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New ! « Nausicaá » enchants your visit at NAUSICAA, National Sea Center. For the first time, discover the amazing brand new technology of fish recognition. Using the magic eye, scan a fish specie and access directly to its description and picture.
Prepare your visit thanks to the dedicated screens and let yourself be driven by the audioguide that will accompany you throughout your visit. Save your pictures, videos, fish searches, and recognitions with the « magic eye » in « my visits » in order to keep lasting memories…
Live a magical and emotional experience at NAUSICAA, before, during and after your visit. NAUSICAA is home to 36 000 animals, 45 aquariums and terrariums and 5000 square meters of exposition.
You will be surprised by the immensity of the marine life. You will find a restored californian reserve of sea lions, a new fun space dedicated to marine areas and populated with sculptures of seals and walruses. NAUSICAA offers other new surprises in 2014.
Live the emotion of the new tactile tank and enjoy the stunning views on the sites of the cap de la Côte d’Opale and the Bistrot du Port. Starting from June, you can try a 4 dimensions storm aboard an oceanographic research boat.

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