8 Reasons Your Business Should Build a Mobile App Now


Mobile App development is now the most important requirement if you want to stand strong and long in the e-business market. Here are eight reasons why you should have a mobile app now.

1. Increasing Number of Smart Phone Users –Masses are increasingly taking to smart phones. The choice of mobile phones in the price range of Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 has increased drastically in recent years, owing to which affordability has increased for the common man. A recent survey study showed the number of such devices has touched around 40 million last year. More than half of these users are younger than twenty five years of age. Researches show that India will soon become the second largest smart phone market by user count. It definitely means Internet usage and applications download through mobile will rise.

2. Mobile Shopping, The Present Trend– In a recent study conducted, India has shown a rapid rate of increase in its online shopping through mobile phones. According to the Master Card Online Shopping Survey 2014, online purchases through mobile have grown by over 100% in the last two years. The statistics clearly mention that, while around 80% of the people do shop online, around 70% have shopped through mobile.

3. Get An Edge Over The Competition– Studies show that, numerous companies are afraid to have a mobile application mainly because of cost or investment. But, the increase in mobile internet usage means having an app can definitely give you an edge over your competition. Users get more involved when app is downloaded. More often than not, it means conformity of a customer.

4. Business Analytics– Collecting feedback, data on sales and purchases, customer background through mobile application become much easier. A mobile app can provide a simple solution to see what your customers like, their preferences, and their requirements. A well-designed app can provide you with lots of data. You can also come to know about customer data, their locations, age, spending limits, etc. By analyzing app download data, you can get a good grasp on the number of dedicated customers and buyers (potential) for your site. These data can be used when you’re providing tailored communications and potential offers to them.

5. Brand Awareness and Recognition-It can immensely contribute to brand awareness. A mobile app can be the face of a brand. The way it is designed, the look, the functionality and the information provided can attract thousands of customers. Your customer relationship would be directly proportional to the ease of use and design quality. The more beautiful the app looks, the more likely it is to draw customers and buy products or service.

On part of customer perspective, there are lots of benefits they find in a mobile app.

6. Ease In Shopping Experience– Since mobile is always available, the shopping experience through mobile is easily accessible and convenient. Also, in a mobile application, a user will always be logged in unlike in a website. This means, in order to buy a product quickly, a mobile app is the best option.

7. Promotions/Offers And Options Available –The best benefit of app is Apps. The promotional messages and push notifications available in apps help both the brand and consumer get closer to each other. With mobile apps, various offers are accessible at your fingertips. These include promotional sales and customized offers. Through push messages, you can easily remind customers whether their wish list is in stock now or the item they wanted to buy is getting out of stock.

8. Customer Support– Having a mobile app serves one more purpose – a firm customer support. A mobile app can make use of features such as notifications, return request on a click, arrangement of the pickup and delivery based on time frame provided to provide better support to customers.

With the increasing competition in e-business market, mobile application is a necessity if you want to increase the profitability of your business. To validate this statement, the best example is the recent announcement by one of the top e-retailer in the country – flipkart. They are planning on shutting down their mobile website and is moving onto a mobile app based service.

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8 Reasons Your Business Should Build a Mobile App Now
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