Proximity Search

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Proximity Search is an app which show the public events created on the
Facebook. The events shown will be nearby the users current location and will be
within 50 kilometres. The user will login with his Facebook account and will search
the events such as Party, Conference and Concert. User can click on any particular
event where he can find the whole details of that particular event with the event
image, owner, description,etc. User can see his profile info like profile picture, user
name and the number of friends he is having on the Facebook. User can also see
the his friends on Facebook and can also invite any of his friends to any event. He
can also see the events which his friends have invited him and can respond to that
event through our app. User can also create Facebook event through the app can
also invite friends to the created event. Under this app we will show the users current
location on the home view on the map. User can also find the nearby places within
50 kilometres and find the place details and can also see the distance of place from
his current location. Place details will show the place image, place name, address of
place and distance of place from the user current location in kilometres. We provided
specific tabs for places as like hotels and cinemas.

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Proximity Search
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