Indian Doctors Made Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment Easier with Mobile App in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Doctors of Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel developed a mobile app, “TNM” to make the Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment easier.

TNM stands for Tumour, node and metastasis, will help the doctors, mainly in interior areas and poor nations; diagnose the severity of cancer immediately.

According to Dr Rajendra Badwe, director of Tata Memorial Hospital, the app will help bring about standardization of cancer medicine practice across the country.

Every resident doctor who joins Tata Memorial Hospital is given a TNM Handbook to correctly identify the stage of cancer in the patient they are treating,” said Tata Memorial Hospital director Dr Rajendra Badwe.

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It is not possible for the doctors to remember various permutations and combinations among 65 types of cancers.

“Having the handbook helps young doctors. Now, the need to carry the handbook has been eliminated as most people carry smartphones,” said Dr Palak Popat, who was one of the developers.

 “The app, once downloaded, can be accessed offline. It is an interactive app where the doctor can feed the required information and within 30 seconds can get the stage of cancer,” Dr Meenakshi Thakur, one of the three radiologists who designed the app, added.

The app will soon get a feature which will be really useful for patients and their relatives.

Great! Now a Mobile App to Register Governance-Related Grievance

NEW DELHI: A mobile app “CPGRAMS” was introduced for the people to register governance-related grievances by Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Jitendra Singh.

“A Quick Response (QR) code has been provided on the portal which can be scanned on to the smart phone after which the grievance can be sent from the phone directly on to CPGRAMS”, Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Jitendra Singh said.

The app will be helpful for the people as almost everyone use mobile app as mobile phones are the easiest way of communication now-a-days.

“This is another step towards translating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘ART of Governance’ as spelt out by him, with A for Accountability, R – Responsibility and T- Transparency, forming the bedrock of the government,” the minister said.

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Through CPGRAMS, people are getting a platform for the redressal of their grievances.

Singh said the goal is that the administration should be citizen-centric, transparent and responsive. “More than six lakh public grievances have been settled since the NDA government assumed office,” he said.

“DARPG is also carrying out analysis of the grievances and a systematic response is being worked out on how best to address the grievances”, he said.

With this app, people can also track the grievance status.

‘Plume Air’- New Mobile App to Avoid Polluted Air

A new app that uses sensors to monitor air quality launched in London to avoid air pollution.

The app makes use of hourly data from sensors all over London to monitor nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide level.

“The mobile app also offers advice to cyclists, runners, parents, and those wishing to eat outdoors, with a red warning signifying that activities attempted outdoors will damage your health,” ‘Sky News’ reported.

The Plume Air Report app is designed to make people “breathe better,” it was first introduced in France to beat high pollution levels.

This app is to help you breathe better by providing you information on how to avoid pollution.

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“What we’ve built is digital tools to help people breathe better, by informing them on what it is that they’re breathing,” said Romain Lacombe, founder of Plume Labs which developed the mobile app. “This means we can put a pollution forecast in the hands of everyone,” Lacombe said.

The app is available on Android, and for iOS.

Google, Udacity Disclosed the Launch of Android Nanodegree

Google partners with Udacity and Tata Trusts and announced the launch of Android Nanodegree program in India.

This is education documentation for developers to learn new skills.

Google and Tata Trusts will provide 1000 (500 each) scholarships under which Google and Tata Trusts will sponsor the complete Android Nanodegree Program for 500 winning applicants each.

“While India has millions of software developers, we still lag behind in creating world-class apps. With the launch of this program we want to bridge the gap by providing India’s developer community an easy access to learn and build high-quality apps for the world,” said Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director, Google South East Asia & India.

Google shall directly pay the program fee to Udacity and the winners do not need to pay any monies to anyone for the program under scholarship.

“We are excited to be launching Udacity in India today and honored to be partnering with Google and Tata Trusts as we bring our Nanodegrees to millions of people in India,” said Sebastian Thrun, founder and CEO, Udacity.

Tata Trusts will have its own selection criteria to find the winners directly.

Winners will be contacted individually by Google and/or its representatives via contact details given during application for the program. Their names will be announced on the Google India Twitter handle and Google+ Page.

By the end of the program, students will get a different portfolio of projects to show employers, and even can publish their own app on the Google Play Store as part of the Capstone project.

Delhi Police to Introduce Three New Mobile Apps

Delhi police to introduce three more new mobile apps each for Economic Offences Wing (EOW), Special Police Unit for Women and Children (SPUWAC) and Vigilance wing.

“We have initiated the process and are currently in the process of developing and then carrying out the trial runs. The launch would take at least two to three months after which public access could be made possible,” said the Delhi Police officer.

The officer said that these apps are well structured so that detailed complaints would mostly come for actionable calls.

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“The app will alert the complainants and save them the effort of going to the police station and filing a complaint or to find out the mandate of the EOW. The cyber crime cases also come there and financial matters often have the scope of mediation with digital documentation would further facilitate,” said the officer.

For the others, too, it was in tune with Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi’s efforts reducing public inconvenience and better monitoring of performance, he added.

New apps will be added to the apps that are currently running including an integrated app called “Suraksha” and many more.

NHAI to Introduce Mobile App to Check Traffic Trespassers

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to introduce mobile app for the public to file complaints against those who are involved in rash driving or violating traffic rules.

This will take a month or two to create it. It will be soon available for the citizens so that they can even take a photograph of the vehicle, which is speeding or violating any structures relating to transport and press a button to register a complaint against that vehicle, Mr. Chandra said.

“All the complaints will get registered in the ledger pertaining to that vehicle whereupon the police/transport department can take further action about it,” he added.

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“In the days to come, I hope to be able to introduce reforms to bring about better management, control, policing of our highways network, I feel with more physical intermediation we should be able to bring about something like patrolling to improve the physical management on roads and I think that will have a significant improvement on road safety,” he said.

NHAI was working towards building up complete information of bank of each and every highway, known as the Road Asset Management System (RAMS).

“Within the next one year we should have information of the entire 1,00,000 kms of highway network on its every aspect, including the encroachment on both sides, quality of the road, width of the road, width of the right of way, issues concerning with junctions and so on,” he added.

The Advantages of Using Solar2D for App Development

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit the Solar2D website is the Solar2D banner. That’s because Solar2D is a special product that helps you to develop mobile applications 10 times speedier.

You can incorporate complex functionalities with only few lines of code. It also allows you to see progressions immediately by utilizing the Simulator.

Let us discuss in brief about the advantages of Solar2D:

1) Single code base

You are not required to hire various designers and use diverse development situations for every gadget in Solar2D. You make a solitary code base that functions admirably well with Android, iOS, Nook and kindle with platform specific conditions.

A solitary cross platform application is the end product. Solar2D app also scales your content automatically across several devices.

2) Importance on design

Solar2D has features to include interactivity and graphic content into your apps and games. While working with Solar2D, instead of feeling like a developer, you will feel like a designer as it has a huge range of designing options.

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3) Community

Solar2D gives you an opportunity for developers like you to join under the Solar2D’s growing community of developers. It has a mutual code repository where developers can share their knowledge and code snippets.

It has 347 studios to help developers all over the world and there are third party tools with which you can redesign your app as well.

4) Quicker Monetization

Solar2D allows you to monetize easily and faster as it provides you integrated support for banner ads, apps s and a number of currencies.

5) Dominant APIs

Gaming APIs can be added easily to your app with only a few lines of human-friendly code. Even kids can create a chart with Solar2D as it is easy to use.

6) FPS

While comparing with other SDKs, Solar2D has a faster frame per second (FPS) making your application seem smooth and consistent with no slacking. It is the best platform for game development as it changes easily for several screen resolutions.

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7) Lua programming

Solar2D is based on this and it is one of the simplest programming languages to learn. It is cross-platform as it is written in ANSI C and has a relatively simple C API.

8) Rights to source code

Everything which you make with Solar2D is your own property written in Lua, despite the fact that the Solar2D game engine is a closed source. It gives you a chance to hold full rights to the Lua code that you used to develop your project.

Thus, with such advantages, Solar2D is one of the best cross-platform game engines available.

Western Railway to Introduce Paperless Unreserved Tickets

Union Minister for Railway Suresh Prabhu to launch a new platform ‘JUMBO Bonanza of UTS on mobile’ under ‘Digital India’ programme.

People using Windows or Android Smartphone can use the Unreserved Ticketing system (UTS) app.

Passenger should maintain a Railway Wallet (R-Wallet) to avail the facility.

“On Friday, Prabhu will inaugurate the mobile app for passengers of the Central Railway division of Mumbai. It has already been launched in the Western Railway division of Mumbai from Churchgate to Dahanu. With add-on facilities for commuters, the new paperless mobile ticketing application UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) will enable them to even renew their monthly passes on their mobiles,” said a CR official.

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Passengers can book their tickets via mobile phone and t can print the tickets at ATVMs installed at the source stations.

“The ticket can be d using debit or credit or R-wallet. The R-wallet can be loaded from any UTS counter online,” said Chief Public Officer of the WR Sharat Chandrayan.

Great! Kerala Legislator Launched New Platform to Connect With Public

Thiruvananthapuram: “Proud Chengannur”, a new mobile-based app launched by the Kerala Legislator for public to share their suggestions and to submit their complaints.

This app describes the complete history of Chengannur including detailed information of various development programmes done by the constituency.

“It is for the first time that a constituency-based mobile application is launched in the state by an MLA. It is designed in a user-friendly manner. Anybody from the constituency can easily download it and submit their complaints and suggestions from anywhere in the world,” Mr Vishnunath told Press Trust of India, PTI.

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Android user can download this app easily from Google Play Store.

“The app would give people an easy access to their legislator and ensure transparency in his activities”, said two-time MLA.

“If the NRKs want to lodge a complaint or bring any issue related to the constituency to the notice of the MLA, they can easily alert me through the app. They can even send pictures or other documents through it,” he said.

Users can get the phone numbers of health, transport and police departments across the state through this app.

Amazing! Mobile App to Help People Facing Autism

‘ASCmeI.T.’, a free mobile app has been launched by the consortium of researchers from the Universities of Southampton and Sussex to help people facing autism.

They can share their ideas on what kind of new technology would help them best.

”If you have ever had a moment where you wished there was a useful technology out there to help you, or someone else, with something related to autism, this is the chance to get your idea heard,” said one of the researchers, Sarah Parsons from University of Southampton.

Users can upload a one-minute video with a brief description through this app. This will be shared with the researchers so that digital technologies for autism can be developed according to the needs of the users.

“This project is totally unique and encourages ‘citizen science’. ASCmeI.T is a simple yet highly effective way to enable people with autism to get their voices heard and to allow the creativity of a previously neglected group to be realised,” co-investigator on the project Mark Brosnan from the University of Bath pointed out.

This mobile app can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices.