Redbytes Software Powers the Nausicaa Mobile App Using Corona Enterprise


Nausicaa app is a treasure hunt game for NAUSICAA – National Center of the sea(France).The app is intended to be used by the visitors of the center to engage with the museum via interactive activities.

Throughout the app, (which is developed as a game) the users have to find an illustration to be scanned using clues given in the entire application. Once this illustration is found, user simply scans it through his smartphone camera and proceeds to have fun with additional interaction.

The type of activities included in the app are : Quiz, Poll, Take a photo, Record video, Drawing ,running commentary and much more

At the end of each stage, users can save their progress and also find all the information in their own "Scrapbook".

Users receive a history of their activity via an album souvenir delivered in the form of a pdf document.

Redbytes software delivered this app within 4 months of elapsed time from concept to delivery.


Highlights :

• The entire gaming framework was created as a generic and is reusable – so the owners of the app can add additional activities and games without needing to update the app.

• Beautiful graphics and user experience

• Integration with third party scanning solution which worked offline on the device.

• Integrating with Corona enterprise to write custom functions using 3rd party libraries and then integrating with the corona app.

• Testing and designing for both Android and iOS with phone and tablets.

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