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   How to Pray Salat app is especially developed for iPhone and iPad, and it is ideal for children, age five and    above, who love to learn about Salat. This beautifully illustrated and interactive app will capture the    interest of children both at home and in the classroom.

   How to Pray Salat app is the first app in the bestselling series of Quran Stories for Little Hearts, and this    will help your children understand more about the stories of the Quran in a fun filled and natural way.

   With a clean design, subtle background music and captivating voice-over, How to Pray Salat app will    teach children all the basics of Salat in an interesting and communicative way. This app comes in Apple    universal format, which means that it can be purchased once and downloaded onto your iPhone and iPad.     This is the perfect gift for yourself or someone who loves to learn.

   •An engaging story.
   •Lively story narration.
   •Musical tune can be turn on or off.
   •Come with Read It To Me or Read It Myself options.
   •Suitable for age eight and above.

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