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India Govt. May Soon Replace Microsoft Windows with BOSS OS



          “Indian Government wants to use Make in India operating systems as well”

Indian government is going to launch a new and improved version of their own operating system, named BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solution). This will replace Microsoft Windows and all other OSs in future.

This can conquer the vulnerabilities in government cyberspace which leads to hacking attempts by Indian and Chinese hackers.

Linux Foundation has certified BOSS already as per Linux Standard Base standard.

It is a Linux distribution and is developed with the help of DRDO, Gujarat Technical University, and other private computer manufacturers.

“Its source code that makes it safe and secure will have to be guarded at all cost, fresh codes unique to the system have been written for the OS,” sources told DNA.

It is a highly secure OS, in fact, Indian Army had failed to break its code.

BOSS has been certified by the Indian Govt. for implementation and adaption on a large scale.

Its latest version was introduced in 2013, after which it has undergone many changes.