .3MP FRONT
  • Dual SIM Card

The company has promised the phone to be available for booking from May 17th to 25th May 2016. According to company promoter Madhava Reddy, this could be the cheapest phone ever, and would revolutionise the mobile phone market. Mr.Reddy has previously been working in the Home Loans department for Axis Bank, as a Relationship Manager. It evidently points his inexperience with the smartphone industry.

Looking at the news, its hardly believable. The news raises a lot of suspicion. Lets hope people do not fall for such campaigns.

The 14 Crucial Steps of Mobile App Development [Infographics]

Mobile app development has been sought by the majority of businesses these days. Fortunately, many business owners have realized that it is hard to survive the battle in the market without abiding by the business tactics and measures that are prevalent today. Even though this is a very thoughtful decision, a lot of failures are still visible.

Analysis shows that one of the main reasons contributing to app failure is the ignorance of the app development process on client side. They jump straight away into project proposal and app development, once they find a suitable mobile app development company, without examining if their expectations are actually practicable. Most are not interested in acquiring any knowledge of the details of development or procedures involved. They basically just want to an app, like they any commodity from a retail store.

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Each of the app development process is something that has a highly individualised nature and the outcome has a huge dependency factor in several of the decisions taken during the inception phase. This infographics will give you an awareness of the most important steps followed under the mobile app development process.

Ways to Come Up with Groundbreaking Mobile Game Development Ideas

Mobile game development is a job that needs a passionate heart towards what you do. The developer goes through the same excitement as the game player. You rejoice at every small accomplishment that your game character makes. But before all that comes, there is one thing that you need before anything else- A good “idea” for game development.

“How could you be resourceful when you need to come up with some groundbreaking mobile game development ideas?” As a mobile game developer this is one crucial question that contributes a large share in shaping your destiny.

Dream a lot

If you are a game developer, you should dream a lot. We all had our dreams and fascinations as a child. Our favorite heroes and imaginary friends were alive in our little minds. We flew in clouds and we jumped into chocolate pools. And our favorite holiday spot became Disney Land.

Most of us are still fascinated about our childhood heroes. We day dream putting ourselves in their shoes and we ourselves become the heroes in our dreams – the one man army and the last hope of earth. We solve mysteries and we join the fights.

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Adventures with mesozoic creatures, alien life forms, monsters, mechanical men and robots makes our daydreams highly imaginative. But as adults, we more easily realize that they are just our imagination. Games have the power to bring the improbable and intangible into reality.

With mobile game evolution, early developers began experimenting with queer story lines. They gave an element of surrealism, and allowed the impossibilities to happen that kept the player’s interest level high.

Mobile games became the right platform to create new worlds and new systems. As a game developer, you should look around the world and observe things happening around you more attentively to generate cool ideas. With a lot of focus and practice, this will become one of your instinct.

Search other media

One of the greatest inspirations for mobile game development comes from the stories that we have read and the movies that we have watched.

Remember the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? And the evergreen children’s novel Alice in Wonderland? All are great sources to think about new ideas. From Aladdin to Batman, games are created based on world famous fictional characters.

Growing up, we shifted our interests more towards Sci-Fi, horror and similar categories. We loved to watch Terminator, Star Wars, and Star Trek. Yet, as adults, we also loved to read and watch the Harry Potter series.

Inspiration can be sought out from all potential fields like movies, stories, cartoons, and even poems. For e.g., The Rape of the Lock, a mock-heroic poem by Alexander Pope, provides a possible theme which includes a kingdom, palaces, elaborate rituals, a boat journey, a mission, and supernatural characters like fairies.

Although you can’t take characters and themes as such from others intellectual property just like that, a little bit of inspiration from them could do wonders. All original ideas trails from good old ones, as Wilson Mizner said, “Copy from one, it’s plagiarism; copy from two, it’s research.”

Games from games

Game ideas can come from other games as well. It is so obvious that when you play a game, you wish for a hundred new features to be included or you think that an alternate story line might make the game more interesting. Critically looking at other games can automatically brainstorm new and creative ideas.

Playing games have other advantages too. For e.g, you can know what things make a game interesting, up to where you should continue providing a particular feature or resource and where you should halt, how difficult should a level be etc. All these insights can allow you to adjust your game complexities and architecture accordingly.

Lastly, there is something that should be remembered always. Ideas have this strange nature – You are immediately struck by one waking up from a dream and by the time you finish your coffee, it vanishes from your memory.

A great tip- Do not forget to jot it down as soon as you get one!

Apple App Review Waiting Period Slashed to Less than 2 Days!

iOS app developers/businesses, there’s great news for you.Apple has reduced its stringent review period from more than a week to less than 2 days. This is a very welcome move from Apple.

Why this sudden move, you ask? Well, its part of Apple’s master plan to increase revenue from its mobile app services. The shortened time to market means app bugs would get fixed faster, and it wouldn’t be such a pain to test out new features. For Apple, tt will help build the loyalty of app developers to iOS platform.

Also Read: 10 Stupid Reasons Your iOS App is Getting Rejected has reported a drop in the average review period from 8.8 days in 2015 to 1.95 presently.

This move closes the review period difference App Store had with its competitor, Google’s Play Store. It also points to a shift in the mobile industry for Apple, whose mobile phone sales have started to stagnate in a saturated market. The new focus would be on deriving more revenue from the service sector.

“Apple is a little bit of a different company than it was a few years ago when it first built the App Store,” said Maddern, founder of Button. “It’s becoming a lot more developer-friendly. It’s becoming a lot more open in its approach to building an ecosystem.”

So, what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

5 Tips to Ensure Mobile App User Retention

User retention has become a serious concern for almost all business owners. The influx of apps has made retaining users harder than ever for mobile app development companies and marketers.

One should never be afraid that loyalty happens by its own will. You can exhibit a certain level of control over these things, once you get an idea about how people generally behave. So, what are the spheres that you should pay attention to so that you could lure your users and keep their interest alive? The tips below answers you this question.

Watch out negative ratings

Oops! This might keep your app repressed. Bad experiences are communicated more swiftly than good ones. And when you show no interest in attending your users’ concerns and complaints your app review page will be flooded with dissatisfaction, disappointment, and contempt.

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Quick response is paramount for trust building and user retention. Once people feel they are being neglected, there is no way of keeping them hooked on your app. Retaining existing customers is as important as acquiring new customers.

Do not promise what you cannot deliver

A mobile app development company should be careful to deliver what is promised in the app; or maybe it is better said the other way round. Do not promise what you could not deliver.

When a customer finds out that you have lied about something that is promised in your app, they will feel that they have been cheated and eventually they will fail to observe other worthful features in your app.

Think ahead

People don’t restrain themselves to the old views and ideas anymore. This is the age of exploration and comfort living. As a result, the demands and expectations in the market are rising day by day. Apps that make valuable and unique solutions are quickly absorbed into people’s everyday lives.

During the inception of app idea, you should do your homework and try to define why you want to promote something, and equally why your customers need to choose the particular service that you provide. This will make the cornerstone of every achievement that a mobile app development company will make in the future.

Provide existing communication channels

How many times have you felt annoyed when the telephone line that you are trying to reach is found to be dead? Your customers feel the same way when they are not being heard. You should allow your customers to establish personalized communication with you when they are in need of your support.

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Making your customers feel like they matter will help you in cultivating trust in your brand. Apps that provides good customer service retains their customers far better than those which doesn’t. Loyalty is something that is determined by a quality and timely service too.

Something that is quite important like establishing a live communication channel, is providing talented personnels who could manage user queries and complaints well. Customers should be given respect for who they are and what they believe.

Ensure user engagement is taking place

Monitoring how much your users are engaged with your app and taking adequate measures to boost engagement will help you in retaining your customers for a long term. It should be noted that each and every user is unique and their needs are different. This in turn calls for delivery of user specific content, which will help in instilling interest and generating revenue.

Six Benefits of Hiring an Experienced iPhone App Development Company

In this fast-paced world, we see competition everywhere. It is hard to win and easy to fail. The app development industry is also facing the same situation. There seems to be a lot of pressure and turmoil due to competition in the markets, worldwide.

That being the case, it is needless to say that many ordinary apps’ confrontation with Apple’s set of regulatory rules is not very smooth. A lot of businesses pay hugely for their mistakes and negligence in taking adequate measures to avoid the pertinent challenges in the field that could affect the app’s success. The problem can be solved to a great extent by hiring an experienced iPhone app development company. Let’s see below, the main benefits of hiring one.

1. Expertise is directly related to cost-effectiveness

One of the major benefits of hiring an experienced iPhone app development company is that you get experienced professionals to shape your iPhone app. Technical expertise in designing and coding will make apps that are error free and crash free.

Even though less experienced companies or inexperienced freelancers may seem to fit your pocket well, on second thoughts you could realise that the reality is something different. They will seldom be able to deliver as many features and finesse as an experienced company could deliver for the same price.

For example, an experienced company has clear ideas on how to develop each variety of apps like enterprise apps, educational apps, game apps, etc. Each of them demands variations in the approach towards market study, development, and deployment. Since inexperienced companies lack any appreciable experience, they have to use the trial and error method and depends a lot on sheer luck for success.

2. Updated tools and technologies

All companies have a lot of expenses to deal with, like employee salary, infrastructure maintenance, employee training cost, software cost etc. among the others. At the same time, an inexperienced company might not be getting a reasonable return from their investment. All companies face this situation as start-ups. There will be a period when a company might not be stable economically. Under these circumstances, a large number of start-ups will be forced to do with outdated technologies and tools.

By hiring an experienced iPhone app development company, one can make sure that updated tools and technologies are used for the development of their application. The developers will have in-depth knowledge of major platforms, techniques, technologies and tools.

An experienced company can bear the cost to incorporate all the continuous releases of softwares and hardwares in the market. While testing, for e.g., an experienced company can afford to test over a wide range of Apple devices including the “just released” ones.

3. Reliable communication

Experienced companies permit greater transparency of their identity and services. You can be much more relaxed about their genuineness and there will be better safety for your project.

During the development period and after, you can constantly be in touch with the development team. Further, you will be allowed to know about every progress in your project. This way, you can contribute to the project at all time, by giving your thoughts and suggestions.

4. Dedicated service

“Customer is King” – Certainly, this will be one of the ideals of every successful and experienced iPhone app development company. Most of them look forward to a lifetime relationship with their customers. So they treat and value them well.

The team that is chosen for a particular project rarely works on any side projects. This will boost the dedication developers have on a particular project and reduce distractions. Customer satisfaction will always be the key focus.

5. Happy employees deliver better output

Established companies can provide better work spaces for their employees, which will directly influence their loyalty towards the company and its clients. The facilities, ambience, employee treatment, team spirit, etc. that exist in such companies will have a positive effect on its employees, which will increase their work efficiency.

6. Professionals can save you time and money

Professional app developers have the capacity to meet any type of challenges that may come up in between a project. For e.g., they can deal with a major alteration in the app’s design without compromising user experience and can handle consequences created when you experiment your creativity.

The management in a well established company can commit to the priorities better and can generate more realistic timelines in the first place. They are efficient in taking crucial decisions that are master strokes. They can forecast market changes, possible threats, and prevent you from loosing your money unnecessarily.