Apple and IBM Foray into Education with App for Teachers

Apple and IBM Foray into Education with App for Teachers

Apple and IBM have finally decided to go beyond enterprise in creating mobile solutions. Both companies have been working together on an education app called the “Student Achievement App" for a while now. The app, which is being built off IBM MobileFirst for iOS, is said to provide teachers with real-time student data analytics.

The app will be introduced to four school districts around the U.S. by 2016. The app, supported by IBM, will provide teachers with information regarding each student. Also, it will run only on Apple hardware.

The project was presented by Apple and IBM officials to the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees on Monday.

Alex Kaplan, global leader for IBM's personalized learning on cloud solutions team said, "It's the experience of bringing together phenomenal teachers, principals and administrators with great user experience people and great data scientists that will allow us to get to heart and transform what's going on in the classroom."

The app can be developed for particular grades and subjects. It will developed based on the IBM MobileFirst for iOS platform. The officials have not yet confirmed whether Apple or IBM will lead the software development tasks.

"The idea here is we want to stimulate adoption. We want teachers to want to log on every morning. We want to change their work in such a way that they're excited to log on and see what's changed, what's different […] we want that sort of rush of excitement," Kaplan said.

An experimental version of the Student Achievement App will be completed in one or two months. However, a fully working version of the same will be introduced in the fall. The school districts in Texas, South Carolina and Maryland include those where the app is going to be introduced.

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Apple and IBM Foray into Education with App for Teachers
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