5 Ways to Create User Friendly Mobile Apps

5 Ways to Create User Friendly Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become an inherent part of our life. Lot of thoughts and efforts go into the development of mobile apps. Various factors need to be analysed when providing mobile app development services. This includes choice of platform, features to be offered, design, layout and the desired end user experience. Though each has its own importance, user experience is one design aspect which can surely make a difference in a mobile app’s success. The user experience can make a lot of difference.

5 ways or things which should be considered while designing an application is:

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1. Understand your Customer

User experience matters a lot. We need to understand what this mobile app will be used for, what its usage pattern will be, and which the target customer segment is.

For example the young children and elderly people will expect the app to be simple and easy to use. Moreover the functionality expected will be basic, on the contrary teens and adults will like to do multiple things using the app and the features can be advanced and complex.

Hence as mobile app service providers, we need to understand the customer expectations before beginning the app development.

2. Simple Layout

Designers tend to bring lot of jazz to attract the customer. However the trick is striking the balance between simplicity and attractiveness. With limited screen size at our disposal, we need to factor many aspects such as:

The accessibility of the new interface over low bandwidth,

Interface visibility under bright sunlight,Colour contrast,Font size, etc.

Failure to address these questions can make the app difficult to use.

3. Intuitive User Experience

An app should be easy to understand and use. Sometimes the time window a mobile application gets between download and uninstall is few seconds or minutes. To keep it attractive, the application design should be kept simple. Online help and videos tutorials should be there to help users with any advanced features.  Lack of appropriate details and complexity can make a mobile application unattractive.

An app that helps people perform complex tasks with ease can market for itself.  Even today the rule of simplicity still remains the same – ‘In this complex world, it is simplicity which gets all the attention’.

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4. Good Design

Design is a very subjective topic. Definition of good design can vary from person to person. The key rules for having a good design is that it should be simple and easy to comprehend. The complexity sometimes can kill the otherwise good app or concept. The colour & typography, icons & graphics, terminology & wording – all can play an important role in differentiating a good and great app. Good designer also addresses concerns with respect to speed and responsiveness. If the mobile app is heavy and slow in performance, people will not use it.

5. Minimum Advertisement

Advertisement is key means for earning revenue for mobile app developers. The advertisement-free version of an app can be purchased by paying the required amount. But large group of people opt to stay with free version. However as a developer, we tend to overwhelm our applications with lots of advertisement, which results in unhappy users. These users then look for alternatives and switch to new apps with less or no advertisement.

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5 Ways to Create User Friendly Mobile Apps
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