Google Became Can Answer More Difficult Questions

Google announced a major update on its search app, now it can give answer for more difficult queries.

The app will provide real answers for question instead of just providing web searches in numerous areas.

Ask Google “Who was Dakota Johnson’s mom in the movie?” and you’ll receive a response of Melanie Griffith, Johnson’s real-life mother, rather than Jennifer Ehle, who played the role of the mom in the movie “50 Shades of Grey.” That one’s still tricky for Google because you didn’t specify the name of the film in your question.

“We’re still growing and learning, which means we make mistakes,” Satyajeet Salgar, Product Manager said.

“The Google app is starting to truly understand the meaning of what you’re asking. We can now break down a query to understand the semantics of each piece so we can get at the intent behind the entire question”, Salgar said.

“That lets us traverse the Knowledge Graph much more reliably to find the right facts and compose a useful answer. And we can build on this base to answer harder questions”, he added.

It also has the ability to answer complex combinations where one or more answers are required.

Now Google’s Mobile Search Will Reflect Public Posts, Profiles

Facebook allows Google’s mobile search on Android to “crawl and index its app” to reflect public posts from Facebook.

Wall Street Journal, which first reported the strategic partnership, quoted a spokesperson for Alphabet (Google’s new parent holding company) as confirming the announcement. The report adds that the listings will appear as ‘deep links’.

With this new initiative, photos and posts that are public also will reflect in Google’s mobile search.

Recently Google signed with Twitter to reflect tweets directly in its mobile and app search to boost engagement.

It ensures that real-time results are reflected in mobile search.

Facebook also uses its own Graph Search internally and for anything that Graph Search can’t cover, it makes use of Microsoft’s Bing Search engine, which has been making some impressive strides.

The mobile search results will reflect only in Android Smartphones, stated on a report on The Verge.

Why and How to Hire Professional Android App Development Companies?

Today, everyone is using smartphones for staying in touch with family or friends, social media, music, apps, etc. Android is a popular mobile platform used by several people across the globe. Android app development has been gaining popularity since the last few years. Businesses are developing Android applications to attract more and more users. The increasing popularity of Android phones makes it important for businesses to develop the apps for this popular platform and harness the countless benefits.

Why should one develop Android Applications?

Better Business Growth:

As the Android applications are Java-based, they are considered to be reliable and robust means of mobile app development. It is known that Android is a cost effective platform and generates good revenues in no time. You can easily make your business grow by using effective Android apps for your business.

Cost Benefits:

Android is an open source and hence, you do not have to spend money for availing the licenses. The software development kit (SDK) can be accessed by the developers. The developers can customize Android apps and they can be monetized. Hence, you would be having several cost benefits when you opt for Android application development.

Good Returns:

When you hire a reliable Android application development company, you would need to make an investment to develop mobile app for Android. Initially, you would need to spend money for development and testing the app. You would not have to pay the licensing fees. You would easily be able to achieve the maximum returns on investment when you have Android applications for your business.

How to Hire the Right Professional / Company for Android App Development?

If you have an Android app development idea in mind, you can look for companies who have a team of experts and talented developers. Keeping in mind your budget and business goals, you should employ the best company for developing Android apps for your business.

It is important that you hire reliable and honest company for Android application development. You can contact a few companies and get free estimates from them. You can compare the quotes and select the best company according to your requirements.

Make sure that the company you hire understands your requirements and is capable of delivering the best solution. You should discuss the requirements with the project manager or developer and ask for the appropriate solution.

If you hire freelance Android app developers for your project, then it can be risky. There are chances that you may have to repent later on. Hence, always search for experienced and reputed Android application development companies for developing robust and scalable Android apps. All the best!

Income Tax Department to Develop Mobile App to Fill Tax Returns

Income tax department developing a mobile app to fill tax returns.

“We are developing a mobile app which can be used by users for filing their income tax returns. There are some security related issues, which we will resolve soon,” Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Chairperson Anita Kapoor said on Saturday after inaugurating ‘Taxpayers’ Lounge’ at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) here.

Filing tax returns via online mode has seen a sharp increase in recent years.

Talking about direct tax collections, Ms Kapoor said, “Collections are doing well and we are keeping our fingers crossed. The December collection of advance tax will actually give us a good idea.”

Rs. 7.98 lakh crore will be collected as direct tax in the current financial year.

The panel has clear terms of reference. They are expected to give their first report in January. They can give it earlier if they deem it proper. They have sufficient time,” she said.

Filling tax returns through mobile is an easy and a convenient way for the taxpayers.

Mumbai Police Launched New Website, Mobile App

Prabhat Ranjan, Police Commissioner launched a new website and a mobile app on behalf of Mumbai Police.

The website of Navi Mumbai Police Commissionerate and the mobile app- “Citizen Cop” are for the safety of citizens, mainly women.

“Our official website,, will act as a medium for interaction between the police and the citizens. The citizens can now obtain online information about the police permissions, types of licences, legal aspects, safety related information among others. Now, the citizens will not require to physically visit the police station for submitting mandatory documents such as rental agreement, domestic help employed, etc. Instead, they can do it online now by clicking on the option of ‘Inform Police”, Police commissioner Prabhat Ranjan said.

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He asked the citizens to help in upgrading the website.

Ranjan added, “The key feature of Citizen Cop app is SOS facility for women in distress. If a woman travelling alone in a taxi or an auto finds the driver suspicious, she can click on the option and send distress messages to three mobile numbers of her family members and one message to the police control room.”

The app provides relevant information about the Traffic Police Department.

The website and app will be very helpful for the citizens regarding their safety.

4 Mobile Tech Trends in 2016 that are Important for App Developers

Smartphones and tablets have become vital technologies in today’s fast paced and tech-driven world. This is mainly due to mobile applications assisting people with their personal, work and even education commitments. By next year, the global app economy will be worth $143 billion, as projected by the App Economy Forecasts 2013-2016 report. However, the market is always changing as mobile manufacturers looking to reshape the app market produce new forms of technologies.

What revolutionary features should we expect from mobile devices next year that will be vital to app developers?

Trend 1: HTML 5 as the Main App Development Platform

HTML 5 will be a common platform used by many mobile browsers and apps due to its fast-loading feature. In the recent Sencha 6th Annual Developer Survey, it revealed that an increase in HTML 5 usage in building web apps will be evident in 2016. The platform will be relevant in building cross-platform web apps, especially since many companies are facing problems related to form factors, fragmentation, and OS compatibility. Currently, 67% of developers build apps for businesses, and an increase is expected soon as HTML5 usage and adoption increases.

Trend 2: Augmented Reality Continues

Although the craze for wearables may have subsided, anything that uses augmented and virtual reality technologies will continue to prevail in the coming years. This will be more apparent since rumors of Apple releasing a see-through handset may happen in 2016. It has been reported that the California-based mobile giant received an approval from their see-through AR display patent this year and may start its production in late 2015. Applying AR and VR features on apps will be a plus factor for developers. But, it will depend on the apps purpose and how the technology performs through the app. Remember that user experience will still be the most important factor to the success of an app in the long term.

Trend 3: Real-Time Feature is a MUST

The rise in the demand for apps with real-time features will be more apparent by next year. According to InfoWorld, we are not only talking about “real-time analytics, but real-time everything.” As people become more reliant on their mobile devices for information (traffic, GPS, work, social media, etc.), developers would have to make their next apps with real-time features. It is expected to create a fundamental shift in the business process, as all apps will be required to offer real-time updates and information.

The concept is not all new to the public. Most of the recently released iPhones from the 5c and 5s model to the newest 6s and 6s Plus are built with real-time apps like the iCloud, Facebook, and Maps. Android devices have the top Google services such as Drive, Gmail, and Maps.

Trend 4: Iris Scanning Sensor

Security will still be highly important in terms of app usage and consumption. Currently, premium smartphones are built with a two-way authentication process that involves the fingerprint scanner embedded on the Home button and pressing a 4- to 6-digit passcode. But, next year, mobile biometric security will introduce a new technology in the form of iris/retina scanning sensors. Some tech giants were already reported to be testing devices with the said security feature such as LG with their LG G5 and Samsung with their Galaxy S7. App developers will have to incorporate this new feature in their security process such as in-app s.

One of the changes and challenges that app developers would have to prepare for would be the possible market release of the phoneblok or Ara modular phone by Google. It has been pushed a couple of times, but the search giant is positive that they will be able to release the first modular smartphone sometime in 2016. It’s still not clear how apps are going to work on this new mobile device, but it’s a challenge that app developers would figure out soon.

What other mobile tech trends should app developers should expect next year? Feel free to leave a comment or tips below.

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New Mobile Apps, Web-Based Platform Launched To Improve School Education

HRD Minister Smriti Irani launched new mobile apps and web-based platforms for students to reduce burden of school bags and examination.

Parents and teachers can access study material online via mobile apps and through the website “E-Pathshala”.

“We are trying to leverage technology not only to bring more transparency in school education system but also to create new learning opportunities for the children,” Irani told reporters while speaking about the initiatives.

“Shala Siddhi”, another digital platform also revealed on Saturday, aims to improve schools.

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“Shaladarpan”, another initiative taken by HRD Minister also launched earlier in Kendriya Vidyalayas. Through this app, parents will be kept informed about the child’s attendance, mark-sheets and time table, etc.

“HRD Ministry now provides a window ‘I share for India’, in which digital initiatives aiming to spread learning can be shared”, said Smriti Irani.

‘Swacch Vidyalaya’ dream had been achieved and all government schools have toilets for girl school.

Meet India’s Youngest App Developers

Shravan Kumaran and his younger brother Sanjay Kumaran at the age of 11 and 10 developed their own mobile application.

The kids were one among the top ten designers in the world selected by the ‘Korea Herald’ newspaper in 2013.

Aged 15 and 14 now, they are the president and CEO of an app development firm- ‘GoDimensions’.

“Having developed a strong desire to launch our own company and to stand on our own at a small age itself, we were firm to launch our first mobile game application under the banner of our company even though our Dad suggested the other option. Later, our Dad carried out the processes of company registration and we released the app in ‘iTunes’, the Apple’s App Store, in January 2012”, Shravan and Sanjay said at the annual technical fest of National Institute of Technology, Calicut.

Also developed a wireless virtual reality googol that gives an in-field game experience while playing games and are developing a game for it now.

“While the available virtual reality googol is very expensive and complex, we developed it at just Rs 700 by making its hardware using our 3D printer. We just made it to explore the technology and have no plans to manufacture it as we are devoid of time and money to manufacture it,” say Sanjay and Shravan.

They also developed ‘Internet of Things’ device for their house to lock and unlock the house using a mobile app.

They have also interacted with students of several top universities and colleges like IIT Bombay, IIT Chennai, NIT Raipur, IIM Bangalore, etc.

Apple Introduced TV App Store, Tops 1000 Apps

Apple launched TV App Store, following the release of its revamped streaming media player that went on sale last week.

The TV App Store had only 100s of titles while it launched, but that grew to be more than 1,000 during the weekend, according to the independent 3rd party reports.

With over 1,000 apps, some categories on the Apple TV App Store would only have few titles in total resulting in poor user experience, Apple likely believed.

Now apple’s official rankings confirm those previous findings, pointing to top paid apps which are mainly games, including Galaxy On Fire, Lumino City, and Alto’s Adventure.

“Apple’s miss of Top Charts in a App Store for a new Apple TV usually goes to uncover an Apple TV software, tvOS in a stream state is really unpolished,” says Boserup. “There is no approach for developers to get their apps detected though removing featured on a front page – that is not expected to happen,” he says.

In addition, apps seem to be labeled higher than iOS apps, 9to5Mac reported, observant that it was common for apps to be in a range of $5 to $10, and really few labeled during $0.99 as on an iOS App Store.

According to a data rested daily, 1,025 total apps were live on an Apple TV App Store as of final night.