Redbytes Develops App to Enable Bedside Discharge


To help hospitals reduce their discharge time, Redbytes has developed an incredible mobile app for Discharge Accelerator. Apart from making the discharge process more structured, this mobile app gives its user the freedom to keep an eye on a patient’s discharge process on the go. This helps hospitals to save on valuable man power and time as the discharging process is the most time consuming and tedious one. Saving time can help attain patient satisfaction.

The Discharge Accelerator mobile app can help hospitals to improve their services in an easy and efficient manner. This helps maintain an electronic health record which has numerous advantages over conventional paper work. Hospital’s can now transform all physical records to a highly reliable paperless information system and reduce human effort.

The processes involved are better organised and simplified which helps reduce discharge time efficiently. The app divides the entire discharge process into 11 steps, where each step is handled by a team committed to it. Patients need not wait those long hours to get discharged and at the same time experience the luxuries of a bedside discharge.

Steps involved in discharge

  • The process begins with discharge initiation handled by nurse with the consent of the doctor involved.
  • The input given by the doctor is used by the nurse or an assistant doctor to write a discharge summary.
  • After completion the summary is drafted by a discharge summary team that will later reviewed by the doctor.
  • The necessary suggestions are made by the doctor after reviewing the summary.
  • Once the doctor by the doctor the discharge summary team finalizes the summary and is used in the later steps of discharge.
  • The billing team processes the billing details as the next step of discharge.
  • Once billing process is completed the insurance team checks for the insurance details to finalize the bill.
  • Once the bill payment is completed the next step is handled by the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy after checking the bill payment provides the patient with the required medicines.
  • After all these steps are completed the patient is ready to leave.
  • The room is ready for the next patient to occupy.


Hospitals can now take care of these time consuming processes quickly and effortlessly with the Discharge Accelerator mobile app from Redbytes. Since these apps are built for hand held device the process of discharge can be monitored from anywhere in a hospital without the need of going through stacks of paper work.

KIMS hospital in Kerala has started using the discharge accelerator mobile app. They have greatly improved their discharge time. They are enjoying the benefits of a discharge process that is organised and uncomplicated. The greatest achievement in using a mobile app is that a nurse or other staff members can analyse the discharge status of a patient while being preoccupied in other work.


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